Dark matter discovered, or at least rumor has it

Well, rumors and science never go well together, especially when it goes to something as important as the work going on at LHC, who just got back in business a short while ago.

Dark matter map

Dark matter map

My first reaction was to believe it was just a rumor. However, after hearing and reading many articles on this I still find it hard to believe. However, what really made me think was that everybody was going on and saying how this find would bring a major change in our understanding of the Universe. I think it wouldn’t; let me explain.

First of all, I don’t know if they discovered dark matter or not yet. I’m waiting for the official announcement as much as the next guy. It would be indeed a major breakthrough, but it wouldn’t change our understanding, it would just confirm it. Researchers have long theorized that dark matter exists and that it is responsible for about 90% of the Universe’s mass. They can’t see it, but deducted it exists because of the gravitational forces. So basically, a lot of our understanding of the Universe relies on the fact that dark matter exists.

The big change would be if they recreated the right conditions and didn’t find it! It would be so significant, that basically we’d have to rethink modern physics. Same goes for the Higgs boson. I mean, with current knowledge, scientists have been able to demonstrate that these particles exist; if they are indeed found, we’re right, we can move on to finding more things, hurray. But if they’re not… things really get messy.

So, what do you think the LHC will bring? Will it break once again, shed light on everything it can, destroy the world, what? Tell everybody on the Facebook page

2 thoughts on “Dark matter discovered, or at least rumor has it

  1. Motherchi

    I have always believed in dark matter as a very living thing made up of all the elements of the universe. It’s negative infinity. I believe positive and negative are both infinite.I see it as star compose. Biodegraded cosmic waste that is full of the living nutrients of the universe. We know how compose makes things grow, fits right in with my quantum visions of an ever expanding universe.

  2. Mihai Andrei Post author

    Well that is interesting to say the least, but I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by ‘biodegraded cosmic waste’; I’m guessing nutrients is a metaphor, but I can’t figure out why you would say dark matter is alive. Hoping you can explain that

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