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Tips to Succeed in the Mobile Era

Over the years, there has been a continuous evolution in the strategies and tools that businesses adopt to achieve success. Decades ago, owners put premium on talented and determined team. Today, there are other factors that have to be considered. In particular, the mobile era has significantly influenced the way businesses operate. The continuous development in technological advancements has given market players a lot of opportunities in so far as successfully establishing their business is concerned. mobile-hand-phone However, it does not necessarily mean that they have to avail of all the available technologies in the market today. The type, size and nature of the business are considerations when choosing technological tools to adopt. For small market players such as the small to medium-size businesses, below are some of the tips that they can adopt to become successful in the mobile era: Don’t recruit the closest. Recruit only the best. Decades ago, businesses have to rely on the skills and talent of the people near them. This is a limitation as they don’t have that much option when it comes to the employees that they can hire. This limitation is a result of another limitation – geography. Today, however, the Internet serves as a medium that business can use to hire the best people even if they are on the other side of the planet. It is not also necessary that they apply and report personally at the actual office as there is now video conferencing and virtual office. With these technologies, they can work remotely from the comforts of their own homes. This only requires a smartphone or tablet to have access to HD video. This year, some of the most reliable brand and models of these mobile devices are Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, and many more. To have a seamless connection, they must adopt the VoIP system. Use apps or tools designed for business use. Among the new technologies that were made possible because of the Internet are the cloud and apps. However, businesses must be critical when deciding which ones to choose and adopt in the business’ operation. One main issue that they have to address is security. So, the best thing to do is to consider apps or tools specifically designed for business use. In this way, owners can have an assurance that their files are protected. Today, there are many developers that offer business apps for free. Before considering these, it is important to assess the apps. In particular, it is a must to know if the tool has security settings made for businesses. If there is reliable security, customer information and business data are safe. But to be very sure, the best thing to do is for the business to create its own app. It is now easy to develop apps as there are now programs that can help businesses even if they don’t have the knowledge and skills. Drive sales by marketing to customers face-to-face. The best way to drive sales is to talk to prospective customers face-to-face. However, face-to-face does not necessarily mean in person. With the numerous technologies, face-to-face marketing can now be done using video conferencing. This can be used to conduct business meetings even if the participants are located in different parts of the country or even the world. As years pass, more and more small businesses are using optimizing the video conferencing technology not just as part of their marketing strategy but also as part of their day-to-day operations. In a market study, it was revealed that more than 52% of small businesses are using different forms of video conferencing. They do this to make business meetings more engaging.

3 Stocking Stuffers for Techies for the 2012 Holidays

We all get it perfectly – even if we want to give each and every one our loved ones and friends the gift of tech, it’s just downright unrealistic, especially in these trying economic times. You can’t possibly buy six units of the iPhone 5 in a huff – one for each family member – lest you want to use up all your life’s savings for this one single holiday. And let’s face it – even if you want to get the latest Galaxy Note for your two BFFs, it won’t be practical unless you’re a Zuckerberg or a Bieber, perhaps.

But ultimately, you don’t need to give up on Christmas just yet. You can opt for “stocking stuffers” to keep up with your techie inclinations in giving gifts. There are a number of low-priced tech items that are interesting and useful enough to pass as little gifts for friends and family. With this list, you will have no problem filling those Christmas stockings this year. Now, some people would raise their eyebrows at this list, because they could already consider these “stocking stuffers” as real serious gifts – but really – if you can buy yourself the iPad mini or the iPad with Retina display a mere seven months after buying the iPad 3, then maybe you’re just being stingy! Don’t be a scrooge this Christmas by sharing the gift of tech, because such gifts can still be friendly to the wallet.

iPhone 5 cases

Since of your folk already have or are having plans of getting the iPhone 5, you can give them the iPhone 5 cases or protectors found on eBay or Amazon for cheap (they can go as low as $5 but the more decent ones go for $10 and up). Not only will you help them guard their precious, precious phones from scrapes and shocks but you will also be able to help them express themselves through their phone if you choose something that befits their personality. What’s even more interesting is that you can acquire discounts for bulk purchases since these stores usually want to exhaust all stocks towards the yearend.

Generic cables

If you want to give people something they’d really use, then you can buy them generic cables for their phones (or other USB devices). It’s always an ideal gift because you’ll never know when your personal mobile (slash) business phone will drain its battery down to nothing. A spare one – one that you’ll never have to share with anyone, will always come in handy whether you’re in the office or meeting with your business partners in a café. Be careful in buying stuff like these though, as they can get really tricky. They’re relatively cheap; but as prices go lower, the quality may be compromised as well. Grab your cables only from decent accessories suppliers, and not those run-of-the-mill sellers you’d usually stumble upon online.

Tablet joystick

Tablets are aplenty in today’s highly touch-centric market, and products like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab are used heavily for video viewing, media playing, and even console gaming. ThinkGeek’s popular Joystick-It arcade stick for the iPad will help bring gaming on your slate to levels of epic proportions. All you have to do is attach the $7.49 accessory anywhere on your screen and start playing your touchscreen-based games with ease – without having the need to use wires or batteries. And don’t worry about having dents on your device’s screen because they’re easy to remove and reposition whenever desired.

So, can you suggest some other stocking stuffers for your fellow geeks at heart and technology lovers? Sound off in the comments section!