Elon Musk announces Tesla will ‘end range anxiety’ tomorrow

In a rather intriguing tweet, Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that he will end ‘range anxiety’ by the end of the week for the entire S series. The electric Tesla Model S is already able to travel up to 265 miles before its battery runs out of power – one of the longest driving ranges of any electric car currently on the market. Now, it seems they are preparing to take things even further.

The Tesla S. Image via Wikipedia.

Since they entered the market, Tesla Motors made a bang. They changed the preconception that electric cars are dull and not fun and made a name for themselves competing not only with conventional cars, but with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. But the thing that always seems to haunt electrical cars is the range – 265 miles (425 km) is definitely enough to get by in any city, but it’s still a finite number; any improvement is more than welcome.

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Now, Musk announced on Twitter that the Model S is getting a software update that will give all the S models the ability to travel further between charges. How can a software change have such a big impact? Well, Musk hasn’t announced the full details, but he will make the announcement on Thursday. People started speculating that Musk was just trying to inflate stock prices, but that’s actually stupid – that doesn’t actually help him or the company.

This being said… I’m really looking forward to the announcement.

Source: Tesla Motors

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