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Lap dance study yields surprising results

This is one of those studies which makes you realize that being a researcher definitely has some unexpdected perks; it was funded by ERSC, and let me tell you, to get a grant from them, you really have to have a solid project, because the approval rate is somewhere around 17%. What they concluded from the study was worth it, because it was a definite shocker.

The expansion and birth of erotic dance bars comes as a result of a growing number of lap dancers, and not as a result of a growing demand.

Which is quite logical considering the next conclusion they drew:

Most dancers are very satisfied with their jobs. You get to choose your hours, you get paid instantly, and much more than in other fields, and you also combine business with fun. They also feel pretty safe at work.

However, dancing is not something you do as a long term job. Most of the girls were doing it alongside another job, or during their superior education. Now, when you have a job like this, odds are you don’t want anyone to know about it, and don’t talk a lot about it; this is one of the reasons why erotic are perceived in a wrong way, which doesn’t do anybody a lot of good.

The study is extremely interesting, as it focuses on different aspects, on the more humane side of the job, and really has some surprising results. If the media will be interested in this study, remains to be seen, but it good to change some of the wrongly formed opinions on the matter.