YouTube/Lock Block Ltd.

Zipper truck can build a tunnel in 24 hours

Clearly, this isn’t your regular truck. It’s a custom build that allows masons to erect free-standing tunnels very fast. The roller-covered arched rear temporarily supports the Lego-like brick structures, which are then locked in place without the need for an adhesive.

YouTube/Lock Block Ltd.

YouTube/Lock Block Ltd.

The truck was custom built by Lock Block Ltd. According to the company, the Zipper truck can help make a quarter mile archway in less than 24 hours.

The specially designed building blocks with interlocking pegs are held by the arched-rollers of the truck, functioning as a frame. The truck is tapered, with the front arch being taller than the tail. As the truck moves forward, the blocks fall and compress. This is very similar to how a zipper works, hence the name.

Using this technique engineers can built highway and railway over/underpasses, tunnels, hurricane/tornado shelters, wine cellars, culverts, ditches, and creek crossings very fast. There’s no need to wait for the typical 28 days of the curing process and a tunnel can be serviced immediately. Moreover, the pegs can be removed and re-used.

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