The most absurd explanation you’ll hear today

Well, the talk is on homeopathy, but this is really not about homeopathy. It’s about the “physics” explanation, and how it manages to be so absurd that it basically urinates on pretty much modern science in just 5 minutes (which is quite an achievement, truth be told). With no disrespect, how she got the “Dr.” title is beyond me, and I hope this is a joke. Actually, I hope she’s on some hard drugs; heavy stuff, really. Then, I could understand. So without further ado, here’s the easiest way to get dumber I’ve come across:

5 thoughts on “The most absurd explanation you’ll hear today

  1. Stephen Anstey

    Simply amazing. Stephen Hawkings (sic) discovered string theory and E=c (no mass and apparently the squared is optional) and apparently homeopathy has something to do with making bombs to kill pooping dogs.

    I didn’t know.

  2. michael roehrs

    there are most likely quite a few things which are beyond andrej and his capacity. i find it very arrogant to comment so cynically on something he obviously has absolutely no idea of. the fact that it works (most of the time…) should make him thinking twice… which unfortunately is beyond his capacity…

  3. Mihai Andrei Post author

    Michael: there are quite a lot of things which are beyond my understanding; I accept my limits. I did say it has nothing to do with homeopathy (of which I know very little of), but just with the explanation in case.

    However, I do believe what she says there is beyond ANYBODY’s understanding and capacity, so please kind sir, explain to me why my “arrogance” is out of place, when a person who is a “DOCTOR” comes out and turns what was supposed to be a scientific explanation in what can only be called a bad number of stand up comedy?

  4. Linda and Uboo


    Remember the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” written by the one and only Hunter S. Thompson – forgive me, I forgot to define the work as a book but my brain is so truly scrambled by this escapee from some dank, dripping, rat infested dungeon somewhere in time that I’m shaking in fear. I think she was the hitchhiker they picked up along with their impressive pharmacy and yes, you are right about the heavy drugs…she is the one who did up all the ether! What a wacko, wow! I listen to her, break a few things, rant and rave about stupidity then go to your soul-saving “Symphony of Science” and bask in infinite brilliance.
    I have fired my therapist. Please don’t ever go away!
    Love, your fans Linda and Uboo

  5. Progressive Republican

    I want some of whatever the hell it is she was on. I’ve dropped acid but never got anywhere near that far out.


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