Welcome to 2014!

Hello and welcome to 2014! The past year was incredible, with almost more studies and research than it’s humanly possible to follow. But science doesn’t take a break, and neither do we! (Well, we took a break until now, but that’s over). We’ll leave the 2013 round-up for tomorrow’s articles, so what’s new in 2014?

Giveaway prizes!

As most of you know, we ended the year with a massive giveaway, asking you to give a general feedback on the website experience. Using random.org, we drafted the winners, and we’ve already started sending them emails – hopefully, they will respond and we will be able to ship the prizes as soon as possible.

We’d like to thank you once again for taking the time to answer our questions and telling us what you like and/or don’t like – we’ll publish the results so everyone can see them this week, and we’re already working on some of the features you want!

What features am I talking about ?
– the Q&A section, which is already up, but we’re reworking it
– the ZME shop – by popular demand! I was overwhelmed to see how many of you wanted this to become a reality, so we’re on it!
Job listing section. Not something really interesting for most people, but those of you who are actually scientists were interested.

– More, more, more! More articles, more insight, more pictures, more giveaways a better system for contributors – you ask, we listen. Oh – and a new website design to accommodate all these changes!

Another member in the team!

We’re happy to announce a new member in our team – Livia!

You might see her writing from time to time, but more often she will be taking care of our occasional little writing mistakes which rightfully annoy so many of you. So we welcome her and hope that she has a long and pleasant stay with us!

This being said, welcome to the science of 2014!

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