Dalai Lama to retire, leaving room for democratic elections

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The Dalai Lama announced today that he plans to retire as the political head of the Tibetan exiled movement, and leaving room for a democratically elected leader.

“Tibetans need a leader, elected freely by the Tibetan people, to whom I can devolve power,” the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader said in a statement. “Now, we have clearly reached the time to put this into effect.”

Today, 10th of March, is the most important day for all the Tibetans in the world, as it marks the 52nd anniversary of the Tibetan people’s peaceful uprising of 1959 agains the communist repression of China in the Tibetan capital Lhasa, as well as three years from the non-violent demonstration that were brutally quelled by Chinese authorities.

He stated that he will formally propose amendments to the Charter for Tibetans in Exile when the Tibetan Parliament in Exile meets, on Monday. If the changes are accepted, which is extremely likely, the power shift will be done to an elected leader, but exactly how it will be voted still remains an issue.

“I’m also a human being. … Retirement is also my right,” he said while on a speaking tour of North America. Without saying exactly when, he said, “Sooner or later, I have to go. I’m over 75, so next 10 years, next 20 years, one day I will go.”

Hopefully, this will lead the way towards the Tibetans finding the well deserved peace they have been searching for for so long.

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