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Drone footage of Lima’s fireworks is the prettiest thing I’ve seen today

New Year’s Eve is always spectacular, everyone celebrating the coming year with a sky filled with color from a thousand explosions.

But what is awesome from street-level becomes awesomely awesome when viewed from the air, as photographer Jeff Cremer showed by taking his drone up into the skies above Lima, Peru to film the festivities.

The flurry of fireworks shooting from streets and rooftops is incredibly beautiful when viewed from above, and Cremer stated after the release of the video that he wanted to get closer to the action but had to keep his drone at about 200m (656ft) high to avoid all the flak.

So take a little break and enjoy cascade of lights all over again, all thanks to Jeff Cremer and his trusty drone.

New Year brings a miniature breed of cows, the Panda cow

This New Year brought more joy than usual for a Colorado family, as Chris and Pam Jessen were thrilled by the birth of an extremely rare type of cow in their farm: the panda cow. The panda cow is an uncommon cross breed that was worked on for 44 years by Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, Wash., farmer, using eight different breeds of miniatuare cows and mixing them with a lot of patience and ambition. Thus, thanks to his work, Ben was able to come to the world in Chris’ farm, that also houses other miniature cattle as well as a miniature kangaroo.

Ben is one of just 25 panda cows in the whole world, but one can only wonder what can these animals do, aside from being cute and cuddly ? Well, the answer is ‘nothing’; but they are really cute and cuddly.

“Miniatures range from about 44 inches tall on their tail side, on their hocks, but he can get up to 1000 pounds though — so a pretty good-sized animal,” Chris Jessen told “Good Morning America.”

Panda cows are estimated at 25.000$ and the Jensens say they eventually plan on selling Ben, who had a really funny episode on GMA.

“Probably the most amazing thing aside from the fact that he’s rar is that he’s on the couch right now. Suddenly my lap is starting to get very warm! I don’t think he’s gonna be on the couch after this again!” Chris Jessen said.