Time to start that diet

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: 8 Gadgets That Can Help

In our increasingly health-conscious world, the marketplace has been flooded by gadgets that insist they’ll help us achieve our fitness goals. But for every useful innovation there are several destined to collect dust. Read on to discover the health inventions worth investing in.

Monitor Your Body with the Basis B1 Watch

Time to start that diet

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Heart-rate monitor watches are all the rage, but the Basis B1 watch has a few extra features that help set it apart. In addition to monitoring your heart rate, this watch charts your perspiration and skin temperature. Wear it all day to see what your body is doing during a workout, at rest, and even while you’re sleeping. You don’t need to be wrapped up in chest straps or body patches either, as the Basis B1 watch has its own built-in sensors.

The Basis B1 watch uploads your data to an online portal so you can easily monitor your fitness and heart health. It’s Bluetooth-enabled too, so you can retrieve this data anywhere with Wi-Fi access.

Stay Motivated with Fitbit Flex

Fitbit was a fitness pioneer when it released its first motivational self-tracking digital pedometer in 2008. This May, Fitbit released its latest model: the Fitbit Flex. Instead of clipping onto clothes like the Fitbit Classic, the latest innovation is an easy-to-wear wristband.

Like its recent predecessors, the Fitbit Flex tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned all day, and your sleep time and quality at night. However unlike the rest it’s water-resistant, so you can wear it at the beach or even swimming laps at your local pool. It features five LED lights which show whether you’re reaching your personal fitness goals and achievement badges to keep you motivated. Fitbit Flex sends the information it collects to your computer and favorite mobile devices so you can track your progress.

Sit Right with the LUMOback Posture Sensor

Poor posture can be much more serious than sore necks and backs. The spine has such a close relationship with the brain and overall organ function that slouching can lead to decreased brain and organ function.

You can avoid these debilitating health conditions with the LUMOback Posture Sensor, which transmits a gentle vibration whenever you slouch. You do need to strap it onto your lower back, but its slim design is made for maximum comfort. The system is also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can monitor your posture over time.

Have a Check-Up with the Tinke

It’s got a funny name, but this thumb-drive sized gadget is a serious bit of gear which literally puts your health results at your fingertips. Its optical sensors measure the thickness of your blood to determine its oxygen levels. It also notes your heart and respiratory rates.

The Tinke can send your vitals to your iOS-compatible smartphone or tablet or share your scores with your Facebook friends. Keeping an eye on your Tinke statistics will help you spot any changes before they become serious health concerns.

Measure Your Weight with Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale


Image via Flickr by Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen

America’s love of processed meals, high fructose corn syrup, and fast foods isn’t doing its people any favors. World Health Organization surveys from between 2000 and 2008 show that two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. That makes the United States the third fattest nation in the world. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, it’s time to swallow your pride and step on your scales.

Ordinary scales tell you how much you weigh, but they don’t give a complete picture of your health. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale fills in the gaps, with information about your lean and fat mass as well as your pounds. Withings knows it’s hard to remember your details over time, so it uses Wi-Fi to send your information to iPhones, Google Android devices, or its secure website. The whole family can work on their weight too, as these scales will hold the profiles of eight people.

Don’t Miss Pills with e-Pill 7-Day Organizer and Medication Reminder

We all make every effort to order safe medications, but there’s nothing safe about taking your pills irregularly. Studies suggest that if 35 percent of 100,000 patients don’t take their medication as directed “there will be 16 heart attacks, five strokes, and seven deaths.”

You can avoid these serious side effects with e-Pill’s 7-Day Organizer and Medication Reminder. It takes the old-fashioned pill box into the digital age with four large pill compartments and a multi-alarm to organize a range of prescriptions. The flexible design allows you to set an early alarm for weekday mornings and a later one for lazy weekends. Remove a single day’s pills for regular use or take the entire organizer with you on vacation.

Juice on the Go with Oster My Blend Blender

It looks like your average kitchen appliance, but the Oster My Blend Blender has one major advantage for busy people. The 20-ounce container easily detaches from the body to become a portable sports bottle for your protein shakes and fruit smoothies. It’s also scratch-resistant so it won’t age, and as it’s made form BPA-free plastic you can enjoy your beverages without any chemical nasties. The convertible Oster My Blend Blender makes it so easy to get your five a day!

Eat Well with HAPIfork

As it’s not released until November the HAPIfork is a bit of an unknown quantity, but the concept is intriguing. It encourages diners to slow down and savor their meals with an indicator light which flashes when you’re chowing down too quickly. It also measures how long it takes you to eat your meal, the amount of “fork servings” you take each minute, and the time between bites. A USB connector sends this data to your online dashboard, which integrates with a coaching program to improve your eating habits.

Admittedly CIO.com called the HAPIfork one of the dumbest products of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but the science certainly supports this gadget. Studies show it takes 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to say you’re full. As most Americans eat far too quickly, they might have polished off a main meal with sides in that time. A recent Japanese study found eating more slowly left participants feeling fuller sooner, so they consumed fewer calories.

Simply buying these gadgets won’t help you drop those extra pounds or get washboard abs, but using them regularly will help you become stronger, fitter, and healthier.


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