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Almost half of all resident physicians suffer from heavy burnout

According to a new study, 45% of US resident physicians suffer from burnout, which manifests through a loss of enthusiasm for one’s work, a decline in satisfaction and joy, and an increase in detachment, emotional exhaustion, and cynicism. Not only is this dangerous for the physicians, but burned-out doctors are more likely to make mistakes while diagnosing and treating people.

Doctor burnout is not a new phenomenon. It’s been increasingly studied and monitored in recent years, with several studies arriving at worrying conclusions. Although burnout rates vary significantly by country, age, and specialty, they are still very high in the medical profession — reaching what has been described as an “epidemic level”. The new study found that almost half of US physicians exhibit at least one major symptom of burnout.

“Our data show wide variability in the prevalence of burnout by clinical specialty, and that anxiety, social support and empathy during medical school relate to the risk of burnout during residency,” says Liselotte Dyrbye, M.D., a Mayo Clinic researcher and first author of the article.

Those in urology, neurology, emergency medicine, and general surgery were at the highest risk. Researchers found that burnout rates can be partly predicted by high levels of anxiety and low levels of empathy reported during medical school. Furthermore, doctors with burnout were three times likelier to regret their decision of becoming a physician.

[panel style=”panel-danger” title=”Burnout” footer=””]The source of burnout can lie within individuals (eg, perfectionism or relying on denial and avoidance as coping strategies), the medical profession, or healthcare organizations (eg, the burden of electronic medical records, changing work environments, poor leadership). Solutions, however, traditionally focused on individual physicians and their resilience.[/panel]

Burnout is also connected with gender (with women having higher rates of burnout symptoms) and ethnicity. Physicians belonging to an ethnic minority (especially those who self-identified as Latino or Hispanic) were suffering more, though the reason for this is not exactly clear. It could be that overall, it’s tougher for minority doctors to make it through the system, or it could be something less obvious — researchers also speculate that minority physicians often are pressed into participating in various institutional diversity initiatives that overtax their schedules compared to nonminority physicians. Whatever the reason, the plight of minority physicians is generally understudied.

But not all the study results were negative. The survey revealed that despite massive burnout rates, a majority of physicians are satisfied with their career choice and specialty. In particular, participants who reported high empathy scores during medical school appeared to be more resilient to burnout during residency — as explained above, these people also tended to have lower burnout rates.

Lastly, people who received more emotional support during med school were happier and more satisfied with their career choice. This seems like a good angle for an intervention: if we want to keep doctors happier and more effective, providing support during med school seems like a good idea.

The study has been published in JAMA

15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Doctors and Medical staff

If your Valentine is a doctor or training to be one, but you still have no idea what to get him/her, here are a few suggestions:

1. Medical design pens and post-its

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In a hospital or clinic’s turmoil, pens are lost every day. Nurses and doctors fight over the remaining ones all the time. Make sure your loved one has a particular writing tool, that stands out and impresses everyone from the practice. It might not seem like a big or important gift, but rest assured: they will be forever thankful.

2. Funny Mug for Vets 

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Let’s not forget that veterinarians are doctors as well. Or should I say ‘dogtors’? This mug surely makes me giggle every time I see it.

3. Anatomy coaster set

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Medical employees tend to be clean freaks, let’s be honest. Make sure this year that you will score some points by showing that you care about the furniture by buying a set of coasters.

4. Brain hat

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This brainy knitted hat is the most awesome way your SO will be warm and comfortable. Let’s not mention it’s funny as hell.

5. Unisex Galaxy Print Glow in the Dark V-Neck Scrub 

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Make your loved one feel the universe is there for them. Reach for the stars even in gloomy days with an awesome scrub that glows in the dark.

6. Prescription wine glasses

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We all need from time to time to relax. Even doctors.

7. Silver Lifeline Pulse EKG Heartbeat Charm Necklace

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Women like jewelry but they love jewelry with a message. Saving lives is her purpose. She will adore this gift, as it will make her feel you truly get her.

8. Doctor Wine Holder 

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Doctor figurines that are there for you and hold the booze, too. What can be more romantic than spending Valentine’s day with your loved one and this little guy?

9. Sterling Silver Medical Caduceus Cufflinks 

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For special occasions, but not only. Your man will feel distinguished wearing these silver cufflinks that symbolize medicine. It’s a reminder of hard work and dedication, and they will wear them proudly.

10. The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons

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Humorous doctor cartoons that will make anyone crack-up. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

11. Synapse Receptor Watercolor Print 

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Great for a neurologist’s office, or even for the living room. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than knowing your significant other’s true passion.

12. Silver Lifelike Anatomical Heart Locket


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Cardiologists have the biggest hearts. This necklace is unique and will offer you a place in her heart forever.

13. Red anatomical heart pin

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Just imagine how cool this pin would look on a white doctor’s coat.

14. Radiology bone socks

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Radiologists are old fashioned, they prefer black and white movies and photos. Why not buy them a pair of bony black and white socks?

15. Heartbeat hoodie


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Show your lover your heart is theirs and you don’t mind it. These cool hoodies are unisex and come in different colours such as black, white, grey, maroon and red.

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