Shorties: garlic as a guilty pleasure

Garlic is one of those things you can’t be indifferent about. You either love it, hate it, or love and hate it. This is exactly the reason why 100 Helsinki shoppers were interviewed and asked what they think abut garlic, and how much they are annoyed by it, compared to other social odors.

The most common belief was that garlic has a good taste, is healthy, but has an unpleasant smell. Users and non-users showed distinctly different belief patterns. However, it wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as researchers were expecting it to be. The most annoying social smells were considered to be sweat and alcohol, while garlic and aftershave were considered the least annoying.

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6 thoughts on “Shorties: garlic as a guilty pleasure

  1. Corolla Sedan

    Garlic is not healthy as they want us to believe.Garlic is potent neurotoxin,destroys brain cells,it is poison.

  2. Garavella Yk

    you didn’t bother to read beyond the titles of the articles on the issue, did you now?
    it says it kills brain tumor cells.

  3. Corolla Sedan

    @garavellayk:disqus no did not try it I don’t have migraine as I follow non Candida diet for decades,just want to share my experience.Remember there is no cure or operation for wrong diet and environment,but you can get body aching parts cut bit by bit until there is nothing left to cut.I’m very old now not on any meds and still active in Men’s Dep. but do not tell that to my wife.

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