39 unbelievable underwater pictures that will blow your mind

First of all, I don’t know for sure if any of these are shopped or tampered in any way; underwater photography is really peculiar and has its own ways of manipulating light and perspective. But let’s not worry about that for the moment. Let’s just sit back, relax, and enjoy our planet’s wonderful waters.

Image by Open Stax College



Photo by Gabriel Barathieu.



Photo by SuNeko

Photo by SuNeko

Photo by Pseudopanax.

Photo by Steve Jurvetson.

Photo by Steve Jurvetson.

Photo by Hodgers.

Photo by Fascinating Universe





All photos CC BY 3.0 or CC0

27 thoughts on “39 unbelievable underwater pictures that will blow your mind

  1. KD

    Beautiful! I’ve seen a few of those before, but not most of them. The right whale near the bottom with a diver is from National Geographic, I think.

    As the giant medusa, I think the perspective is off, but it’s probably a Nomura’s jellyfish. From Nat. Geographic: “Since last summer, Japanese waters have been inundated with the massive sea creatures, which can grow 6.5 feet (2 meters) wide and weigh up to 450 pounds (220 kilograms).” Wowza!

    Thanks for gathering these!

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  3. shane

    it’s too bad we have put so much mercury in the oceans, that a lot of marine wildlife is in danger. :/

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  6. FreeWoW

    I found NEMO!
    Those people in the pics were crazy! I am a thrill seeker, but thats too intense for me. I feel safer jumping out of a place than swimming behind the huge jellyfish or whatever that was.
    Great pictures though

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  8. Cpaniccioli

    That picture of the large medusa has to be a lion’s mane.  The lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish. The Arctic Lion’s mane jellyfish is one of the longest known animals and the largest recorded specimen had a bell (body) with a diameter of 2.3 m (7 feet 6 inches) and the tentacles reached 36.5 m (120 feet). It was found washed up on the shore of Massachusetts Bay in 1870

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