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The best single handed invasion attempt ever

Well, it is the best, or the worst attempt ever actually, depends on your point of view. First, a little bit on the background: the attacking force was composed of an unemployed French nuclear physicist, AndrĂ© “mad scientist” Gardes. The defending team was a small island south of Britain named Sark, with a population of about 600 people, no cars and only one police officer. Gardes saw this as a perfect opportunity to get his own island.

The small and peaceful island of Sark


So, armed with a semiautomatic weapon, the nuclear physicist set on his quest to literally conquer his own island; but sadly for him, he mad a few “small” mistakes: first of all, he publicly announced the day he was going to take over the island. Even more, he put up flyers advertising his act.

So on the morning of the invasion day, Day 0, the entire police force from the island gathered to stop the man; the entire police force had just gotten back from his vacation – the single constable found Gardes sitting on a bench and loading his weapon. The constable complimented him on his weapon, then tricked him to show it to him and take out the magazine, then punched him in the face and arrested him.

I have no idea what happened to him next, especially since Sark doesn’t have a jail, and information is extremely scarce on this subject, but this is hands down one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. My hat is off to you mister Gardes, nuclear physics is in good hands.

Edit: I stand corrected, Sark does have a prison ! Thanks to our good readers for taking the time to correct me !