Record your POV with Pivothead glasses

PivotheadYet an obscure start-up, Pivothead might become a brand to remember soon enough, following the market launch of its eyewear video recording product. Though they might look like normal polarized glasses, the Pivothead eyewear can actually record or capture photos at very high resolution and quality, essentially filming your POV. The product is set to revolutionize extreme sports coverage.

Though it comes in a variety of designs, like the Aurora, Durango, Moab and Recon – they’re all virtually identical under the hood. Namely, an eight-megapixel Sony sensor, a four-element glass lens, 8GB of built-in storage, a 440mAh battery (an hour of shooting). There’s built-in optical image stabilization, which allows recording in hectic situations (running, head spinning etc.) and three video modes: 1080/30p, 720/60p and 720/30p.

Pivothead’s camera lens is mounted at a 90-degree angle, so you can expect to record whatever you’re looking at, assuming your eyes are focused directly in front of you. Check out the hands-on review from engadget, as well as an interview with Pivothead officials. According to the company, its first products hit the market this April for $349.

One thought on “Record your POV with Pivothead glasses

  1. Nomad

    As we can see from the clip, the hardest part of making anything worth watching would be trying to keep a smooth movement of the head (without appearing too unnatural) Two improvements would be some kind of stabilizer and maybe lens display for changing the modes. 
    I wonder also about the social implications too. I mean, how much trust would remain if there is a constant worry that every meeting can be so easily recorded. 

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