Israel, in danger of being hit by tsunamis

tsunami3Dr. Beverly Goodman of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa was doing some research on the ancient port and shipwrecks of the place, when she stumbled upon information that led her to this conclusion.

“There is a likely chance of tsunami waves reaching the shores of Israel. Tsunami events in the Mediterranean do occur less frequently than in the Pacific Ocean, but our findings reveal a moderate rate of recurrence.”

“We expected to find the remains of ships, but were surprised to reveal unusual geological layers the likes of which we had never seen in the region before. We began underwater drilling assuming that these are simply local layers related to the construction of the port. However, we discovered that they are spread along the entire area and realized that we had found something major”

What they did is they drilled at various depths and proceeded to date the layers they found, using two methods: everybody’s friend carbon-14 dating and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence). They found evidence of tsunamis in 1500 BC, 100-200 CE, 500-600 CE, and 1100-1200 CE. There is still much we still have to learn about tsunamis, especially as more and more areas seem vulnerable to their threat. However, this exact need may be what gives researchers the push they need to find out methods of protection.

3 thoughts on “Israel, in danger of being hit by tsunamis

  1. Carmine Fragione

    Considering what Zephaniah seems to say in the first two chapters
    of his book, that God will wipe out the land of the Philistines
    including Gaza, with a sweeping of men, animals and even the fish of the sea. Because it includes the fish of the sea to be disturbed. It links up to the Noahic Flood, to Exodus 14 and has a clue in Exodus 15, verse 14, where the act of God using the sea to
    coverup Pharoahs chariots is given as a threat to the people
    of Philistia.
    Thus as the Knesset rules to force Jews to withdraw from Gaza,
    and the enemy of Israel is fenced in, it may mean that an overdue
    natural disaster, a great Tsunami is about to sweep that land
    and empty it of inhabitants, both man and beast, and disturb even
    the fish of the sea.
    Perhaps the December 21st, 2012 allignment of the celestials
    may cause the Earth to tilt off it’s axis, and cause world wide
    earthquakes. If Earthquakes hit Crete and Rhodes, then it would
    be an act of God to cover the land of Philistia, to finish the
    threat given in Exodus 15, verse 14, and matched in Zephaniah
    chapter two, where Gaza is wiped out.

  2. phocjame

    Well, would you look at that: Carmine’s talking shit again!

    It is difficult for me to explain to you how absurd your thoughts are, so i’m not going to. Instead i’m going to point out the fact that there could be any disaster at all, and you would likely be one of the very first to yell out “The Bible told us this would happen, but only if you take it metaphorically, in the right context and assume that every possible problem in the world is God punishing us!”

  3. mintrose

    i would like to thank Carmine for explaining this to us … as for me, personally, i can’t wait …. it is with great anticipation many Jews are waiting for this to happen. finally, G-d will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves ….

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