How much sugar there is in what you’re eating

You might think you’re eating healthy and avoiding sugar – but do you even have a clue what’s hidden in your food ? Would you eat ten sugar cubes in just a few minutes ? Most definitely not; but that’s exactly what you do, when you drink a simple can of coke.

Sugar stacks is one of the most interesting websites I’ve come across in quite a while. Basically, what they’re doing is showing us just how much sugar there is in foods we eat constantly. If you think that Coke is the only bad guy here, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Mountain Dew contains 40% more caffeine and 15% more sugar.

But hey, we knew this; it would all be better if we just stuck to vitamin waters and stuff like this, right ? No, not really.

Minute Maid is no exception, and Nesquik is much, much worse. Healthy breakfast for your children, right ?

But why stick only to beverages ? Chocolate bars are about as bad as they get.

Candy such as skittles won’t do either.

Breakfast is supposed to be the healthiest and must nutritive food of the day… but not with this kind of foods (again, it’s not about these particular brands, it’s about the TYPE of food).

What’s left ? Coffees, slushies ?

As you’d expect, McDonalds is always ‘one of the best’.

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