Red Wine, Fruits And Vegetables May Stop Cancer


But it has to be the good quantity. Eating fruits and vegetables and drinking red wine could just be what gives the edge against cancer or what play a beneficial role for those with diseased hearts and circulatory systems. The cure could be at the grocery.The research conducted was published in the November 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal. What it says is that French scientists show how high and low doses of polyphenols have different effect and how very high doses of antioxidant polyphenols shut down and prevent cancerous tumors by cutting off the formation of new blood vessels needed for tumor growth. These substances are found in red wine, fruits, vegetables.

At low doses the polyphenols play a beneficial role for heart conditions. The amount of polyphenols necessary for these low doses is found in about a glass of red wine per day or in some diets of fruits and vegetables containing polyphenols. “When it comes to finding treatments for complex diseases, the answers are sometimes right there waiting to be discovered in unexpected places like the produce aisles and wine racks of the nearest store,” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “But it takes modern science to isolate the pure compound, test it in the lab, and to go on from there to find new agents to fight disease.”.

The anticancer effect is obtained at amounts which are in about a bottle of wine each day. This intake as good as it could be is not healthy but scientists are confident that polyphenols extracted from plants or red wine could be converted into a pill that is highly likely to be safe. “The use of plant polyphenols as therapeutic tools presents important advantages,” said Daniel Henrion, senior author of the study, “because they have a good safety profile, a low cost and they can be obtained everywhere on the planet.”. In vino veritas.

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