NASA’s pumpkin competition absolutely smashes everything else

There’s nice pumpkin carvings, there’s really good pumpkin carvings, and then there’s NASA level pumpkin carvings. Every Halloween, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) gives its engineers and scientists a bunch of pumpkins and one hour to come up with the best they can — yes, it’s everything you hoped it would be.

This year, they’ve really outdone themselves, with jack-o-lanterns such as a mini-Juno and a Pac-Man pumpkin. As Science Alert so eloquently puts it, it’s really a carving competition as much as a Halloween science fair on crack. In the end, everyone wins.

Here are some of the most spectacular designs, courtesy of Aaron Yazzie, a mechanical engineer at NASA – and before you ask, yes, that is a solar system spinning inside a pumpkin.

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