Shocking picture of incredibly well-preserved 15 year old girl from the Inca empire

She was a sacrifice, so you can look at it this way: the Inca chose her to go and live with the gods. But you can look at it this way too: the Inca brutally killed a 15 year old girl, for no other reason than religion.

Furthermore, grim evidence showed that the Inca fattened their children before killing them, changing their diets about a year before the sacrifice, probably when they were chosen. After being given a ceremonial meal, she was walked to a shrine 82ft (25 metres) from the top of the 22,110ft (6,739 metres) volcano Llullaillaco, where they were suffocated or left to die from exposure.

“By examining hair samples from these unfortunate children, a chilling story has started to emerge of how the children were ‘fattened up’ for sacrifice,” Dr Andrew Wilson said.

The girl is incredibly well preserved, although she has been dead for 500 years. After taking samples from numerous Peruvians, scientists found a DNA match between the 15-year-old girl and a man from the small village at the foot of Mount Ampato some 1,000 miles away from the burial site, making him a “living Inca” with a direct blood line to a young girl who 500 years ago was chosen to live with the gods.

Edit: Read more about this study here or access the full study here.


40 thoughts on “Shocking picture of incredibly well-preserved 15 year old girl from the Inca empire

  1. Feckincrows

    No explanation as to how she was preserved? In ice? In a zip loc bag? Very unprofessional. 

  2. Mike Shaw

    Really does look staged.  No detail about the science here.  I’ve seen corpses in the Roman catacombs, and they are pretty gruesome.  Certainly, even if in ash, the bacteria inside out bodies would do some major damage.  Mummification (which this is not) was the only thing known to preserve a body, and even then, a pretty sorry process.  Unless she was found in a block of ice, then defrosted like a freeze dried strawberry, this photo is most likely fake.

  3. a real archaeologist

    at least link to the original three year old report
    or, even better 

    preserved by freezing.  Assuming no freeze-thaw, it’s one of the best methods of preservation.

    This is terrible science reporting.  The study itself is very interesting.

  4. John Dillinger

    “But you can look at it this way too: the Inca brutally killed a 15 year old girl, for no other reason than religion.” <— I love that because it's so true, and this still happens to this day where children are murdered by their parents by just praying for them rather than take them to a doctor when they're sick. Religion is a sickening!

  5. XXIV

    What are doctors going to do… Kill little babys that havent even seen there parents yet……… Athiests are worst than religious people….

  6. Adam

     So, white people in the west did plenty of child sacrifice to Molech and look at barbaric rome for example.. this crap happens everywhere.

  7. Saucy673

    wait how did atheists become abortion specialists here. Your just making assumptions about peoples opinions. John Dillinger is just saying what is happening now and what has happened. What ever happened to love thy neighbor you freaking zealot. I don’t know what religious people do with this whole notion of not respecting others. Religious people warp the perception and meaning of the bible to fit their own needs. 

  8. Saucy673

    John don’t worry this XXIV guy is just a turd. he is either a troll or he will say something stupid like (god works in mysterious ways) Yeah i got it god allows for abortions because he is all knowing and all doing. So god is responsible. I”ll give GOD credit when credit is due. You can’t say he is responsible for all the good in the world and just pretend that he doesn’t do any bad if he is the creator and can control everything then he is aborting those babies. Their is your flaw you dip shit. :-) but hey i bet he has a plan for all those aborted fetuses, and aids, and cancer, and war, famine, drought, ect. Because GOD does those things. XXIV your logic is so smart its practically retarded. 

  9. Ted Rodosovich

    It’s “worse” … and … as an atheist I’d like to point out that people who have no idea – nor care – what an atheist is … have abortions. In addition to the U.S. … FYI … there are other countries on the Earth.


    So what gives anyone the right to remove this girl from her final resting place and run all these tests on her? I fu@#ing hate people.

  11. Ted Rodosovich

    If one looks deep enough, one finds that religion is in there somewhere. Even in places like North Korea where the underlying fundamentals of the state are very religious in nature – learned from the millenia – the “dear leader” is made a god …

  12. Ted Rodosovich

    MicroSoft’s first operating system for the PC was MS DOS. Science has had numerous updated sequels like my current version of MS 7. Religion is still on it’s “MS DOS”.   

  13. Ted Rodosovich

    We Californians make a BIG DO about all the missions. The slavery, slaughter, torture and destruction of “family values” of the natives by the priests & their soldados is overlooked.

  14. TimWebb

    Saucy.  Your comments analysed.
    1. You condemn XXIV for “not respecting others”.
    But you call him; ” dipshit, freakin’ zealot, turd,and practically retarded.” These remarks define you as a hypocrite.
    2. You cannot understand why XXIV imagines that atheists  are synonymous with abortion specialists. You imply that there is no obvious connection between one and the other. Just to remind you of one of the Ten Commandments; “Thou shalt not kill”.  Do you  see how a doctor disobeying a major commandment from the OT is almost certainly an atheist?
    3. It is impossible to follow your line of reasoning that because an atheist doctor murders babies, then God is responsible.
    4. God does not create war, famine, AIDS, and drought. Or condone the murder of babies.  Drought is usually connected with businessmen cutting down forests to sell the wood for profit. All these situations and acts are the unquestionable responsibility of people, who answer, once again, not to God, but to Satan.

    God gave us free will. Eve, abusing this gift, decided to take the apple, despite having been clearly warned not to do it. She was not forced to do it, she chose to do it. So what people decide to do should not be blamed onto God, rather on Satan, who tempts them to do things which dishonour both God and themselves.

    Dillinger, you are similarly distorted in your thought patterns. Anyone who chooses to take a child to a medical doctor when it is sick probably needs immediate remedial neurosurgery. Doctors kill a jumbo-jet load of people every day in the US, and severely damage many more, through medical incompetence, straightforward poisoning, and negligence. Medicine is a money-making scam, that’s all. The autism epidemic worldwide is almost certainly caused by the mass and unremitting vaccination of babies by medical doctors, exposing them to mercury and aluminium loads dozens of times in excess of what even the totally corrupted FDA deems safe. These people are criminally insane, and will in due time answer for their crimes. “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Prayer is a far more efficacious strategy to use if one’s child is ill. As the Lord said, “Ask, and ye shall receive”.
    And to invert your second comment, science is a religion , and not knowing that reveals your ignorance, rather than XXIV’s. The Big Bang theory, which underpins most of the scientific world’s claimed understanding of the foundational truths about who we are and where we come from, derives from the 1st century ravings of rabbi ha Kanna, as recorded in the Zohar Kabbala, the mystical and religious offshoot of probably the most evil book ever written, the Talmud. The entire thrust of “science falsely called” is to attempt to discredit the revealed truth which we have been given in the Bible, neither more nor less. This attempt is doomed however, to fail, and those who join in with it will shortly be consigned to that place where “their worm does not die, and their fire is not quenched”. ( Isaiah ch 66 v 24 )

  15. Hilda

    Slow down, Snarky. Who mentioned the U.S.? Please don’t assume that because we all write in English we therefore must live in the U.S.A. These forums are international.

  16. Cest moi

    You are making the same assumptions about people that you accuse others of doing to you. People need to take a step back and really examine themselves. When you say ‘religious people’ do you understand that one can be religious in atheism as well ? 

  17. Weasel

    I’d like to point out that you’re acting as though when people say “religion” they’re saying “Christianity.” Specifically, your comment that a doctor who performs abortions “is almost certainly an atheist” because he or she has broken a commandment implies a great deal of ethnocentrism. Please try to remember that people practice many different religions all over the world.

    Your argument on that point is faulty for other reasons, as well. Many Christians break commandments but that doesn’t mean they no longer have faith. Also, some Christians may be comfortable with abortions early in the pregnancy – if a person believes that all that’s being removed is a bit of flesh, the potential for a person rather than an actual person, then no murder takes place. No one’s been able to determine when exactly the combination of sperm and egg create a soul.

    By the way, I found your statement, “Anyone who chooses to take a child to a medical doctor when it is sick probably needs immediate remedial neurosurgery” very amusing. It’s so entertaining when people undermine their own position by acting ridiculous.

  18. Amine Boulaajaj

    You can also look at it this way: She was, in deed, sent to the gods, because now millions are looking at her and imagining her pain, her story and her surroundings. Plus, she brought a lot of reality from the 500’s. 

    But it was brutal. Was it still worth it? it probably was worth it for them back then, and now it is worth a lot to us, but it isn’t worth doing it, ever again. Lesson learned!

  19. Louie

    yes, but 500 years ago, 15years old also wasnt a little girl. she would have been a third if not half way through her life then.

  20. Gabriella

    I think thats really cool and really important in our history that we actually found someone that’s been frozen for 500 years and that she can be discoverd.

  21. Elmomle87

    Im so pissed off with people thinking religion is evil and only for ‘loopy’ people, I’m not religious myself but I always hear arrogant basts rant on how they hate religion and they cause war and sht, just stfu  it’s called opinions, and beliefs stop stereotyping shitheads

  22. mysticnox

    Then actually read what people say, and what was done to this girl in the name of religion. It won’t be such a surprise anymore. Religion is a curse on this planet.

  23. Ryan Searfoss

    DERP ‘BORTION DERP. I know this was a year ago, but I assume you’re still a pants-shitting imbecile.

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