Mars makes a once in a lifetime approach on 27 August

Planet Mars will be the brightest we’ll (probably) ever have a chance to see it, and it will be as large as the moon, even for the naked eye ! I can’t even imagine what it will be like, but I bet the Red Planet will be absolutely spectacular, and it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Just so you can make an idea, the next time Mars will be almost this close will be in 2287, and scientists believe there won’t be a better opportunity to see it for 5000 years, but they can’t really be sure, it could be 60.000 as well.

So here’s what you do: at 12 am, no matter where you’re from, you should be looking towards the sky (it’s even better if you are somewhere free of city pollution), and from 12 to 12:30 you will see what, as far as we know, no human has seen for many many years: Mars rising.

So really, it should be a great sight. We’ll be sure to update and post some pics as soon as they appear, and post our own ones too. Have a great night!

EPIC FAIL! Yeah, we got fooled. Andrei was in a hurry to leave for his well earned vacation (he’s still offline, with no phone signal in the Carpathian mountains), but then he remembered reading about this whole ‘once in a lifetime’ Mars experience somewhere, so he decided to post it with no research whilst still packing. Sorry for any inconvenienceĀ  or disappointment this post might have caused.

Here’s a bit of history on the Mars e-mail hoax


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8 thoughts on “Mars makes a once in a lifetime approach on 27 August

  1. Merijn

    Use a simulator like stellarium to see where you can watch a rising mars, you need to be in a field where you can see eastwards to a horizon.

    Mars is about 1.6 times further away from us than the sun, and because it is a bazillion times smaller than the sun, it will never appear “as big as the moon”. The moon is almost half a degree accross, Mars is only six arcseconds acrross. (one degree is 3600 arcseconds..).

    Please be checking facts, and just like my previous comment, please refer to your source.

  2. Merijn

    august 2003 (the day that was true) mars was a lot closer than it will be the next shortest-distance moment, about 0.66AU.
    In 2003 Mars was about 0.42AU away, which is relatively close, and you needed “only” a 75times magnification to have it look half a degree big.

  3. rogerscottq

    Friends, I’m writing from
    somewhere between earth and the
    planet mars, which approached
    so close, I got sucked up into
    its gravitation along with my
    lap-top. Please, trying to hold my
    breath here in the void, and cloathes
    slightly singed due to the Van Allen belts
    and moving a little too swiftly through
    the atmosphere. Wish I had
    kept my espresso cup more tightly
    hooked with my little finger . . .

    To all my friends who I was supposed to
    have croisants tomorrow at
    Seattle’s best coffee shop . . .
    . . . wait . . . am passing the
    moon right now . . . will try to
    report . . . wait . . . jeez! If that
    is mars, shouldn’t I be able to see it’s moons
    . . . wait . . . working . . . trying to
    google azimuth . . .
    paralax. . . sh*t . . .
    . . this would never have happened
    if I’d had my old Zeos . . . with the
    the quarter inch thick key-board coard
    . . . gettin’ cold. Gotta go.

    Remember, the . . . zzzzzphs

  4. Merijn

    Well Andrei, have a very nice holiday and don’t forget to look up to mars once in a while :-)

  5. Mihai Andrei

    Hey guys!

    I just came back from my vacation and I have to say I’m sorry a million times, I read this somewhere just a few minutes before leaving home, and … well, I screwed up. Won’t happen again (I hope so haha).

  6. M-younus afridi

    On 27 th august 2010, when mars sees bright like moon then it is possible for huge typhones, or cyclones will appear. its possible in scientific theories its believe when moon comes near to earth the cyclones appear……….there fore i think it will be possible.

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