Effuel Reviews (2021) Legit Effuel ECO OBD2 Device or Fuel Saver Chip Customer Complaints?

Effuel ECO OBD2 is a recently introduced fuel saver chip that claims to optimize the working of your car’s engine with an aim to improve its fuel efficiency. According to its official website – ordereffuel.com, this tiny chip may seem insignificant to many but once installed, Effuel ECO OBD2 chip can work on improving the torque and overall mileage of the vehicle without damaging it in any way. As a result, users can expect to save some money on their daily fuel expenditure.

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Budgeting is definitely one of the most difficult things to do, but with the rising prices of everything, you cannot simply live without it. At the beginning of every month, you will find countless people trying to make a list of how they can control their monthly expenses so that they can fit within their incomes. Along with other typical measures to take, one way to save money is by reducing your expenditure on fuel. But how can you do that?

While most people believe that permanent processes like remapping are the only way to make your car more economical, there are other, safer solutions as well. One of such solutions includes the Effuel device, a microchip that can be inserted in the OBDII port of your car to temporarily take over the engine’s working, making it more effective.

If you wish to know more about Effuel ECO OBD2 chip, how it works, and where you can buy it, read this Effuel review.

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Effuel ECO OBD2 Review

Effuel is a new type of performance-boosting chip launched into the automobile industry with an aim to help users save up on their fuel costs. Users are expected to plug it into the OBD2 socket present inside their cars and watch their vehicles become more efficient and covering more miles using less gas. 

As stated on the official website, Effuel ECO OBD2 chip is easy to use and does not need the user to have a vast background about their cars or automobiles in general. Even a layman can easily install it and start saving up on fuel as soon as possible. Many Effuel consumer reviews have stated that investing in this chip can help you boost the fuel efficiency of your car by a factor of 35%.

The main goal behind purchasing and installing Effuel ECO OBD2 in a car is money-saving. However, there are many secondary benefits that you can expect to achieve as soon as you get it connected to your car’s engine. For example, this chip can also make your car more eco-friendly. You see, as soon as you plug it in the respective socket, it directly impacts the engine to improve its efficiency by reducing the combustion of gases taking place inside it every second. These combustible processes are extremely dangerous for the environment as they release many harmful gases in the air which can contribute to air pollution as well as contamination.

However, as the engine efficiency increases, thanks to the Effuel chip, these combustible processes can also be minimized. As a result, your vehicle may emit lesser gases into the air as usual, playing its part in conserving the environment. In addition to this, this small chip can also make your car’s drive smoother and a lot balanced so that you can remain comfortable during long journeys as well.

The Effuel ecoOBD2 performance chip is currently available on ordereffuel.com at discounted rates and deals. So if you are interested in investing one time and saving for a lifetime without damaging your car in any way, consider placing an order today.

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How Does Effuel ECO OBD2 Work? Mechanism of Performance Chips Explained

The Effuel chip has been designed to take over the way your engine works and optimize in such a way that it utilizes lesser fuel to cover greater distances. For this purpose, it has to take over a certain part of your vehicle known as the ECU. The ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit which is present in every car. To understand its importance in an automobile, consider it as an alternative to the human brain. This small unit acts just like your brain inside your body and helps overlook all the activities going on inside the engine. It also plays a role in determining the performance of your car by controlling the engine optimization, fuel efficiency, as well as overall working.

So as soon as you install the Effuel device in your car, it targets the ECU and starts collecting data from it as you drive your car for up to 150 miles. Once all the data required for engine optimization has been collected, it goes through processing so that it can be utilized later for the benefit of the user. Next, this chip also boosts the torque and power of your vehicle with an aim to improve fuel efficiency.

Remember that to make sure that Effuel works in your car, you need to insert it into the correct port i.e. the OBD2 port. While most cars introduced into the U.S. after 1996 and in Europe after 2001 have this port inside, any older versions may not have it. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is compatible with a performance chip before you consider investing in one.

How To Install Effuel ECO OBD2 Chip?

As suggested by several Effuel reviews, one of the biggest benefits of this chip is that it is easier to install and does not require the user to waste more money on hiring professional help. The exact instructions have been clearly stated on the official Effuel website and are mentioned below in a stepwise manner:

  • Turn off the engine of your car
  • Search for the OBDII plug inside your vehicle. Consider checking the areas around the steering wheel and glove box. Keep in mind that in some vehicles, this port comes with a cover that may not allow you to spot it in plain sight. Hence, keep your eyes open while looking for it.
  • Once you have found the port, insert the Efuel chip in it.
  • Next, put the car key back to the ignition hole and turn it to bring it to the primary stage. However, at this point, your car’s engine must not be started.
  • Next, turn on the Effuel device by pressing the respective button on it. Wait for a minute to let it activate and start working.
  • Now start your car and continue driving.

As soon as you follow the steps mentioned above, the Effuel ECO OBD2 chip starts working on collecting relevant information from your car’s engine as well as keeping an eye on your driving habits. This continues for the next 150 miles after which the collected information can be utilized to increase fuel efficiency.

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Is Effuel Legit? Why Invest In a Performance Chip?

According to the official Effuel website, the role of performance chips has been widely accepted in the automobile industry. Investing in it can be a legit solution to your fuel problems due to a number of reasons. These reasons are mentioned below.

  • The technology that chips like Efuel use to make any vehicle more fuel-efficient has been invented after years of research and with the help of the latest technologies.
  • The fact that all recent car models that are constantly being launched in the market come with their very own OBD2 port is proof that the use of a performance chip such as Effuel has been accepted by car mechanics and experts.
  • The Effuel device has been manufactured with top-class materials. It boasts a sturdy body made up of graphite. Multiple silicon semiconductors have been placed inside it in a way that the whole system is detailed and intricate but compact on the outside so that it can be easily handled.
  • The Efuel chip does not have a fixed solution to maximize fuel efficiency. In fact, it can provide customized solutions to every car based on the performance of its engine as well as the driving habits of the owner. So it can be assumed that the way Effuel ECO OBD2 can help you save money is tailored according to your needs as well as your car’s functioning.
  • All the changes that the Effuel chip induces in the engine of your car to make it more efficient can be reversed. For this reversal to take place, all you need to do is unplug the chip from the system, and as soon as you accomplish this, your engine can get back to the way it used to work before.
  • Lastly, the manufacturing company is currently offering a money-back guarantee on every order placed through the official website. The presence of this refund policy further makes this device legitimate and credible.

Effuel Refund Policy

Just like with any online order, the risk of getting a scam product may also arise whenever a user considers placing an order for the Effuel chip. However, to make sure that such risks do not stop users from saving their precious money on gas, the company is providing a refund policy on all orders placed on its official website.

So if you order the Effuel device, try it out, but find that it has not been working the way it should be, you can always ask for a refund from the company. This refund request can be requested for up to 30 days after you have placed an order for this chip. All you have to do is contact the company through email at support@effuelshop.com or call them at 8552270908.

Keep in mind that you can only avail a refund on orders placed through the official website. If you purchased your device through some third party, the company is not liable to return any money to you. So make sure to stick to its official website for order placement.

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Effuel Pros and Cons

According to the creators of the Effuel performance chip, investing in this device can help you cut back on gas consumption and; hence, regulate your monthly budget in a better way. However, for many people, the company’s words are not enough to place an order for something online. For such people, it is advised to go through a list of pros and cons before deciding about a product.

The following list can help you in this context.


  • The Effuel chip can be installed on your own without the need for any professional help
  • You can expect to save money on fuel with it
  • This is a one-time investment; however, the benefits it comes with may last for a long time
  • Effuel is affordable compared to the gas money it can help you save. Moreover, the company is offering bundle deals that can further reduce its price per unit
  • You do not need to change the way you drive your car just to make this chip work
  • The Effuel chip may help improve the fuel efficiency of your car without permanently changing anything in it
  • It aids in reducing the combustible processes taking place inside your car’s engine. In this way, it can help reduce air contamination
  • It can record basic information about the fuel efficiency, speed, and power of your car and use it to better your car’s performance.


  • Your car may not be compatible with a performance chip such as Effuel. This is particularly true if you have a model older than 1996.
  • Effuel can only be bought online. It is currently not up for sale on any physical store.
  • Because it is a new device, the company is producing it in very limited amounts and the stocks can sell out at any time. So if you are looking for a way to make your car more fuel-efficient, it is better to place an order today.
  • Individual performance results may vary.

Effuel Performance Boosting Chip Benefits

According to several online Effuel reviews, this performance chip can provide the users with a number of benefits the minute they install it in their system. These benefits are mentioned below:

  • It may reduce the consumption of fuel by your car’s engine
  • It helps improve the efficiency of your car in terms of fuel consumption by 15% to 35%
  • It can contribute to the preservation of the environment around you by reducing the emission of dangerous gases from your car’s engine
  • It may work on helping you save money without demanding you to change any of your driving habits.

However, you must keep in mind that every automobile has a different engine from the other. Moreover, the current health and working of the engine can also vary from one car to another even if the model is exactly the same. Based on these individual factors, the exact benefits that the Effuel ECO OBD2 chip can bring about and the amount of money it can help you save can vary from one person to another.

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Where to Buy Effuel ECO OBD2 Device Online? Pricing and Refund Information

If you are interested in trying the Effuel device, visit ordereffuel.com and place your order.

The official Effuel website mentions that the current price of one unit is $39.98 in addition to the standard shipping charges that apply. However, if you decide on buying two or more of these chips, it can give a discount on its price. Moreover, bulk orders also come with free delivery.

The following bundles are currently up for grabs for users wishing to purchase the Effuel OBDII performance chip:

  • Standard Package: One Effuel device can be purchased for $39.98 along with delivery charges
  • Buy One Get One Deal: Two Effuel devices can be purchase at a total price of %59.97 along with free delivery
  • Best Value Deal: Three Effuel devices can be purchased for a total price of $79.96 along with free delivery

The device can be delivered to different countries across the globe. The company behind Effuel fuel saver device has ensured its users that it will provide the highest level of responsiveness to all its buyers.

Because the Effuel chip has only been launched recently, the only official platform to buy it is its own website. You are not likely to find it anywhere else, neither is it recommended due to a risk of scam. As soon as you decide on which deal you wish to purchase, you can click on it after which you will be directed to an online form. Here, you will need to fill in your basic details, choose a payment plan and proceed.

Once your order has been processed, it will be dispatched within the next 48 hours by the company. All local orders usually take 5 to 7 days to get delivered. However, for international deliveries, users may need to wait for up to three weeks.

It is not advised to look for any Effuel Amazon listings or deals on any third-party platform. This is because the Effuel device is only being sold through its official website for now. Even if you do come across its presence on any other website or physical store, purchase at your own risk because it might be an Effuel scam.

Effuel Reviews – The Final Verdict

Effuel is a newly launched performance chip that can help all users looking forward to improving the fuel efficiency of their cars. As soon as you plug it in, it can record the current performance of your car’s engine as well as your driving habits and use both sources of information to come up with a viable solution that can let you save money you otherwise spend on fueling your car every day.

Installing Effuel ECO OBD2 into your car is extremely easy and it does not require getting any help from a professional mechanic. All you need to do is spend a minute or two finding the OBD2 port and plugging it in. The best thing about this chip is that it is not expected to induce any permanent or irreversible changes in your car’s system.

Effuel ECO OBD2 fuel and gas cost saver chip is currently available on discounted deals and offers for a limited time. Moreover, the stock is limited and selling out fast. So if you are interested in trying Effuel out, book your orders today before the company runs out of stock.

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Effuel Customer Reviews 2021 & Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my car compatible with Effuel?

For most modern cars, Effuel can work since they all come with an OBD2 device. However, those older with manufacturing older than 1996 may not have this port and, therefore, this device cannot work in them. To check your car’s compatibility with Effuel, visit here.

  • Is it safe to use the Effuel device?

According to the official website, the Effuel device is safe to use without any risks. This is probably because this device works by inducing only reversible changes. In no way can it temper your car permanently. If you have any Effuel complaints, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer regarding your query.

  • How much time will it take for Effuel to reach me?

The company normally takes 5-7 working days to ship all the local parcels to their desired destinations in the USA. However, for international orders, customers may have to wait for more days as the shipment needs to get cleared from the customs as well. In case of any unexpected delays, you can always contact customer care support.

  • How much time do I need to install the Effuel ECO OBD2 device?

One of the biggest benefits that come along with Effuel is its ease of use. You only need 5 minutes of your day to install it in your car. Just look for the OBDII port, plug the chip in, turn it on and wait for a minute to allow its full activation. Once you have done this, you can simply start driving your car and leave the rest to this device.

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