Wooden alternatives to green up your Christmas Tree

I’ve already written an article about the best ways to green up your Christmas tree, so I really recommend you start from there. But if you want some more creative, out of the box eco-friendly alternatives, this is the place for you! Just in case you’re wondering why I’m against ‘traditional’ artificial trees: they’re made from PVC, which is polluting and non-recyclable, and they often contain lead which keeps the PVC together – you don’t want to breathe next to them.


PossibiliTree wooden trees are a natural alternative to live and artificial Christmas trees. They’re light, compact, portable, and they also have an awesome name. They come in three sizes: 2ft ($190), 3ft ($230) and 6ft ($460). The price tag is certainly no joke, but it provides an eco-friendly, light alternative – and you get to save money on the decorations.

Oh, and they look awesome – Christmas or not. The suspended tree is a real show-stopper, but the others work just as fine; and they can be used throughout the year for various occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

The FestiveTree(s)

This small, innovative company from New Hampshire provides several lovely alternatives. Their mission is to cut down on the holiday-related consumerism, and offer a simple, sustainable option. Therefore, they’ve created environmentally friendly, reusable, and versatile trees. They provide four different options:

The People’s tree. $350.

Scandinavian style melds old-world charm with modern lines to transpose the warm, genuine artistic design of these trees.

The Norwegian. $350.

Again, the price is no joke, but just like with the possibiliTree, the trees are pretty sturdy and you can use them with every occasion. But they offer some cheaper options as well:

The Puzzle Tree. $195.

The Little Swede. $75.


Jubiltree Wooden Tree

Jubiltree. Price: $475.

The Jubiltree brings a surprising mix of traditional and modern that you can easily customize to adapt to your home’s decor. Personally, I find the price a little too high for my preference (at least compared to some of the other things I’ve found), but I do feel that this could be the perfect fit for a modern office or meeting room.

Cardboard trees

Buying a cardboard Christmas tree is a much the best route you can take, when it comes to cheap, eco-friendly alternatives.

Three Piece Cardboard Christmas Tree. $99.

Norfolk Island Pine

Most Christmas Trees don’t do that well indoors, and you have to plant them or at least put them somewhere outside so they can survive, as I explained here. However, if that’s not an option, you should know that there are a few species who thrive indoors – among then, the Norfolk Island Pine, which you can currently get for only $4.99 at Amazon. Decorate it for the holidays, admire its beauty the rest of the year.


Don’t limit yourself to just pine trees – who says the Christmas tree has to be a pine or a fir? For the more exotic, the Christmas tree can be something else, like for example… a rosemary tree! Not only is it really nice to look at, but it also smells nice, and it gives you tasty, healthy herbs for the entire year. What’s not to like? You can get them at any local supermarket or specialized shop.

Yes, that’s a rosemary tree. Via Inhabitat.

Another small tree that really works well with this idea is the bonsai – exotic looking, the bonsay is a pleasure to look at throughout the entire year. Just like with the rosemary, you can find them on Amazon or at any local market.

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