Coronavirus in Switzerland — live updates, cases, and news

Coronavirus cases and fatalities in Switzerland

The number is based on confirmed diagnostic tests. It is very likely that the true number of COVID-19 cases is higher as many cases are asymptomatic.

New COVID-19 cases and fatalities per day in Switzerland

This is a good indicator of “flattening the curve” — when there is a steady decreasing trend, it is an indicator that the spread of the disease is slowing down.


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The risk of contracting the new coronavirus in Switzerland is currently moderate, according to the Health Office.

However, the number of cases still puts Switzerland among the most affected countries in Europe; current figures from around the world can be found here. Advice regarding the usage of hankies and the practice of handshakes was published in all major newspapers following the outbreak. This has been updated to include “keep your distance”.

Those worried about a possible infection are advised to phone the doctor’s office first, rather than showing up in person. The cost of a test (CHF180) will be reimbursed by basic health insurance as of March 4, the health office announced.

Coronavirus in Switzerland News:

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