Elon Musk tweeting with Rick (and Morty) about simulation singularity is the best thing I’ve seen all week

When your name is Elon Musk and your companies promise to revolutionize space flight and renewable energy, people listen to what you have to say — even when they maybe shouldn’t. The CEO and founder of Tesla and SpaceX recently expressed a worrying idea: that we may all be living in a giant simulation. Some physicists were stirred and started contradicting him or discussing the idea, but by far, the most interesting back and forth was with Rick.

Credits: Adult Swim/YouTube, via ScienceAlert.

Rick Sanchez is the smartest man in the Universe — in the animated series Rick and Morty, that is. Musk has said he’s a big fan of the series, though he also said it disgusts him at points (which truth be told, is a good description of Rick and Morty). It’s not just Musk who loves the series, his boys are also fans of the alcoholic genius and his awkward nephew.

Last week, Rick and Morty featured the last episode of the third season, and as Musk himself put it, it was disgustingly good.

Rick referenced the singularity of the simulation Musk says we are living in, and things quickly turned hilarious, with Musk putting his new 280-character Twitter limit to good use.

As you’d expect from a funny conversation between the world’s smartest fictional man and one of the world’s smartest real men, the joke levels were off the charts.

It all ended — as it should — with plans for a party. Oh boy, and what a party…

But perhaps, just perhaps, there’s also a lesson to be learned from this. If Musk can be so self-deprecating about his ideas, then maybe we shouldn’t discuss the quantum physics aspects of everything he says, right?

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