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Every year, locals from the Faroe islands slaughter thousands of dolphins as a tradition. Now it could be banned

The government of the Faroe Islands is reviewing the country’s annual dolphin-and-whale hunt.

Image credits Wikimedia.

According to representatives of the administrative body, no decision has yet been made and several options are being considered. A final decision on the future of this hunt is expected in the coming weeks, they added.

Reviewing tradition

The Faroes are a pretty tiny archipelago to the north of the United Kingdom. Politically, they are an autonomous territory, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, much like Greenland. And, for the longest time now, it has maintained the custom of the “grindadrĂ¡p”, or “grind” for short.

During grindadrap, fishermen seek out groups of dolphins or pilot whales and surround them with a semi-circle of fishing boats. The animals are then driven into a shallow bay, where they are subsequently beached. Fishermen on shore then slaughter the animals, which are now easy pickings.

Last year’s grind, which took place on September 12, 2021, occured on a much larger scale than any previously. The event, which saw the slaughter of more than 1,400 Atlantic white-side dolphins (Lagenorhynchus acutus) sparked quite a wave of international outrage. Following that event, the country’s Prime Minister Bardur a Steig Nielsen ordered an official re-evaluation of the hunt.

That re-evaluation is now complete. The government discussed its conclusion at a meeting in Torshavn on Tuesday. Despite the public interest in this topic, no decision seems to have been reached just yet.

“It was a first meeting. No decisions were taken,” an official in the prime minister’s office told Agence France Presse, adding that “several options” are on the table, with a final decision expected “in a few weeks”.

A petition with almost 1.3 million signatures calling for a ban on the hunt was also submitted to the Faroe government on Monday, adding further pressure on lawmakers to come to a decision.

That being said, the hunt still enjoys wide support in the Faroes. It is part of local tradition, and this hunt has been a vital food source for local communities historically. It is very unlikely that all the customs surrounding the grind will be banned; the government explained that only the hunt is currently under review, not the whole tradition.

Dreadful contest in California: who can kill most coyotes wins

Hunters are having a blast in northern California, with a simple purpose: hunt as many coyotes as possible.


I wonder if Coyote cubs were counted too.

As you could guess, the event’s organizers tried to keep it as secretive as possible, but the local press estimated over 200 hunters participated in the (more or less) annual event. Opponents of the hunt – which began Friday evening and was scheduled to run through Sunday afternoon – said, for good reason, that this is inhumane and should not take place.

“We feel the killing of coyotes or any other wild animal as part of a contest is unethical, ethically indefensible and contrary to sound science,” said Camilla Fox, executive director of Project Coyote, a group that promotes what it terms “educated coexistence” between people and coyotes.

All this for a silver buckle, and of course… the “pride”.

The organizers of the event were Adin Supply Co. – which claim to be a “nostalgic grocery store”, and their owner, Steve Gagnon, did not return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment about the hunt. AP also tried contacting the Pit River Rod and Gun Club, but they were also not accessible – everyone is keeping a tight lip.

Even ranchers, who sometimes suffer greatly due to coyotes seemed to oppose this kind of event. Roger Hopping, long time resident of the area explained:

“I’m opposed to a killing contest, I’m not anti-hunting,” Hopping said. “I used to hunt ducks in the Bay Area,” the former Alameda, Calif., resident said.

The hunt comes after opponents last week failed to get the state Fish and Game Commission to stop the event. A contest to see how many lives you can take in a weekend… maybe I’m a little biased; what do you guys think?