Obesity is just as bad for you as smoking

obesity_4Obesity is a problem that’s taking bigger and bigger proportions (especially in the US), due mostly to fast food and lack of physical activity, and it seems that most people still fail to understand the major bad impact it has on one’s health. However, thanks to a recent study published in the February 2010 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it’s now safe to say that obesity is just as bad as smoking.

The study was conducted by researchers from Columbia University and The City College of New York and it analyzed the Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) lost due to obesity and found that they are equal to those lost due to smoking, if not greater.

Investigators Haomiao Jia, PhD and Erica I. Lubetkin, MD, MPH, state, “Although life expectancy and QALE have increased over time, the increase in the contribution of mortality to QALYs lost from obesity may result in a decline in future life expectancy. Such data are essential in setting targets for reducing modifiable health risks and eliminating health disparities.”

The thing is, both obesity AND smoking are modifiable risk factors; all it takes is eating a salad every once in a while and maybe taking a run (or even a walk) in the park a couple of times a week. It sounds cheesy but… think what this means especially if you’re obese and smoking.

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    Obesity is a serious problem. Now I know that obesity is as bad as smoking. I may share this to my family. I have read another article about signs of obesity, like Aching in the back and knees, depression or other emotional problems, difficulty walking or moving around, heartburn, rashes in the folds of the skin, shortness of breath with exertion, etc.

  3. Catapult Girl

    Michelle Obama is part of a nationwide campaign called “Let’s Move”. This campaign calls for a myriad initiatives that targets four specific areas:

    Getting parents more informed about nutrition and exercise.

    Improving the quality of food in schools.

    Making healthy foods more affordable and accessible for families.

    Focusing more on physical education for children.

    A text from the President Obama memorandum reads “The first lady will lead a national public awareness effort to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity. She will encourage involvement by actors from every sector — the public, nonprofits, and private sectors, as well as parents and youth — to help support and amplify the work of the federal government in improving the health of our CHILDREN.”

    Rush Limbaugh decides to use this to attack Michelle Obama.The first lady is working to jump start a program to improve the health of children in the US. So, what is this guy’s problem? I know this ego manic, vain, loud mouth is on a mission to discredit anyone who opposes his views but really? This campaign is about tackling obesity in children, which is a serious and growing problem. This is not about Michelle Obama’s waist-line. But of course, what can we expect from such an ugly human being.

    Here’s what Rush Limbaugh is quoted to have said, “What is it – no, I’m trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or of a woman [professional baseball player] Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you. I mean, women are under constant pressure to look lithe, and Michelle My Belle is out there saying if you eat the roots and tree bark and the berries and all this cardboard stuff you will live longer, be healthier and you won’t be obese. Okay, fine, show us.”


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