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Rock Star Tech

Rockstar Technology

Rock Star TechSome technologies rock our worlds with game-changing innovations. New inventions sometimes also impact our lives with permanent change and leave us awestruck with their sheer ingenuity. These are groundbreaking achievements that do not only improve on current technology but also open up new and endless other possibilities. When applied to industries and their various businesses, such new and innovative technologies change the world and the way we think.


“Rockstar” is stature pop culture invests on people, groups of people, technology, innovation, organizations, and game-changer ideas. You have probably encountered this term applied to many other things outside of the bounds of rock and roll subculture celebrity. It’s easy to understand why. Rockstar celebrity has always been associated with rebellious glam, breakthrough creativity, and its potential to impact the world with positive change. Media is fond of stature giving and it is the predominant source of iconic celebration. So when media ascribes rockstar status to technology, our belief systems go with the change. Rockstar technology is all about benchmark technology. The kind that ups the ante on invention, reinvention, creation and — consumer fascination.


Dance or die

We have witnessed tremendous amounts of technological change in the past 20 years to believe that we have enough rockstar material going for us to last 200 more. When digital technology blew the game wide open via the web, we had to move on and change with the times. We had to make ourselves literate again. We had to teach ourselves new languages, new ways of seeing, using, channeling, timekeeping, and harnessing thoughts and ideas online. Refusing to do so will only make us poor illiterate tech dinosaurs unfit to survive and prevail in the current millennium. We have to change, period.


Rockstar technology is the standard by which all succeeding innovation will be measured against. We work amid the most efficient ones around and these are the following:

  • The web. Digital technology’s biggest breakthrough and from where all relevant information is sourced. You and I know it as the worldwide web or www. Without it, a computer’s use would be nothing more than what your pocket calculator does for you. You type out keywords to a waiting world via open browsers and the information highway sends tons of data to you. The web has brought about tech platforms that connect us with real-time interactivity like social media and ecommerce to make our experience of the world more accessible from even our little corner of the room.
  • Virtual reality. As soon as computers began to create images and visual thought patterns for us to explore, we began to see reality from a totally different level. Information became artificial intelligence accessible with a few clicks. The imaginary world inside our heads became moving, talking and interactive reality. By virtue of its tangibility, it has now become possible to create something online and make it exist and function in our physical world legitimately — either for business or for pleasure. Apps for games, information, business productivity, ecommerce, and even entertainment are there for us to access and enjoy.
  • Mobile devices. Cloud, cellular, optic fiber, and online technologies have given us the convenience of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Business productivity and leisure gadgets that function as communication and work tools rolled into one. Devices we bring along as we hit the road and hop from one place to another, allowing us to connect with each other wirelessly. It is we who have become wired and more attached to our work, or to our recreational endeavors in the process.


When you say rockstar, you talk about industry accolade of preferential treatment status. There will always be a certain amount of glamour to go with the trappings of mainstream celebrity. It is a one-way street that only goes forward. Similarly, its creators dress it up with a flair for high fashion. Like good old rock and roll, whatever music rockstar technology plays — everybody dances!