Elephants cooperate to save baby elephant from drowning

It is already known, and proven numerous times that elephants are incredibly intelligent, cooperative, and kind. Here is another video that goes to show how admirable these animals are; when a youngster is in danger of drowning, everybody moves in to help. Breathtaking ! If only more humans were like this…

4 thoughts on “Elephants cooperate to save baby elephant from drowning

  1. Brinda Davis

    @Theseed70 are you serious with your comment? I believe you are missing the point of this video of how elephants really are and what sentiment beings elephants truly are they are loving, feeling, intelligent, thinking family orientated beings better parents than most people I’ve seen in my life.
    They need our protection they are being hunted near extinction for their tusks for the illegal trade of ivory. JUST HUMAN-BEING GREED!!!

    Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta linked ivory and the Westgate attack in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The former head of the Kenya Wildlife Service and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
    have highlighted Shabaab’s role in elephant poaching, while many of the
    world’s leading elephant protection advocates and charities eagerly
    repeat the allegations. (REMEMBER THE BIG AWFUL MALL ATTACK?) SO MANY KILLED!!!

    Unsurprisingly, the world’s press has plastered the
    Shabaab-ivory story across their pages and websites, and the story
    gained new momentum in the wake of the 2013 Westgate attack.

    “Al Shabaab mounted September’s attack on Nairobi’s Westgate
    shopping mall in which more than 70 people died. By some estimates,
    just ten tusks would have been enough to finance that operation,” said
    Britain’s Daily Mail.

    The UK’s Independent reported on the issue as part of its campaign to protect elephants. The New Yorker has made passing reference to the link as if it were accepted fact. Slate and New Scientist have both posted on the subject. The Financial Times has expanded the allegations to include rhino poaching. There at GlobalPost have also reported on the issue.

    The trouble is that all of the above reference the same
    study published online by a US-registered nonprofit called the Elephant
    Action League (EAL) in early 2013.

    “Africa’s White Gold of Jihad: al-Shabaab and Conflict Ivory”
    outlines findings from what the EAL describes as an 18-month undercover
    investigation and asserts that Shabaab earns “up to 40 percent” of its
    income from poaching and trading illegal ivory.

    “According to a source within the militant group, between
    one to three tons of ivory, fetching a price of roughly US$200 per kilo,
    pass through the ports in southern Somalia every month. A quick
    calculation puts Shabaab’s monthly income from ivory at between
    US$200,000 and US$600,000,” the report states.

  2. Brinda Davis

    not the point at all you really are not getting it, that we are not talking about humans saving people from drowning it was a mother Elephant with other family adult members helping out a baby elephant from drowning. And FYI it is always the females with the up-bring the males are for the getting pregnant…lol. Anyway the video speaks for it self without any of us explaining it blow by blow. Great parenting they take care of their own.

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