biggest engine in the world

This is what 109,000 horsepower looks like — meet the biggest and most powerful engine in the world

biggest engine in the world

This jaw-dropper is the Wärtsilä RT-flex96C, the world’s largest and most powerful diesel engine.

largest engine

Built in Finland, the RT-flex96C’s fourteen cylinders can generate 107,389HP with more than 7,000,000Nm of torque — that’s enough to power an entire suburban town.


The engine weighs 2,300 tons and stands 44-feet tall and 90-feet long – more than a four-story building. Redline is at 102 RPM, but the torque is enough to tear a tank to shreds.

turboHow’s that for a turbo boost? 

Each of the 14 built-in cylinders devours 6.5 ounces of diesel in one cycle that produces 5700 kW of energy. That might sound like a lot, but the engine is actually highly efficient and one of the least polluting of its kind.


You might wonder what kind of behemoth would need so much power. In 2006, the Wärtsilä RT-flex96C engine was installed and finally set sail on the Emma Mærsk, a cargo ship that can carry 11,000 20-foot shipping containers at a breakneck speed of 31 knots, whereas most other ships in its class typically cruise with 20 knots.

Container ship Emma Maersk  in Hamburg, June 2014. Credit: Hummelhummel, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Container ship Emma Maersk in Hamburg, June 2014. Credit: Hummelhummel, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The ship regularly ferries cargo from China to the U.S, which it can deliver four days earlier than its competition, saving a lot of money. There are currently 25 such engines roaming the world’s oceans, and another 86 are on the way.

What the engine looks like installed in the ship. 

All in all, this is one of the most amazing feats of human engineering.

19 thoughts on “This is what 109,000 horsepower looks like — meet the biggest and most powerful engine in the world

  1. Brian Donovan

    Efficiency and fuel. Turbines are 30-40% full throttle, and less partial. Diesels are 55% and retain that over a wide power range. They burn bunker oil which turbines don’t like. Diesels are cheaper, and have lower maintenance too. I’m surprised so many folks buy turbines instead of diesels. No I don’t work for them. Oh, and the diesel matches the rpm the propeller need without complex gear system.

  2. Catjaws

    I wonder what kind of pollution control equipment this engine uses,if any.Hopefully not designed by VW.

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  4. Tricia Bell

    Wow! Wartsila is very well known in my industry..the marine industry. This is absolutely amazing!!!!

  5. Phillip

    The cam shaft broke in half.
    connecting rod sat at the 45 position when the diesel chamber ignited.
    (probably sounded about like a train wreck when it happened)

  6. veggiedude

    How does it compare to the one that would move the NASA rockets? They would move at 1 m.p.h.

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    I am finding it difficult to to reconcile the photo with the stated specs. Either it has fewer cylinders than stated or it is a photo of a different model. Either way there is a photo of a monster rod bent at an un-natural angle hence the dis-assembly under way.

  9. Antons Pacejs

    What is the The Power, Fuel, Energy consumption for this thing ? :O if someone will msg me it'll be great :D (

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