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Some birds leave no one behind — they share their food with those less fortunate

Helping others is a key feature of human behavior but it’s not necessarily something exclusive to humans, according to a new study. Researchers found birds care about the fate of conspecific birds, noticing how much food others have and sharing theirs with individuals that are going hungry.

Credit Wikipedia Commons

Food-sharing observed among humans in daily-life events such as dinner parties, and there is evidence that this was present even in pre-historic humans. But food-sharing is also relatively common in the wild, especially between individuals and their offspring.

“My earlier research has shown that birds also sometimes do something for someone else,” said Jorg Massen, lead-author, in a statement. “The question was, however, whether this is an instinctive behavior that is ingrained, or whether this behavior is flexible, and whether these birds might also take into account how great the need of the other animal is.”

To investigate sociality in birds, Massen worked with Azure-winged magpies in an experiment. He gave one bird an abundance of mealworms, a popular delicacy for these birds, while the rest had limited access or were given nothing at all. The magpie had the chance to share the mealworms through a wire mesh.

The researchers found out that the birds were inclined to share food with their peers. They differentiate, however, between others that have or do not have food, and subsequently cater to that lack. Females shared with the ones that had nothing, while males always shared, likely as a way to showcase themselves as generous.

The magpies were more inclined to share food as a response to begging but would share with those less fortunate even if they weren’t asked. This shows that they might truly notice the need of others, even without specific behavior from other birds. They may even show sympathy, according to Massen.

The study shows that magpies can exhibit prosocial behavior just like people, and that they may well have the same motivation as we do to engage in such behavior. This might indicate that they can empathize with the situation in which their peers find themselves and act accordingly. Still, further work is needed to tell if this is the case.

At the same time, the research also confirmed what scientists previously found in other animal species: cooperative breeders that raise their young together have a strong tendency to help each other.

“Because we let our children grow up in groups, we have become prosocial and can work well together. We now also see this in the azure-winged magpies,” said Massen.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The Best Data Backup Practices from Microsoft Azure

Credit: Pixabay.

Few things are more frustrating than losing all your data with no backup. We’ve all been there, so it’s time to take your personal information seriously.

A backup strategy is essential for a stable and secure enterprise, regardless of other measures taken to preserve data. Today, data replication can be performed using various tools and services, for example, by resorting to VMware vSphere Backup or Microsoft Azure Backup. Let’s take a closer look at the second option, which is supplied by the popular cloud computing service Microsoft Azure.

Things to Know about Microsoft Azure and Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure is a communication platform that allows you to create, implement, and scale mobile and web applications without losing high functionality. Apps and data are managed using the Azure cloud in an extensive Microsoft data processing center network. Modern programming languages, working software environments, and instruments are used to manage information. What’s more, Microsoft Azure offers users a vast selection of tools, instruments for developing their own software, and other technologies. 

The leading advantages of this platform are reliability, world-leading experience in cloud computing, and instant access to the data or applications you need from anywhere in the world. The user-friendly problem-solving environment makes it easy to get started, making Microsoft Azure a reliable assistant for developing and managing applications.

As for Azure Backup, this is a unique backup service characterized by convenient use and reliable data protection. It is integrated into the Microsoft Azure cloud and is provided as a service.

This service offers reliable protection of critical data regardless of the user’s location. All assets are stored in different locations – in the cloud, on servers, and clients. The backup service ensures data protection for applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint. With Microsoft’s Azure Backup, you can protect various files, clients, and Windows servers.

Due to the demands of modern business and compliance requirements, it is necessary to protect your data for several years, and over time, the volume of this data increases exponentially. This is why tape drives are usually used for long-term storage of information. But Azure backup service is a cost-effective alternative to the tape device due to significant cost savings, reduced recovery time, and storage life of up to one century.

Best Data Backup Practices from Microsoft Azure

How does the Azure Backup service work? A Microsoft backup agent is installed on the client’s workstation or server, which is used to backup selected data to the Microsoft cloud. It allows you to restore both the entire system and individual files if necessary. Azure Backup also supports the fragmented recovery of the SQL database from an existing backup.

These four data backup practices are worth your attention if you’d like to secure your data with Azure Backup:

  1. Simplified pattern and administration. The Microsoft Azure service is combined with the well-known Windows Server Backup tool (in Windows Server) and Data Protection Manager (in System Center) to offer a single backup path to the drive or the cloud.
  2. Incremental backups. The Azure Backup service supports creating additional backups based on modifications of the files at the block level and duplicates only those blocks that have been altered. Consequently, it reduces traffic and eliminates the need for storage. Various versions of backup copies use the storage space efficiently by recording only the adjustments in the blocks.
  3. Information compression, data encoding, and throttling. Microsoft Azure provides data encoding and compression for transferring it to the central Azure storage. Due to this, only encrypted backup copies can be kept in the Microsoft cloud. The Azure Backup service cannot reach the encryption code in the cloud, and hereupon, data cannot be decrypted directly in the Microsoft cloud. Besides, users of this backup solution can customize the throttling functionality and settings.
  4. Data consistency is checked in the cloud. Besides the provision of secure backups, copies are automatically tested for integrity. As a result, any data corruption that might occur during its transmission via the network is automatically detected and corrected.

The Azure Backup service is available to many users from all over the world.