Mermaid sightings in Israel lead to 1.000.000$ reward

Locals, fishermen and tourists in the Israelian town of Kiryat Yam have been reporting repeated sightings of what they believe to be a mermaid, the mythological creature most often describe as half female, half fish.


Shlomo Cohen is one of the first who reported such a sighting. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was with friends when suddenly we saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock because we saw she had a tail.”

This has been going on for months, and in an attempt to draw even more tourists and attention, the tourism board offered a one million dollars reward, which they believe will motivate people to try their luck.

This once again raises the question of repeated sightings of legendary creatures (Loch Ness, ring a bell?). What is it that makes people see pretty much the same thing. Is it the power of suggestion combined with some imagination? It could be an optical illusion, or an animal that’s already known, and people who want to see something else actually see something else. Well, one thing’s for sure – you really shouldn’t be spending what’s left of your vacation trying to spot a mermaid.

25 thoughts on “Mermaid sightings in Israel lead to 1.000.000$ reward

  1. Lisa

    Are you kidding me??? MErmaids are real but they don’t get legs. If their on land too long they dehydrate and die. Even if they didn’t they don’t have labtops and they don’t speak english. How wouldd they know???

  2. shane

    this is soo fucken fake you assholes dont know what a real mermaid looks like. but i seen one with my own two eyes

  3. emilise

    mermaids are just some fucken way you pussys make money besides itz not real i hope this website burns in hell

  4. Filomena

    I love this site.
    I love mermaids, and my house is full proof of the love I have for these divine creatures…I hope I could buy more of their dolls in the near future, and the photoes you have of them rock.
    Cheers from Down Under,

  5. Jezreel

    I think mermaids are cool they can swim on water and they breathe in it…Wonder what they eat???

  6. imaginable!_HP_<3

    Mermaids are being sighted all over the world some people say they are real some believe different. But answer this do you belive a shark can kill a human? Have you ever seen it happen though. So even you haven’t seen it yourself with your own eyes it doesn’t mean it can’t be true. Don’t ruin it for others who are more imaginable than you! ~ H20 Rules!!! <3 xx

  7. heyyyy

    sooo fake u cant be mermaids have to be in water and unless u have internet under water ur telling porky pies!!

  8. guest

    mermaids are fake but you’ve seen one? and im not an a hole coz i wouldnt be allliivee stuupidooo

  9. kayla

    uhh aprently its not get a life you have no reson to go on this page because you dont care about this search SO SHUTUP AND TAKE A SEAT JERK

  10. Kerenzanini

    some time ago you wrote something saying that  mermaids dont exist or arent real and  now you are saying that you have seen a mermaid with your own fucken eyes so whos the fucken pussy now by the way i do  know how a real looks like 

  11. Chelsia Mercado

    wtf emilise first u say they arree fake then u say u seen one u r twisted and watch ur language

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