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[ZME Contest] WIN solar charger and Rechargeable LED Work light

Hey, guys!

We’ve received some great feedback from our previous contest, when we offered an awesome DNA portrait to one of our readers. Naturally, we’d like to follow with yet another giveaway and hopefully turn this into a frequent feature on ZME Science. It’s the least we can do for all your generous support you’ve shown us along the years, especially recently since we’ve grown, all thanks to you.

This edition’s contest comes with not one, but two prizes, offered by Earth Tech Products, who are also ZME readers.

1st prize – Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger (iPad supported)

zme prize 1 The Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger is the ultimate portable solar charger money can buy! The power monkey extreme has all of the durability and portability of the original Power Monkey, except it is even more powerful. This durable solar charger is made tough to withstand whatever adventure you get up to it is even waterproof! Made with the outdoor adventurer in mind and powerful enough to even charge an Ipad (iPad compatible cable included) or tablet computer the power monkey extreme is truly the most versatile solar cellphone charger available today. A multifaceted solar charger that can charge a whole slew of electronic devices like: cameras, gps devices, mini and tablet computers, Apple Ipads, cell phones, smart phones, portable gaming devices, Ipods and more! This eco-friendly portable solar charger utilizes advanced solar technology to charge even in low-light or cloudy conditions insuring you will never be without much needed power, where ever your journeys take you.” (official product description)


2nd prize – Hand Crank Rechargeable LED Work light

zme prize 2 The Hand Crank Rechargeable LED Work light is a highly versatile work light that provides brilliant illumination where ever or when ever you need it. Powered by the built-in hand crank, it never needs batteries and its lights have multiple functions. It has a built-in hanging system with a hook that can be hung virtually any where. That’s not all, it also comes with a magnetic base allowing you to firmly stick it on any metal surface. The ultra bright LEDS never need replacing and have four different settings. Low and high settings allow you to choose just the amount of light you need. It even functions as a flashing emergency warning light, with 3 red LEDS that light up and flash. The light is even rain proof, insuring you can have light in nearly any weather conditions. The light can even be recharged via an AC plug (not included) insuring that your light will be ready for work when ever you are. It makes a very sensible gift for the handyman in your life.” (official product description)

To enter the contest, leave a comment below this post telling us how would you use one or both of these eco-products. The most creative two response will be chosen as the winning entries.

Shipping is free for US citizens. Outside US citizens will have to support shipping taxes.

Good luck!



DEADLINE: July 27, 2012 



UPDATE: FIREHIKER (solar charger) and Casey (LED light) were chosen as the winners of the contest. Thank you everyone for your submissions – it’s been really great reading them.

25 thoughts on “[ZME Contest] WIN solar charger and Rechargeable LED Work light

  1. Roy Roberts

    Hand Crank Rechargeable LED Work Light is smartest new Item for my Emergencey Cyclone survival kit ,with no batteries needed ,Its use unlimited for rescue and lighting needs in my Cyclone prone life where I live,A must for all rescue teams and families needing to feel the lighting needs are covered.

  2. Šiš Miščk

    I do alot of hiking/camping and I travel alot. Usualy I travel into regions that are not so developed so a handy tool like that (solar charger), would definitly be used as a good power ready companion on my voyages :) ! The LED light would definitly be used as a good companion for my travels as well and for fixing computers hehe (I’m a coputer technician). Both are gr8 tools for travels and for day to day use.Best of luck to everybody!

  3. Tim Sledz

    I would put the hand crank light in the shed with the toys.  That way the kids have a light to clean up by but it also teaches them how much energy it takes to keep a light on (and why they should turn them off when they leave a room).

  4. Wilhelmus D

    Imagine a deep dark night, you wake up, try to find the button of your bed-lamp, find it while you are still a little sleepy, and it does not work !!! Under your pillow you have the hand crank rechargeble led work light, wow there is light, you find your way in your appartment and search for your I pad, luckily you charged it yesterday with your Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger so you are informed that the energy grid of your country is broken because of a economical crisis , they inform you to stay tuned to your radio or messges and information to be sent through your I-Pad, wow !!! You are one of the few who can stay connected. (to be continued)

  5. Joseph Driscoll

    This pair of items allows the unique possibility of using a solar charger to charge your device, even at night. By aiming the handcrank-powered light at the solar charger, I’d use them together to create a handcrank charger for my phone. So anywhere, anytime, these devices allow me to have light and power in an eco-friendly way.

  6. Queen of the Click

    This is a great giveaway. I would love to win the handcrank light because we are always losing electricity here and if I won, I would crank it and have light for the evening. 

  7. Kc-case

    I think either one would be handy in the upcoming zombie-apocalypse. The i-pad charger would be particularly helpful to keep me posted of local zombie sightings. It would make a super addition to my zombie survival car kit: Louisville Slugger, tire iron, and cricket bat.

  8. Metal Activist Jim

    The solar charger would make a great addition to an aquaponics set up to have a completely self contained set up so that your food would be completely free and off the grid the light would work in any survival situation for it is vital to be able to see at night

  9. Clark5259

    I would have the joy of having light on my camping trips and the added “benefit” of keeping my wife’s I-pad charged so we can say in touch no matter how far into the woods I might try to hide.  Oh joy!!


    These will both come in handy during deployment with our disaster response team…I am a paramedic that will be following hurricanes for medical evacuation. Keeping tablets/cellphones charged during power outages is a must, as well as having a source of rechargeable light to work under. Definitely great gear for my kit.

  11. Jim Rasmussen

    I could really use that solar charger.  I plan on getting an iPad before the end of the year (as a gift for my wife – she’d prefer it to a laptop) and I already have an iPod, a GPS and all four of us in the family have cell phones.  It would get a lot of use in (and outside) our house.

  12. Jordi Reiss

    I use to read Zme on my iPad and I use to go climbing, it’d be perfect to have a way to recharge my device while out in the mountains without any plug near. And, of course, when sun light goes something to light my way through the night. Brilliant gifts!!

  13. Casey

    I am a conservation biologist, always traveling to remote places, both these items would come in very handy in the field….the light especially as i am currently studying wombats and as a nocturnal animal we have to catch them in the dark. I am constantly falling down wombat holes because i can’t see where i am going.

  14. Joseph Michaud

    “The Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger  would be very handy item to have. My cell would never die as long as the sun was shining. So totally green..

  15. Rich

    Hey ZME!

    I have been looking at getting some solar chargers for a while so what the heck, I figure leaving y’all a comment to try to win something awesome can’t hurt.

    Anyway, I would use the solar charger for charging up my phone. Sounds kind of boring but hey, I kind of need an external power source. Every summer, I hop on my bike and ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness. We also raise money for the SF/LA LGBT centers that provide services for people that can’t afford their meds, doctor visits, so on and so forth.

    There aren’t many places to power up on the trip so my phone dies often. Since I can basically work from my phone, having steady power means that I can work from the road while riding for a great cause.

    That’s all I have! Thanks for reading/considering!


  16. sulliwan

    Add just a battery and a cheap router to the solar charger and you could build a cheap mesh WiFi network literally anywhere. As it is waterproof, you could just leave them out in the open, attached to a tree or such. There are so many wifi routers that are just thrown away as garbage, adding such a solar charger and a battery pack and a little bit of know-how to each of them could easily create a truly free global network.

  17. Shaiha W

    That solar charger would really help my peace of mind because I wouldn’t have to worry about whether my phone and tablet has enough charge when I go out.  I have ran into that more then once when I have been wandering about the Olympic National Forest.

  18. Samuel rees

    hi zme. i am going to plenty of festivals this year, and the one problem i have is my phone dying. it dies because i love to take photos and videos of all the good times,music and action sports that i am into. so this would be the perfect tool to keep my smartphone going. also that hand crank-able LED would be soo useful at a festival, i am a science lover as i suspect most of the people hat read your brilliant website are. so the fact that it is ecofriendly is such a big bonus. it deserves to be with me in those muddy fields :)

  19. Drspoerl

    As someone that spends a lot of time outdoors, my IPOD is usually dead by the end of the day.  Re-charging over lunch would ensure that my music was keeping me going strong until the end of the day.

  20. Steanson

    WOOOOHOOOO!!! I never wi anything! Until now! Guess who will be spreading the word of this awesome site?!?! THIS GUY!

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