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How much area would be required to power the world (with solar panels alone)


I came across this particular pic which really made me think. I don’t know if they did the math right, but if they did, with a surface as big as the plastic island floating around in the Pacific covered with solar panels, the whole world could be powered. If we consider other sources of clean energy (hydro plants for example), I’m guessing the surface would go down to half. This is do-able. Probably not by 2030, but then again, why not? This type of technology is developing all the time, and it could be complemented by other methods (wind farms, etc), so the required surface could really go down, and this could also be an economic solution. Or maybe I’m just delusional. I honestly don’t know.


Oregon prepares for the larges wind farm in the world

wind farm

Renewable energy has found a considerable support in wind farms, as more and more people seem to be adopting this green and cheap solution as a better alternative towards traditional energy. For example, Samsø, an island near Denmark, gets all its energy from renewable sources; the huge number of wind farms in which are being built is also a good step, and it seems there are some good green news.It seems things are going bigger and faster, as Oregon has just received to approval to go ahead with the construction of a 909 MW wind farm which will produce enough power to sustain 200 000 houses. It’s going to be situated in the northern central part of the state.

The Shepherd’s Flat Wind Farm (as it is called) will contain 303 wind turbines and will double the amount of energy which the state will produce, and also will increase the local economy greatly, as a natural consequence. It’s also estimated that 300 new work places will be created, which are a good news too.

But it will be the largest wind farm for a relatively short period of time, as it’s going to be scheduled for 2010; if everything goes according to the wind farmers plan, T. Boone Pickens’ 4000 MW Texas wind farm will be completed in 2014.