Neanderthals were fearless and calculated hunters

Even among some scientific circles, Neanderthals are considered to be the ‘stupid’ cousins of the modern humans (although some claim that’s the hobbit). However, new research shows they were able to hunt really large animals which required more than power to be taken down, pointing that neanderthals were far from stupid (as hobbits were too, according to some). A Dutch researcher, Gerrit Dusseldorp looked into their daily food habits to get more insight about their behaviour, and found it to be way more complex than previously believed.

The first studies that concluded neanderthals were scavengers were proven wrong fast, and we now know that they were hunters. What we didn’t know is that they were very good hunters, because their strategies and approaches remain a mystery.

The Netherlands team analyzed two archaeological sites and found that in warmer places they hunted solitary smaller animals, but in colder regions they went for the big thing, and they were not easily intimidated. Rhinoceroses, bisons and even bears were all on their menu.

They also performed (at a very basic level) a cost-benefit analysis, understanding that bigger prey means more calories and other bonuses too, such as fleece. The study also pointed out that their main competition for neanderthals were hyenas, because they have a similar dietary pattern.

32 thoughts on “Neanderthals were fearless and calculated hunters

  1. carlos lascoutx

    …they were the most superb rodeo= r/to=our teo/deo riders ever,
    hitching rides on mounts that were larger, swifter, more powerful
    than any brahma today, super bulls for super gladiators, their feats
    come down to us not as history but as word, deo/rodeo, the word
    for god, the word for heroe. they were noble and tuned, they were
    incomparable, something the world had never seen before, and would
    only remember in myth much later, when eden had been left behind,
    citys arose, and small-minded little shits hid behind the curtains
    and cups of governance and leprous taxes, each to his own state of
    moral bankruptcy. the first flowering of species bipedal, the last
    being a raleigh, spreading his handle-bars for a smoke queen who would take his lungs and life in the pursuit of her private wars.

  2. Rodrigo

    “They also performed (at a very basic level) a cost-benefit analysis, understanding that bigger prey means more calories and other bonuses too, such as fleece.”

    The nature of this phrasing or even the existence of a comment like this is more or less absurd. It has already been established long ago that neanderthals utilize intelligence. A “cost-benefit analysis” is a strange interpretation of wanting large prey. If the only evidence shown is the hunting of large prey, this does not equate to “cost-benefit analysis” only does it equate to a desire for enough or more than enough resources hunted and acquired, which is an assumed motivation anyway.

  3. carlos lascoutx

    …well, roderigo, that’s just a bean-counter talking, the kind
    that skulk around the campfire at enron and make off with bits of
    meat like the dogs, i think we know that danger has an exhilerating effect on blicked sinuses, clears them up right away, as a sioux
    chief said before battle, today is a good day to die, now there
    was a man who dared to live, and neander for all his short life
    felt intensely alive, connected, his torch was lit and burned brightly, so brightly that he had enough left over for the first
    scrabbly folk out of afrika with no direction home, took on the
    cold face of the stars and mapped it, cautious, able, warm-hearted,
    respectful of his fellow animals and envrionment, not like the
    throw-away garbage society of today, high tech low lifes, huddling
    together against their own species even, not wanting to include
    them in their masquerades and banquets. neander/neandra understood
    the raw universe to the flesh and the sprits trapped inside this
    blue envelope entirely, from this fallen angel came the gods,
    our carefully crafted language so fine even its letters tell a
    story, played the first notes of music on his pan flute and even
    before that through throat singing, began weaving as the star chart,
    wrestled to begin games, because they weren’t a large society/
    tzotzoyotia(N)=popcorn on a string means they didn’t have the
    humdrum wisdom of consensus that is so destructive to education
    and scholarship today and produces generation after generation
    of tired systemic flasks that deliver civ. back to the past.
    no, today we run in packs, yet are not the equals of the dogs
    we imitate. i’m not arguing for superman, i’m arguing for thought,
    conscience, the balls to say no to your own government when
    it bypasses the do unto others laws, and the courage to see elites
    for what they are: catastrophic cassandras of the common good.

  4. carlos lascoutx

    …in the chatelperronian, 35-29k bc, neander/neandra hunted
    all the time, wet and dry, from fixed camps, because they were
    tied to locus/tloc(N)/location for their medicine, their
    pharmacy/pamaca(N), they had periods of convalescence, were
    not always in the best of health, they may not have been resistant
    to the strains of flu coming up from afrika, or their own
    hard scrabble past from nothing caught up with them, maybe
    crossing the species barrier, not having iodine/yodo(sp)/yotl(N)/
    yo(sp)=iota(gk)=i(E) to develop brain and nervous system,
    get your iodized salt today child-bearing mothers,
    so many things with no god to guide them, but they climbed out
    of the whirlpool of evolution, and in some cases produced walking,
    running, riding, singing gods, for there is every evidence in
    the myth we have that gods were real people, lady birdsnake
    at belgrade, tlatla tzol teotl at zatal huyuk hunting
    aurox with her cats, zeus driving his father chronus to the
    emerald isle, his dad was the youngest neander titan=titlani(N)=messenger, his name goes into theatre as comedy, commotion,
    the daily drill of the breakfast fire=comoni(N),
    a cosmic dance repeated every day,
    the co(s)mos starts with a spark, a chitoni(N)/chthonic
    tune as first light from the torch of creation streaks across the
    universe to land in a mudhole that becomes an eye, gleams back,
    and then chants the music of the universe that gave birth
    to time, ritually intoning that first particle rubbed against
    theother/teotl(N)/teo theo deo, tetl tletl teotl theology.

  5. carlos lascoutx

    …of the traits in neander/neandra to underline, that are
    mentioned in the mati/immati(N) wordstring filed in remí
    simeon’s nauatl diccionario, isbn 968-23-0573, is circumspection,
    judicious, cautious, respectful, warm-hearted. he/she didn’t kill
    for body count, they killed for survival, and gave back offering/
    uentli(N) for what they took to live. the number for that action
    is reverse/chico ome/2=7, which survives today in the hebrew word,
    menorah, the 7 wraps. the number 7 goes on to become the days in
    the week in the incredibly botched calendrics of today that has
    us at least sixty days out of phase for our planetary round,
    i suppose you could say time/temi/ t/th/he(r)mi(letra)=hermes
    is only messenger service, but the original word for time was,
    cahuitl(N)=the flowing of ca/being, which, through letra=
    c/g(r)avi tl/ty=gravity, and knowing that makes us further
    out of balance. as i have said elsewhere, time is now on
    the atomic standard, accurate as it might be, still a chilling
    affront to the spirit of man, the stagehand to the music of this
    sphere, why, it’s like the metro(g)nome of science taking over beethoven’s ode to joy/yoli/yollotli(N)=heart.
    seven(7)= se-ven=ce uentli(N)=one offering/cerf/se(r)ve/
    even/when/evenki(deertribe)/gwen(the word, queen)/gwent(wales),
    and comes from the deer cult of 42k bc, a cromag venture that
    springs up along with the earlier iueli solstice bear christ
    worship begun by neander and carried on by the Finns, whereby
    the pine tree/pinaua(N)=to be ashamed, redden/opinau(N)=opinion,
    later, pennon/ p/b(r)ennon(OTeut)=burn(E), becomes the first
    cross, of the coming of the bear from heaven, for a body=tlaca(N)/
    raka(Finn)=sin, and his ascension after sacrifice to his original
    place in the bear constellation. i don’t thiink you can have a bear cult unless you know the heavens. neander/neandra starts it and
    the ritual fact is that those millenia that precede the exodus
    from afrika were spent in large part on astronomy, with the naming
    and language symbolism that it implies, and the drawing down of
    the observable gods and myths that neander/neandra, the fallen
    band of angels passed on to the migrations out of afrika, or,
    even while they were in afrika, as time is the determinant, not
    locus, in this transfer of knowledge, so, we may sidestep the
    boondoggle scholars are so fond of.
    it is hard for us to understand neander with our spiritually
    arrogant, yet overly precise brain, but he/she seems to have had
    a encyclopedic facility for connecting things which was like a
    chain reaction that encompassed the universe on the first day,
    a creative mind, not a scheming one full of treachery. as we
    see religion develop from neandra to us, our belief system
    changes from that of wonder, and distinct division of the divine
    from human affairs, to that of scapegoat and betrayal.
    is that the type of loom we want
    for the weaving of our affairs on the blue planet?
    if so, we are sadly out of tune with the central impulse of
    our universe, tonatiuh/anthony/tonalli(N)=, the soul we have
    now comes down to us from the old word for sewing/sawing=tzaua,
    and is joined by, ollin/holy= t/z/saol/lin=saol(OE)=soul(E),
    and as society=tzotzoyotia(N)=iotas on a string, that too a
    weaving word, yet we seem to be running out of string.
    language is weaving, i believe we are not spinning enough
    of it to meet our needs for string, ah, spin/(s)piel/piloa/
    spill/spil/rit=spirit, aha, we need more spirit of spinning
    words, more talkers to get us off the pages of bad news,
    badly written and talked by vulgarians and stumpheads, yes,
    that may be it. letra can help.tks

  6. lolwut?

    well carlos. you’re really good at bullshitting, but you haven’t said a damn thing.

    you’re not supposed to drink the bong water.

  7. carlos lascoutx

    …who dares awake neander napping on his pile of bearshit, or
    cyclops counting sheep, it must be stinky man, the odiferous,
    related back in chronus to the rodent, always chewing about the
    pantry of his betters, looking for a free meal, then crapping
    in what he can’t eat such is his social consciousness, why did
    i have to help him when he was down and out during the glaciation,
    shivering there with a broken spear and his wife ready to whelp
    god knows what new catastrophy on the earth he would later scratch
    and torment, reeking there in the air he would fill with neutrons
    and protons by dawn’s early light, the nuclear knucklehead who
    thought he was so smart then had to go running around trying to
    recover what he had spilled from the basket, he and his pal ivan,
    the proto-bear. what can one do for a species that betrays its
    mother, its friends, and now its reaching into space to spread
    the dread there and find a new garbage dump as they’re all full
    below, and he keeps squeaking, god, god, god, listen to me, i am
    cousin of the rat, we’re sorry we chewed your slippers and have
    soiled creation with our kind, can you forgive us, and perhaps
    lend us our allowance 2 weeks in advance, we want to go to mars
    and check out if it’s really made of roquefort. tks. we still
    believe in you but will so even more if you can also slip us
    a few lottery numbers under the table. tks, man.
    now where is my f…ing bong, oh, no, ocelotl ate it, and the water
    too. oh well, have to talk to tzol about the beast again.
    let me bend my mind to toady man again, he never listens,
    the ears are rudders so he doesn’t fall over, and his nose
    isn’t for smelling, if it was he would have passed out long ago
    from his own fug, what a creature, and if you’re ever so unlucky
    as to see him trying to make a baby in an unguarded moment, you’ll
    appreciate cosmo’s sense of humor, intelligent design?, couldn’t
    stop laughing the first time saw rubik’s cube for sex, and
    apparently he can’t tell his genders apart and does it with
    whoever he comes upon. oh well, let me spend some quality time
    with the noble animals, ride the rhino, chat with the aurox,
    tango with the bear, trade shadows with the eagle, goof off
    with the otter, and stagger with the elk, but droid mankeyys,
    blue-bottomed babboons, capuchins, the occasional orangbhutan,
    their idiotic chatter in language they don’t know because it
    was another unwrapped gift they carry around from moi, neander,
    i believe when god had finished making their species, he said,
    let them go forth and fuck themselves, and they did, are, and will.

  8. carlos lascoutx

    …by the way, check out, 10 useful inventions that went bad.
    oh, and lolwut, an incurious brain like yours doesn’t capture
    anything because it’s just an ornament, you know, for decoration,
    it’s not meant to be used, your ears are not for listening,
    they’re for ventilation, if you ever do pick up a book you’ll
    find your nose useful for turning the pages, don’t try to smell
    with it or you may not like yourself afterwards, and your eyes
    are for playing marbles during recess, which for you is all the
    time. ok, schools out.

  9. lolwut

    ah, well. i heard a saying once, “arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics. even if you win, you’re still retarded.” reminds me of you, carlos crazy man. enjoy your tinfoil hats and conspiracy theories about neanderthals.

  10. carlos lascoutx

    …the retarded is you lolwut, i am bringing something to the debate
    about neander, you are just carrying your opinion, not engaging,
    making a judgement that you cannot back up, you have nothing to offer, neither does okay, and it’s really not ok, if you are running a business just say so and accept the consequences of being sob’s,
    sons of beesknees, and huddle together with the other dime a dozens
    nameless assholes of cyberspace, cramped minds of rote, and midget
    widgets of the slag heap on eternal recycle. what’s new?

  11. PW

    Thanks Carlos for pointing this page out. Neander made flutes, performed ornate burials, created art, etc. Some French scientists went to the trouble of “disproving” their ability to interbreed with crow-magnum(sp). As a friend said, if he were shaved and dressed, and riding on the subway car with you, you would not bat an eye looking at him, although he might appear a little strange looking, and perhaps you would sense that he were indeed several times stronger than yourself. Did he speak? His vocal chords may have allowed only singing, which some would say would be a limitation we all should have been blessed with.

  12. carlos lascoutx

    …what’s new is that in chasing down the mastiff origins, that’s
    origo(Lat)=to rise= or/l/tleco(N)=to rise(a prayer for ok and
    lolwits)source of origin, isn’t it amazing that r/l/tl?, but i
    digress, i stumbled upon the most successful deer tribe, the
    massagetae=mazatl cettilia(N)=the settled deer tribe of the alaunt
    alaua(N)=praise/annoint alani alans, who are the successful
    healthy neader crosses of the russian riverine, being blond, blue/green eyed, who lived over
    by the sea of azov/lake meotis=meyaua otli(N)=the flowing road,
    where they fished, hunted fresh water seal for garment, went directly from deer to horse to cattle, some sheep perhaps but
    knowing the sheep wars of 50’s oaters they had to settle for
    one or the other, and to guard the herds and to pull the smaller
    carts, they developed and bred the mastiff as cattle guard,
    settlement defender, then wardog. they gave the persians the
    chariot and wardog, in fact, the game of chess they may have come
    from mongolia, cf., post tzopilotl wordpress, chessgoddess, or
    matilda’s gobekli blog, as the mongilian words for king queen
    come from their word for guard dog, nohoi(M), also, the tonalamatl
    may originate with them as dog is the center of the basic calendar
    sample/cempoalli(N)/20 at number 10, with deer being number/day 7.
    needless to say they were the most fearsome warriors of their time,
    a tribe hitler was trying to connect with for his aryan theorys,
    which remained just that. they were tricked by the the persians
    who laid a banquet for them with plenty of wine, the alani were
    not used to wine, having a miraculous plant they used to get high
    instead, it turns out to be hashish, so they fell upon the banquet
    and got so befuddled they were set upon by the persians,
    who easily defeated them and captured their prince,
    spargapises, who contrived to commit suicide when released of his bonds. his mother, queen tomyris, vowed to dunk king cyrus’s severed head in blood for that treachery and so it turned out after one of the cruelist battles ever seen in those parts. tomyris found
    his body under a pile of men and gave his head the plunge(pun).
    in the 9-12th centurys the alani were pushed to the caucassus
    by the swelling mongols behind them and formed the christian
    kingdom of alania, at the same time the alani tribes were renting
    themselves out as mercenarys, going into france, iberia with the vandals, before the 7th c., taking their war dog with them.
    their progress in europe can be traced by following the breed,
    the molosser in greece, the monchina in cantabria which guards
    the half-wild red cattle they have there, the doggo in venice,
    the alano in spain, the kangal in the caucassus, the mastiff
    in england. these were people who bred cattle, horses, dogs,
    themselves. they were monogamous but held their women in common,
    a delightful idea for modern times if one does not wish to be
    bothered with divorce and the scuzzy lawyers who settle like
    flies over those cases. so wherever you find blond redhead blue/
    green eyes, horse, dog, cattle beefeaters, with the elite hierarchy
    of kings and queens at the top of the breeding ladder for humans
    you will have this race, the race who come alive in wars and who
    invent the most diabolic means to pursue it. hitler’s great mistake
    was to attack england for the descedents of the alani were there
    waiting for him, with their dogs, chariots(of air), their horse,
    beef sandwiches, hash, and a spot of tea.

  13. carlos lascoutx

    …why would the french bother to disprove interbreeding when they
    breed with everything, they were the amazement of the amerindians,
    spending so much time with their squaws they lost the entire
    continent to the less enthusiastic british, even the racoons=
    rl/tlacoon(N)=body were not safe, altho they might have drawn
    the line at moose until they imported swings. desoto brought
    over 600 pigs that promptly infected wildlife here, but when
    asked about the french, he bacame quite modest about his swineherd,
    crossed himself, and mentioned taking vows of chastity.
    neander did speak, and if he did not he mimed=mimati(N)=mati(N)=
    to know=mater(Lat). this is the mother race of our knowledge,
    even though it’s the race preceding ours. if one wants a portrait
    of neander, one follows the mati/mimati/imati/imatini/imattica
    word string, meaning, prudent, cautious, circumspect, grateful,
    periods of convalescence(many neanders were sickly from crossing
    the species barrier, their mothers no having iodine when pregnant,
    and other minerals in their diet, nonetheless, the russian riverine
    neanders that culminated in the alani/massagetae=mazatl ceti
    were the godlike/zeus neander who gave us the annointed/alaua/
    hallow/allowed alans, the top deer culture tribe who were as close to gods as cross-breeding would allow, and reflected their origins
    in breeding horse, alabai/alano/alaunt mastiffs and sprinkling
    then all over europe and england and eurasia wherever their victorious hosts went), like all good things of blond and blue/
    green eye, redhair also, they were in demand and bred their own
    tribe out of existance after founding the kingdom of alania in the caucassus, which is why there is so little of neander in dna,
    but enough to know we are promethean, too, and our favorite sport
    is war, whose time is coming to a close, for a new world age to
    begin. all things pass away, often the best first, which is a
    sadness we remember in myth and the scrambled eggs of history,
    but it’s all there in the language neander gave us and the book
    of souls with dog at the center and deer at seven, that his mixed
    descendents gave us, the age of heroes, now we are in the age of
    beans, the counting of.
    as an aside, the japanese can be profiled in the same wordstring
    manner i just did neander, by using the wordstring, tlapa, which
    includes all the noble characteristics the japanese/hapa/tlapa
    possess and others they like to hide. it’s all there in rémi
    simeon, nauatl dictionary, isbn 968-23-0573-x.

  14. PW

    The first signers, perhaps? Signing would of course have been one of the first means to communicate. Being voiceless or speechless does not inhibit communication. NSL was not hands free however, so they could not text while signing, nor post a Facebook message about the deer they caught that day or the bead necklace they made. It was illegal back then to text while chariot riding anyway so no loss was felt.

  15. carlos lascoutx

    …signing in nauatl would be a snap, the tonalamatl is based on
    our 20 digits, designed for memory like it’s companion, nauatl,
    you count the days on your hands, have done it many times using
    mine,no paper needed. for language, holding up 4 fingers=na, holding
    up 5=ma, two=ome, one=ce, three could be, yei, or ca/calli. many
    different ways to go. with the calender, 6=miquiztli/skull(today
    is a skull day in the northern death/mictlampa quadrant. seven is
    deer, harvest, often 7snake, goddess of plenty and none(the empress
    and the star in tarot), also in tarot, you see the fool with a
    dog between his legs because he originally was xolotl, eveningstar,
    clown, and quetzalcoatl’s brother, morningstar is the proto-christ,
    he is paired with st. michael in the tarot, st. michael being,
    mickey miquiztli, the old death lord, whose realm xolotl traverses
    everyday as dog escorts sun through middle earth to pop up east,
    supressed by the catholic church in their warped wisdom based on
    it is better for inferior minds not to know truth and origin(the
    mural at san applonari, ravenna was covered over by a previous pope,
    now it isn’t, so enjoy(google), it’s quetzalcoatl/hecate handing over their rule of the aryan tribes of king theodrik of gotha to
    mary with jaysu on her lap, etc.). number is language, in at the
    beginning, before music the first words were silent, but it is
    not for nothing that mime/mimati(N)=subtle thing, comes from
    mati(N)=to know mater(Lat)knowledge, know itself=nauh/no atl=
    my water, my at(preposition/english)=4=naui. alaua(N)/hallow.
    it’s all there in the leaves of words, the quills of language,
    far more complex than a devious self-centered and arrogant mind
    can comprehend with devil’s full help, but so elegantly simple
    to a mind accustomed to humility and satisfied with what creation
    has given, a mind that praises what it has, and is grateful.
    that’s the mindset that gave us language, the divine promethean
    gift that makes us heirs to eternity if we would only use its
    full power instead of the toys that come to hand in the dreadful
    silence called war, well, almost silent, it’s the hush where
    the devil whispers, go ahead.

  16. PW

    Neander’s voice called from the “modern” man’s right hemisphere, giving god-like commands to the left, which were obeyed slavishly by man. Then the Jaynesian breakdown occurred, and we lost something, and gained as well. Then, after slipping through the nooks and folds of the brain, Neander became a sad willing drop-out and ceased to be even a voice, or at least one that most of us could hear except for the freaks who refused to take their Thorazine. The moon and the sun stood still together once, then the sun moved, then the moon.

  17. carlos lascoutx

    …from the fallen angel words we still use today in every language
    whose headwater is nauatl, and, although shehe is gone the voice
    lives on every lip. that’s eternity, leave your body at its door.

  18. carlos lascoutx

    …i thought the moon was a galactic billiard carom that bounced
    off blue planet(the 2 ball) and then tried to hang on with its
    arms and legs, saying shine a little light on me, which the sun
    heard her say and shone light on both of us with his flashlight, and since she’s a lady doesn’t show her backside. the nauatl word
    for her, that goes into basque and japanese simultaneously,
    =ilacatzqui(N)=to twist(one’s legs)around something=ilaca(letra)=
    ila(r)ga(basque)= -c/gatz/ts(q)u(i)(letra)= -gatsu(jap)=month suffix)

  19. PW

    As Jaynes and someone else before him said, in order to explain what consciousness was NOT, ask a flashlight the following question when you are in a dark room: “How well lit is this room?”. The answer will be “This room is extremely well lit”. Not a very enlightened flashlight but what can you expect? None are.

  20. carlos lascoutx

    …that’s because the flashlight is an american politician
    on capitol hill pretending he’s the sun, and the electorate
    still hasn’t figured out they’re in the dark altho some
    suspect they haven’t seen dawn’s early light in all the proud

  21. carlos lascoutx

    …neander/neandra are looked down upon because they didn’t develop
    a political structure. don’t you think we should look up to them for that? i do. beyond family and hunting grouping, they minded their own business, had time to develop language, enjoy life.
    who can do that now, not with poli-ticks, oops, there’s one now,
    slap it, their wars, their invasions, and now they are set to deny
    the long-suffering american public a dignified health plan because
    they want their pounds and don’t care for the flesh.
    obama’s not doing well? oh, really? wonder why? is it because he
    inherited a criminal enterprise called government whose greatest
    exponenets are irresponsible torturers being defended by a blathering ex-viper, no me defiendes compadre, is what they
    should say to him. the last chinny i knew who went to war was
    in WW1, he saw action alright, flew into a cloud over his own
    aerodrome and took out a friendly, nice going, we got an excellent
    boys camp out of it in new hampshire, on the evidence of possible
    kinship for the next generations of family i’d say it was a good
    thing he did dodge the draft as many times as indecently possible
    if only for the safety of our troops which would have been, and
    are at risk from his misguided manipulation of the craft of war,
    that only leaves his hunting partners but i think they’ve already
    figured out he’s a loose gun.

  22. carlos lascoutx

    …neander and modern human had the same hunting techniques.
    kostenkij, russia appears to be the oldest modern human redoubt
    outside of afrika, cf., my remarks on afrikan eve’s migration
    to kostenkij and the triangulation of pierced shells simultaneously
    at dordogne, south and east afrika, and kostenkij, 50k bc.
    evidence in georgian(russia) caves, ortval klde and dzudzuana,
    show neander and modern human strata, a .4 frequency of obsidian
    for neander levels, from a source 100kilometers distant, and,
    a 5%-7% freq. of obsidian from same source for modern human,
    meaning they traded around neander, their success based on not
    who they were(a neander trait), but on who they knew(modern human
    societal trait). so neander was outflanked by modern human, who
    multiplied more rapidly also. whether absorbtion took place or
    outright extinction is hard to say. the mythological record left
    us does not agree with the shovel findings, the promethean label
    for neander is hard to shrug off, as is titan(gk)=titlani(N)=
    messenger, fallen angel, and the zeus/cronus wars.
    if shovels are to be trusted, deer antler is found only in
    the modern human levels, the beginning of new flake tech and
    the climb to deer culture and the blood religions we know today.

  23. carlos lascoutx

    …now, an update, time moves quickly in the millenia layer,
    the zhuang on the chinese border with vietnam, their name meaning
    cave living have to be considered also, they have the oldest
    tool and bone horizon outside of afrika, 800k bc, for all you
    afrike freaks it probably just means an early exit from olduvai,
    altho life is duality and there’s no reason why, given physical
    appearance, that modern human began in duality, i.e., two places.
    perhaps the difference in pysiognomy was neander himself, as it doesn’t seem he was far east, or even the altai mts, which is
    an argument for interbreeding between mods and healthy neander,
    altho from cave venus tlatla tzol teteo figurines neither mod or
    neander breeding stock looked healthy during cave time, which
    in some areas where caves were plentiful went on past gobekli
    until çatal huyuk, the healthy portion of the race and religion
    being promoted by the early nomads pushed out of europe by glaciation to follow tlaloc, the rain god, and his totem deer.
    nomadism was of two types, one leading to the aryans, norse, swede rus, finn, goth, teuton, and the other the
    asian arctic crescent, mongol altai, coming out of the zhuang
    homeland, while the teuton, viking crowd, spring from eurocaves,
    altho one can say the basques have an oriental, or at least
    turkish aspect as they appear to have been evangelisized by
    the porto-christ, quetzalcoatl, and crossed their ch(i)thonic=
    chitoni(N)=sparky firedrill cave population with the turkish
    tribe in bithynis, all of whom say they began in the altai mts.
    at the moment, the altai, appears to have begun the intelligent
    and cultured planet we now enjoy, give or take an orc or two
    threatening the peaceful hobbit.

  24. carlos lascoutx

    …when one looks at nauatl, our only language out of the cave era and going back to neander, one immediately sees the 2 divisions
    of words, tlapa and tlaca prefixes, which spawn thousands of words
    each, represent the great division of human beings: the tlapa are the hunter-cavers, the prefix out of which we get words, like lamp,trap,trampa(sp),ra(s)p.the lamp of animal fat for cave drawings, the various tl/traps for catching the wild, the god,
    aplu/apollo, Lapps(reindeer people). the tlatlapalli(N)=flame stick
    (torch/promethean fire people)live off animals, husbandmen, forerunners of horse,cattle,dog(except modern arabs, but arab is
    from tlapa, e.g., rabari(rajastan)=r/l/tlap/bari=tla(tla)palli(N)=
    nomadic shepherds of india), begin(wheat)agriculture, rhubarb tea.
    the tlaca are the cane people, riverine fisherman, who expand
    to the orient where cane, fish, are staple=(s)tlapa, e.g., tlacatl(N)=body, as in, slack, flaco(sp), stack, but also mix with the tlapa/hunters with words like, track, dragon, rack(of fish/deer), hack, tank(of fish), aca(n)thus, ah, here’s a fishy one: skein(E)=escanha(portuguese), refering to the loose weave of throwing nets=ma(N)=hunt land/sea with net=mano(sp), the beginning of the word, mana(N)=darse, presentarse(manna/bible), fluir=man(E).
    it’s all in a book sold in mexico, by remí simeon, nauatl
    diccionario, the tla- words are the most numerous if you do a letter
    count, a good argument for tla- as the first letter of all, e.g.,
    tlatla(N)=flame, tetl(N)=stone, tletl(N)=fire, teotl(N)=teotheodeo. ah, another from tlapa=t/la(m)b, or, t/la(m)bent(letra)=
    lambent=licking=lambiscón(sp)=a flatterer, or just the dance=
    lambada,d/t/la(n)c/e(letra)=tlaca=tl/t/tha(n)k you. carlos.
    i just found out zme is romanian, country of poets, beautiful
    t/la(n)ca/guage, the fact that language comes from tlaca does not
    mean they originated language but certainly developed it much
    further being outside the cave.

  25. carlos lascoutx

    goddess of weaving, the ladybird snake of belgrade(7k bc), not
    rooted in the tlaca word, altho the weaving villages along the
    danube imply fishing as the start of ma(N)=hunt with a net land
    and sea=man(E)=mano(sp).
    …another correction(i write too fast): deer tribes, we all were,
    include those who went to sheep, the mazyectlalli(N)=the yes mazatl/
    deerland people=yectlalii(N)=yizrael=israel, the berber/mazyes=
    mazyectli(N), berber and israel may have been one deer tribe,
    or the berbers may have been the lost tribe we hear so much about.
    the somalians(to cattle/linked with tlapa arabs), their language
    (in the center of somalia)=maxaad=mazatl/t/d(N)=deer.

  26. carlos lascoutx

    …the latest on neander/neandra is they mark the difference
    between east and west, not census genetics as we’re all mtDNA afrikan eve as of 72k bc(the mt.toba explosion and population bottle-neck), but pure cosmetics. neander’s habitat is europe perhpas reaching to the altai, out of afrika(ooafs)begins 150k-100k bc, early or simultaneous ooafs follow the sea line(littoral)east avoiding neander, e.g., the zuang-xi area south china, vietnam border which is oldest hominid bone horizon outside afrika at
    800k bc.the multi-regional theory of anthropolgy says the various homo-erectus, neanders/neandras, and homo saps lived in the same time frame, which is reflected today in countrys where stone age tach is still used, pastoralists, deer tribes, live alongside cultures who visit the moon.
    once we wrap our minds around the theory a further theory arrives: the eurasian dichotomy. how if we are all
    genetically related are we diverse? the so-called white race in
    europe and the so-called yellow race in asia. the difference=
    neander/neandra. apparently their crosses with ooaf eves and
    adams=ad/t/tlamati(letra)=atlamati(N)=become proud, presume the protection of a powerful person, begin the white race.
    we already know neander crosses produce freckled skin, redhair,blue/green eyes, blonds, white skin, and this from a
    subject who had a reddish-brown pelt and thick black skin which
    insulated him/her from the cold as well as arctic bodied, short
    of stature, powerful structure, brow ridge, and neander knot in
    the occipital area(i have one).
    so, finally, without waiting breathlessly for the max planck insit. to grind out the complete DNA of neandertal, we have the
    answer to the longest running joke in anthropology: neander/neandra,
    our prometheus/promethea for burial/gods, language, fire, the
    red apple of edenic knowledge, is also founder, the max factor
    if you will, of the white race, who, through organs such as the national geographic, alpine blogsites in australia, has been ridiculed by the ignoranuses(my spelling)to a fare-thee-well
    when the correct response for these yobbo supremecists should
    be, hello, grandfather/mother, flesh of my flesh, skin of my skin,
    bone of my bone, spirit of my spirit.
    how long these auto-congratulating intellects of master race
    will be able to hide the truth from themselves remains to be seen,
    probably as long as the israeli-palestine conflict which has
    neander/neandra, a family affair, on one side and the deliberate
    exclusion of prometheus/promethea on the other, yet close enough
    to be cousins by abraham, the common ancestor.
    it used to be said the more one knows the less one knows,
    yet in the multi-regional theory we have finally left the dark
    clouds of politically-motivated research and touched ground
    on the altar of historic truth fully supported by the censor
    of myth. hail, prometheus, our titan=titlani(N)=messenger,

  27. carlos lascoutx

    …thank you, robert, check out, pie and not pie, tzopilotl wordpress. alaunts, alans, molossers, even the big wrinkled
    chinese dogs are all mastiffs, they show up in mongolian chess
    as the queen, bers, which they have as snow leopard, but that’s
    tepeyollotl/heart of the mountain, day8, gods of night in the tone/
    tonalamatl=tonalli(N)=soul. using letra, bers=b/per(s)=per/l/tla=
    petla(N)=to throw(petra=piedra), which is an action verb that includes the mastiff.

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  29. carlos lascoutx

    …shandidar cave, shanidar 4 flower burial, 80k bc, in which
    8 clumps of distinct medicinal herbs, cf., mati/imati(N)=
    know/be prudent, be better(convalesce) wordstring in remí simeon,
    nauatl dicc.,siglo 21, are found in neander burial, matching the
    8 ochre bones placed on the ankle of the lagar velho child burial during the nomad deer age, 54k yr s later at 26k bc, in portugal.
    the herbs would be, malinalli(N/12souls), while, the rabbit bones=
    ocho(sp)=8=tochtli(N/8souls).souls=tonalli/tonalamatl(N)=the book.
    the connexion with fire brings herbs/malinalli into the picture,
    along with rabbit=r/l/tlal-p/bit/lli(letra)=tlalpilli/tlatlapilli(N)=earth child/fire child=t/lapi(n)=lapin(Fr)=cony(E)=conetl(N)=
    c/ch/honey(E)=co-necuhtli(N)=comes(to)honey, who was part of the herb-gathering fire=tletl=xiuhtletl(N)=herb-firegod=xiuhtecuhtli(N)
    =lord of herbs, comets, time, the year(astrology).
    once fire/tletl=t/let/l=letter=t/l/red/t/l we have medicine=
    mead=metl(N)=maguey=metis(myth)=goddess of wisdom, mother of
    another goddess of wisdom more sinister(with a lance=mitl(N)=
    mi(tl)/n/e(r)ua(letra)=the spear leaves/eua(N)=mineua(N)=minerva),
    and wife of the medicine god, patecatl(N)=pat(r)ec-atl(letra)=
    patrick. how st. patrick came to drive the snakes out of irland=
    i(r)lantli/tl/t/d(letra)= ilantli(N)= vieja/old (i)la(n)d(tl)i
    (letra)= lady, the twined serpents of which are his caduceus,
    is another example of uninformed myth biting its tail and words
    in bulk coming around to their opposite.
    as more information comes out about neander/neandra we will
    find just(pun)what his promethean intervention as fallen
    angel meant. his mati(N)=to know, his imati(N)= to be prudent,
    perispicacious, to be better, to be convalescing, be judicious=
    yuhti(N)=from the beginning(of time)=just/justice(E)=y’uhdi(Heb)=
    y/juhd/t/i(letra)=jude(n). the planck instit. and paabo say the early neander cross was in the mideast, without the intervention
    of the convalescing yuhti(N)=y’uhdi(H)race, presumed neander cross, there would be no europeans, no japanese, no language=
    nauatl to bind us together, and very likely, the new race
    out of afrika, homo sapiens sapiens, would have died out for
    lack of oversight.
    it seems to be happening now, as bully governments wage incessant war, as zion separates itself from its namesake,
    justice to seek vengeance as turnstyle of the USofA and britain
    there is an admonition to its practitioners contained in the word itself, e.g., ven=uen(tli)/-ge=ce(N)=one/-an=ana(N)=to the 4, blossom/refrain/-ce=ce(N)=one, and it is the instruction not to indulge more than once in vengeance, nor pick its unfruitful bud, or it turns into a profitless motor of revenge, a gift that gives
    a short harvest sorrow and horror for all.
    who knows when torpid, engrossed nations will lift their eyes
    to the red moon and say they’ve had enough, admit they need the
    promethean gift of language/knowledge/mati(N) once again by
    reclaiming their loan from the species who gave our race the
    knowledge of its soul,remember themselves as the fallen angels
    they will always be, reject their querulous, vaunting gods for
    their own condition, long out of use, but still waiting to be
    unwrapped under the first cross(of bear worship, a neander
    christ cult), the pine=pinaua/opinauh(N)=to redden, to be
    ashamed. in the words of samuel clements, the great mark twain:
    man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.

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