Danish researchers finally solve the lasting riddle of obesity

Obesity is a condition that affects a significant portion of people throughout the world; as a result, a whole industry of “get rid of obesity” emerged, each offering its own “unfailable” method that just has to work. However, until now, nobody conducted a extremely thorough study to pinpoint exactly what you have to do to have a healthy diet. A team of scientists from eight European research centres and headed by Thomas Meinert Larsen solved that problem.

The results are quite clear amd simple: if you want to lose weight and be healthier, you have to eat foods rich in protein with more lean meat, low-fat dairy products and beans and fewer finely refined starch calories such as white bread and white rice. However, this extensive study concludes that following these recommandations are not enough to prevent obesity – they are however the best dietary guidelines.

This study called Diogenes (you gotta love the irony) investigated a huge number of cases in order to find out what the optimum diet composition for preventing and treating obesity is. A total of 772 families were investigated during the nutrition study. The bottom line was that they came up with five different ways of healthy diet types:

* A low-protein diet (13% of energy consumed) with a high glycemic index (GI)*

* A low-protein, low-GI diet

* A high-protein (25% of energy consumed), low-GI diet

* A high-protein, high-GI diet

* A control group which followed the current dietary recommendations without special instructions regarding glycemic index levels

Out of these five, the best and most recommended is the low-protein low-GI diet.

4 thoughts on “Danish researchers finally solve the lasting riddle of obesity

  1. Me

    It seems Andrei is no scientist, but Andrei doesn’t even know who Diogenes was. And he’s trying to pass for a credible person? Give me a break!!!!

  2. Adrenalin

    According to the most comprehensive study ever performed on how nutrition affects health (including obesity), the China Study, the optimal disease and cancer preventing diet is low in fat, no animal protein, consisting of whole foods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Health_and_Nutrition_Survey and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Study_%28book%29

    This was done already during 1989-1993.

    For anyone interested in their long-term health, this book is a great investment. Although it’s rather boring at times, it gives such staggering proof of healthiness of non-animal diet that I am about to become vegan.

  3. Iaskquestions

    Well I have a Ph.D. and here are my results so believe them. Really, where is the science? Notice how they claim you need to eat “lean” and they didn’t even test for fat in a diet just GI and protein. How did you collect your data? How do we know it isn’t changed, messed with? Any source? By the way good for you reading the China Study, did you notice how extremely extrapolated the conclusions were? If you believe this without question, just be wise enough to know that believe very poorly researched claims. Please don’t be one of the “sheeple” and educate yourself. For starters find one traditional society that has anywhere near the weight problems we do then eliminate any that didn’t eat “lean”. Good luck, and before you throw out the “they were more active” tell me you don’t know plenty of overweight individuals who work out nearly everyday, some everyday. I sure do. Eh nevermind…someone has to fund the AMA, better you than me. I sure can’t afford expensive solutions that only hasten my death.

    You are have to be the one to question and think outside the box, cause no one is going to do it for you.

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