The 10 most amazing unexplained artifacts

Every once in a while, archaeologists (and sometimes amateur archaeologists) make remarkable and bizarre discoveries. Sometimes, the finding is so surprising that they are unable to explain what it is they’ve found, how it came into existence, or ascertain its value. This is a list of such unexplained artifacts; artifacts that many believe should have never existed, or for which we have no satisfying explanation.

The London hammer – a tool older than history

unexplained artifacts hammer

In June 1936 (or 1934 according to some accounts), Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel. Ironically, what they found within seemed to be an archaic hammer of sorts. They turned it to a team of archaeologists who checked it, and as it turns out, the rock encasing the hammer was dated to the Ordovician – more than 400 million years ago!

There is some question regarding that dating though, but here’s the kicker – according to initial measurements, the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old. Apparently, it’s so old that a section of the handle has begun the transformation to coal. Creationists, of course, were all over this, and creationist Carl Baugh latched on to the hammer in the eighties, even using it as the basis of speculation of how the atmospheric quality of a pre-flood earth could have encouraged the growth of giants. The hammer’s head, made of more than 96% iron, is far more pure than anything nature could have achieved without an assist from technology.

london hammer artifact

Wood turning to coal

Pictures from here, copyright David Lines

However, there is significant reason to question the initial dating — and just because the hammer was encased in old rocks doesn’t mean that it itself is as old as the rocks.

The only proposed explanation is that the highly soluble minerals in the ancient limestone may have formed a concretion around the object, thus making it seem that it is as old as the minerals themselves, but this has not been confirmed. In fact, radiocarbon is yet to be undertaken for the hammer itself, which bring a significant question mark for the date of the hammer. The hammer is now an exhibit in the so-called Creation Evidence Museum, which is also kind of unfortunate, because curators don’t allow scientific tests on the London Hammer.

The Antikythera mechanism – a Greek ancient computer

antykithera mechanism, unexplained artifactsThe Antikythera mechanism has been labeled the first mechanical computer. Found in a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, buried under 45 meters of water it was designed to calculate astronomical positions. Consisting of a box with dials on the outside and a very complex assembly of gear wheels mounted within, it’s about as complex as an 18th-century top-notch clock. The level of sophistication utilized by the device has forced scientists to accept that their perceptions of ancient Greek engineering may be faulty. Nothing similar to this exists or is mentioned in any known writings from the period of its creation. Based on the knowledge we do have, this mechanism shouldn’t even exist. According to Professor Michael Edmunds of Cardiff University, who led the team studying the mechanism:

“This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind. The design is beautiful, the astronomy is exactly right. The way the mechanics are designed just makes your jaw drop. Whoever has done this has done it extremely carefully.” He added: “…in terms of historic and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa.”

Antikythera mechanism, unexplained artifacts

A reconstruction of the mechanism. Image via Wiki Commons.

Judging by its amazing complexity, it seems fair to assume that the Antikythera has other predecessors – but none of them have been found, which makes it even more impressive. The complexity and workmanship did not appear again in Europe until the development of mechanical astronomical clocks in the fourteenth century … so how did the ancient Greeks, with basically no technology available, manage to build such a complex calculator? Well, we don’t know – yet.

The Dropa Stones

Dropa stones, unexplained artifacts

The Dropa Stones — mysterious relics. Image credits: Yongxinge.

In 1938, an expedition led by archaeologist Dr. Chi Pu Tei into the Baian-Kara-Ula in China made an astonishing discovery. Nearby caves held traces of the ancient culture which once occupied them. Buried under thick layers of dust, hundreds of stone disks lay scattered about the cave’s interior. There seemed to be nothing spectacular initially, but the disks turned out to be eerily similar to phonograph records — nine inches in diameter, a circle cut into their centers and an obvious spiral groove. They are believed to be more than 10,000 years old. But the spiral, as it turns out, is composed of tiny hieroglyphics. When studied and translated, it was revealed that the discs tell the amazing story of spaceships that crashed into the mountains, piloted by people who called themselves the Dropa. At least that’s what Tsun Um Nui, the Chinese researcher in charge of the Dropa stones concluded.

While his announcement startled the world at first, he was subsequently ridiculed by most of the scientific community, and he went on a self-imposed exile in Japan. Russian researchers requested the discs for studying, and China actually sent a few to Moscow. In the famous Soviet magazine Sputnik, Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev describes an experiment where the discs were supposedly placed on a special turntable whereby they were shown to ‘vibrate’ or ‘hum’ in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge is passing through them. However, research wasn’t continued – or at least it wasn’t made public.

A Dropa Stone. Image via Annoy ZView.

As of today, there is no clear information where the Dropa stones are stored, or what modern research has concluded on them. They remained one of the most mysterious artifacts in the world.

The Saqqara bird – an Egyptian plane

saqqara bird

A front view of the Saqqara glider model discovered by Dr. Khalil Messiha. Image credits: Dawoud Khalil Messiha.

Discovered during the 1898 excavation of the Pa-di-Imen tomb in Saqqara, Egypt, the Saqqara bird is (as you could have guessed) a bird shaped artifact made from the wood of a sycamore tree. Weighing in at just under 40 grams and with a wingspan of more than 7 inches, it’s been dated back to approximately 200 BC – 2200 years ago. Lack of documentation and other data has led to some speculation regarding its function. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were well aware of the principles of aviation, but it’s not clear how this translated to the artifact itself.

Saqqara artifact

The Saqqara artifact. Image credits: Dawoudk.

So what was its purpose? Was it simply the toy of an affluent Egyptian child? Did it serve some kind of ceremonial purpose? Regardless, the object has few realistic bird traits. With its vertical tail, resembling that of an airplane or glider, it resembles no known bird. Egyptian physician, archaeologist, parapsychologist and dowser Khalil Messiha has speculated that the ancient Egyptians developed the first aircraft. However, Scientists have since come to the conclusion that it couldn’t be effective as an aircraft due to lack of technology, but it could have in fact been a glider.

The Baghdad battery – a 2000-year-old battery

Baghdad battery

Drawing of the intriguing Baghdad Battery. Image via Wikipedia.

This device consists of a 5-1/2-inch high clay vessel, inside of which was a copper cylinder held in place by asphalt. Within the cylinder, archaeologists found an oxidized iron rod. In 1940, Wilhelm König (the German director of the National Museum of Iraq) suggested that these could be galvanic cells, perhaps used for electroplating gold onto silver objects. Nobody has been able to prove him wrong, especially since it only needed to be filled with an acid or alkaline substance to produce an electric charge.

A recreation of the battery. Image credits: Boynton.

The Baghdad battery wouldn’t have been very effective as a battery, but there’s a chance it could have worked. Elizabeth Stone, an archaeologist at Stony Brook University, says modern archaeologists do not believe the object was a battery, and was instead simply a storage vessel.

Unexplainable fossils and metal objects

Paleodictyon fossil

Paleodictyon in Spain. Image credits: Falconaumanni.

Geology is a relatively “new” science. The progress and developments made through experimentation are absolutely remarkable and have helped in many other fields. Still, there are some things yet to be explained. Though the honeycomb pattern of paleodictyon is already well known, we remain stumped as to the creation of such and more questions are being raised.

For example, a fossil of a human handprint was found in limestone estimated to be more than 110 million years, a fossilized human finger with just as much, and the apparent discovery of a human footprint that possibly sported a sandal which dates to more than 300 million years ago. These amazing fossilized imprints/remains have left the scientific community scratching their collective heads. Not to mention the 65 million-year-old semi-ovoid metallic tubes being dug out of France, the unusual block of coal discovered 124 years ago which contained a metal cube that couldn’t have formed naturally within the lump, and many more intriguing things

The Piri Reis map

piri reis map artifact

Piri Reis map, Europe represented. Image credits: Library of Istanbul University.

In 1929, a group of historians made what can only be described as an amazing discovery, written on the skin of a gazelle. After study and research, they found that it is a genuine map drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a well-documented admiral of the Turkish navy. He depicts Europe and North Africa, the coast of Brazil, several islands (The Azores, Canary Islands, and the mythical island of Antilia), and even Antarctica, which was thought to be discovered more than 300 years later. The most puzzling thing is not that it shows we need to rethink the chronology for a number of exploratory discoveries, but that it describes Antarctica’s topography as not being masked by ice and in great detail. The last time that occurred was more than 6000 years ago. Tell me then.  How did a Turkish admiral from half a millennium ago map a continent that’s been covered by ice for the last 6000 years?

The Nazca drawings

The Monkey, one of the more famous Nazca animal drawings. Image credits: Paul Williams.

The Nazca drawings (or lines) definitely have something otherworldly about them. Discovered in 1930 — when the US inaugurated two new commercial lines — they cover 450 square km and some measure more than 200m in length. They depict lines, geometrical figures, animals, and figures that we haven’t entirely figured out yet (many believe them to be constellations). Whether made for the gods or for some other reason, it’s obvious that they were meant to be seen from the sky. Scientists have had trouble trying to figure out how they could have been designed and created without somebody directing the work from above. We can only marvel at these amazing figures and continue to wonder how and why they were created by a people called the Nasca.

nazca lines

The Condor — just as, if not even more impressive than the Monkey. Image credits: Paul Williams.


The mysterious city of Nan Madol – a city built on corals

Nan Madol

Nan Madol — a mysterious city build on corals. Image credits: CT Snow

The city of Nan Madol was built between 200 B.C. – 800 A.D., on a coral reef near Micronesia. It consisted of about 100 artificial islands made from huge basalt blocks and connected with viaducts. From the start, it dazzles us with a mix of the bizarre and grandeur. From the start it seems incongruous; 250 million tons of offshore basalt in the middle of nowhere. How were these huge blocks quarried, transported, and placed in the perfect spot? Even by today’s standards, it would an impressive engineering feat. Additionally, the reasoning behind its development remains a mystery. Archaeologists have few clues as to what happened to the civilization responsibile for its creation.

A map of the Nan Madol complex. Note its position relative to the shoreline. Image credits: Holger Behr.

The Sacsayhuaman walls

unexplained walls

Image credits: Tyler Bell.

Near the city of Cuzco, more than 3500 meters above sea level, these amazing walls first fascinated the Spanish conquistadores. They were astonished to discover how these people who, according to them, were ignorant and lacked the ability of logical reasoning required to have built such wonders. They are in fact 3 concentric walls, the average being roughly 360 meters in length and 6 meters in height, made from limestone blocks that weigh about 300 tons each. They didn’t use mortar or any other kind of cement to bind the walls, but they are carved and placed in such a way packed so closely that even a sharp knife can’t be wedged between 2 blocks. Scientists have tried to achieve this at a much smaller scale and have failed in their efforts to replicate the tight joints of the Sacsayhuaman walls.

unexplained artifacts

Walls of the Sacsayhuaman ruin at Cusco. Image via Wiki Commons.

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  1. Kevin

    You have some interesting stuff here, most of which serve as a good reminder that people without “advanced” technology weren’t stupid and could do some pretty amazing things when they put their minds to it. The Nazca lines and the Antikythera computer are particularly great examples.

    On the other hand, I would drop the “London Hammer” (or “London Artifact” as it is also known) and the Piri Reis map. The hammer, according to historians and the one geologist that has actually examined it, appears to be a miner’s hammer from the our own U.S. history. While found among rock strata that really are quite old, the rock surrounding the hammer is apparently not, but is most likely a concretion formed from chemically soluble minerals in the strata. Over a century or so you could create a similar effect by placing an object on a stalagmite and letting the stalagmite grow over it.

    The Piri Reis map has only a very passing resemblance to Antarctica. At the time of it’s creation, however, it was widely believed that a large southern continent had to exist in order to balance the two hemispheres, so some rendering of that continent was certainly a plausible addition to the map.

  2. antialias

    The last one has also been solved by now. It’s astonishingly simple to get blocks that fit together so that not even a sharp knife fits between them. All you do is: rub the blocks that go next to one another together until they are flat.

  3. Donal

    God what a load of rubbish. The language is completely misleading. Look at “When studied and translated, it was revealed that the discs tell the amazing story of spaceships that crashed into the mountains, piloted by people who called themselves the Dropa.”
    Studied by who? Translated how”
    Stories like this exist because one deliberately misleading idiot says “science tested this as 1000000 years old” then other easily lead idiots repeat the lie, no-one checks the original story, it’s all just ignorance, lies and mis-attribution. it’s the Von Daniken technique; make up your facts and assert them with confidence.

  4. Derrick

    I just remind you that while claims like these should provide evidence using wikipedia,especially when not accurately cited, and directly attacking an idea without your own evidence are also logical fallacies.

  5. Derrick

    I just remind you that while claims like these should provide evidence using wikipedia,especially when not accurately cited, and directly attacking an idea without citing your own evidence are also logical fallacies.

  6. carlos lascoutx

    …oddly enough, donal tonal tonalli(N)=soul tonatiuh(N)=anthony,
    the central tone/tune of the universe, the d(r)opa can be reduced
    to d/t(r)optli(N)=wrapped idols, perhaps the dropa were the hopi
    ka chi na/beings on top4, rulers of the universe, and their space
    ship a clock-work ruby/ r/l/t o/u p(tl)i=toptli(N)=wrapped around
    a time machine? but i would agree with you that the dropa toptli
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  7. carlos lascoutx

    …why shouldn’t prideful, follyman, the great destroyer and inventor, at present in vaulting decline because he can’t get
    over taking himself for god or goddess, have somehow discovered and rediscovered invents like the iron excalibur wrapped in a rock said
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    have visited? certainly the fact that we never have been contacted directly by these super dropas proves that there is intelligent life
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  8. carlos lascoutx

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    based on expression verbal of language: first get to know language,
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    the vomit of overproduction of bad(not goods) we do not need by
    empowering our lackey, science, as front man for fears we are
    afraid to talk through, too lazy to confront, and too faithless
    to believe we can solve peacefully in a dialogue with each other’s
    innate deity. bang, bang is a report with failing grade, and an
    epitaph for the best in ourselves.

  9. Scott

    Interesting post, although many of these cases have good scientific explainations. Nonetheless, it is a fact that history is being re-written every day. Who knows, most of what we think of as being scientifically ‘proven’ these days may be looked on as quaint just 50-100 years from now…makes you think doesn’t it!

  10. Dan A

    Carlos, man. You need to take your meds.

    I think the other commenters have stated it far more eloquently than I could. Don’t believe things just because you heard it somewhere. If the text says “archeologists say that…” Then you need to ask: What archeologists? Where? How did they come to that conclusion? What does that mean? Intellectual dishonesty sets humanity back centuries. One of the skills that you’ll learn in college is critical thinking. Don’t take things a face value.

    Also, look up the meaning of the word “comprehensive”.

  11. Urudurin

    The Piri Reis map isn’t that special; many ancient maps had antartica on them. It was believed that since a large icy mass existed to the north, then a large mass must exist to the south to balance out the world.

  12. B_P

    Yeah a bunch of this stuff just isn’t really in question or debate by scientists. And the language you use is really misleading, akin to someone trying to disprove something scientific. The hammer isn’t 500 million years old, it hasn’t even been officially C14 dated. This whole thing reads like a misinformed article.

  13. Midna

    aww…come on guys! Where’s your sense of mystery and excitement? Personally, I hope they find something that will knock the socks off of our perception of reality! Even if some of this can be disproved, it’s still fun to wonder….

  14. Seth Crosby

    I checked the Hammer and Dropa stone. These have slim (hammer) to no (stone) supporting science. You shouldn’t post stuff like this.

  15. electronic cigar

    Great article. Very entertaining and informative. At least this will get people interested in historical discoveries so they can go research the topics themselves. I don’t think we’ve given ancient people nearly enough credit.

  16. carlos lascoutx

    …my trouble is i believe everything, i think we should, i hate to
    exclude something just because it’s not true, the fact of its being
    not true often tells more than the truth does, especially about fear, and gives one clues to the drift of particular centurys, aeons, millenia. i don’t care if excalibur
    is real or fake, it’s the utterance of such foolishness that clove
    my mind like sword in rock and gave rise to the idea that perhaps
    science has discovered iron several times, that we have won and lost
    great civilizations, and we have, that were on the cusp of such
    discoverys. wait, i feel a rant coming on, let me take my med/metl
    an aspirin, hmmm, two perhaps.
    as to intellectual dishonesty, it proliferates, people in charge
    of science are political, e.g., the lagar velho child burial, otzi
    tyrolean man, and they get things wrong for a reason. i.e., arrogance/rogar/tocar/toca=our being: we prefer now to the past and
    the future, the short-eye syndrome. it doesn’t enter my mind to exclude, wait for authority, for knowledge is inclusive, you get as
    much information as you can, good and bad, all of it and then begin to sift, letting it speak to you, e.g., i’ve pushed neander to the
    limit but at least i’ve made the journey with him and tried to get him to talk to me, been within his ken, and it’s beginning to look
    as if he had nothing to do with what’s happening today, that all
    that began about 40k bc in the altai mts, the altar where language
    was consecrated, not begun, and passed on to east and west then over
    to amerindia. by our standards neander didn’t have much of a life,
    that’s where i disagree with the standard of measure, he was a fallen angel but an angel nonetheless, history/i(s)to(r)a/histoire/
    divine word gave him that name, and i take it as a rebuke to the
    wasteland we have today. am i being dishonest in saying that, disloyal in preferring anterior species more harmonic than my
    haplogroup of canoodlers? comprehend means to have it on your
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    i’ll give it a try, but the joy of speaking overcomes me at times,
    word are so delicious. tks.

  17. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Not a bad article, strange, albeit not totally unexplainable stuff. Its amazing what human beings have had the ability to do, makes me wonder if thousands of years from now our ancestors will look back at some of the things we’ve built with the same curiosity.

    On a side note, carlos, drugs may be fun, but they’re rotting your brain, i sincerely hope that your delusional ranting has been the result of a lengthy drug binge because if not, you are in serious need of professional help.

  18. dave

    in reference to the first comment…by kevin.
    Please note the “experts” dated this object to 400 – 500 million years ago.

    either the hammer is 400 million years old
    or “expert’s” opinions are not valid.

    the hammer is not 400 million years old
    therefore, the “experts” are not valid.

    the opinion of experts that make mistakes should not be used to support scientific theories…such as evolution.

  19. dustin

    RE: Dave
    “Experts” were not mentioned in this article about the hammer. The only thing that was dated was the type of rock found around where the hammer was found, which was dated to around 100mya. The man that dated it 300-400mya is also the owner. He is the person I wouldn’t trust, not the “experts”.

    RE: the whole article
    Author’s profile: “Feeling that there’s a huge gap between science and average people, he rallied TP, started ZME Science, and gave it a green twist too.”
    Posting this kind of sensationalistic article only widens the gap you yourself claim is too big. Some of these top 10, for lack of a better term, are complete bullshit with a heavy dose of crazy. You posted nothing for sources. Why not just completely make stuff up? It’d at least be a little bit more entertaining and harder to prove false.

  20. Expand Your Awareness

    Elegant words are not always true and true words are not always elegant. See for yourself then make a decision, don’t blindly follow those who went before you, in the past we didn’t believe in bacteria. Then someone developed the technology to see them… just because we haven’t the means to ‘see’ doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Peace and love to all things

  21. Jeremy

    Science is merely the method through which we gain knowledge and test the boundaries. No ‘fact’ is ultimately conclusive. These may all be impossible, but in a universe which we have not yet been able to measure the full extent of, how can we be sure that anything is impossible.
    As a former archeology student, I was continually surprised at how often the opinions of professional archaeologists were treated as fact. Yet none of them had lived the in the societies they were studying and were making their conclusions on a perceptively small group of artifacts.
    At the same time, I and the rest of my classmates were continually lectured about the lack of our knowledge. This did not make scene to me, so when I had the opportunity to move on, I did.
    These 10 unexplained artifacts await answers, which I do not have. Thus I reserve my judgment until there is an overly conclusive answer. If scientific method at this time lacks the ability to explain, then should we not wait until that ability exists.

  22. Healthy Skeptic

    Head over to to see some of this russian tabloid fakes exposed (not a pun, I noticed the original source a lot of those things come from there) some misteries get repeated over and over even they got debunked long ago. Unverifiable claims, analisis of items made by own owners calling themselves on next line “expert”, inexistent name sounding scientists and universities of remote places and native languages that put a barrier between someone that wants to verify the names, or the professional papers of ppl mentioned in the articles?. Check, check, check = tabloid bunk.

    But the worst is the ppl that read some list in a blog, dont even hit a google button to verify something or research the little bit and say things like:

    “This shows science cant explain somethings yet”

    “Some of the Lord misteries trasncend the understanding of the science”

    I really hope those posters are mc donalds waiters, imagine a surgeon thinking like that.

    By the way Carlos, best Troll ever.

  23. lcabral

    The world was started by good 4009 year ago! Anyone who says otherwise is crazy and will be condemn to hell. You wait and see HE will come for us

  24. chessspy

    Regarding the Antiketera mechanism. There are several accounts of such mechanisms described from the period. These were regarded as fanciful until the object was discovered.
    I see one of the other respondents refers to Von Daniken, what a fool he was(Daniken). he also pretended to think the Nazca lines were for spaceship landing sites, when it is well known they are Prayer Walks.
    Different cultures different valuse folks.

  25. balldor

    “Hi, im an attention-thrillseeker-whore and i just love to use my imagination to imagine that we actually hade great civilisations before and that contrary to popular belief, people was really smart before and bla bla so forth so on..”

    You sir are retarded, and so are all the assholes who actually like this crap. This is retardedness on a grand level. Why dont you find a creationist and eat his poohole?

  26. janey

    Hi very entertaining for a real archeologist. We will add these to our hoax book. I enjoy anything that brings on a good debate. Hail to the webmaster here.Keep going to school. I teach ancient art and this will be fun to share with the students. Later Janey

  27. Jake

    The article itself was fine and intriguing. Many of these I have heard before either in the same fashion or with more detailed information.

    To all the people crying “misleading language”. You fail. This is obviously not the grand science scene. Heck maybe you should read the part about the author not being an actual scientist.

    When you complain about someone using misleading language and saying that they should cite everything, you only show yourself as ignorant. Take the time out of your day to actually find the information yourself instead of expecting it to be spoon fed to you. No one place is going to hold all answers to all things. Thoughtful and scientific people know how to find things out for their own and that there is always another possibility.

    So before you try to bash the writing of someone who clearly stated they are not a scientist, stop being lazy and ignorant.

  28. VonJetson

    This article is pretty amazing.For all the ‘facts’ here that you lot are debunking,there are quite a few that none of you have answers or retorts for.
    I like to think that there is something more to our world and that it isnt as boring as it seems on face value and its ok if you lot dont want to think like that,its a free world :) But the Human race was built on creativity and fascination at the unknown,so once you start getting too skeptical and demanding facts instead of thinking…..what if?,you could lose that creativity and that would be a terrible thing to lose.

    Peace baby :)

  29. Brice The Troll guy here

    I thought the list was pretty cool. Sometimes people like to see things like this to spark the imagination. I was unaware of the hammer in the stone. So when I saw it, I was intrigued and wanted to know more.

    I have found that people are to quick to try and disprove or study the item. I wonder why people have to post such vial comments on a page that has been clearly written by someone that claims to not be a scientist and enjoys the oddities in life.

    Keep up the good work and keep the drive to discover new oddities.

  30. GeekChic

    If you are looking for scientific publication standards, check the databases at your local library. Otherwise,this is the INTERNET. Anyone can have a site and the responsibility for discernment of content rests with the empirical inquirer (that would be you). For those of us that read and know better, it’s entertainment and admiration for the effort to construct this. For others it inspires recreational thought which is ALWAYS a good thing.Check out the little box on the right that says they are looking for writers and feel free to do better!

    Carlos, the mother ship will be here soon…….

  31. Maya

    I found all this extremely interesting. I had heard about the Nazca lines and the Piri Reis map. The hammer seems to be absolutely incredible. However I think that an inaccuracy has slipped in.Antarctica has been covered with ice for 6 million years not 6 thousand years.

  32. carlos lascoutx

    …griega, it’s here now! what do i do? i mean, i called for it
    in my post, they told me it would be number 17/ollin/movement,
    it’s motor sounds like beethoven’s ode to joy, it has not tires,
    just hovers there between the china berry tree and the jacaranda,
    how does it do that? the number on its side, yectli(N)=yes, it’s
    17! gulp/culpa(sp). i guess i’ll have to take it to halcyon, hope
    it has a 2-way radio and stereo, the driver, yes, she’s an aztatl/
    (g)a(r)za/white crane and speaks babblefish altho she prefers
    kanji. i’m taking my lenovo and will keep posting on not exactly,
    thank goodness, rocket science. gee, the stars are bright, the moon’s a cup in the sky, venus is crossing with yet another plantagenet, i’m going to miss the blue planet, sob, except for the warriors and other idiot sure-fire techies, and even they can’t help it: they’re humus. well, gotta go, hope they have dogs on halcyon, the brochure says they’re children of Anubiscuit, so
    long, and remember, don’t stop imagining, it’s the food of thought.
    oh, and beebles, old age is the best drug there is.

  33. jptc

    where can I get me one o those 300+ton block rub together machines? I have a spot in my back yard thats just crying out for a pyramid.

  34. carpet monkey

    What annoys me is that a bunch of ‘scientists’ decide that just because people lived 2000 plus years ago they werent able to have ‘sophisticated’ technology. why couldnt they have had the technology or ability to do things?
    then some very odd people come along look at it and decide aliens built the pyramids and so on…
    there are explanations for ALL of these things.

  35. rincewind

    The dropa stones are not only fake, they don’t exist. This originated from a science fiction story written in the early 1900. I alwys ask myself where you ppl get those pictures of non-existant discs O.o

    The hammer DOES exist, but there’s no way to date the age of stone. You can date the age of geological formations. You could date the age of the wood of the hammer’s handle (which looks like it was burned so carbone dating wouldn’t be accurate). Fact is with a hundred years and the right chemicals on my hands I could probably reproduce this.

    So the egyptians built a glider. So did I aged 5 with a peace of paper -.-

    The rest is just an example of what our acestors did with low tech. The baghdad battery is btw believed to be used in galvanization, the currents reached by it’s design wouldn’t have been usuful for anything else…

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  37. Idog1976

    It is clear to me from reading the comments that we are all doomed. The logicians leap to discredit the easy target such as the Dropa Stones but ignore the more interesting and credible pieces such as the Baghdad Battery and Antikythera(sp?) Device. Meanwhile, others instantly believe all that they read without even using the Google. Clearly our only hope as a species involves anointing Carlos as the one true savior and following him into everlasting glory.

    In Carlos we trust.

    P.S. You ever wonder what there is before you wake up in the morning? For awhile each night the little me is annihilated and yet upon waking the world springs into existence. If you want to google something really fascinating look up Advaita and read Ramana Maharshi’s writings that will really blow your dome.

  38. Idog1976

    Jtpc you are my hero re:300+ ton block rub together machines. I had the same thought but big thumbs up to the backyard pyramid.

  39. Idog1976

    jptc you are my hero.

    “where can I get me one o those 300+ton block rub together machines? I have a spot in my back yard thats just crying out for a pyramid.”

    I had the same thought minus the “put-it-over-the-top” genius of a backyard pyramid. Rock on sir!

  40. Mike

    The Paleodictyon is what is known as a trace fossil. It is a fossil that shows the way of life of organisms and normally does not show the body plan of such fossils. Examples of trace fossils include burrows, resting places, tracks (dino footprints or trilobite tracks), and tunnels as well as techniques to obtain food. The common theory on Paleodictyon is that it was created by an organism that would “farm”. It’s all a little rusty for me now, but I do recall something along those lines. Trace fossils are common in the geologic record, including those representing organisms farming for there food. This is normally a deep marine trace fossil, in deep waters nutrients are hard to come by, so organisms developped these farming techniques to essentially grow bacteria for it to eat.

  41. quasi

    To anything We all should approach with skepticism. especially on the net. thats why i can arise so many questions about any of the cases.and frankly we either scorn these ancient people and assume they didn’t have the ability to build such artifacts or not considering even among these noble experts there might be some who might try to misled people just for fame-even if it’s for a short time. I’m saying this ‘coz i believe this hammer trick is a doable one.

    But i liked the Piri Reis map. whatever people thought or believed about the balancing the continents, is their problem. but the fact is this guy drew the shores of Antarctica 500 years ago and according to our scientific knowledge these shores should have been covered with ice for 6 million years. Thats something to amaze and think over.

  42. Aerliss

    *snort* The people that yell and scream on these sites make me lol. The people that take them seriously also make me lol. I don’t know which ones to feel more sorry for.

    Anyway, nice little introduction to the world of unexplained… things. Even if a lot of them have been explained, or at least debunked in one way or another.

    The hammer I think should definitely be removed. One look should tell anyone that the ‘rock’ it was found in is not ancient, but a concretion.

    The Ancient computer… yes… computer. I always think that title is misleading. I’m not complaining about it’s use here, just saying; it’s not really a computer in the way we know computers. It’s a fascinating bit of clockwork machinery though, and I recommend anyone look it up.

    The Dropa stones are either an elaborate (though not well thought out) hoax or one heck of a cover up. The images are clearly not of the supposed stones; not 12 inches in diameter, by any stretch of the imagination. As for the translation. I thought this was fishy so did a little digging. Supposedly, one man with no background in linguistics translated the “totally unknown” language in his spare time. Yeah… right.

    Saqqara bird; I call weather vane XD That was my first thought on seeing pictures of it, and I still hold to it. Still, it’s nice to wonder.

    Ah, the Baghdad Battery. I love this one. So far no one has managed to disprove the idea that it’s for galvanising objects. Okay, so you’d need about 10 of them together to create enough power to do it… but still, it’s a possibility.

    The geological oddities; I found finger prints in slate once. Or I thought they were finger prints. I took them to school and asked my science teacher. She called in one of the lab technicians, who phoned her palaeontologist son. Turns out that what looked like finger prints were in fact “fossilized bubbles” and are quite common in slate. I still have the rocks. The metal cube… er… odd.

    The Piri Reis map; I used to think this was fascinating. Then I did a little reading. *sigh* Oh well, it was fun doing the reading, anyway.

    The Nazca lines; love ’em! How they were made does not concern me. The man made crop circles are beautiful and strange… but made without viewing from above. Again, it’s just something that takes careful planning. What they were used for (prayer walks is one idea), what the animals mean… these questions interest me more. Alas, they’ll never be answered. That just makes them more fascinating.

    Nan Madol isn’t a mystery… at all. I studied Pohnpei as part of the Oceania modules at uni… while I was also doing a project on Pompeii. Discussions in the bar got confusing sometimes.

    The Sacsayhuaman walls… interesting, architecturally, archaeologically. Not so sure about the mystery, but they are rather cool.

  43. Benvolio

    For god sake, learn how to spell “civilization”, people. Why is everyone taking offense about validity article? Like GeekChic said, this is the Internet. Think of it as a conversation starter; pick an artifact you think is interesting and do the research yourself. Also, I don’t think anyone mentioned the other artifacts misplaced in time mentioned here: , there are a lot more interesting things to research there as well. The way I see it, even if only one or two of these things are genuinely what they are claimed to be, it indicates the world is a lot more interesting of a place than we give it credit for.

  44. Ulfhednar

    Carlos, let the experience of reality in all its tangible and intangible forms be your only medication! None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free!

  45. carlos lascoutx

    …let’s see, sliverization, is that the right spelling for what we are living? thank you, ulf, may the altar of reality enter my head
    and loose the reins of imagination and elfin fires. my latest is
    that in the chatelperronian(35k-29k bc)when we lived with neander,
    he taught us nauatl pie by miming it through hand signals, e.g.,
    mimati(N)=subtle thing(mime). it may be that i am condemned to a waking dream the rest of my life. my body tells me it’s not free.
    should i eat meat like the buddhists and then when old wander into
    the wild and offer/uentli to the living flesh of beasts what i dined? moteuhzoma/zumo(sp)=froth decided on streetsweeping after
    enduring cortès and his lying herd(they’re still at it). i would
    be happiest working in an orchard, thinning peaches, pruning suckers
    off trees, up ladders into leafy bowers/quillotia(N), basket on a
    strap by my side(pears weigh a ton), cool mornings with dewline
    above the knee then drying out by 10:30 in the sun, orderly rows
    of laden trees, seasons of the sun.

  46. burnout

    I Really think that we have to get over the fact that we are not the most advanced beings to have been on this planet .Be they of this planet or aliens.Those few examples are but the tip of the ice berg.Some can be explained and some can not.I would also like to see how many people it takes to rub a couple of those 300 ton blocks together and for how long?And Carlos,Hang in there Man you will not be the first person to be thought mad but in the future you may be proved to be a man ahead of your time.

  47. LeeC

    Why does the ability to recreate something, immediately disprove the validity of the original. If I can copy something from 10,000 years ago, does that mean that the 10,000 year old item isn’t genuine.

    Seriously, I’m sick of hearing the scientist’s “we know how it CAN be done, therefore it cannot be done any other way”. FFS, how much arrogance can one group of people have? Let’s face it, we are taking their word for granted because we don’t know any better… can you guarantee that they don’t know that and are using it to pass off whatever they WANT you to believe as fact?

    Trust a group of people who want you to believe that “what they know is fact, because they say so”… it’s up there with trusting a politician if you ask me.

    Great article btw, very interesting stuff.

  48. carlos lascoutx

    …thank you, burno, crazy and grace have the same roots= ca/being
    one/ce. ever since i began this, i’ve been hammering the wall of status quo as a minority of one, as a colonist in a geriatric village, i’ve come to realize people/pipiltin(N) like their pain,
    it becomes a habit with them, what they don’t like is anything
    that forces them out of their way or dependence on it, this
    extends to new ideas(oh, the pain of having to rearrange my assumptions), but learning is for life, as religion is every day,
    not just sunday. for those too inflexible and lazy/tlaza(N)/dazed
    to recognize their state, my condolences, you’ve become part of
    the old sod, yet no less holy for that. what truth/troth/trust
    you have darned during your life is still talking to you whether
    you are listening or not, it is a beam of light that comes from
    the center of the universe whose speed we will never surpass,
    yet is a constant velocity for all of us, tonamitl(N)/tune dart
    (sunbeam)/ xiuhnenetl(N)= turquoise child, these words are said
    to the sun on rising. our age is not religious, it’s shorthand,
    sacrificed to craven expediency. our altars are soiled by war,
    poverty(the worst is lack of imagination), arrogance. who can
    keep quiet about it? even the stones cry out.
    one of the interesting facts of the universe is that the overall
    color is light turquoise/xiuhtecuhtli(N)=lord of time/herb. when
    one examines the words, tentli(N) and calaqui(N), and applies
    t/l/red/t/l t/let/l letra, from calaqui/enter the house/galaxy,
    and from tentli/lip/ete(r)nity. we are in the house on this day,
    every day, and must speak to each other, not shut each other down,
    for our spirits would have us talk to our other half, eternity.

  49. mubarek

    this is a real shit that neeeds to be considered. we are still far far away from the truth about this universe. any ways it’s exciting to say the least.

  50. Kallla

    A word of mouth for all those “skeptics” that post here:
    Get a life!
    You will stil pay as much as they want for a galon of gasoline as long as you are locked into your “prove me first” brains … There are more unknows that your faint imagination can get…. Did your grand father thinked about computers, internet and HDTV? Did your grand grand father thinked about cellphones? … So just get a life, there are enough smart people on this planet to invent the new and unimaginable for you to use in ten years from now.

  51. Austin

    The most entertaining thing about this mishmash of junk science is the number of commenters who seem to be allergic to empirical evidence and the scientific method. It’s little wonder science education is in such a sad state in the U.S.

  52. burnout

    I have been researching this plus a lot of other stuff for most of my life.Now what we have to understand is that there is no such thing as a myth.Yes it has been changed over the centuries but it is all based on fact.Religion and science are one and the same and as soon as people can realise that we will be a lot better off.
    Carlos may be a little hard to understand but i can see that he knows a lot and he just has a bit of a problem getting his message

  53. charlie

    CARLOS LASCOUTX!! please, if you still check this thing I am dying to further talk with you. I have been sitting here analyzing your words and their meaning and I am amazed. These nay-sayers have had no light shed on them and they cannot possibly fathom your words before simply skirting you off as a drug addled crazy. I’m deeply fascinated by language myself and your broken down equations of translation are very intriguing. Seriously man, you’ve given me a lot to think about.. silverization..

    I am severely hoping that you will yet still come back to this place even though it’s been a month. If you could leave a reply to let me know you’re still around I’d like to post an e-mail for you to contact me (or if you could leave one for me to contact you). Please brother, let us converse further.

  54. Earth Wanderer

    To the commenter who solved the gaps between the stones, how/with what? do you rub 10 tonnes of limestone/basalt together and for how long?

  55. Austin

    Science already knows how the Inca and Egyptians matched stone faces because their respective quarry workshops are known. All it takes is hitting the building stones repeatedly with a smaller stone to nibble away at the mating surfaces until they fit. Man-hour intensive yes, but not rocket science.

    The intellectual problem is that many people today seem to think that ancient civilizations were stupid and couldn’t figure out problems without outside help from aliens or some other fantastic explanation. Ridiculous!

  56. carlos lascoutx

    …sure, charley,,
    booksouls/tonalamatl found in penguin pback, aztecs of mexico,
    george vaillant. diccionario de la lengua nauatl o mexicana,
    siglo veinte uno/XX1, por rene simeon(isbn 968-23-0573-x), 2002,
    16th edition. i use onions, english etymology, have used charles
    buck’s indo euro roots(facsimile edition), capitol’s concise dict.
    of 7 languages, any dictionary you can find, the sanseido japanese
    in our alfabet is the best made(durable, small, light), from that one you can see the nauatl roots forming japanese vocabulary like
    clockwork, for finnish/hungarian try the finnhun online, by far
    the best site for language, they allow you to contribute to their wordbank, e.g., hirvi h/ch/ciervo(sp) ce uentli seven se(r)ve.
    cracking words crack myths(which are all true), it’s key to
    the past and the future, when one knows religion is a rising it
    disciplines what one will accept as religion, when one knows
    governments are cups(for taxes)then one knows why they’re so
    many drunks in government and that power inebriates, that the
    pol- prefixes are all destructive, it gives a world view that
    is not messianic, nor evangelic, tells you piety is not picking,
    that piano is soft no picking as well, that logic is beside you
    and guards you, that god is theother/teotl(N), not you, that
    you=yotl(N)=only(iota,jot,yodo=iodine), and that justice/yuhti(N)
    is the first cause of man, =from the beginning.
    let’s see, charley, look on tletl blogsite, tzopilotl wordpress,
    and matilda’s gobekli blogspot, where you will find more of my
    stuff. tks, the truth/trust/troth/tlatolli(N)=talk will set us free/freo(OE)fri(OHG) f/pi/opic(N)=pick, the (o) in fre(o)=ollin=
    holy, so, free to choose/pick the holy. that’s the greatest freedom: to pick tlat olli(N). congratulations, you have found
    the god we all have inside of us, the god of life, of love, the
    god who talks to us and listens to us, the ruler of our little
    altars/te-altia(N)/ t/l/reality, the custodian of the big altar of beauty/ue altia(N)/ bealte(OE), and it’s been there all the time, hanging on a word, waiting to be recognized, when a woman speaks
    she’s a goddess, when a man a god, when a dog it’s logic/tloc(N)/
    tl/t/dog/c. when a bird/tototl(N) a totem. when a bull/toro/
    toloa(N)=bow the head/ a t/door/loa. when a lion/leon/teotl/
    leo(r)nian(OE)/learning/lernia(OFrisian)= (t)le(r)n(i)a leña(sp)=
    tletl(N)=fire. fire begins sliverization. atl/water begins life.

  57. burnout

    Hey come on people we can not be finished on this subject yet?
    There are so many many things to look at that we will never get through them in a lifetime.
    But we can have a lot of fun trying.

  58. carlos lascoutx

    …knowledge is inclusive, not exclusive. actually it’s a commandment for those who would be wise before the fact and after,
    the 13 yrs of tecpatl/flint we’re in now demand we come up with new
    solutions to old problems. the internet is on its way. with it we
    can have virtual schools and get rid of location, the daily drag
    of hauling oneself to locale, say good-bye to bad teachers and
    the burrocrats, learn in the orchard/xocotl(N) of cyberschool,
    the only tuition we intuit will be to pay a small subscription
    and the electric bill/solar panel. the best things in life are
    free, and education should be one of them. the family will be strengthened by this utility, children will be able to race through their primary education, explore the googleverse for what they’re interested in, and avoid the crushing ego conflicts with teachers
    who like to fold, spindle and maim. freedom from an complex
    that’s gone bad and no longer serves our needs in their mad thresh
    for the ready which makes students unready. good-bye textbooks,
    you expensive horrors bound cunningly by sweetheart contraction.
    now classroom size will not matter, there is infinity of interaction
    on the web, an engagement that leads to a true wedding of knowledge
    and learner, socializing can be done on your block, making neighbor-
    hoods stronger and freer, instead of bussing to nowhere.
    let’s do it.

  59. burnout

    I see where you are going with this Carlos.There are millions of burrocrates (or beaurocrats as we say in Australia)who really are not needed.If they all went away tommorrow we would not realise until we did not get the bill or fee that we have to pay to keep them in employment.Dont get me wrong.If you have a job in the beaurocracy good for you. You are working.What I say is that the governments are at fault for creating these useless positions.
    They should be putting people to work creating and building for the good of your community.Having said that I realise that you need to have some beauocrats in a organized country.Just not so many.

  60. carlos lascoutx

    …ixaci(N)/exactly. 25 years ago washington started to grow and
    cuadrupled in size is short order. the result was reagan,the bush years, pac committees, megalobbying, we got way too big for our britches and now we’re running around the world in our underpants,
    our constitution is in danger, our people in soup lines, democracy is a 4-letter word meaning take, our politicians are boll weevils,
    and the burrocracy, which is not elected, keeps the plague going
    from term to term.
    we’re in the 13yrs of flint/tecpatl(booksouls),
    which demands we innovate, put fresh faces and ideas on capitol
    hill, demit the usual suspects that infect our fields of vision, and pass the torch to the next generation who are more interested in their future than present fat and happy legislators feathering their nest eggs. let’s use the power, stay behind oba, and drive
    old dixie down to its roots: they can keep their confederate money.

  61. burnout

    So carlos what do you think of Obama.
    I know that Australia and New Zealand were hoping that he would be the next Pres. of the USA as was Europe I believe.
    Because right or wrong American politics has an effect on the whole world.
    I personally think he is the best thing that has happened in a long time.

  62. Charley

    Why are the realities of a mortal life, facts, and the scientific method so difficult for people to accept???

    It is fascinating to imagine what the future holds. I just think it seems so many would prefer to believe in supernatural or extraterrerstiral beings and other folly rather than focus on what is real and what it is now.

    If more of the people in power, and more of the people who have our attention, would stick to the facts and scientific method rather than fiction and superstition, the world would be a far, far better place.

  63. Justin

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. Someone saying “this isn’t science” scientifically proves they are a meathead. Most of the stories beg the question how could this be? It’s science’s job to find an answer. So if eventually C14 dating is used to prove the hammer is 200 years old, hooray! Other monkeys have commented about the depicting Antarctica so as to balance out the world. That is an argument based on history, not science, so ease back on the “this isn’t science” rhetoric. If the “balancing” theory is correct, than it’s great! It is still informative and educational. But don’t Troll is up and act like a superstar because you did your own 30 second google search, or just repeated someone else’ comment.Way to go Trolls.

  64. whogivesafuck

    Zaphod Beeblebrox, you think carlos needs “professional help” because he writes like a beat poet? you don’t need help, you need to stop being such a boring brown suited little taxman.

  65. carlos lascoutx

    …everybody needs help, all the time, whogaffer, the meds thing
    comes from an emergency listing cyberspace vaccumed up from its
    electronic limbo. cyber is very irresponsible, e.g., will put your
    name next to something you never said on their google teasers,
    they’re worse than i am on my surmise of words, but they’re on ether
    (pun) and i’m on logos/tloc(N).
    why was i born expecting perfection
    on the blue planet, the 4 planet? it’s here but like snowdrops in the desert, falling and never hitting ground, gone like a dame’s
    smile, the first drag on a smoke, and the new car before the bender.
    hey, charley, we’ve been given everything we need to be happy
    here, but we’re too shellfish to use it, shell/xeloa(N)=divide,
    and all because venus/uentli(N)/wench had twins, the feathersnake
    and the clowndog, and she doesn’t know who the father was because
    he was two/ome teotl, and two times two= 4/ uena uentli(N)venus,
    the wind is 4(2×2), but she’s 2 in book souls, the integrity of
    integers/ (in/the/tecetiliqui(N)=he/she who/qui unites/celtilia(N)=
    settles the people/pipiltin(N/plural of pilli/rev. of pi/pick),
    so in word lingo, ecatl/hecate venus weaving goddess was invented/
    had vents blown in her to settle/unite her people, and language is
    weaving, once looms we make great strides in the tapestry and
    majesty/mauiztic(N)=marvellous, admirable of idiom/itoa(N)/talk. now we’re at that time again: language needs us to go to its roots if we are not to return to babble. it’s the most important fight, now and forever, to keep that teotl/theother(E)/theology/
    leornian(OE)/lernia(OFrisian)/ (t)le(r)n(i)a=leña(sp)=wood=tletl(N)
    t/l/red/t/l t/let/l letra letter going.

  66. carlos lascoutx

    …yeah, tlachinolli(N)=war(ual/N prep.), tlatla(N)=flame/
    fire/xilè(N), chi(N)=on top, olli(n)=rolling= (tla)tlachinolli(N).
    also, tlachichinolli(N)=burnt,destroyed by tlatla/flame, and,
    tlachichinoaxiuitl(N)=rock moss(tlachin/lichen=liverwort/hepatica/
    buttercup. rolling flame on top, war, the redhead babe with
    the ghostrider face, roll’em, roll’em, roll’em: war can be fun,
    until you’re the one.

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  68. Tobias

    The Dropa stones should be removed as well. There is no proof they exist, or have ever existed. Even the name of the Chinese man said to have originally studied them is made up,… And not even a Chinese name at that, but a Japanese name bastardized of sorts into Chinese.

    Anyways, there’s no proof they exist at all, and no proof the people in history who studied & found them exist at all either.

    Someone also mentioned removing the hammer since it was probably just a mine hammer from earlier Us history. That may be the case, and probably is,… but the fact the iron is of such high quality w/o any bubbles is fascinating. That is not something that can not be reproduced anywhere close to 100% of the time w/ today’s technology. Also the inner wood of the handle has begun to turn into coal. Which is something that takes a while.

    Ok, I had thought of more to type, but I can’t remember it now, and I want to eat this food in front of me, not browse through this list again, remembering what I wanted to type,…


  69. carlos lascoutx

    obey(your appetite, provecho). i took a quick look in the sanseido
    (jap in our alfabet), and they have no, dropa, but do have, doppo,
    which means, have no parallel in history, so i am inclined to agree
    with whoever wrote that we need not invent et’s, the world is strange and wonderful enough as it is, yet our adaption skills
    are so great we get bored with wonder and wander, my point being,
    when you’re bored it’s time to create, that’s the way teotl/tea,
    the goddess did it, boredom is the perfect vacuum for creation
    and one’s mind is free. no interruptions, to travel past now future.
    the hammer is good for a yammer/yamaua, yamactic(N)=to soften.
    if we had a managerial brain like neander we would see
    the big picture and be content with its design, but no,
    we’re techys and the way of the techy=2=ome, the only thing to do with teotl/theother one(of ome/2)is to put it to work on a 2/ome
    problem like language/in ear, out mouth,breath in out, e.g.,
    but settle=cetilia(N)=ceti(N)=sit=sitar=guitar=music=amuse=muse,
    but really/real/tealtia(N)=the altar, the art, ue altia(N)=
    bealte(OE)=beata(sp)=beatitude=beauty of amoxtli(N)=book=
    b(r)ach(OE)=bach(ger)=b(r)ook= b/paca(N)=wash sheets=chiton(gk)=
    try tzopilotl wordpress, it’s like reciting the alfabet with words,
    have some new posts, and am beginning to find a form for all
    this crazy(he needs his meds, sick puppy…balls!) lingo slingo.
    word are fun, they are the highway, and letters are the route,
    as in, sur le route/on the road, by jack the whack kerouac, but
    he warnt a doppo or dropa, words are all anyone has in this world,
    they stay with us to the end, thick or thin, get in on it. best,
    ps. one way to start is by taking the (r)/(s)/(l) out of words,
    but don’t mark up a book: do it with your mind, and see what
    you get, flip a p/b or b/v/u, this is a simple way to generate
    wordpower, help you with a song or a poem, we need more people to defend language and its better than the gun army, this be the word army.

  70. carlos lascoutx

    …now there’s an open mind. total to/our land/tlalli(N)=earth, or as we say, common ground. good for you ma(r)cui(N)=5 p(l)antli(N)=
    flag, you get 5 flags for that, and a panther/pantli(N). why flag
    a panther?, because we even fought from the caves, and that was the birthing animal of the fire drill goddess?, or perhaps because his
    tail is used like a flag, more likely, especially in cane breaks,
    and there is a flower named flag, big cats are crazy about flowers,
    even have them on their pelts, can you imagine trying to pick out
    a leopard or ocelot or cheetah in a field of flowers that almost matches his/her pattern? make me feel like cat’s dinner after a
    while, but they say a cat will not charge if you are looking at
    it, they prefer ambush, and you don’t turn your back on them.

  71. burnout

    Hey come on people.I realize Carlos and I may have got a bit political and I know that was not the subject but dont end it here.I promise I will try not to get political again.

  72. carlos lascoutx

    …back to the herd/ h/th/te(r)d/t/tl=tetl(N)=stone, i.e.,
    the first form of herding(shying rocks at the sheep, or the wolves).
    have we exhausted 10 amazing artifructs? how about 10 more?
    dropa ’til you drop is my motto/mote(sp)/mot(Fr)/motla(N)/moth,
    flickering around the lamp post on cyber corner. great thing
    is matlalli/netland, everybody like schools of fish in a great
    seattle/ce atl(N), tuna, swordfish, minnow, guppies, sprats,
    yikes, sharkys, barracuda, and deep-sounding whales escorted by
    squid, then there’s the occupy, ah, octopy holding multiple
    idents and guarding the gray pearl of eminence he’s too shy to use.
    and of course the cod, hake/tlaca, and silverside grunion are, let’s band together and ask for a change of artiwhacks,
    we can do that, can’t we, ask our hosts, or bring horrors in
    ourselves to be disgusted?

  73. Leslie

    The same was said of the stones in the great pyramids as is said about the Sacsayhuaman walls. There is very good evidence that most of the stones in the pyramids were poured the same way we pour concrete now. Perhaps the same technology was used in The Sacsayhuaman walls.

  74. carlos lascoutx

    …is it because of batty crocker and jiffy mix that we get these
    ideas that there’s an easier way than to peel potatoes and mash
    them? instant everything? c’mon, le(s)lie/ t/le(t)l=tletl(N)=
    fire up another sci fi idea for the pyras, how about magnetic fields? i myself think it was merwin showing off for gandolf,
    however, in my heart/ h/th/t/tlet/l i know the crews in their
    hundreds, their thousands, hauled every one of those stones
    into place. cratsmanship is something we can’t even imagine
    today, that’s how far gone we are from our past(and our future).
    we see nothing but shoddy goods and think the past was like
    that too. not true. we come from better stock than that, and
    in a time when coin/money weren’t just paper kites, and service
    wasn’t just a hamburger.

  75. Helioprogenus

    This fluff may be entertainment to credulous morons who don’t have an idea of how the scientific method works, or can bother to fact check even the simplest misleading snippet of information, but those who have a background in empirical reality and framing unknowns in the proper context will remain free of ignorant drivel like this.

    I appreciate the debate this may arouse, and the appearance of so many poorly educated individuals who have a strictly limited view of testable theories and reality. It’s easy to blame nameless and faceless “scientists” for thinking in narrow minded ways, when truly understanding and grasping the mechanism for investigating the natural world is absent. Blame your teachers, your parents, and your sadly ignorant self-indulgent fantasies of superficial trappings of modern society like reality television, fashion trends, religious institutions, and a host of other limiting factors for comprehending the world. Science is not a popularity contest, nor is it a democracy where every moronic idea is accepted as though it’s viable. If an hypothesis cannot stand up to the rigors of the scientific method, then it is dutifully discarded to the same waste dump that many of you apparently use for the snippets of practical knowledge you may have gained at one time in your slow, plodding course towards graduating with a degree in alcohol toxicosis. For some of you, it’s sad to see 8 years of college amount to nothing but a possible piece of toilet paper with fancy lettering. Congratulations

  76. carlos lascoutx

    …thank you, helioprodigy, my we’re full of hot air this morning,
    spoken like a true scientologist defending your empiracal that
    has proved so unfriendly to the ordinary bettor on the global
    sweepstakes. is the scientific method like the rhythm method? must
    be, because we have lots of its unwanted children around, e.g.,
    nuclear waste(would someone change its ticking diaper, please),
    the pirates of somalia would be ever so grateful to go back
    to fishing again, oh, and cruise missle is acting up,
    wants to take a run through the chinese embassy again, what
    are we to do with warbaby, should we take her to a psychiatrist,
    she keeps killing innocent things, and little vaccination has
    created a new playmate, the dog parvo, who resists all efforts
    to tame it, and tuberculosis is raging again through russia,
    i thought we had solved her problems, baby aids has grown so
    it ravages an entire continent(because she refuses to be), and
    now swine flu has gotten together with her twin, avian, and
    pigs can fly. gee, and they’re all sired by la belle science
    and gyro gearloose, whose godmother is governance, the forgetful
    dipsomaniac whose idea of forsaying the future is to stick her nose in her purse(that’s one way of telling fortunes).
    and now you, helios, don’t you think you should forget about
    being the center of the universe for a moment, you’re only a
    fixed star, and consider life on other planets, than on the burning
    holocaust ultra-violet that you are?

  77. burnout

    I am with you Carlos the people who are in control in the world are.
    The puppets of the multinational companies.
    (I am sorry that is a bit political but it needs to be said and I still have big hopes for Obama)
    We buy crap white goods.The food we eat is full of artificial fertilizer and chemical because we have let a minority tell us what we must do.
    The point I am trying to get to is that we are losing our ability to get it right once again.
    This has happened time and again through history.
    Look at some of the buildings in Europe and in the Middle east and you tell me how some of those buildings were built?
    I do not know if there was help from other beings or not.
    But I do have a problem with science because if they cannot prove it by their methods they say it can not be so.
    The bee was a perfect example however the little buggers were flying then and they are still flying now.
    By the way Carlos you must be my vintage or more.
    You know who Gyro Gearloose is or.

  78. carlos lascoutx

    …the past deserves to be remembered, burns, altho we treat it
    like a retired lightbulb, it lit our way. science is exclusive
    because it has a lot to hide, besides being schizophrenic, in
    the booktunes it’s a 2-based number with a witch at the head of
    the line, direction death side/mictlampa/tra(m)pa(sp)=trap.
    it needs to be regulated, not given free reign. i know people
    who lived in our nuclear villages, the best and the brightest,
    who are now radioactive. i remember agent orange, career army,
    war college, who travelled freely throughout vietnam in those
    days, so toxic he finally revved up his bike and went to the wall.
    medical fads of each generation, take out this, take out that.
    plastic surgery, ni hablar/let’s not talk about it, a disgrace.
    let’s not stamp out nature, animals, and oursleves just because
    the fearful few want a monopoly for their new toy/toyaua(N)=spill.
    yeah, born 1942, a good year, the storm had gathered and
    broke over us at pearl harbor, ted williams was in flight training,
    my uncle ross suited up, packed his tennis racket, and was
    mcArthur’s navigator in japan, my uncle keene got a post-war year
    in france, 1946, oooh la la, then in 1948 edwin land came by
    with a camera and took a picture of brother kit and i sitting
    on the stoop of the house in newton ctre, mass., and, i swear
    it’s true, the camera stuck its tongue out and it turned
    into a sepia-colored picture of us, then going to ward school
    and flipping baseball cards against the wall, wish i’d kept all
    those i’d won, but the hand-eye cooerdination is still with me
    from throwing all those leaners, then being secretary of my 3d
    grade class with kivvy, michael, jane, and the future werewolf
    of london. it was quite a world then, super connies, one later
    served as my taxi over the black sea, the russkys called it the
    gray worm and would make runs on its humped radome and 3-rudder
    tail, it was the dowager of the fleet, but we flew through
    mt.ararat with her, i was taking photos on the rear hopper at
    the time and looked out both portholes to see rock either side,
    i think we saw the ark, most of the time we’d go up with 28
    crew and 27 parachutes(there would have been a helluva fight
    for the last chute), but it was fun, the brownshoe navy.
    what do you think of internet? pretty fresh bunch of wetters
    (pun)wetears, they’re so smart they’re almost stupid, traveling
    at the speed of light, they might miss a few things, hurry, hurry,
    post, post, but cyberspace is the most, i think we can learn
    to use it for the good, and let the bad slide off the tray
    into the dumpster. it is the future of education, as oba showed,
    the way the public can make themselves felt above and below
    the blindered patriotic/patiotl(N)=salarys of carthorse elites who,
    as we have seen, do not serve an interest other than their bag
    of oats.

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  80. burnout

    History is a vast source of information if only the world leaders would study it.(I guess it is up to all of us to do that really in the western world as we do vote for our governments)
    Someone once said,WE ignore history at our peril.Or words to that effect.How true is that???
    Carlos.Science as I know you know is a very complex misstress.
    Quantum Physics.Time does not move.Time is constant.We move through time.
    Very hard for the brain to digest.
    But to all the nay sayers I say think about where space ends.
    It is obvious that it can not because what is beyond that.
    There could be a brick wall but what is on the other side of the brick wall.That is how I got my brain around this kind of thing when I was very young.
    We have a lot of flashy cheap science around us at the momment.
    Which is good.Computers, etc.I use them and I think they are great but they only the tip of the iceberg.
    We have to go a long way back in history and pick up some of the science from that era and then we are getting somewhere.

  81. carlos lascoutx

    …right, burns/brennen(OTeut)/pennon(letra)/pinaua, opinauh(N)=
    opine(E). i just said good-bye to a complex mistress, arrogant,
    closed mind, but when (s)witched on, a beacon of light that crosses the universe in a flash while everyone else on horseback, never forget her, the torch. in using tech we have to remember it’s 2/binomial/deathside, and shouldn’t use it out of fear but for our good. once had a proud, rocket scientist in the store, could have kicked the arrogant bastard for wasting money on a missile race that
    never was going to happen, an atomic program that if used meant
    nuclear winter(the new form ice age takes), and for all the other
    destructive goodys fear merchants bully us into buying.
    they know history but prefer bolero/bullero, the one note sonata
    neocons never tire of playing, their trump that becomes a money
    trap for the republic of mismanagers of disunion who like to wrap themselves in the flag the better to keep people in rags.
    time=cauitl(N)=c/g(r)avity/tl(letra) is a constant, as is the
    speed of light. one wishes governments were constant, i.e., the
    same for everyone, but at least we have the idea of democracy on
    our lips/tenitl/tenime(N/pl.), if not on our hands. course, tenitl
    is where the word, (e)te(r)nity/tl, arises. i think of the universe
    as one big word that clapped out of the lips of creation and is
    racing or puckering into non-creation like a big tlatla uentli(N)= (tlat)la ven d/t/tli/er(letra)=lavender kiss from the lord of time,
    lord of herbs, lord turquoise, xiuhtecuhtli(N) and his son,
    xiuh nenetl(N)=turquoise child, anthony tonatiuh, our sun.
    i’m optimistic, like you are, about history=(h)i(s)tol/ry(letra)=
    itoa/tlatolli/oito/woid/word/wor(l)d(N/E). adelante, caminante.
    best, carlos.

  82. Client X

    Carlos is my new hero.

    There comes a point during the intellectual growth of a human when it has to make the decision whether or not to progress within the system or deviate. Members of both disciplines are required as we advance. Whichever of these two mindsets you adhere to, you are appreciated by those like me, who fall somewhere in between. I cherish the constant reshaping of truth as it progresses.

    Carlos is cooler than the coldest cool.

  83. Client X

    “jptc Says:
    April 3rd, 2009 at 5:12 am

    where can I get me one o those 300+ton block rub together machines? I have a spot in my back yard thats just crying out for a pyramid.”

    That made my day, again.

  84. Client X

    I saw a large rock that was drawn upon by North American natives who used the boulder as a map and a meeting place. The stone was discovered while excavating a large piece of property in New Mexico. It depicted where the native’s camp was located, where the best hunting was to be done and what types of game could be found there. It showed the location of fresh water and even had a crude rendering of a large horny toad, which I guess they’d eat. Tasty. Every image was useful to them in some way.

    Every image except for the large Spanish cross scrawled awkwardly across the rock’s face, an addition which protected the Spanish invaders from the evil spirits which oozed out of a peaceful civilization’s equivalent of a shopping mall directory. Unfortunately, such crosses did nothing to protect from the true “evil” spreading across the land, that being the smallpox and other plagues, the stowaways on the ships that crossed the oceans to plunder and destroy in the noble name of God himself.

    You say that in the past, we were smarter than we give ourselves credit for? I say f**k you, we need us some aliens or we’re all f**ked.

  85. Client X

    Well, on second thought, if we got the alien equivalent of Spanish Conquistadors then I guess I’d be wrong.

    I’m so confused now. Ah, well, 4 posts in a row by me says nobody cares anyways.

  86. carlos lascoutx

    …garden, hmmm, g/c a l/r d/t e n(letra)= caltentli(N)=
    calli/house lip(edge)/tentli, and the german=(kinder)garten.
    herb/yerba=malinalli(N/day12souls/tunes)/malhuia(N)=to like
    oneself, to tend a garden/nemalhuiliztli(N)=decency,purity,
    care for oneself,sobriety,continence,honesty,gravity,austerity,
    whew, don’t know if i’m ready for all that, but if i’ve made
    it this far i should try it because i’ve been anemalhuiliztli(N)=
    torpid,obscene,gross, wait a minute, i know that word in english:
    animal, yeah, i guess, guilty as charged, oh, and guilt=
    cuicuiltic(N)=of various colors, why, it’s the word, quilt,
    i guess white would be innocent, so i am quilted with guilt,
    as a motley/motla(N)=your body clown/conne(OE)/conetl(N)=rabbit
    should be, a life spent going to honey/ h/ch/coney(island)/
    conetl(N)=co(mes)(to) ne(cuh)tl(i)=necuhtli(N)=honey.worse
    than a bear i yammer, there’s something gratifyingly simple
    about be(as)ts/ b/pe(as)t(letra)=petla(N)/petra(Lat)/piedra(sp),
    i hope we don’t kill them all simply because we’re irate
    monkeys who keep falling out of trees and like our ladders
    to the sky. monkeys do believe in a deity, and if they can,
    we can, it’s our darnwinian nature to nurture ourselves, ah,
    is it ok to think of the skyknot as our wrapper, our nurse,
    and probably a female, all credit to male nurses but they
    like to frighten, still haven’t gotten over the mixed signals
    of the old testy, but to each his own and to each the same
    as we reclaim what remains within after cataclysm’s windfall,
    kata-(gk/pfx)=caer(sp)=fall/ecatl(N/day2souls). maybe we’re
    the d(r)opa drupes/ d/t(r)op(letra)=trop(Fr)=too much=toptli(N)=
    idle idol (w)rappers filling and voiding the loneliest planet
    in the suniverse, we’re the et’s who can’t decide to stay or go,
    be good or bad, love it or leave it, you know when vonnegut left
    the planet, he said about us survivors: i guess you didn’t
    really like it here after all, and gaddis said: the greatest
    problem is not ignorance, it’s stupidity. updike just left,
    and i’m talking about word saints here, for those who want to
    catch up, what’s to become of us if we don’t tend the garden of words, the only holy spirit we can do anything about and
    through whose use we rise not singly but together in a circle
    of speakers to claim what every religion on earth is unable to
    deliver so mired are they in the misuse of deity’s only message:
    the humble word. misued and abused by potentate, priest, and
    panjamdrum for their finite realms. every word is the breath
    of life, and every listener the cradle.

  87. carlos lascoutx

    …hang in there, xray, ruining better civs is what the sword of eden was all about and every war to conquest, the spanish have
    spent all the gold and are now dead in the water, we’re letting
    war and neocon, have let them, bankrupt us, they’re sitting on their seed money hoping it will last unti the next katrina comes
    along and blows them all away. despair is a sin in the windy old
    cathedral of cats i belong to and despise for their venality and
    misplaced righteousness, dislocated would be more like it, can
    fracture your funnybone thinking about it, would make a dog laugh
    the way priests behave, can’t do anythng for themselves and have
    to chew the glyphs of liturgy every effing day in the dank mauso-
    leums of lost empire, so bored apparently that sin is the only
    relief available for those not in the sphincter of papal city,
    the odor of sanctity has a new flavor these days, i believe i
    had a whiff of it when i was standing below the jakes in
    Yurririya, on the way to michoacan/michigan=michi(n)oa can=
    place of fish/michin owners/oa=ua(N)=own. you have to remember,
    in nauatl, tzintli is saintly, the reverential, but also means,
    asshole. we’re talking 5k bc, when people were still people,
    and their language reflected their honesty, and they knew their
    holy joes to the bone. now, the only religon of the upper 50 is
    politics, as religion has become an equal opportunity employer
    for the empiratical, and the same can be said of politics if
    you change equal to unequal, but they’re both singing, my country
    ’tis of thee in front of the government candy store, the us mint.

  88. V

    HA! I love it when these fool-hearted folks post up… oh the world began blah blah years ago and your gonna burn in hell.

    Fact: Our damn calendar and dating system are all results from the community of science whom have observed and tested space-time throughout the centuries. Not derived from some old-man’s text book called the Bible! So advice to the simpleton commentators, every time your post states a numeric date, know that it’s something only science could of given to your ranting ass; furthermore, science gave you the computer in which all of you are able to get on this internet site and make your stupid comments on. LOL Period

    P.S. how the heck are people suppose to burn in hell… I mean that person is already dead, right? Your suppose to be a ethereal being in hell by then, right? And pain is but a corporeal neurally physical occurrence that we feel and will no longer be subjected to feel since were dead and in magic land hell, riiight? Hehehe.

    Oh yeah, about the article… interesting, but need more information. Vague arguments are but done to mis-inform only. So… yeah.

  89. carlos lascoutx

    …our calendar of today is an abortion thought up by the
    gregory pope, old georgy/ g/ce ol/r(letra)= ce/one holy/ollin/
    (f)oolin'(letra). present calendar puts us about 60 days
    out of whack for the beginning of the real year which should
    be on the spring equinox in the northern hemi and the southern
    hemi should begin on autumn equinox in australia. let’s see,
    60 into 360 thereabouts is, 6. miquiztli, day6 in the book of
    tone/tonalli/tonalamatl. mickey is the biter, old nick,
    the deathlord of the center, he loves monopoly and has one,
    over us. no wonder we have so many wars and his dog science
    is unleashed, see, his real name is war, been a time in your
    miserable life we haven’t had one. didn’t think so.
    when you’re dead/ded/ d/tet/d(letra)=tetl(N)=stone/stein,
    or, d/tlet/d(letra)=tletl(N)= t/let/l/ t/l/red/t/l(letra)=
    your red letter day.
    pain?/painal(N/god)=run lightly, well, can’t run more
    lightly than a ghost/gast(scot)/ g/ca(s)t(letra)=ecatl(N)=
    wind,breath. believe in buffy and chris wheedon, v, spike
    is in a lot of sweet pain, and if it happens to him, it can
    happen to you.

  90. V

    Client X… if humans can’t solve their own problems, no point in asking it from a extraterrestrial. They probably don’t give a damn about us, seeing the way we act and our mental capabilities might not even be up to par with their infants hehe. And sure ass the sun, they won’t recognize our vocal interactions even if they had a voice box and our body of symbols we use modernly all but reflects our perspective of what we know so far from earth and our childish visual and mental concept of the universe (meaning if they can hop over to our planet, they’re using super complex advance communications far from our mediocre ones).

    So in conclusion, it would be nice to actually see and recognize they do actually exist, but they will not fix our problems regardless if they wanted to or not. Yeah, bugs me too, but I’m trying… starting with these buffoons who have already been placated to believe they know the Zenith answer to life and the universe hehe. Dumbasses.

  91. carlos lascoutx

    …you know, god, i’ve been thinking the same about you.
    what are you doing tomorrow? nothing as usual? how about
    having coffee with me tomorrow after tennis? by the way,
    your son has been captured by hari krishna catholics,
    instead of bananas(they all are), they hand out plastic
    chachkas and say they came from you? i gotta sit right down
    and write a letter, but i’ll say it came from you. is mary
    still mad at you? try to relax, best, carlos.

  92. Client X

    I hate to interrupt God’s bewildering and razor sharp return quip (I know you’re all squishy with anticipation) but I was just wondering how come no comments past May 15th are showing up on the web page in my browser. I’ve refreshed it and what not so I’m sure I’m not viewing a cached page, but the only way I can read anything posted on this
    is to check my Gmail.

    God, you got an answer for that, you f**kin geniousity you?

  93. Client X

    Hey V, I’m not sure who you’re talking about with all that “you’re gonna burn in hell” stuff. Are you so angry about organized religion that you just blurt out your opinions on the matter when nobody is arguing with you about it or what?

    About aliens, I would hope that they might share our ability to show compassion to other living things. Hopefully the shiny little guys would feel sorry for us and want to help us because we have potential or maybe because they like Eminem and Kenny G so much that existence would be worthless if they couldn’t save us from ourselves. If they don’t like us and they’re smart enough to jump all the way over into our neighborhood we’re f**ked anyways. So would a race of living organisms who had no compassion be able to survive long enough to get smart enough? Is compassion our weakness? Would alien compassion surpass alien wisdom? Do they want to learn how to breakdance and rodeo? Are they laughing at us? Are they cooking us for dinner? Are they still mad about their brothers who got defiled in Sodom?

    And what’s with the anal probes? Maybe we don’t need their help after all.

    Point is, if they do want us around then it should be a snap for them to “communicate” with us. Surely such an advanced group of fine upstanding universal travelers with “advanced” ways of communicating would be smart enough to think down to our level. IF THEY LIKE US OR NEED US OR VALUE US. Like I stated before, if they don’t then we’re at their mercy.

    Maybe I’ll go on a one man mission to put a positive face on… everything… so we can trick the lofty little space goblins into thinking we’re better than we are… Once we get our hands on their technology, we’ll be sh***in in high cotton.


  94. Client X

    This page’s comments section is either full, or the coding is rubbish. It can’t be any fault of mine as I am incapable of being blamed for anything.

    It’s a neat trick I picked up somewhere.

  95. Client X

    V, if you were responding to Carlos’ post, I think he was drawing from his apparent knowledge or experience with the church, probably Catholic (cats), to somewhat poetically illustrate his mentality. Judging from his previous posts on this page I doubt he is one of the high falutin’ TRUE BELIEVERS you seem to be directing your animosity towards.

    But I’m not here to speak for the gentleman so I politely step away from the ring.

    Why wouldn’t aliens like us? Sure, we’re dirty, gross and a laughing stock of a “civil”ized life form, but I’m pretty darned handsome, myself, so we’ve got that going for us. And where else are they going to find Nos energy drinks and gorgeous blonde strippers except on Earth?

    I rest my case.

    And I got the stupid comments to start posting again. I’m sure you’re all very relieved to hear that.


  96. carlos lascoutx

    …hang in, x, it’s voodoo geekdom, survival of the politically
    correct, honorship/ownership, the principle they have used to
    starve cuba for several decades. by definition(robertson davies,
    5th business), a geek is someone who will bite the head off a
    chicken if he’s paid. wage slaves are really degenerate. they
    don’t like to talk about it, but healthy competition isn’t their
    aim, that’s just word cover for doing what massa says. the south
    finally won the civil war after 143yrs, small landowning elite,
    here we call them hacendados, in the south they were mostly english
    so that means after 233yrs the english model finally won our
    revolutionary war, with the help of outsourcing and the chinese,
    and, of course, our version of their mad georges.
    the idea is to turn the country into an empty shell,
    like england is now(cf.,paul theroux, the kingdom by the sea).
    the regular brits have only the soccer wars to console them now, and the streamers of odd sex from snippy fleet street.
    it’s the old bread and circus of rome. gladiators and glad bags
    (talking heads). we stopped being the land of the free and the brave a long time ago, now we just feast on the poverty of our
    neighbors, have ruined the guats, colombia, argentina, and in
    bolivia and venezuela are blowing the trumpet for coup and
    intervention á la the monroe doctrine, a crowbar for chilean
    salvador allende demolition, while playing the one string harp
    of democracy, buscando el tonto que los crea/looking for the fool
    who will believe them, and they’re plenty out there looking for
    the mythical greenback dollah, the holy grail of hypocgreasy.

  97. burnout

    HEY GOD.Apart from that one really really intelligent statement you made we have heard no more.
    I can understand what has happened.
    After putting all that effort in you have overloaded your brain and now you have writers block.
    Don’t worry after a few weeks it will clear and you should be able to contribute again.
    Client X.The Aliens are here for sure and some are in contact with some of our race(When I say race I mean people of this planet not the races of our different countries)
    They are obviously far more advanced than us and are not ment to step in unless we start to do the nuclear war thing or much worse.
    We are like children let loose in an armoury.
    Our science is far in advance of our maturity.
    The universe is a spectacular thing and it only takes one cowboy outfit like the Earth as it is run at the moment to make a hell of a mess.
    So dont be afraid of Aliens if they wanted to hurt us they could have done so many thousands of years ago.
    And please dont do the naive thing and think that there are no other beings out there.
    I think it scares people to think that there are other beings.
    It upsets their warm and cuddly feelings.
    But you should be more scared of what our fellow human beings are doing than what an Alien might do.
    What say you Carlos?

  98. carlos lascoutx

    …aliens have already contacted me, in fact, taxi 17 with the
    white crane driver who talked babblefish and kanji that took me
    to halcyon, stopped at an intergalactic drive-in and the carhop
    was a wookie, r2d2 was filling in as a voicebox, princess leyla
    was on rollerskates and handing out postcards from the edge(of
    the universe), harrison was mopping the floor, and james dean
    was one over in his porche having a wingding and splendor in
    the grass nataly was sucking a rootbeer float, the music was live,
    richey v., buddy, the big bopper, and rickey, even croche,
    eddie cocoran, and, dig this, elvis was flipping hamburgers,
    roy was on his black harley, only the lonely, by himself,
    but marilyn was giving him the eye from jack lemon’s hotrod.
    so things are ok in the galaxy, but the drupas want to change
    mad george into a bush and his sidekick, karl, into rover the dog.
    i gave them the ok on that, told them to save all the animals
    and languages we have on the planet, get a cruiseship iceberg
    with seal holes for the polar bears, bring back neander as
    manager, cromag males out of politics and into the food business,
    rappers into politics, hollywood back to thoughtful, non-violent
    flicks in black and white, cole porter makes a comeback, and
    robert downey jr. as drug tzar and point man for legalizing
    mj, outlaw privately owned guns, turn the forces into construction
    batta(lions), use schools as daycare centers and put education
    on the internet full time, get rid of dairy, meat products,
    and elevate dogs to ambassador rank so the world will know
    america is serious about taking care of pluto, ah, earth.
    to england, we can send a horse. france may want a poodle.
    russia gets a wolfhound, and china gets a chihuahua, so he
    can talk to the mexican ambassador. we might send a pembroke
    corgi to germany since 3k yrs ago it was a dachshund, no
    dobers or shepherds, maybe a pitbull or bulldog if
    england hasn’t already send a kennel to bonn, for north korea,
    i’d recommend a cuckoo, a parrot to iran, a cow to india,
    a boar to south afrika, to zimbabwe a python, to italy
    a calico cat with a canary, and to israel a prize pig in a poke.
    have i forgotten anybody? the rest of the nations don’t get
    an ambassador, they get a free coupon to burger king and a free
    ride over niagra/ niac(r)a(letra)= on-iaca/niaya(N)=i am going,
    falls, irregular form of yauh(N)=to go. niagra alternates
    between limestone and granite slabs, the limestone crumbles
    and the falls recedes slowly, saying to a visual oberserver,
    i am going, great observers the amerindians and had the time
    to do it. we should not let the world distract us from observation.
    the papoose system was great, strapped to squawback, the child/
    chieltia(N)=shield learns to look first and act later when he’s
    had a goodlook. i’m all for dryboarding kids in the first years,
    rather than let them rugrat. tks

  99. burnout

    Well Client X I dont think that we will hear much more from GOD.
    I mean I would not mind if he called Carlos a f//king idiot and proceeded to give us some insite into his own views.
    But you can’t bad mouth someone and then not say why they are wrong.
    The other thing is we all pick our name for one reason or another.
    How sad and tragic would you have to be to call yourself GOD?

  100. carlos lascoutx

    …try not to use the word, god gott(ger) g/cotoni(N)=to pinch,
    to cut. the name comes from a time when we did human sacrifice,
    everybody did except the vegetarians, specifically the ku(r)ds,
    whose god=khuda kh/k/cut/da(letra). god is really an unpleasant
    appelative, and is related to the word, gutter. you have to
    remember what christians are like, e.g., it’s the word peasant
    in russian=krestyan, and they are the pawns on the chessboard,
    their only hope is promotion, they’re always trying to make it
    to 8th rank, and when they do, as we have seen many times over, they become queens, bishops, and horseheads or asses.
    the other thing about pawn christians is that they’re
    splayfoot like their bishops, they cannot take face to face,
    they capture from the side like snakes. it’d hard to talk to a
    christian for that reason, they don’t use it, they use faith,
    which is a guarding and abstaining from logic, a piety in the
    sky of infinity, a willful absence from reality, and their god,
    the cutter, is in league with them, trying to get them back to
    torture and human sacrifice. what a thing to teach children:
    it ensures they never grow up because the bible told them so.
    hitler was a catholic, from what i hear.

  101. Client X

    Ha I might need to apologize for my guess at your religious roots, Carlos. You seemed to have an aged experience with the church back on V day; I thought it possibly one of those “parents dragged me to Mass until I was too big for them to restrain, now I see with clarity
    the darkness that covers the back walls of the Vatican” beginnings so common amongst the American “cats.” No offense meant either way, of course.

    Christian pawns who can’t take face to face, that’s a deviously awesome deduction.

    Chess is one of life’s finest pleasures, especially combined with caffeine and conversation. It’s the second-most written about topic of all time say those that say such things, runner-up to the Bible as topic if not the Bible itself. I clash pieces online habitually although the cheaters mob up thick these days.

    I suspect you’ve honored me with a visit to my page… I don’t even know what I’ve got going on there. What started as a way to escape reality has turned into something that might be positive but also could be like attaching a lighting rod to my tin foil hat. If nothing else it is the only vent keeping me at operating temperature, but precariously so. Thanks for the interest. Now that this site seems to be operating correctly I can ask you permission to share some of what you’ve written here with the visitors on my SU page. I did so already and would have already asked you but zmescience was out of commission at the time. I can also remove it immediatley if you so desire… at any rate thanks for the inspiration. I make absolutely no income and recieve no donations from that web site and would give proper credit to the respectful author(s).

    Burnout, I may as well ask the same from you, dude. Would that bother you?

  102. carlos lascoutx

    …i’m taking netland/matlalli at its facevalue. i want to get
    the word out, so everybody can see it, spread the word anyway
    you can, x, let it fly, this is ca, communications anonymous
    and synonymous, the information highway is open and the light
    is electronic, liberty’s torch, the purest expression of the
    new way of doing things, may become a deity itself some day,
    the buddhists will call it, bingle, the chinese may use, wave,
    the english, zounds!, the latins, onda, and the japanese, honda, which may confuse the spanish because honda means slingshot.
    and the italians, macaroni(didn’t he invent airwaves?),
    and the druggys will call it, freq., and the rappers will call
    it, vicky. there are all these gods in waiting, and behind them,
    the one god, edison, but we never say his name for copyright
    reasons. science knows it as electron, the greeks as amber,
    and the gringos in mexico call it palaver because they can’t say
    palabra. it’s exciting to be at the cradle of new gods with
    the old gods framed on the walls looking down on their children.
    can you imagine an old god not wanting children to take over
    when he’s too tired to deal with priests of the pounding flesh,
    faithful only to their indulgent stomachs and the rancid rich
    puddings of their favored flock of gaggling geese?

  103. burnout

    No problem at all Client X.
    Any thing I have to say is for anyone who who wants to read it.
    Quite pleased that you think some of it may be worth passing on.
    (Hey we all have a little bit of an Ego)

  104. burnout

    Client X I think I would like to have a look at your page or site or whatever.
    Sounds like it might interesting but I dont know how to find it.

  105. Client X

    Very good, very good. Thank you gentlemen. Burnout, if you just click on my name that is printed above this or any of my previous comments it SHOULD take you to my site. It’s just an SU blog. Stumbleupon takes you to sites submitted and reviewed by other members and allows you to review them on your member page, link to them, thumbs up them or thumbs down them, or ignore them and just write your own stuff. I do all of that so what I have is an unorganized collection of rants, raves, links and a jigsaw puzzle of segments of the most fucked up true story ever, the story of the last six years of my life. It’s not even close to completely written yet and probably never will be.

    Nobody to whom I’ve tried to explain the reality of what’s happened to me has EVER been able to soak it all in. It’s too much to handle all at once, I guess, plus it’s way too long to explain in one sitting. It’s intricate and requires a lot of explanations. It freaks people out. The truth is stranger than fiction. I’m probably the only one who even cares but it helps me deal with existing in the Twilight Zone my story has left me in.

    I’m pretty fucked up, post tramatic stress, paranoia, etc; not to mention yelling at invisible ninjas makes people think you’re crazy. Ha umm okay I’ve over hyped it and now it will be anti-climactic but whatever, it’s not a fucking feature film.

    Cool then, yall be good. I gotta sleep for work tomorrow.

  106. Client X

    well, I just tried clicking on my name but it didn’t work quite right. My member name is SHANFIT so perhaps digging from the main Stumbleupon page for that name might work.

    When I have the Stumbleupon add-on for Firefox installed, “” takes me right to my page.

    If you can’t find it or don’t care anymore I won’t hold it against you.

    Carlos, you’re my favorite internet sage, dude. Keep doin what you’re doin. Your syle is unorthodox and unique, your wisdom is obvious and you have a deep understanding of our world. Have you ever considered or done any professional writing?

  107. Client X

    ahh, I see what might be happening. My site is set up to allow me to post R and X rated content. You’ll find nothing on it worse than me cussing but the rating keeps the youngins from being infected with my crazy. I guess you might need to be a member, logged in and with the option to “view all content ratings” selected in your preferences.

    A lot to ask, I know.

  108. carlos lascoutx

    …so start the story, x, i’ve got a strange history myself but
    everytime i think i’m rare somebody cooks me with their story
    and i have the great relief of knowing it’s not just me that
    has been singled out, i’m only hanging onto the tip of the iceberg with my crampons on, climbing axe in hand, looking for captain ahab so i can give his crew and the pequod a cubit of ice from moby
    right through their nantucket hull. our species has a way of killing the deepest blood beings on the planet in their flipping arrogance, sending other people’s sons to wars they cook up, and
    making fun of a promethean species who did us the only favors we have received so far from anybody because we don’t do ourselves
    any favors that don’t corrupt the fabric of our being. oh sure,
    we fuck, fight, and listen to music, but we can’t even manage
    pigs, hens, cows, horses, dogs, cats, let alone ourselves, or
    the planet. outer space is a dump just so we can blast a pakky
    from tampon tampa with a video game and take out a few innocents
    along with the waterboard candidate. buck rodgers would be
    ashamed of us. we are our enemy. we don’t have the high fround anymore, if we ever did, we’re in the flatland where one asshole
    bush looks like another from father to son, all that education
    for this, come on, professors, my pet turkey’s got more smarts
    than your best and brightest. all you guys know how to do is,
    gobble, gobble.

  109. burnout

    Client X and Carlos I dont know what you have been through.
    I had a few uncles who went through the second world war and it had a bad effect on them.
    It does not have to be war.
    I have a friend who used to be a guard in one of the most notorius prisons in Australia.
    The things that happened there still give him problems.
    There are others as well.Ambulance and Cops who have to go out and sort out societies problems.
    What I really hate to hear is people saying.Oh I understand or I know what you are going through.
    How the hell would you know or understand if you have not been in that situation?
    But what I will say is that there are people out there who care.
    I dont know how many but they are there.
    Also if the things that you have been through give you problems it means that you are a good human being.
    The person who does not care is empty.

  110. carlos lascoutx

    …our prisons systems are horribly unimaginative, they seek to
    press the life out of its victims. read, reading gaol, by oscar
    the wild, if you have the heart. the worst thing that can happen,
    and it always does, is you lose it for a moment, and then spend
    the rest of your life being pointed at by a swiss cheese legal
    system as if you haven’t punished yourself enough privately for
    the omission. the law’s rancid pound of flesh is the christian
    way, the scales have fallen from her eyes and the blindfold was
    dropped a long time ago. warehousing people is birdman of alcatraz,
    telly was great in that one, hannibal lector is another, who
    were naturally unnatural products of the anglo-american prison
    system, it’s factual intent, beneath all blaming and
    hypocrisy, a living death with a dab of phony redemption and
    rehab thrown in for spice. what a devil’s brew! meanwhile,
    the grand criminals walk on the heads of the people. disgusting.

  111. Client X

    American prison is an enterprise, a business, and if anybody tells you differently they’re either mislead or profiting from it. There are people whose careers depend on keeping those cells full. Not to say that there aren’t more than enough willing criminals to justify such a thing, but if we could ever teach our children to be good and not get in trouble, the prison / law enforcement behemoth would be a monster to put down. Such things find their own ways to survive; meaning something we’ve created as a tool to keep society safe would almost have to create ways to justify itself… if you need criminals to justify your existence and there aren’t any around, you’d need to either make criminals or else face extinction.

    I guess we could mutate that behemoth… imagine Six Flags over Alcatraz!

  112. Client X

    I’m pretty sure that’ll never happen, though. I mean, c’mon, we’re not a bunch of aliens here. A perfect society?? Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?

    That must be why the little space hoodlums keep stealing our cows and probing our orifices. They’re bored.

  113. burnout

    Not long ago I was listening to a guy who used to be in the police service in Australia that would be the same as the FBI in the US.
    He said even with all of the people dealing drugs,thieft,mugging etc.the worst criminals are the ones you see walking the streets on a daily basis in their exspensive business suit and briefcase.
    Of course all people so attired are not criminal.
    But a certain percentage of these people spend their whole life working out how to get the Mom and Pop people to invest in their dodgy money making schemes.
    And then when they fail they walk away and start a new one.
    The courts dont seem to give a shit about the people whose life savings are gone forever.
    But let me get caught with a little weed growing out the back for my own use and I am in trouble.
    Dont get me wrong I love Australia and I dont want to live anywhere else on a permanent basis.
    But the legal system does seem to look after the top end of town as it does in most of the western world.
    I guess it always has.
    If you look at the convicts who were sent to Australia on the first fleet you see such terrible crimes AS.Stealing an onion or a loaf of bread of of their employer.
    I think that there are people who are just born bad but not too many.
    I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert on the Australian Aboriginals because I did grow up with them.
    Apart from my close family I did not know anybody else.
    That is untill I was about 5.
    It is very hard to describe what they are like.
    They are very friendly very close to the earth.
    (there were some tribes in the north etc. who were cannibils)
    Australia is the size of the US so just because you are an Aus. aboriginal does not mean you are the the same people as the people who live on the other side of the country.
    Unfortunatly the government in their wisdom does not seem to understand this.
    They also dont seem to understand that these people are not European.
    Therefore we have set up a system 200 years ago whereby we have a lot more Aboriginals in custody than other races per percent of the population.
    Usually when you are with Aboriginals there is a feeling of calm and warmth and no hidden agender.
    Anyway on the lighter side.
    I often wondered why the little space hoodlums did all that probing.
    Bored you think.Hmmmmmmm.
    But it really could not be that much fun.
    Maybe we should introduce them to trivial persuit or scrabble or some other board game.
    Cheers people.

  114. carlos lascoutx

    …gregory corso, the youngest beat, was thrown into the tombs
    at 9 yrs of age for stealing an apple. his dad was tough on his mother whom he had married when she was 16, then dad told him
    she had gone back to the streets of italy. well, gregory took that apple and the tombs and educated himself to write some of the best
    poetry in america, he had help along the way from all sorts of
    unlikely sources, so when dad leans on you in any form like
    paternalism gone wild whether by institution/gobblers/or bio,
    don’t despair as they design for you, give them something back
    beautiful/beatitude/bealte(OE)/beauty, the big altar, and let
    the creeps snake along on the level, that’s why the altar/altia,
    the reverential of water/atl has steps, to keep the serpents off.

  115. burnout

    I understand what you are saying Carlos.
    I just dont know if I have what it takes to always step up to the plate.
    So far in life I have not done too bad.
    I dont think however that I have the metal in me to be a Mandela.
    In fact I am sure I dont.
    I guess though that what we have to do in life is to be honest with ourselves.
    We can fool other people but if we are fooling ourselves then we are fools.
    Please people dont get me wrong here.
    I am not saying that you have to be a man of steel standing like Arnie in front of all commers in the defence of mankind.
    Some of the people who have had the greatest effect and done the most for their fellow man have been beautiful quiet get it done sort of people.
    And what I am saying is that I dont know if I could do what they have done under adverse conditions as well.
    You know.Helping sick people war torn third world countries when your own life is in danger.
    There are any number of great people out there and all we can do is support them.
    We are no lesser people than these heroes as long as we give them support.(and I am not talking just about money)

  116. carlos lascoutx

    …well, i keep the book of souls, the tonalamatl, having repaired
    it, why not? today is atl, water day9, reverse4, actually, ce atl,
    the 17th trecena/13, harmonic with day17, ollin(N)/holy.
    from telling the book of tunes to others, i know that everybody fits into life a different way according to their make-up,
    some are ocelot, others cuauhtli/eagle, others flintdogs, or
    malinalli/herbs and garlands, others are cuetzpallin/lizards
    who like to dance and fall and screw around, then cipactli/river
    dragons who protect and bring the water of life to others,
    then there’s wind, my sign, using air/ether to broadcast, spell,
    and bring rain and storm and music and celia(N)=retoñar(sun),
    green again, rebud. because of my sign i’m interested in wind’s
    freight, words, music, teaching, preaching, and the rights of
    all young animals to be free of industrial holocaust, ghosts,
    uecaitta/see far/witches/wiccam, aerodymanics, and the obvious
    frailties of skygods vs. chthonic/ch(i)toni(N)=sparky goddesses.
    ehecatl is our great mother who fills us with wind, later maria,
    before a deer/deor/teotl/thea, dea. some are monkeys, like mozart,
    the flower prince, whose other animal, the oso/bear rite invented
    the magic flute. there are reeds, scepters of people, the ruling sign, which adds and subtracts with the solar sweeper and the
    leaping year. then the susans/shoshanna/hosanna/xochiana(N)=
    flowers to the 4, the 20th and last day, nobility of look and mind,
    the beautys among us, the big altars, the beatitudes the other
    signs drink in to refresh themselves in the mirrors of perfection.
    so booktones is the entire symphony of humanity, the strings,
    the oboes, the brass, the percussive(beat the drums for war or
    the violence for peace or the bugle for wisdom or the woodwinds
    of pleasure). anyway this is the loom i hang my thought on,
    the mill, the frame of reference. it’s a mixture of nine symbolic
    animals, matching the nine fjords of mictlan and the holy number
    of water/altia/altar, today; flower, reed/rheod/teotl/theo deo,
    herb=malinalli,; the house of life(calli/3), death(mickey/6), windlife(ehecatl/hecate/2/my day),
    storm(quiahuitl/(h)a(r)ve(s)t a(r)i(s)to au(n)t),
    movement idea(ollin/17) bounce rubber. i think i’ll put
    it on my tzopilotl wordpress site, and invite people to
    put in their birthdates to find out who they are in this oldest
    of horrorscopes. i prefer it to astrology, as you get a real
    animal for a double/nahualli/nagual/own4. the amerindians used
    it as their ritual name bank, e.g., cochise=chicuace(mickey)=
    skullpriest/6, and, ce atl(N)=seattle(chief)=one water.
    it’s his birthday today. feliz cumpleaños/happy birthday
    chief. the great thing about the calendar is you get a birthday
    every 260days, not the usual 360. hasta, carlos.

  117. carlos lascoutx

    …let’s see, medicine=metl, that’s metis, mother of athena/atentli(N)=by the lip, yup, that’s the way medicine is taken often, her
    other name is mayauel, actually, meya uel(N)=to flow well, her
    totem animal in booksouls/tunes=tochtli(N)=ocho, the rabbit, who
    leads us to being=toca=touch=to(r)ch. life and love are torches=
    tlahuiz. tlauitl(N)=ochre/ocre/oc(r)e(letra)=oceliz,celia(N)=to
    retoñar(sp)=retone, resole, resoul, blossom. the gift of neandra
    tlatla/flame and her mate/maitl(N)=hand=tlantli(N)=tooth, tletl,
    t/l/red/t/l, the literate fire/xilé(N)=sillín/silla(sp)/sylvanus/
    xylophone/xylo-(gk)=wood deus. xiuhtletl(N)=herbfire, lord
    turquoise, lord of time, year, astronomy, first medicine man,
    his son, patrick/patecatl/pamaca(N)= p/pha(r)ma cy(letra)=
    pharmacia(sp)/pharmacy(E)/farm married/amarrar(sp)=ties the
    knot with mayauel, the honey/ h/ch/coney(letra)=conetl(N)=rabbit
    goddess. athena has good parents/pat/l/rent(letra)=pate(catl), at least the ones who raised her.
    zeus may have been her father, if you can believe the greeks,
    somehow i don’t, even so paternity is not the silver bullet of
    conception, eh, tonto? father/pater(Lat)/pate(catl).
    aryan skygods are not to be trusted, they’re always working for
    someone else, crossing the prairie with their camels of one monopoly
    or another, too stupid to be plural, too simple to unlock the
    cuauhxicalli(N)=gaol= g/ca(being-rollin)ollin(letra)= ca ollin(N)=
    holy being(the one good tradtion of the rc church is jesus was the
    holy prisoner), to unlock the cage of their cells, ocelix ocelome
    (oc)elo(hi)m(letra)=elohim, hmmmm, the plural form produces one
    god, a duality, well, there’s hope for the tepeua yet in their
    internecine and obscene struggle with the airyana/iran, people
    of the plane(pun). think, potli(N)=companion/ p/both/t/tli(letra)=
    foot/feet under the table/tlapa, good/goed(dutch/tochtli/hutch)=
    g/c(o)et/d(letra)=ceti(N)=unite(set/sitar/guitar)= (o)=ollin(N)=holy. that’s the best incantation i can do for this tzon/tone
    day. pax nabisco. carlos. tks.

  118. burnout

    I have to admit that you lost me a bit there Carlos.
    But what is it that they say?
    What you miss out on the merrygoround you pick up on the roundabout.
    Or some such shit.:)
    Hey where are you Client X.
    The more input the better.
    Cheers burnout.

  119. carlos lascoutx

    …it’s a word wrap with the etymology inside, tells you about the
    pa word, where good comes from is interesting, the word to sit
    with(o)=holy, makes some comments on monotheism and its ugly twin,
    monopoly, and goes from one word to another like a search engine,
    epi-sod-ic/eptli(N)=conch(shell/on top), sod/tzotl(N)/soot,
    ic(N)/here. i’m thinking of writing an entire book in this style,
    which grows on the pages like moss, and doesn’t try to hook the
    reader with fancy frivolity that panders to fantasy, but grows
    on the rock of reader’s mind, leaving him wiser about words and
    substructure of language, instead of hung in the air by suspenders
    like a monkey in a parachute full of air drifting down away from
    the tree of knowledge. a training book for entry into letra and
    language, how to drive it, how to source words, how to become
    a speaker not a listener, strengthen the memory, pull us out of
    the silent majority that is such a delight to the lying herd of
    politician, begin the private search for understanding, become
    people who are worthy of the freedoms only a few of us enjoy
    in a country that has misplaced its charts, in other words,
    hacernos valer(sp)/to make ourselves word/thy/ valuable.
    pretty big order, but the longest journey begins with the first
    step(chinese motla/mot/motto).

  120. burnout

    Yes in the western world there is a silent majority and it is very hard work to get them to stand up and do something about it.
    And you are so so correct they are the delight of the polies.
    The people that we usually vote in are puppets of the multinationals
    and oil companies.
    Sometimes you will get someone in there who is really doing his or her best and what happens?
    Both sides of politics do all they can to discredit them.
    See they dont fit into the mould of the people who think that they are the ruling class.
    You can forget all the crap that you see on tv or radio.
    Yes they have their different ideas that they tellus about but at the end of the day they are all in the same club.
    So what do you think of Obama people.
    Whether people like it or not he is the most powerfull man on the planet.
    (mind you the English probably dont think so they think that Britannia still still rules the waves or some such crap)
    I really think myself that Obama is the best thing that has happened in the political world for a very long time.
    Time will tell and I hope I am not wrong.

  121. Client X

    I’m here, burnout, but feeling like a real burnout lately. Got a new job so I’ve been busy. I’m tired when I get home and the drive home is entirely depressing so I haven’t been chatty online lately.

    I’m beginning to think somebody is bound to get upset about us exploding the comments on this page. We should wax poetic elsewhere, the three of us.

    Carlos, you’re still the shit even though I only know English and can’t always wrap my head around the word equations. I trust in the fact that you know what you’re talking about even when I don’t get it.

    I’m a fantastical, pander to the audience type author when I’m not simply relating real stories. Even when I’m writing non-fiction, I make it all fluffy and epic. I figure the more people I can get to read it, the more of a chance somebody out there will tell me what exactly in the fuck happened to me. This is why I cater to the majority. It’s hard to make the weirdness appeal in its raw form.

    I understand and respect what you’re getting at in regards to where you’d like to go with your book. That’s some next level shit. We could all use another ladder to get to that next level.

    On a completely different subject, motherfuckers are fucking with my head on a daily basis. Comments about conversations that I have in my mind with myself are appearing on vehicles, signs and television. It happens every day. Somehow gold, Fords, colored T-shirts and motherfuckers coughing for no reason… all these things influence my life in ways I have absolutely no understanding of. What the fuck happened to me? Who are these people? If they can read my fucking mind, why don’t they care that they are making me suicidal? How am I expected to trust motherfuckers who would do this to me or anybody else for SIX FUCKING YEARS?

    This is going to get me thrown in the loony bin, for sure. They’ll never take me alive.

    Client motherfucking X

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  123. burnout

    Just remember X that you must never let them get the better of you.
    You see if you do especially in the suicidal department it means that they have won.
    And you must never let anyone who fucks with you win.
    Must be very hard sometimes but there are people who will talk to you without any hidden agenda.
    And I am not talking about the people who want to charge you a fortune to sit in their office for half an hour.
    Please dont get me wrong here X if you are going to a professional and it works for you please keep going.
    But there are people like Carlos and myself who like to talk and share.
    I would like to think that we understand that everyone has different problems and so talking to people who are prepared to listen is the best theropy.
    You see you listen to me and Carlos so that is good for us.
    When people stop communicating and just watch the TV etc.
    Then the Hitlers of the world have got control over us.
    And just remember that the modern day would be rulers of the world do not wear black uniforms and jack boots.
    They know that that has been tried many times and does not work.
    No they are very much harder to find in this day and age.
    They are in politics they are in banks big business and just about anywhere that there is power.
    But what makes them hard to find is that they look just like the people who are trying to do it right.
    They can not win while we have the family unit.
    They can not win while we go to the pub or have a BBQ with our mates.
    They can not win while people like us are talking on the net.
    So X when you are feeling down just send us a few lines of whatever you are thinking about.
    Just dont let them win.
    And the guy whose site this is seems like a good guy .
    I guess he will tell us when he is sick of us.

  124. carlos lascoutx

    …you’re already dead, x, have you thought of that? that’s the way
    i’d approach the subject, that and reruns of buffy, the vampire,
    so i could have company to count on, wheedon’s a genius, surround
    yourself with people who’ve been there. most of my life i’ve used books so that i could get out of the one life that kept drilling me
    as if i were a bad tooth, and finally i learned i’m not, i actually
    like myself, shit that i am, but it took help and i paged it, hey,
    emergency here, patient wants another life, no, don’t give him
    neitzche, he wants to grow another life on his shoulders, get him
    fred allen’s bio, treadmill to oblivion, where he and goodman ace
    trade jokes, look for the word, haunt librarys, they are temples,
    and quiet, and inside the covers are spirits who have gone through
    every labyrinth and survived, take a pad and pencil with you, do
    it on a regular basis, you get to choose who fucks with your head.
    if you’re popping something, stop, you’re the only one who can,
    and give it a try. life can be lived many different ways and this
    is the path to it. as the dalai says, you have a duty to be happy,
    it’s just another job, liking yourself is an occupation that wipes
    away preoccupation, so put down the shovel and take up a rake,
    the most soothing work is gardening, or working in orchards because
    you are outside. if you’re trapped in urban nightmare, take up
    juggling, it releases energy, of which you have too much, so find
    ways to release it, at the moment, mine is writing, i’m at the point where i can write about anything because i’m a know-it-all,
    but that gives me a certain optimism people mistake for arrogance,
    yet, from the driver’s seat i know that knowledge only yields to
    humility, because in that state(not in control, nor imagining
    other are), i am in tune to receive what the world wants to tell
    me, usually it’s, get off my blog, troll, for those pumped-up
    proppys who think cyber is turf and have already got developments
    going on mars, but that’s just sub-species humannoying talking,
    like the angel at the gates of eden domain with flaming sword,
    let them rant and rave on, owners of what and where are you going,
    the answer is to the same hole in the ground where you bought the
    worm farm, monkeys on their branch, on the tree god grew.
    did you here the new story about the lottery, told by rugman?
    moishe pleads with god to let him win first prize and he doesn’t
    win so he begs again(it’s soothing to think success is a form of
    begging, the most successful, can’t do it alone, but being alone
    is a grace after the monkey cage), still he doesn’t win and whines
    again. finally god says to him, and you want to win the drawing,
    moishe, how about buying the ticket? so, off you go, and one piece
    of advise, don’t make any decisions when you’re flat, only
    when you are up and positive.tks

  125. Client X

    Speaking of fucking with my head, when you say

    “Get out of the one life that kept drilling me
    as if i were a bad tooth”

    It seems particularly spooky to me, especially today, especially now. How did you know I was going to the dentist today for an emergency appointment that I scheduled this morning because my tooth started hurting late last night?

    This is a prime example of what I’m talking about when I try to explain to people what it is, exactly, that I am experiencing on a daily basis. Everywhere I go, whatever I’m doing, somebody is right there to say or do something that hits me like a kick in the balls and brings me right back into the frame of mind they invented for me by spying on me 6 years ago. It’s like you people are trying to make me freak out and you know just how to do it. It’s obvious you said what you did on purpose, so tell me, Carlos. Do you think it’s funny or useful to perpetuate my agony? What have I done to deserve to be fucked with by you people? Do you and your associates have any useful purpose besides destroying the lives of innocent people? Since what you’re doing is kind of a fucked up thing to do, how are you able to do it with such impunity? Are you really that safe up there in your little nest, that you feel free to operate outside of the laws and rules used and manipulated to enslave the ignorant?

    What makes you so fucking special that I should just let you mock me like this?

    Answer me back, buddy ol pal.

  126. burnout

    Hey X I am not sure that Carlos was trying to fuck with your head or mock you.
    At least I hope not.
    I mean I thought that we were 3 people who met up here and were having a bit of a chat.
    I am not sure what Carlos is using.
    There is the chaldean,pythagorean or gematria systems of numerology that I know of and I dont think that it is any of them.
    So what are you using Carlos?
    Is it a mixture of the above or one that I know nothing about?
    But somehow I usually get the main idea of what you are saying.
    And remember X people may be fucking with your head but you have to stay strong and beat them.
    Never never let them win.
    That has to be your Mantra.
    Because they have no rite to win.

  127. Client X

    Nope, sorry burnout. This shit happens to me every day. Whoever these guys are, they’ve been doing this to me for years now. It doesn’t even surprise or shock me anymore.

    Either what they are doing is supposed to be useful in some way or they are fucking with me because they enjoy watching me suffer. If it is supposed to be useful, nobody has ever told me what use it serves. I have never found being spied on useful.

    They watch me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They make it a point to antagonize me about the most childish things imaginable. It’s like being hounded by an omnipotent bunch of homosexual drunken frat boys with telepathic powers. If I take a shit and there is no toilet paper, I’ll hear about my stinkin ass from the lady in line behind me talking on her cell phone, the radio show DJ, the television programming, license plates… It never ends. I don’t know why they do it. I can’t find a way to stop it. It’s hopeless. My life is a tragic nightmare. I can’t date because they’d target my date. My family is already fucked. I abandoned my friends because I couldn’t allow myself to be responsible for having this happen to them. 6 years, dude.

    So fuck Carlos and everybody else who has nothing better to do than spy on me and kick me in the balls every chance they get.

    Eat a dick, punks.

  128. burnout

    Hey X you there Man?
    I am getting a bit worried after your last post.
    Please remember the Mantra.
    Never never let them win because they have no rite to win.

  129. burnout

    Hey X I am getting a bit worried after your last post.
    Listen Man you have to hang in there.
    And always remember the mantra.
    Never never let them win because they have no riye to win.

  130. burnout

    Hey listen people I may look like an idiot for posting the same thing more than once.
    But there is a reason.
    Usually when I post at this site it is taken up that day.
    I am not being critical of the site I just thought that I had stuffed something up.
    It has been known to happen with me before.:):)

  131. Client X

    This site did that to me as well. Not so much anymore.

    I appreciate your concern, brother. Things have been bad for me for awhile. I’ve been too stubborn to give up, so far. It’s not about proving who is right and who is wrong, although that is a part of finding out the truth regarding what the fuck is going on in my world. It is about getting closure, feeling like I’m solid ground again and then moving on with my life. It’s been six years since all this started happening, though, and I feel so much more confused than I was when it began. Unless I fuck around and suddenly figure out some of the major issues, it’s only inevitable that one day it will just be too much for any person to cope with. Everybody has their breaking point. I didn’t find mine today, but I’ve been damned close before.

    Tomorrow is another day. I wish I could say with sincerity that I have control over what type of day my tomorrow will be, but I can’t and I don’t. I remember when I did. Perhaps tomorrow brings with it the puzzle pieces I’m lacking. I have things to do. Things pass the time. I’ve struggled through the past six years feeling frustrated, confused and alone. It makes me sick to think I’ll never get those six years of my mid-twenties back. If and when I finally get it all sorted out, the true story will reveal things about who did what to whom. Deciding who to forgive, who to forget and who to confront is going to bring a whole new chapter of bad times I can’t even imagine. Those bad times will be a relief to the shit I’m feeling right now.

    I really do appreciate your concern for my well-being. You’re a credit to your fellow man. Honestly, though, worrying about me is like voluntarily slamming your dick in a door. Just keep living the good life so I’ll have something to strive for in the aftermath.

    That’s quite enough about my insane circumstances. Are Australian women easier than American women?

  132. carlos lascoutx

    …nobody is safe, x, that’s what i’m trying to tell you, but
    the more you read, write and think about the other the more
    clairvoyant you are, you enter into the spirit world where the
    future past and present are fused, that’s what i am trying to tell
    you, but it’s not control, nobody controls anybody unless one
    lets them, even then that’s not control it’s slavery,
    there is no control, just as there isn’t a god unless you believe
    in him/her/it, got it? you’re the control, and you’re fucking with
    yourself, only you, nobody else. what is con-t(r)ol(letra)=
    con/can(N)toloa(N)=with/can(N) bowing the head/tolernace/toloa.
    tolerance is a form of humility, you survive control/auto-control
    by tolerating yourself, by being humble, you’re not afraid to die,
    don’t be afraid to live(that’s the harder of the two).
    sorry not to have written lately, my uncle is checking out
    and his son, my beloved cousin, davy, went a few weeks ago,
    poisoned by a chemical river a dye company left in a small town
    in massachusetts. so, do me a favor, x, i’ve had enough of dying,
    live on: you are control, that’s what life is all about.
    over and out, best, carlos.

  133. burnout

    Hey is anybody still out there?
    X Carlos or anybody else?
    It is always hard to see something die.
    Even a site on the net because they can grow etc.or move on in all different directions.
    Well good talking to you X.
    And hasta la vista Carlos.

  134. burnout

    Well X I am starting to understand what is happening to you.
    No one wants to really listen to you.
    I mean REALLY listen to you.
    I mean they are all feeling warm and snuggly in their perfect lives.
    But some people as yourself do have people fucking with their heads.
    It could be military or it could be multinationl companies.
    Most people would say that I am some sort of conspiracy crank to say that sort of thing.
    But hey this sort of thing has been going on for hundreds of years.
    Why else are files particularly related to wars kept a secret for 150 years etc.before they are known to the public?
    I dont know what your situation or life is about but I know that there are other forces out there apart from the military and multinational companies who may be playing around with your mind.
    And I think women all over the world are the same.
    When you find a good one you must hold onto her but it is hard to find a good one that is not taken.
    However there are some out there still and there always will be.
    And remember the MANTRA.

  135. carlos lascoutx


    …when mind shatters like bone china
    dropped by your own hand, stoop down
    and gently pick up the pieces, you are
    a valuable antique, an heirloom handed
    down by the women in your family, the
    goddesses, who mold the twittering and
    cuckoo skygods who struggle in the
    weather and the hunt for next year,
    don’t abandon yourself to the furies
    within and without, they are harpys
    who are no longer women, they have
    died in first childbirth, did not
    bring their prisoner in alive,
    died trying, and want revenge for
    they are dead lady warriors
    of the setting sun.
    they borrow life by harming life,
    don’t loan your cup/cu(er)po/
    co(r)pus to them, put it back
    together and drink from it,
    to your health, carlos.

  136. burnout

    You know Carlos that is one of the things that has to be read more than once to make sence.
    The more you read it the more you understand it.
    It is like some of the very very old writings of peoples gone before us.
    What I am talking about is stuff from many thousands of years ago.
    You have to read and reread and eventually you find some really wonderfull stuff there.

  137. carlos lascoutx

    …back when words were words and friends were friends,
    what can one say about denatured today except to shed
    a tear, hide behind something, and crouch down until
    the corruption passes. but i say crouch down with words,
    our spirit, tend them like a gardner, make their meanings
    flower so that you may sup their essence and be refreshed.
    the real jesus did that, he only spoke and left no print
    to be twisted into expediency for eyes to mismanage,
    our ears are better judges of sincerety for we are tones/
    tonalli(N)=soul, not soot that clambers up the chimney
    and betrays the air we breathe like busy politicians who
    take our time and money with their prideful conflagration
    until there is not a good man or woman left who is not
    rueful of shabby management and lowering of the law,
    bow your head so you will not see the shamelessness
    of power, who, like Nike, has no head and reasons not
    except within the narrow interest of itself and its
    many pockets, since when are elites to be aspired to
    if the urge is singular and not plural, where is the
    love for the species of life, the miracle of the earth,
    the sky, and the rising of the heavens? buried in
    three books, the bible/koran/torah, smoldering within
    the ashes of misuse. let’s get back to talking,
    not of news, but of the living spirit.

  138. burnout

    Yes Jesus and other Prophets such as Muhammed have had their teachings twisted in so many different directions that today we are in what I call the third world war.
    And it is a war of greed power and terror.
    And the mighty dollar for the select few is all that is important.
    They use religion as the reason and most of the top religious leaders are right in there for their share of the fame glory and of course money.
    Yes the great writings have been misused.
    And yes Carlos the Christian church was not founded on Jesus writings but on that of Paul or sometimes known as Saul.
    Of course this will upset a lot of people if it was widely publisised.
    As would the fact that when a senior person from the vatican was asked if he thought there were Aliens(beings from other planets)
    His reply was.
    You dont think that God would have put all his hopes on just one planet do you?
    But Hey who am I to say such things and upset everyones warm and cuddly feelings about going out there and tramping all over their fellow man just so they can have a new car every year etc. etc.
    But there is Karma and you may not pay the price in this life but you will in some point in time.
    And it will not be as a punishment that we think of in this world like being locked up or made to do hard labour.
    No there will be extreme anguish and you will be able to observe the people who did their best in their time in this place doing it a lot better.
    I think Carlos that we are sort of thinking along the same lines here?

  139. carlos lascoutx

    …cada cabeza un mundo(sp)=every head a world. priests are such
    spoiled snakes, thinking macro when they should be thinking micro.
    we don’t need other universes, they are all here with us in our
    brain pans. when one is privileged enough to obeserve manunkind
    without having to roll up one’s sleeves and shovel, one should
    be careful not to be carried away by the view, and measure one’s
    words for maximum good. the universe is within us, our building
    blocks for life come from far stars, we’re already there, the
    fact that we need to return home again with an expensive space
    program should have lit up our theologic switchboards, everything
    we do is a repeat, a return journey. our theolow(gens)are in a
    sad state, they don’t keep up with science, nor help us interpret
    it’s struggles, nor measure its findings, they have no backbone
    and are used simply for crowd control by the more cynical elements,
    those who want a repeat of history and ancestor worship with themselves as the heroes once again. the old, old story full of
    love?and gory. past is prologue to the new life on the planet,
    giving youth the same banana peel we slipped on just isn’t good
    enough for anybody’s dreams, even for those who have already
    eaten the banana and hand us the peel. on the day of iranian
    elections i spoke to the iraqi ambassador and his son, saying
    i hoped for political change, his response was, after a year
    (of resisting corruption)they’re all the same. and in mexico,
    my taxi driver tells me of a political acquaintance who promised
    he was going to be honest, he held out only 6 mos before going
    on the take, which may be a guinness record for a mex.pol.
    the truth may not set you free, but it will get you into a better
    world. if we use our great seal, which tells us to create a
    new secular order, which oba espouses, we will have the shield
    we need to defend everybody’s interest including our own, and
    can put nuclear demagogues on all sides in their crypts.

  140. burnout

    I think that the theological people at the top have kept up if that is the right term.
    Because why else would they have vast libraries in the vatican city and in New York that very few people can have access to?
    Think back to your child hood.
    The word Pagan was in some way instilled into your brain that it was something so evil that you would burn forever if you even looked into it.
    That is just a sample that came mind as I am doing this.
    And I think that I am a Pagan or a Spiritualist or some sort of a mixture of both.
    I live in the Australian Bush and dont think that I will ever be anywhere else on a permanent basis.
    As a young man I lived in the Cities for 10 years and enjoyed it.
    But to live in nature and take its hard times and its bad times is a joy.
    It can break your heart but it can also fill it to overflowing.
    And I really dont see why I have to have a tag to say well I am a this religion or a that religion etc. etc.
    I am a soul of somthing so vast that nobody in our human form can really understand and so we must move through this existance doing the best we can.
    Oh yes we fail so many times.
    But so long as you learn from your failures you have then you have really reached the goal.
    And X I want to hear from you.

  141. carlos lascoutx

    …right on, we define ourselves, if i was a sheep i’d love
    jesus most of the time and think the devil was a wolf, and
    know the difference between him and the border collie who
    herded me around. but i am man/ma(N)=hunt land/sea with net/
    mana(N)=manar(sp)=5/4=flow, i appeared from nowhere, and am
    going nowhere certain, this life is all i’ve got, i am a pagan/
    pac/bach/b(r)ach(OE)/b(r)ook, and waht i am looking for is
    the other word that comes from, paca, peace, the time to paint,
    wash sheets(the 5k/nauatl meaning), to watch my life and the
    live arround me take on the young colors of ocelot green/celia,
    go through the red of birth and blood, then begin to take on
    the yellow/ca(r)mel of the slow putrefaction of age until i
    become bright orange, the color of 20flower/cempoalxochitl/
    cempasochil(mex), become a chrysanthemum, perhaps piled into
    the back of a large truck after growing in tamed fields and
    taken to a chicken farm where i’ll be fed to the little
    dinosaurs called hens so that when they lay there eggs,
    the yolks will be a nice color for the supermarket of life
    and delight the next breakfast in the cosmos. that’s my wish,
    to be useful even as ornament and go on in the heart and eyes
    of something else besides my poor flash.

  142. carlos lascoutx

    …i really should edit these rants before i send them but
    it is a good feeling just reeling them off when the words
    are flowing though my head. i sound like a mad bonze in this
    one, ready to go up in yellow flame to avoid the corruption
    everywhere in the human process. ji(J)/chi(N)=on top, is the
    japanese for this process, including meanings such as, land=
    chi(J)=tlalchi(N)/word, letter, hour, next, even hemorrhoids
    (but they’re not on top, they’re on the bottom), and the word,
    love=jiai(altho i doubt they felt affection for our gi’s)=
    chi maitl(N)= chi/on top mate/m-ai-tl(letra). then there’s
    jicho(J)=self-love, i believe that cho-=choca(N)=to honk,
    one needs a good goose of jicho to survive the funnel
    of life’s forced feeding and the human condition’s plastered
    hey, x, are you out there? chi/ji ai/maitl(J/N), carlos.

  143. burnout

    Nah Carlos dont edit your rants.
    If someone dosnt like it they dont have to read it.
    I know what you mean.
    Once you get on a role it just keeps flowing.
    And that is good because it is a relief valve for you and someone who reads it may learn something or at least start to do a bit of thinking.
    And yes X we would like to hear from you.

  144. carlos lascoutx

    …we all need some air out of our tires, i’ve been working
    on first religion/tleco=rise, deer cult bear hunting, and,
    sadly, blood religions are stoning=motla=your body/mortal/
    mo(r)t(Fr)=murder rites, they form a circle around the bear
    and then whapper=wafer him, the host/hóstia(sp)=communion/
    oso(sp)=bear/otso(Basque)=wolf/oztotol(N)=cave, the neander/
    neandra ho(s)tel, then the matador steps forward like in spanish
    bullfights(the bull is the bear), the sandbags they drop on
    the bull are stones for the bear, the teddy/theo/deo charges,
    and just before he gets to the missive/missle/mitl(N)=spear,
    i call him longinus after the roman who pierced christ on cross,
    the circle/kirk/church chorus shouts together, i’ve been trying
    to figure out what the word is that they shouted 42k bc or
    before, and it finally came to me: motla/ mo/your body/tla,
    which is also the word: (s)mote! so, with the religons we have
    the framework we have, gobs included, gad, they’re such garbage
    mouths, squeezing the last sense(pun)out of words and leaving
    them like empty caption baloons along their cartoon candidate
    trail, but oba i’m for, he’s going to open cuba, his response
    to not being able to shut gitmo, that syphillitic sore on the
    side of la belle columbia, whose district he’s trying to clear
    of pimps, thieves, and worse, and, maybe, just maybe we’ll be
    able to hold our heads up again at the global garden party.
    don’t worry about x, we won’t forget him, and if he doesn’t
    make it, we’ll write him in anyway, that’s what words are for,
    eternity/tenitl=lip, once you talk to someone, ask for help,
    you become immortal, that’s the good part of religion,
    forgiveness, but like everything else, it begins at home,
    may he forgive himself. hasta, carlos.

  145. carlos lascoutx

    …and when the kirk/circle church(harmonic pun) shouts,
    motla/smote, the bear stops wheeling and stands up because
    he is part-human and religious too, exposing his sacred
    heart to the hunter and the spear, in its murderous wisdom,
    goes home. the larger instruction of this rite is not the
    sacrifice, but that we share our humanity with other animals,
    and they with us, sadly, at the time of dying, like the bull
    we realize too late our kinship in death, that is the profound
    communion we have with this world, and we have to realize it
    before all goes up like a firecracker/cuete(sp), and it’s
    religion’s duty to advise us of this, but i hear not a word
    from the snakes but hissing, they are so spoiled, using
    other people as their hands and legs, which is why the pope
    irritates me, here, kiss the devil’s ring, no thank you,
    your grace, nor will i shake those hands for i know not
    where they’ve been, but lately methinks i do.

  146. burnout

    Obama is the hope of the world at the moment.
    Europe thinks that way I believe.
    And I know that us down under think that way.
    Of course the big money people and the war lords in all of these countries dont think that way.
    They are going to lose Trillions of dollars if the MAN just sorts out a few of the problems.
    And how sick in the mind do you have to be to enjoy such things as bull fights?
    To take a life for whatever reason is a very solem affair.
    But to stand and cheer when some clown in clothes from a past century kills a bull??
    You would have to have some major problems in your head.
    And guess what.
    This sort of sport is done in countries that are mostly of the Catholic faith.
    So I guess that you go to the bull fights on saterday and have a really good time.
    And then on sunday you go to church and show God what a really good person you are.
    Now am I missing something here?
    Because maybe I have some sort of mental block and dont understand?
    I mention Catholic because that is the big religion in the western world but I am not picking on them alone.
    They all have things to answer for.

  147. carlos lascoutx

    …the american supreme court is now loaded with catholic
    judges, 30yrs ago it was protestants, so you’re seeing a trend,
    blood religions and blood governments. just caught the times
    agenda. the have been bailed out by slim helu, a mexican
    lebanese millionaire, and i think he has a mutiny on his hands,
    or business as usual. i responded to roger cohen’s rabble rousing
    report from iran, whispers on the street, complimented him on his revolutionary zeal but noted amjad controls the army, that youth
    should be served but not a bucket of blood, and that if they
    were going to light the fire at the cold hearth of iranian
    democracy they should cut the wood first, well, my comment
    went to the top of the list (posting time 9:38), out of sequence,
    above first post at 9:15, when i checked back at 1330hrs,
    the first post of 9:15 was there, then a gap to the next post
    at 9:58, so they had deleted my 9:38 and the posts around it.
    i think times should change their motto, all the news fit to print,
    to, all the news that fits(our bias). they are advancing themselves
    as the midwives of massacre and apparently want to see the blood
    flow at their irresponsible cheer-leading so they can
    embarrass abjad and the mullahs, without a thought for a sacrifice
    that is not theirs to make. the yellow press in every way.

  148. burnout

    A few months ago I came across a site that was discusing the use of chemicals and GM foods so that the world could be fed.
    I told them about all of the waste that is happening in the world.
    I have seen so much food thrown away because it was not the right shape or the size to fit on the tray that the supermarket wants to use.
    This is good veg etc.
    Just does not cut it in the looks department.
    In Australia we throw away enough food to feed Sydney in any one year.
    Sydney is out biggest city approx 4.2 million.
    We are a country of approx 21 million.
    And I dont really think that it takes into account the veg that I have seen driving around that is just lying on the ground.
    (at different times I have done truck driving)
    So I put all of this stuff on the site and said that it is all policial and companies like Monsanto and Dupont are the ones who are pushing all this crap that is fucking up our planet.
    That was posted.
    I got a repley from someone who said that we in europe would rather have chemicals and GM than go hungry.
    (I know that this is taking a while to get to my point)
    I then said aqain how it is all political and I used the Irish potatoe famine as an example.
    The English were taking all that they wanted from Ireland and then putting a very high tax on imports to Ireland so they could not aford to buy food from the rest of europe.
    If it was not for that English tax the Irish would not have starved.
    Anyway the site was in England and I tried to post it 3 times and because I was bad mouthing the English it could not get posted.
    So I understand what you are saying Carlos.
    If you upset the system they try to gag you.
    Anyway let us be Wolves and not Lambs.
    Let us always chalenge those who would dominate us.
    Anyone who needs to dominate has not progressed.
    And we do need to chalenge them or we will never progress to our potential in the greater scheme of the whole universe.

  149. carlos lascoutx

    …censorship annoys me, a slaves and masters syndrome, one
    cannot tell the difference between them, one side begging
    and the other beggars, it does bring me up short and kindle
    a deep-seated fire in my furnace, my brain begins to hum and
    whine like ferrari or growl like a large red ducati, then
    slip the clutch of everyday and whistle like the wind through
    the circuit, and the silver trophy this time on the faster-
    you-go-the-more-you-see grand prix is i figured out neander’s
    first name, yuhti(N)=from the beginning, the word, jude and
    justice. 50k yrs interface with ooaf(rika)s. my heroes, the
    rodeo boys and girls, the managers. the first war of extinction,
    the first holocaust, was waged by son against father, today
    it’s cousin against cousin in the family of man, yeah,
    zeus, the teuton sky god and snake, against the mother goddess
    family, the empowered women who protect their erring sons against
    the patriarch, zeus had father problems, so did jesus, the
    woman determines who belongs to the tribe/tepulli, the love of
    sport among the youth i grew up with at ward, my brother, sally
    quinn, and i the only goyim, the mimati wordstring: able, wise,
    careful, circumspect, grateful, warm-hearted, tied to environment,
    periods of convalescence. now i know why there’s such a roadblock
    to admitting neander to the human club, he’s still with us as
    the natl geo unwittingly showed with their mock-up neander model,
    everybody knew her, the fudging shovel archeology on shared habitat,
    hitler the sky air god zeus trying to destroy them once again,
    the son of…and crony chronus hiding out in the shtettls all
    across europe, poor, ante-diluvian with flashes of true brilliance,
    charm from the beginning of time, yeah, so where are we now in
    this continuing saga of the fight against chronus, aha, chronus,
    the youngest titan/titlani(N)=messenger neander is winning from
    his office caves, he is not outbreeding altho the experiment is
    on with relatively new russian heartland red-haired neander stock,
    not a breeding program in any thorough german sense, the air/snake
    god aryans are losing, why, because neander/neandra have taken to the air, it’s a rodeo up there too. so that’s it, my beloved neander, is back, but with some bad habits, same spirit of making
    something out of nothing, but too given to greed and pride of place,
    and that has made him a bad manager and a bully, which he never was
    before, if he could recognize the humanity in his opponent.
    well, good, that’s done, now i can concentrate on language
    and let history twirl its mirrors and look through its glass darkly. hail, neander/neandra, be gracious in victory as of old,
    your name is justice, don’t stray far from its cavern, and help
    afrika, go where you’re needed, and remember, even though you
    are newman, afrika is newer, put your effort there for the world
    is growing cold again, the nuclear ice age is upon us.

  150. burnout

    I said in an earlier post that I had great regard or something to that effect for the Australian Aboriginal people.
    Yesterday I had reason to go to a town that is about an hours drive away to sort out some government paperwork(beaurocratic type stuff)
    While there the lady said that they had an office in Cherbourg which is an Aboriginal community about 10 minutes from my home.
    I had to submit some paper work today so I went to Cherbourg.
    Now the Aboriginal lady who looked after me knew everything that needed to be done because I was not too sure.
    In the office that I was in yesterday I am sure that they were not too sure or did not care(you know get him out of here so we can go to lunch etc.etc.)
    As I said before when you are with these people there is a feeling of warmth and friendship.(aboriginal people)
    And yet the government still treats these people as second rate citizens.
    They have worked hard since 1967 when it was finally put to the vote by the government and thankfully the average Australian voted to say yes they are people too.
    They have pulled themselves up from being treated as animals to being good members of society.
    Having said that I knew many as a child and they were already good members of society it is just that the government did not recognize them.
    And did not allow them to go out and fullfill their destiny.
    They were locked up in little towns criminals just because they were Aboriginals.
    Oh yes as much as I love Australia we have our nasty little past as does the Americas north and south.
    As does Europe in Africa,The Middle East,and Asia.
    And then of course they get very upset when these people revolt.
    On a lighter side.
    I hope ASIO or the CIA arnt monitoring this site.
    I could get into deep shit for bad mouthing our governments.:)
    But on a more serious side.
    F#@k them what I am saying is true.

  151. carlos lascoutx

    …i always assume everything is being monitored, part of my
    god-struck personality, in fact i monitor myself, but when
    i come across something that’s right and truth, then i don’t
    worry, no matter how sodden the government, they need to hear
    what i have to say, and if they don’t like the democratic
    process then it’s even more imperative they learn human values
    as they are in the business of serving these values, i am not
    going to let a waiter tell me what i’m going to order, or how
    to fold my napkin and use my fork, i may ask his advise, but
    i am the reason he is there, the occasion, and will not let him
    forget it, if he begins to serve himself much less so.
    to serve is to rule, as the grottys say, for several decades
    in the national life we have forgetten that all over the world, and the antidote to forgetting is what the lion says, do what you do,
    if you serve, serve, if you rule, remember you are serving not
    siphoning off drink and larder out the back door of the national
    restaurant, and that every citizen gets a seat at the national
    table, especially those who were sitting on the floor before
    furniture. how soon we forget, especially as colonialists,
    part of our survival mechanism should be shut off when
    we are suddenly in charge of the family of a country, for the
    injunction then is to win the peace by forgiveness and acceptance.
    in iran i hope theocracy will live up to its name, theother/teotl, practice the duality of recognition its public requires and change accordingly instead of holding itself aloof pretending
    to serve a prophet when in reality they are serving themselves
    profit, a fat mullah is not doing his job.

  152. carlos lascoutx

    …arrogance is begging for oneself, the word touch in a very
    personal sense, on one’s being, to ask for oneself as politicians
    do for a loan of voter confidence they will pay back to the
    lender in kind. when that does not happen we get the english, arrogate=to lay undue claim, in spanish, arrogar= to usurp, in
    its legal meaning=to adopt a child. this is the meaning that
    should be uppermost in any politician’s mind, they have been
    entrusted, leagally, with a child, the future of their country,
    any other interpretation, any usurping in favor of themselves,
    is punishable by the full weight of the law, the public
    opinion it serves, and will be redressed by due process of
    time, which is the older sister of justice and the distant
    cousin of vengeance, whose name is nemesis/nemetiliztli(N)=
    to live correctly=nemi(N)=to live. may both sides of conflict
    learn to live with themselves, each other, and concede to
    dialogue by giving words their full value instead of seeking
    the silence of violence.

  153. burnout

    The politicians have lost track of who they are.
    They are but public servents.
    But I think that We as the people have also lost track.
    We just let them do as they wish.
    They have got most of the population bluffed into thinking that the government can do as it wishes.
    And of course the gov.appoints the judges etc in our legal system so it makes it very to fight them in the courts.
    Sorry to repeat myself but I am putting a lot of hope in Obama.
    Our new leader just does not have what it takes.
    Hey he is a nice guy but to lead a country you need a hell of a lot more than nice.

  154. carlos lascoutx

    …then also the saying, he/she who governs least, governs best,
    the most cynical saying about pols comes from a mexican one,
    hank rhon, mayor of mexico city, a poor politician is a poor politician, he has a 20m estate up in connecticutt/co necuhtli(N)=
    comes to nectar/honey bee the millionaire, don’t know if he’s
    still around, part of the old pri party who buffaloed mexico for
    72 yrs after the revolution of 1910, i called them birdseye
    revolutionarys(partido revolucional institucional)because they
    seem to have frozen it solid, then packaged it(institucional)
    and sold it to the pueblo at the price of peace and olvido/
    forgetfulness. the new people are a fascist mix of catholicism
    and yearning for spain, yesterday one confused girl said to me,
    carlos, let’s have coffee sometime, i feel abandoned by my culture/
    me siento muy abandonada en mi cultura. what with the drug war and the latest desgracia at a day-care center up north where 50 or
    more young children died in a fire because the encargados/in charge
    made no safety provisions and bribed inspectors to pass them,
    smithfield ham’s breeding stations are polluting the neighborhoods
    they’re in because they refuse to take away their piles of shit,
    they come to mexico because it’s irregular to the point it’s
    regulated the other way, and even tho first young boy who died
    here of swine flu lived near one of the their pens, the nytimes
    wrote an equivocal article about the mess saying perhaps it started
    in asia altho they don’t have proof, tentatively blaming it on
    human agency via airlines, and that subsequent tests showed
    that the smithfield porkers were clean, well, as the article
    pointed out the piglets are sacrificed at 6 mos so by the time
    of the tests the flu was gone like the rabbit in a magician’s
    hat. it may be time to think about what comes after bull, pig,
    and chicken holocaust culture since we’re animals too, i believe
    himmler trained as a chicken farmer, but here in mexico, still
    a colony of bull culture, land of milk and cheese, with blood
    religion lurking underneath the shakey official stance of atheism,
    the more people want their governors to split the cheese/partir
    el queso, the more religious the oligarchy gets, giving the lie
    to being anything but whey/guey=ox.

  155. burnout

    I dont know where Swine flu started but really it is no big deal.
    In Australia every year thousands of people die of the complications of whatever flu is going around.
    If you are someone who has some other medical problem or are old etc. you may die.
    This year we have had 4 deaths so far from swine flu.
    The media and the government are blowing it up so that it is all people are focising on.
    They are shuting schools etc.
    They do this sort of thing all the time to take the attention of the public away from what they are doing in parliment etc.
    And as you say 50 little souls who have never had a chance are lost because of corruption and greed.
    But did we hear about that in Australia.
    Oh no that does not get mentioned because it really wont make the ratings.
    I mean they think well are 50 little children who died because of corruption more important than swine flu?
    They say No swine flu is going to get us better ratings.
    It can break your heart.
    I used to get angry about this shit as a young man.
    But you know Nobody wanted to listen.
    They were all living in their warm and snuggly lives and would give a few dollars to charity sometimes and would think that they had done their duty.
    Now I dont get angry I talk to people and give them facts.
    And a lot of them do seem to listen but I dont know if it will ever do much good.
    But I think that every person I can get thinking has to do some good.
    There are people of course who are people who dont seem to have any humanity at all about them.
    I cant think of a word to discribe them.
    It is like they are some sort of empty thing.
    It is like they have no soul or something.
    Getting a bit deep there but I know that you know what I am talking about.

  156. carlos lascoutx

    …monequi, where money and necessity meet in one pie word,
    nequi(N)=to want, meaning what’s convenient, uantlatla(N)=
    heir/uan tlatla/flame, we’re flamers, life’s a torch burning
    away with every breeze of current event, man is born to trouble
    as the sparks fly upward(homer)?, we are sparks, ignition,
    contact, and off we go on short trajectory of our firecracker
    lives, love is a torch also, the poor governor of south carolina
    found that out, poof, he’s afire, natural combustion called
    living/uiuil vivir tlauilli tlauiz(N)= tlaw daw(n) when over
    the horizon comes the big star in our lives, love is not respected
    in america because it would make people feel too good and
    divert them from their mission to row the galley of state
    over the brink of flatland, columbus was right,
    the planet’s flat like a napkin after somebody else’s banquet.

  157. carlos lascoutx

    …webe, for the 2d time in 52 yrs venus/ehecatl/life/breath/
    protoMary, the wind deer deor teotl, weaving goddess lady birdsnake,
    mother of morning and evening star protochrist and devil, passes
    over the face of the sun on june 6 2012, the world should end then.
    the last time she did this was 8 yrs previously, 8=toca/touch/
    our being and is day rabbit/tochtli/8. the soulpaper date=
    10 ollin in the rabbit/tochtli trecena/13, which is the last and
    20th trecena in the tonalamatl soulpaper, the birthing calendar,
    and 10 ollin is 4/naui days from the end of the tone calendar,
    now the mayan/mayana(N)=hungry priests knew they were in the 5th
    age, which began 3309bc when quetzalcoalt arrived blown off course
    at cape hatteras, he was looking for the pale copper cliffs of
    chaunis temoan(haklyut’s voyages), instead entered the gulf of
    mexico and the rest is historical accident, anyway, the name of
    the age, since quetzal brought the calendar watch to wind the
    age, is called, naui ollin, the priests knew that this age,
    which we are still in, began and ended on the same day as the
    age itself, naui ollin, now given the complete numbers, e.g.,
    the 13th and last year of the tepatl/ecatl/venus sheave,
    the 20th trecena/rabbit, last one of the tonalli=soulpaper of
    260(13×20), and the day, 10 ollin, when venus is to transit
    the face of the sun, the priests freaked, as all priests do,
    and predicted the end of the world, letting it slide that
    it wasn’t naui ollin but 10 ollin, 4/naui days from the end.
    they have done a brisk traffic in lucrative panic over the
    centurys with this farce, and were going to invade iraq but
    decided they didn’t have enough balché/booze and were just
    happy ripping the hearts out of the home crowd, besides
    they emigrated from the gulf of ormuz and had been there,
    done that. so the mayan end of the world 2012 is based on
    venus/solar astrology as recorded in their tzolkin, which is
    identical to the earlier tonalamatl book of souls whose regent
    is tlatla tzol teotl, cave flame hole goddess, and her pet
    ocelotl cat, the birthing animal, one of her ivory figurines,
    35k bc, was found recently in the hohle fels cave, near ulm,

  158. carlos lascoutx

    …sorry, webel, you don’t have enough time to understand what
    i’m saying, i mean, it’s not sound bites, i guess it’s the entire
    skull of a subject that people don’t seem to be able to get their
    heads around, i don’t recommend thinking like a priest or the
    neocons of the last administration but that is how they manufacture fear, overload, and in this case the mayans, like moctezuma after
    them became prey to their own superstitions because they had a
    system they thought made sense. i take that as a yes that 2012
    doesn’t make sense, altho it has interesting synchronicitys, and
    i agree no system will ever predict the galaxy since it is
    tone harmonic, i just thought you’d like to see how the mayana=
    hungry priests came to their conclusion about 2012 as the big top
    for their religious circus.

  159. burnout

    As I understand it 2012 of the Mayan calendar is the end of this cycle.
    Now the poor buggers have not been around for over 1000 years so you can not expect them to have a calendar for the next cycle ready for us.
    The next cycle will hopefully be one of enlightenment.
    Where we will not be worried about the color of ones skin or their personal beliefs so long as those beliefs do not create the problems that they have in this past cycle.
    Also we are heading as of 10 years ago into the next ice age.
    Forget about the big end of town who are promoting the Global warming thing because that is going to make them trillions of dollars in carbon trading.
    And whenever you have an ice age or a mini ice age you have loss of crops etc. which leads to civil unrest and civil wars etc.
    And I guess you could say so what is different from now?
    Well people across the world are talking to each as we are now.
    We have only been do this for a few years.
    So I am hoping that by the time the big freeze sets in approx. 2060 we will have progressed to the stage where the people really do rule.
    Not the rich who feel it is their birthright.
    Now Webelong you really should put some time into reading Carlos’s posts because he does have some interesting things to say.

  160. burnout

    And Hey We Belong you say that you have been among us for many years now.
    Well I know from personal experience that there are other entities on this planet.
    Some are good guyes and some are really bad news.
    Which are you?
    Are you an extra or from a parra.universe?
    Or both?
    I have studied all of this stuff for most of my life after an experience when I was about 17.
    I would not ask.
    But you were the one who brought the subject up.
    Understand that you probably dont want to say too much on the net.
    But I really am interestd.

  161. carlos lascoutx

    …webe has trouble expressing himself and assimilating new data,
    e.g., he belongs yet is ready to leave at 2012, that’s ok,
    contradiction is what life is until you know more, his resistance
    to learning is bothersome, rejecting what you don’t know and then
    defending the indefensible is the formula for staying the same,
    but we’re flame and can’t stop life’s burning any more than we
    can chock time, but i do applaud him expressing himself no matter
    the mayan prophecy is off by one key detail, the exit date
    is wrong, has to be naui/4 movement/ollin, and that date is in
    the 2d trecena/13days of ocelotl, the birthing animal of the
    goddess, tlatla tzol soul teotl tea. ocelotl is the priestly
    sign for the mayas, who were cavers from the gulf of ormuz,
    includes 9ehecatl, quetzalcoatl’s birthday, and ends on 13 mickey,
    the archbishop highest number/13 of skull/miquiztli, the day
    right after naui ollin= 5 tecpatl, symbol for a dead planet
    with rain but no soil only rock/flint. the night teotl for
    naui ollin= tepeyollotl/mountain heart ocelotl/cell/light/
    the excelsior of mortal excellence accelerating up the incline
    of the mountain/tepetl=te(m)ple known as life/uiuil/vivir.
    the tune/tone is a stunning work of neander/neandra, the whole
    number underpinning of language goes with it, the
    lining to the jacket we are wrapped(pun)in.
    it’s all in penguin pb, the aztecs of mexico, george vaillant, if you’re looking for a planet specific coathanger to put your coat on.
    it’s the tone, the music of blue planet, and if you keep it
    you have something to look forward to, we’re all moving to
    its design thousands of yrs later, amoxtli altia=music altar=
    (a)moz art/alt, in the tone he is the bear/monkey christ and
    flower prince who first brought us music and the magic flute,
    and is taken from us at a christly age.
    if you have date of birth, day begins at sunrise, you get a
    snap picture of a person through the soul papers,
    whether the person observes his sign or not,
    it’s always there to be worn by its owner towards a higher
    fashion of reality, and connects him to his teotl/theother,
    his familiar/naualli whether it be wind, water, motion, or flower, there are sample/cempoalli/ 20 choices, and 4 of them, tochtli/rabbit
    acatl/cane reed/
    calli/house of being, we all share,
    born of a 260/human gestation, and the origin of cards/52
    and the tarot.
    as to the windy churches who arose out of the
    2d day of souls, ehecatl/ecatl/catholic,
    and the ones who are thorny roses of opposition,
    or simply nauatl verbs. e.g., alaua/allah/annoint,
    or early adverb/adjective combinations
    welded into monotheism/monopoly,
    e.g., ya/already ue/big=yahweh,
    let them stop waving their branches in the air/times
    they turbulate(i claim this coinage for zme science),
    and look to their roots for correction of their dead
    and dying leaves that wither in their bloody b(r)ooks.

  162. carlos lascoutx

    …burns, the closest i get to a parallel universe is looking
    at hu(m)bbling shots of the far edge of space, each lozenge an
    entire galaxy/calaqui(N)=enter the house/calli, and that’s only
    one pinprick of the cistern of stars, they look like electron microscopy of variegated stones on this planet, so far i’ve
    just gotten to the micro-macro phase of //ism, i’m going to
    go slow, despite the mathematical certainties of what i think
    is hu(m)bbling infinty out there, if there is a guy like me
    typing on a lenovo the same words i do with the same old thoughts
    in his head, then i feel pity for the first time for the entire
    bowdlerized species, because one expurgation of me is enough
    for a struggling universe that is fleeing its own center for
    fear i’ll multiply, nothing as clueless as i could have a copy
    for if that were true, time would be over, the stars fall out
    of their sockets, the sun turn its back, and the moon wander
    off to play with pluto. intelligent design has it’s limits.
    it was tried sorely by wall street, the bailout, health care,
    paris hilton, and the kangaroo, but will make a comeback
    as sure as time=gravity and clowns have exogenous hearts.

  163. burnout

    Yes well the galaxy is a mind blowing experience in itself.
    I still have some problems trying to get my head in tune with it.
    And then of coure there is the universe which can have no ending.
    Bit hard for the old Homo Sapien brain to get a grip on.
    So I think well why cant there be the parallel thing.
    But I would like We Belong to get back to us with an explanation of the we have been among you for many years thing.
    There is a good saying.
    The mind is like a parachute.
    It only works when it is open.

  164. burnout

    Carlos I was just poking around on the net and I came across a site where you had done a few posts.
    Now I know you may be a bit deep for some people but would you not think that someone there would have picked up the ball and run with it?
    No way they just dissappeared.
    Now that is a worry to me because we are in an age where I can talk to you on a daily basis from the other side of the world and share knowledge and and more importantly my thoughts.
    I mean the polies have had their chance to get it right for hundreds of years and have failed.
    When the net first atarted I said this will unite the people of the world.
    How wrong was I.
    Now I know that there are a few countries that do not allow the net or censer it very strictly.
    But try and talk to people about something that is of importantance
    to our lives or our future and they just dont want to know.
    They say some shit like.I dont want to know.Or it dosn’t effect me.
    But when it finally does effect them they kick and scream.
    I think what really upsets me is that I always thought that most of the people cared and just did not have the tools to do anything about it.
    They now have the tool(the net)and all they do is talk well nothing really.
    Anyway I have just had a rave Carlos and you will be the only one who understands or probably will even read it.
    Never mind life is like that.:)

  165. carlos lascoutx

    …wisdom is not a comfortable search, it’s a battle with spears
    of light, truth hurts when it goes through like an arrow, you’re
    wounded and will never be the same as before. we belong is the
    tribal cry/cri/c(r)eti=sitting. tribes, like churches, governments,
    nations use consensus instead of wisdom as it best enables them
    to unify and survive, they don’t want a truth that will not enable
    them to defend themselves, make war, or get advantage, so any
    national id will be violent because they defend their created
    identity, take NRA, and their ego is selfish because you are
    free to pursue your happiness even if it means unhappiness for
    others outside the flag family,
    washington had slaves and every 54 days had to take them
    out of dc because the law said if he didn’t he’d have to free them,
    or, jefferson had a colored concubine who only agreed to consort
    with him if the children of her issue were born free but they
    were not in line for their father’s estate.
    we’re the species that
    manipulates because we have thumbs and neander/neandra did not
    until they crossed and/or exercised their hands with those little
    ivory talismans of tlatla venus and played the flute, in spanish,
    the word, mañoso=tricky/handy.
    the reason people
    don’t respond to my offerings is that they don’t recognize it as
    the usual mental pattern or midwifery of a trick, as they are used
    to being fooled, and i’m not trying to do that, it’s raw, unvarnished linguistics, like unwrapping a mummy, my audience
    is used to the gold leaf, the paint, the mask, but when the
    linen unwraps we get to the black bones of history’s ashes,
    which does frighten, it’s not apple anymore, it’s core, seed,
    and tane(J)=seed/stone, hard to digest, especially for a people
    of fast-food culture, quick fixes, and given to having their
    fantasys delivered to them. mike jackson was in that world and
    look what it did to him, no anchor, no deep knowledge, but a
    spark so strong it became a star but not strong enough to light
    his own life, he thought he didn’t belong, but he did, to all
    of us, that’s why webel’s statement is so important, he knows
    he belongs, mike didn’t, just couldn’t convince himself, and
    that is the sadness that’s called tragedy/traga/tlaca(N)=body/
    rakka(japanese/finnish)=sin. so we can be in sin and not know
    it ourselves, not want to know it. webel is saved, he knows it,
    you have to know it, knowledge is the shield/chieltia/child,
    and it’s the father of man. this is what mike didn’t understand,
    everytime he put his hand on a child, he was looking for his
    father, knowledge.
    so i’m not surprised at the reception my writing gets because
    i am not giving them what they want which is congratulations
    and feeling good about themselves so they can be comfortable,
    not have to think about it and lock themselves onto who they
    think they are, it’s the pyschological version of infantile
    paralysis, and we are a youth culture where external toys
    define who we are with the collateral damage of not really
    knowing who we are. language helps us in regard for ourselves,
    our tribe, our species, it’s the soul under a microscope
    telling us about itself, how it feels, where it came from(fire).
    language, which is body/tlaca/tlanca/danca/dance/lancuage is our
    faithful companion, mistreated to be sure, but with attention and
    study corrected, it’s servants/ce uen=se(r)vant=offerings are
    the ear/oir oido oito woid words, and, lips=tenitl/(e)te(r)nitl=
    eternity, the only way we can deal with eternity, in fact,
    is to speak to it, for that is how we remember our human
    quotient, and how it remembers us, for memory is the survival
    mechanism through which we understand ourselves and our world, and its car/carry/calli(N)=house is word, song and dance, see and say,
    hear but listen. pair up the opposites.

  166. carlos lascoutx

    …you know, burns/webel, i am not a teacher/teachcuauhtli(N)=
    te/the achtli/seed cuauh/eagle, well yes i’m an older brother,
    but not a bishop of learning/leo(r)nian/lernia/leon/teotl/
    theother, i am a lion and a learner and t/l/red/t/l fire like
    all of us torches, but a teacher, no, i don’t presume to be one,
    except for myself, i do offer what i am learning, while i am
    learning, to others/theother/teotl because cyber space allows me
    the privilege to use it as a scratch pad, a mirror for learning
    to write, it’s late in the day, i don’t have time to colonize
    a planet or a classroom, i’d rather be a comet streaking along
    on my own path than be in orbit like a dead moon around mars,
    or get tangled up in blue planet with its caviar of human eggs,
    not tribal at all, the only thing about my comet is it’s
    not metal, it’s made of earth and stone, and it vibrates with
    the building blocks of life, but at a frequency lower than
    living fire, somewhere between tetl and tletl. the distance
    is crucial, i see you clearly, want to help you, but you must
    help yourselves as i am doing, for if you’re bored, don’t tell,
    it’s time to create, be your own god, make your own world within
    the world you have, words are the h2o and o2 of your new world.
    (h)i(s)tol/ry=itoa/tlatolli/ l/t/that/olli(N)=that holy rolling
    word. maybe i’ll take up bowling.

  167. burnout

    You are a teacher whether you like the idea or not Carlos.
    You are a thinker who shares his thoughts with anyone who will listen.
    So you get someone else thinking about something instead of just accepting what the Gov.or the organized religion tells them.
    The only trouble is you will not get a lot of pupils because most people really dont want to hear about the nasties in the world if it does not hurt them.
    It upsets their smug warm cuddly feeling about themselves.
    They say Hey.I give X amount of dollars to the starving children of the world.
    But how many people ever bother to find out how much of that money get to the starving children.
    You can’t because it is big business and by the time that the admin charges.the Ceo’s massive sallery.the free cars.the free mobile phones.travelling expences office rental and the list goes on.
    I would think that very few cents out of your dollar would get a bit of food into a starving childs mouth.
    I strayed a bit there but the point is no one wants to have their comfortable life upset by facts.
    And your facts as you see them will upset them be they spiritual or about every day life.
    And I say as you see them because even the greats.
    Plato and his teachers and studients did not get it perfect.
    But they were sometimes and at others they were on the right track and it has been just given a bit of a tweak since and there you have it.
    But what you have to do is get people thinking instead of walking around like zombies thinking how great everything is.
    Life is very good for a lot of us in the Western world.
    But most still complain about their lot in life even though they go to bed in a bed every night and have a stomach full of food.
    So keep posting wherever you can and everytime just 1 person picks up a thought you have spent your time well.

  168. carlos lascoutx

    …yeah, every once in a while i get a thorn in my paw, thanks
    for taking it out, went out the kitchen door after the rain and
    here was this tiny little frog hopping along the pizzarón/slate,
    why it’s jadeskirt’s animal, the goddess of waters, she’s easily offended and i want it to rain, so i picked the little sucker up
    in case pip, the half-chow, got any hors d’oeuvre ideas outside
    her normal chow work and put him in a rock pile where he could
    find a cave, but while i held tapayaxin(N)= t/d/zapo(sp)=toad
    in my hand, for i guess he was t(o)ad(pole), hmmmm, tada(OE),
    so, ta(d)pole=tapayaxin(N), the (d) comes in as a separator for the original (p)because there are already many tap-(OE)prefixes,
    too many toads, and zapa(N)=dwarf=zapatero(prime minister of spain=shoemaker), ok, checks out/xaque/caquiltia(N)=
    notify someone of something, hmmm, the word chess, playing chess
    with toads and frogs might be tough/toca, i wonder what the animal
    version of chess would be like, grasshoppers/chapulin/tapachichi for knights, snakes for bishops, ah, they’d eat the frogs, have to sedate them, yeah, give them bibles, the rooks would be as the crow flys, and the queen would be a pipiyollin(N)= pi/ p/bee, and the
    king, hmmm, well, kings were lamed in the old days so they would
    stay in one place, not quite like richard the 2d, who traded
    his kingdom for a horse, hope the nag/nacatl/snaca/snake won the kentucky derby, maybe king should be a spider=
    tocatl(N)=our/to-ca/being, yeah, that’s it,
    and goes on to the isle of man as douglas/d(r)oghad(gael)=bridge,
    spider is on the douglas escutcheon, yeah, a king is a bridge, stretches out his two arms so the people can cross his back,
    at least that’s what the monkey king does in
    the buddhist/bud/both/brother story, let’s use letra to see if
    droghad(like drug addict, you play with your being, toca doca droga,
    and cross the bridge/potli/both, be sure to come back), so,
    d/t(r)oc/gh a tl/t/d, or, t/d(r)og/cad/t/tl. got it,
    while i was holding zapo tapayaxin in my hand, i thought
    why can’t we control our fears and moneymaker mojo(b)s and
    keep frog with us, turtle too?
    ok, school’s out, time to shoot pool=po(t)li(N)=pont(Lat)pond(E),
    the puddle of green felt pelt piel(sp)=skin/tzintli(N)saintly.

  169. burnout

    You know Carlos the fact that you took the time to do your best for the little frog tells me so much about you.
    Unfortuneately a lot of people would not even have a remote idea why you did it.
    And until we can get people back to understanding that we are only a part of nature and are not the rulers of nature we have a problem.
    And it is sad that so many people will never know the feeling that you had as you looked after that little guy.
    And that could be interesting making a new set of pieces for the old chess board.
    I may do that some day.(hope you dont sue me it was your idea afterall :):)
    The only problem I have is.
    What poor animal are we going to use as the pawn?

  170. carlos lascoutx

    …frog and toad are pawns. so the first question with a set like
    this is: frog or toad, which could be the name of the game, chess
    is just the word, caquiltia/the board’s a quilt, quilt is root of
    guilt, meaning to notify someone of something, xaque/caquitia(N),
    just an administrative word, shah comes from it also but, again,
    does no capture quite what it means to be king/konig= conectli(N)=
    come to me, nech(N)=to me/(k)nech(t)=knight. very quickly arab
    kings were administrators. hassan of morocco was a complete ruler,
    knew his kingdom to the last farthing, like malcolm x knew numbers.
    oba’s like that, a player, uses combinations to open the way, win
    the peace, war is easy in comparison, for peace you open with frogs and toads, get the crows and grasshoppers and snakes and bees and
    spiders later.

  171. burnout

    OK. So we have the frogs or the toads for the front line.
    And snakes and bishops are the perfect match.
    But I think that the spider probably should be the Queen because the spider is the most versatile land creature we have.
    The queen on the board is the most versatile.
    She can go in any direction she wants and she has a bit of bite or sting.
    This is a whole new thought for the old brain.
    But hey it is fun.

  172. carlos lascoutx

    …you’re right, let’s see, queen/cwen(OE)=ca uentli(N)=wind being,
    went offering, deer offering, wind offering(cadwent=battle/welsh),
    ok, the gwen wrenna(OE)wren fights, even when she’s 7 snake feast
    and famine, the empress and the star, reminds me of the first elizabeth in chesperito/shakespeare’s time, her color will be red,
    the color of 4/lizard in souls, i suppose the king could be coyote,
    in his hole, but there’s a blog with coyote and mellow atl? water
    isn’t mellow, it’s the preposition, at, in english, atlatl(N)=
    throwing stick, and is the word arrow, then, no atl/nauh(N)nous(gk)=
    brain(at times mellow), then, sea/ce atl/seattle, or, axayacatl
    the aztec emperor waterface, not often mellow, he was caught by
    a tzunami/tzonamiqui(N)=marriage of mud in the mexican laguna
    and ran for high ground, forgot to duck, and crashed his forehead
    into the stone lintel/ollin tetl(N)=holystone of his garden doorway.
    surgeons tried to remove all the shattered bone to save him but
    could not, in an odd way he lived up to his name waterface, looking
    back at the wave then forward too late.
    so, the king can be the bee/pi(piyolin)(N), the drone who protects the hive/kingdom and has only one sting/move to do so.
    there was an excellent french tennis player called, piolin,
    cedric, his people must have been beekeepers, the spanish=abeja,
    the bee word. so the king gets a B.

  173. steve

    Although Human beings are smart, we think of things as “absolute” once we discover them, until some radical “New” discovery comes along. The word radical has an extremely varying range; the longer an idea holds, the more likely it is held as “true” in society, such as religion (no offense to anyone, as the ideas most religions teach are very valid in society and most likely will be for a very long time) or something as simple as the earth being flat, or receiving influenza from cold weather. If humans could see things in several different perspectives, than we could learn more faster. Science only improves the chance that an idea is fact.

    NOTE: The ideas I mentioned are only examples of modern-day science and may be subject to change in the future. everything eventually changes.

  174. burnout

    That is correct Steve.
    Take the global warming thing that has everyone in a panic at the momment.
    Polution is bad and it kills many people every year in one way or another but CO2 does not create climate change.
    Climate change comes from the SUN.
    It is to do with sun spots etc.
    The planet has been going through warm periods and ice ages forever.
    But at the momment all the powers that be are scaring the crap out of us about global warming.
    Why because in the very near future trillions of dollars made out of carbon trading are going to go to the big end of town.
    The planet has been cooling since 1998.
    Try to get hold of a book”Heaven + Earth”by Professor Ian Plimer.
    He admits that we are poluting the earth and it will create more and more problems but that has nothing to climate change.
    And that is what I think you are saying.
    We have to look at the whole picture.
    Not one little part that scare mongers want us see because it fits their agender.

    Anyway back to the chess.
    We have frogs for pawns.
    Snakes for bishops.
    Spiders for the Queens.
    Bees for the Kings.
    And Crows for Rooks and Grasshoppers for Knights.
    What would you do with the Castle?
    I mean it is the only thing on the board that I cant seem to see what it should be changed to.
    ( carn’t wait to see the world champion masters using the new pieces) :)

  175. carlos lascoutx

    …radical, radix(Lat) radish root, hmmm, tlaza(N) to raíz(sp),
    yeah, t/z/d shift, ok, but how about, ryad(rus)=happy, oh, must
    be an e/a change, e.g., read/ r/l/tletl(N)=fire, yeah, fire makes
    one happy if one is a torch/tlauilli/tlauiz(N).
    use religion/tleco/leg/rise by all means, lots of good in it,
    just have to separate it out from the self-serving image of the
    church, what i call it’s whoppers, nations are like that, too,
    they want to be accepted for what they think they have become
    through hard struggle, luck in battle, but their roots/radicals
    still remain, this is what etymology/letra does, it pulls up the
    roots, e.g., the tlapa- prefixes in nauatl describe the good and
    bad characteristics of the japanese, official japan does not like
    that because it disturbs the cultivated soul they have packed in
    around royalty and their national myths, all of which are true,
    but everything is a question of degree. with letra you pull up a
    root, it’s not fluency, it’s taking advantage of the fact there
    is only one language in the world which interconnects with every
    other, why were the japanese allies of the germans in ww2?
    they were both sun peoples, teu-ton=teuhtli tonatliuh(N)=godsungod,
    and underneath both languages was nauatl/4water/naua(N)=dance.
    if language is an envelope, by nature it’s 4-sided nauatl, so
    why weren’t the english-american-french with them too? because
    we were fire people, cavers, who were chased west by the aryan
    sky god zeus who was also a snake, a very early schism of mankind,
    the first holocaust within our family, zeus embodied the new idea
    of the heavens, just as the fiery speaker/hitler did, but new
    ideas have to wait until everybody is ready for them because
    they have to be inclusive, not exclusive. we’re still neander,
    spark is more important that solar power sun burn, we’re still
    family and flag. tribal/tribu(sp)/tepulli(N)=pallus does not
    work out well, the germans were tribal but their women are almost
    as tough as they are, the japanese the same, in mexico we call them
    machos, spain too, remember it had its fascist past. tribes don’t
    work because they deny the most important half of humanity their rights, which is what goes on in the mideast today, in spain,
    in mexico, and is the unwritten modus in england, france, usa.
    rook is a hrokr(ON)/rocker, from, tloc(N)=beside, it’s the crow,
    rooks take a straight line, ah, let’s check with letra:
    h/th/t r/l= hr/tloc/kr, yeah, the word, rock/stone, meaning
    beside and the rooks are on the side of the board/bord(OE)=
    b/po(r)t/d=potli(N)=companion/both, yeah, boards go together
    both ends or side by side. now crow=cacalotl(N), from the
    plural of house=cacalli(N), they live beside us if they can,
    they’re scavengers, like battlefields(poem:twa corbies) and
    eyeball caviar, will take hatchings from their nests, and
    are ominvores as we are, have an analytic brain(use tools).
    so, to be a chess champion with the new pieces, you’ll have
    to be a bear or eagle on good behavior, it wouldn’t do in
    the middle of a match to eat the pawns, snakes, tear a wing
    off a rook, crunch a grasshopper like finger food, take a
    spider and sit down beside her, ruining her webs in the, hey,
    and get stung by the kingbee.

  176. harrison

    alot of the people commenting on this post are retarded or dont know english, or both. what the fuck is carlos talking about? Excalibur? WHAT THE FUCK!? ive been skimming through all these comments, and i see very few people giving them shit. FUCKING EXCALIBUR MAN!!! KING FUCKING ARTHUR AND THE ROUND TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peoples ignorance amazes me, and whats with all the fucking slashes and shit?!?! i feel like im being taught ebonics from a motherfucker with down syndrome. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MONGOLOID SON OF A BITCH, AND READ A GOD DAMN BOOK

  177. burnout

    Well Harrison arn’t you travelling with a lot of anger.
    You should chill a bit and think about the fact that not everyone in the world thinks like you or has the same thoughts etc.
    And what makes you think that you know it all.
    Look up numerology.Chaldean Pythagorean or Gematria systems.
    You would have been one of the people burning Whitches,and any person of different belief the past.
    If you want to advance yourself open up to other peoples thoughts.
    You dont have to believe everything that you hear or read but you should think about it.
    That is what personnel development is about.
    And as far speaking English is concerned Harrison you are ment to start a sentence with a CAPITAL.
    And has it also occurred to you that not all people in the world have English as their first language.
    Also you as the expert on the English Language have made a few errors in your little statement.
    You know when CAPITALS should be used.
    And really Harrison you are the ignorant one.
    Anyone who uses FUCK as much as you do has a problem.
    I dont know what your life is about but you really have to take a good look at yourself.
    Anyway good luck from this RETARD :)

  178. carlos lascoutx

    …sticks and stones, hairy, why don’t you piss off instead,
    i’m sorry i strained your attention span, such a delicate thing it
    is, i notice you used all your vocabulary in that last post and
    of course enlightened us with your rant, it may all come down
    to early toilet training and being fed out of a bucket when young,
    when you can come to the table and sit with us and converse, please, let us know, in the meantime why don’t you stay on the floor
    and play with the dogs, we’ll put a porkchop around your neck
    so they’ll play with you. tks.

  179. atheistlibertariancriminalasshole

    fuck the article, and citing sources and debunking hoaxes. i just want to know how to write gibberish poetry on the same level as carlos. [and i’ve done enough drugs to know that they won’t do it] carlos you either suck or kick ass, i’m not sure which.

  180. carlos lascoutx

    …surely i am both, tzintli(N)=asshole and saintly, it’s nice
    for one to know he has done enough drugs, doesn’t bear repeating,
    like trying to scramble eggs twice, ever try that, many heads
    do, but we have only one shell. thanks to letra i found out drugs
    is tocatl(N)=the spider, and, our/to-ca/being, meaning you fork
    with drugs your messing with the only intimicy you have, then
    to the isle of man for gaelic, droghad=bridge, well, yeah, spider
    builds bridges at least to somewhere, and if you’ve got the balls,
    the will to come back from the other side, get off the
    bridge and spidey, then that’s good too, not like ulysses’s
    crew when they hit tahiti and the lotus eaters, forgot who they
    were or from, never forget that, there’s only one you and work
    is a hunger, words are soul, and clarity is sharper than a fog
    needle, the real juice is consciousness, but, hey, many different
    roads, just get there, when you can fill the moment with hard-won
    thought, past and future take care of themselves, but if
    you need the many colored quilt of feathered guilt to drive you
    through the heaven’s gate, remember to remember to come back,
    and don’t think you’re a genius until you have proof, spoof,
    and if you are, clean your star, and don’t jackson through a door.

  181. Angela

    The reason the bird as few true birdlike traits, IE the tail, is probably because it was specifically designed to glide. These people had arrows and water “clocks” so building a small glider (toy?) wouldnt have been to much of a stretch because they had some knowledge about arrow dynamics.

  182. burnout

    Well asshole(I am sure you dont mind me calling you that as we do have to shorten your name somewhat)
    Carlos is kick ass.
    What he posts has nothing to do with drugs.
    It is to do with many years of study and many years of deep thought.
    Maybe he has at some time done a few drugs.
    I would not know.
    But then again most of us have had a bit of little try at some time.
    That I guess is also part of life’s experiences.
    So long as you dont let it take over your life or use it for too long or too often because that will scramble your brain.
    If you want to be like Carlos you have to devote some time to study and deep thought.
    And guess what?
    Try it for a while and it will become an addiction.
    If it does not then you should forget about that side of things and go out and find what it is suits you.
    Always remember that all people are here for a reason.
    You may already be doing that and just dont realize that you are doing your bit.
    Angela there is a lot more to the egyption bird thing.
    I can send you to a site where there is a picture in a tomb I think.
    Or maybe a temple.
    There is a plane.
    There is what they say is a submerine(which I think it probably is because of the other carvings)
    But there is one that is almost an exact copy of the big work hellicopter that is around today.
    This stuff is still there for anyone who wants to go and look at it.
    Anyway Angela as much as I have enjoyed the twists and turns of this site it is really good to get a comment about what it really was about in the first place.
    I hope you stay around for a while.

  183. carlos lascoutx

    …ah, just in time, an angel/ in cel(N)=the celeste. i live
    at altitude, 2000mtrs, since the air is thinner birds develop
    much longer tails, we have the boat-tailed grackle/grajo(sp),
    g(r)acal= g/cacalotl(N)=cacalli(N/pl)=calli(N/day3souls)=being,
    with a long empennage, black crows do too, even jays and king
    fishers, the feather=quetzalli(N)/quill=quilitl(N)=quelite(mex)=
    green, a jade plant type of spinach, is very adaptable, as evolutionary and revolutionary=ualtzaqua(N)=waltzy as the pluma/
    flume/pen, hmmm, pen/pennon/pencil, there is no pen sound in
    rémi simeon nauatl, but pencil=piciliui(N)=penicillin(Lat/E),
    piciliui(N)=thin, pencil thin, feather? ah, f/p(e)at/ther(letra)=
    patla(N)=swap(alternate)/patlani(N)=fly. hmmm, plume/flume/flow,
    from, p(l)u/o(m/label/nauatl)(letra)= poa/pouitiuh(N)=power/
    the soulpaper/tonalamatl is interesting in regard to birds,
    its 4th day=cuetz-pallin(N)=lizard, in the name we see,
    cuetz-/quetzalli(N)=feather. one of the many good things
    about not having a blinding civilization so dashing and shiney
    new every time one opens a glossy mag or treadmill newspaper
    is one gets to observe what really goes on around us.
    forgive me for not being terribly interested in affairs
    of quarreling states, i am, but to hope our species will
    mend it’s ways and sub-aqueous corruption(abajo del agua(sp)=
    the phrase for corruptelas)is fond, which is the only
    expectation it can be, a clownish one, doesn’t bill clinton
    look more and more like w.c.fields to you every day, with a
    brave attempt at a jfk hairdo? now there is a bird, what we
    call, a parlanchín=a talker=tlatolli(N)=word, utter/iterate=
    itoa oito(N), and of course, tlatoani(N)=the great speaker,
    lately he looks as if he needs refreshment, surely decades
    on the people’s service tremendously wearing, who tells him
    to rewind his watch, maybe join audubon and soldier on?
    no end of work in worlds like this.
    when ghenghis almost captured europe, his host had atlatl/
    arrows, the turk name for horse=at/atl(N)=water, the english
    prep., at, arrows at/l/r that whistled, like shells coming in,
    eagle was ecauilo cuauhtli(N)/bird that gives shadow, protector,
    deer were bred for fatbacks so they could be ridden, uma(Jap)=
    horse=(i)ma/mazatl(N/day7souls)=maze/amaze/mazard, even, mazeltov=
    mazatl toptli(N)=deer idol, mazyes/berbers=mazatl yectli(N)=
    yes, deer! oops, i’ve found another mania, off i go to the
    altia/altai/altar to tzaatan/mazatlan, buén día, carlos.
    oh, mazard(E)=deer cherry=mazaxocotl(N)= ma(n)za(na)(letra)=

  184. burnout

    I wonder why it is that we can never mend our ways.
    You can go back as far as you like.
    Thousands of years and you will have this war or that war.
    In the last century we had the two world wars and then the cold war.
    But there were literaly thousands of smaller wars alot of them most of us did not hear about or if we did it was not of any significance to us so we do not remember.
    And yet thousands of people perish.
    I mean is it in our DNA or something?
    I know that governments World wide love conflict because that gives them a mandate to do all sorts of things that would not sit right with the people other wise.
    And please dont get me wrong here.
    A lot of my family have served in the military etc.
    And you have to fight if someone tries to take your home,your country etc.
    I did have great hopes for the net when it first became available to the masses.
    I said to my wife.
    Now that people are able to talk to each other all over the world we will see a lot less wars etc.
    Because people will be talking to each other.
    Unfortunately I was wrong.

  185. carlos lascoutx

    …it’s in our stars, we’re burners, combustible, fire-drill
    to military drill, devil-dogs of the get-evening star, monster
    doubles who chain smoke, drink the puddle of booze dry, feel
    oh so sorry for ourselves, will follow a bad idea anywhere no
    matter how bright we are(mcNamara, conductor of uncle john’s band
    died the other day, so smart he was stupid, rip), we forget to
    be human and take on godlike proportions when in old testament
    situations of smiting, invade the sacred precincts of life and
    other people’s rights with our medicine man, doctrine, the croaker
    who always prescribes war for our economic blahs, the escape hatch
    for our no-good, rotten politicians who don’t like to be surprised
    in the middle of their burgles at commonwealth house or watergate,
    nothing like a military parade to get the people out. a more
    disgusting self-involved species could not have taken over paradise,
    want everything handed to them on a platter with a little chatter,
    clueless as to any other possibility except self-gratification,
    jerk-offs of the first water who stumble to the altar of life and beauty time and time again to ask forgiveness for the same sin,
    only to be forgiven so they can do it again like the wooden metro-
    gnomes that they are, always looking for a leadpipe cinch so they
    can keep their pants up and the toilet running, peace on them,
    as we say in mexico, always pushing the big lie in beezniz, in
    their yelow journalism, blowing democracy out their pooters
    after chowing down on the hemispheric barnyard with their goons.
    it’s real purdy, this rotten row of empire, care to gondola
    through the bayou with agent orange, he’s so patriotic he glows,
    it ain’t venice, but heck, they don’t have alligators either.
    ok, you can come out now, the rant is over. say, burns,
    i been meaning to tell you what got me started on the letra
    chase for language, it was a copy of, afferbeck lauder’s
    let’s stalk strine, have a go at it if you haven’t already,
    gives you an idea of sound behind letters, should be required
    reading for all linguists who are not snoring fat and happy
    at their desks in lala academia. off to market/me(r)cado/mecatl(N).
    cool today, don’t need the eggnishner(strine).

  186. burnout

    Yeah Carlos I will have a look at the afferbeck thing.
    I have to admit I have never heard of it.
    But then again that is what I try to tell people all the time.
    There is so much stuff out there and you have to keep an open mind.
    And you dont have to believe everything but you should think about it all before you make a judgement.
    Maybe I should change my name to “The Eternal Dreamer” or something.
    Because I still live in this fantacy world where some day we are all going to get along regardless of our color creed or station in life.
    Yeah I know it will never happen.
    But I was always a dreamer.

  187. carlos lascoutx

    …dream/ drem d(r)em/ d/temiqui(N)= dream tentli/lip of death/miqui, nice to know that dream comes from mickey.
    my day, ehecatl/hecate breath and bagpipe is 4/naui/navigate days from miquiztli in souls, seems to be an old friend= amiqui/amigo=’til death, we now have a more benign feeling
    for the curative, adjusting powers of dream,
    but for our busy ancestors, it was a visitation from the far side or the lips of black bones hisself.
    fantasma(sp), hmmm, the ma=mana(N)=manar(sp)=flow, and fantasy
    is an early word, right there in old french in the same form
    we have, no twisting and turning as you would expect from the
    phantom, so it’s formation was simple and direct, aha, here it
    is, the (n) is inclusive, from, pati opat(N), aha, there are
    two forms/meanings, hmmm, pati/opati(N)=to patrick, to cure,
    pa=paint pamaca=farmacy, so far so good, fantasy appears to
    be medicine=metl=metis(gk)?mothergoddess(of atena/tentli=
    waterlips) and wife of patecatl/patrick, medicine man, maybe
    write a song for him along the lines of, watermelon man,
    the other, pati opat(N)=melt, liquefy, yeah, that’s the phantom
    alright, real name is patty. nothing wrong with fantasy, it’s
    the cure for a sick world, consider yourself a global doctor,
    burns, called in just in time for an agonizing patient. hey,
    we’re ratcheting up relations with russia again, oba is so smooth, but precise, lawyers aren’t my favorite people but when they
    stick to the golden rule it’s cool. we’re both christian nations
    who’ve been hit by the narrow spear islamic terrorism, are the
    nuclear power in the world, live at the same latitude, were
    allies, i think we can get along to the benefit of everybody,
    they help us, we help them, and oba is not going to fall in love
    with putti the way bush did, for one thing they’re not on the
    same eye level, but given all we have in common, we will see
    eye to eye. guess i’ll dust off my russian and practice by
    putting a few marbles in my mouth so i can slurry the sounds,
    hmmm, may go through the vocab with letra, but at the moment
    i have a really bad russ dictionary, maybe pick it up on youtube.
    onward to siberia and the mouth of the amur to visit the nivkh,
    i’m working up a post for them on my blog tzopilotl, say, burns,
    do you want to continue on there, or at,
    i like andrei and don’t want to try his patience too sorely
    by trolling his page?

  188. burnout

    Yeah I guess I should move over to your site.
    It wont be for a couple of days because two really good friends are coming for a day or two.
    They are the perfect couple in my fantasy world.
    He is Europian Australian who has some baggage to carry in his mind because of the jobs he did in prison system and then the police force and then the system discarded him because he upset someone who had connection at the top.
    He now has a wife who comes from the Phillipines and she is the most lovely person you could ever meet.
    So she is good for him etc.
    But they are two people from two different cultures and and they have this perfect relationship.
    They tell you of the things that happen in their daily life.
    To do with beliefs customs etc.
    And they work it out.
    And they respect each others beliefs etc.
    And sitting around the table here we have had many a laugh about what has happened in their life.
    And there is no way that anyone thinks that one or the other is right wrong or whatever.
    It is a meeting of cultures.
    And so I know it can work on the one on one basis.
    I have said before about my friendship with Australian Aboriginals.
    For sure we are a lot different but there are some who call me Brother.
    That makes me feel good.
    And I guess that while the big money rules the world things wont change.
    Hey listen to me I probably should go and get my old flaired jeans
    Platform shoes and that shirt that you really need sunglasses to look at out of storage.
    And I think that there may be an old bong around here somewhere.
    Only joking.
    I know that I am a dreamer.
    But ah if that dream were to come true.
    Talk to you in a couple of days Carlos.

  189. Pingback: Things science can't explain - Forums

  190. burnout

    Hey sorry guys.
    I know that we raved a bit on this site but they were things that we had very strong feelings about.
    And Hey there are a lot of things out there that we would like people to know about.

  191. Upcoming Events

    All of these a very curious, and I’m familiar with most of them except for the London Hammer. Gonna have to look up that one to learn a little more about it.

  192. Harsha

    Piece of Shit article! Get your facts rights! Most of these are hoaxes or have been solved.

  193. burnout

    Sorry people but I am back.
    The reason being that when someone uses bad or abusive language on any site it shows that they are cheap.
    And have you ever noticed that these same people never seem to be able to add anything to the site.(Appart from bad language)
    So Harsha why dont you enlighten us with your knowledge?
    After all that is what the site is about.
    You know people sharing their knowledge or thoughts.
    Not just your feelings of superiority and your bad language

  194. steve

    wow, you guys have a lot of interesting things to say about these topics.
    About the war thing…
    people will not stop waging war on each other because people are selfish. we want things for ourselves and for our families and friends, and believe that fighting for it is the best way. there is nothing particularly wrong with that, it is in our nature to fight and kill, as we were once animals that fought for supremacy of the world just like lions or monkeys or any other living thing (we still are i guess). the point is that the worlds power is divided among a very select few people, and when humans receive that much power, they want to show people (or themselves) that they can use this power wisely and do whats best for their people. so they go to war to protect their peoples interests and selfishness. the only problem with this is that protecting peoples interests is not a problem when the people are getting killed. this is not the only reason however. their are also people that believe that particularly radical ideas (Hitler, etc.) that believe that their people should beleive the same as them and end up killing thousands of people. i feel that this rant is going to keep going if i dont stop it here so ill say one more thing: war and crime will not stop until something EXTEMELY radical happens, something like near extinction or some sort of mass world uprising that leaves everybody’s appetite for violence filled to the brim.
    btw there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer…

  195. Dave

    carlos lascoutx = Please, give it a rest/desist/respite/fin = shut the hell up.

    Some of these are clearly daft (the hammer) others, really interesting and thought provoking.

    Personally, I like to think that history is only written by those who A) Choose to write it and B) Were/Are in a position to do so.

    The number of stunning achievements that must have been lost or forgotten over the centuries (and their purpose and meaning) doesn’t bear thinking about. I would be very surprised if there weren’t numerous examples of ‘science ahead of its’ time, still to be discovered.

    ..oh and you can’t create a perfect join between two irregular shaped rocks by ‘rubbing them together’ (eye role)

  196. PW

    Carlos’ comments are far more entertaining that the weakly supported claims that the author posts.

  197. Jay Gee

    It was the fruit juices in the clay pots thing that prompted me to send this in, it’s from near the beiginining of a 17 page piece called:
    Just Speculation.

    Tis said the Ancient Egyptians believed the Heavenly Starry Sky to be made of Iron and that every now and again, bits Fell Off it, to the Earth, in the form of Iron Meteorites.

    Stories of their landings echo the origins and original meaning that lies behind the Legend and Myth of the Flight of the Phoenix, in that an Iron Meteors flight and a Phoenix’s flight are reflected in having one and the same colour descriptions and an Iron Meteor at rest (landed) is Black/Grey, whereas a Phoenix at rest (landed) is depicted in Ancient Egyptian Art as a Grey Heron standing on one leg.
    This is the latest thinking on the origins of the Phoenix Myth.

    But just as important is that this Phoenix/Iron Meteor idea seems then to reflect stories of Times When Man may have Possessed Small Quantities of Iron Long and Eell Before we approached the real begining and spreading of the Actual Iron Age.

    Which in turn could be the answer as to how a small flat piece of Iron Plate measuring 26cm x 26cm found some few metres from the Great Pyramids Outer Face (apparantly stuck within a joint of the Southern Shaft of it’s Uppermost Chamber) and considered today to be the cover of the outer mouth of this Chambers Southern Shaft, could then be possible at a Time when Iron was not yet then supposed to have been available.

    And to top it all off, this small plate of Iron, apparantly Had Once Been Gold Plated, a technology developed by dipping Two Metals into Clay Pots containing Fruit Juice, it seems.

    Remember it’s Just Speculation.
    Still I hope you find it entertaining.

    Have Fun
    Jay Gee

  198. casuscell

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  199. Chris Angel

    carlos lascoutx…. you MIND FREAK me. For the record, I fooled all these so called experts. I traveled back through the time, with my friends from another galaxy, also known as the droppa, and walked barefooted to plant a hammer into the rocks, then grinded gaint rocks together to created walls. Yes, you have been mind freaked!

  200. burnout

    Well thanks Chris at least now we know the answer to two of the mysteries.
    The hammer I can understand.
    But the giant rocks.
    That is what mind freaks me.
    You must be an awesome looking being to be able to do that.

  201. carlos lascoutx

    …oops, popped back through the cyber rathole, had a nice time
    on halcyon, they’re two kinds of meteorites, metal ones and
    stone ones, the stone ones have the building blocks for life,
    so blue planet was seeded from otter space, being an aquatic animule that plays in the solar strea. why do i have to shut up,
    say something, jabberwock, don’t get all red and angry, change to
    green/quillotia(N)=quill, write it out, come up with an idea that
    we can all bounce around. i have one. the church should be in charge
    of drugs, sell them, no hard stuff like coke, smack, and crack,
    just mojo, it is a medicine partly, altho abuse turns it into
    abuse, funny how that happens, remember it’s the spider=tocatl(N)=
    toca(N)=sow seed= our/to-ca/being, a sidetrip to isle of man,
    douglastown, douglas=tocatl(N)=droghad(gaelic)=bridge to nowhere,
    but a confirmation of where everything we do goes, don’t mind being
    nowhere for a while, chitoni(N)=spark=ch(i)thonic, but not every
    day, hour and minute, so puff off churchys, give you something to do, will fill the cathedrals with motorolas, snuffling and sniveling
    with the joneses, a warm place to sit on sundays, then when you go over the edge, why, the friars can help you get well again, instead
    of raiding the choir stalls every free minute they got, keeps them out of trouble too, gives their mission a social sense, a
    direction they can share by helping solve the national problem of
    our age, whether in russia, china, mexico, france, switz, italy,
    you name it, let the church deal dope and deal with consequences of
    the tremendous social problem it causes, i don’t see anybody giving
    it up soon, why not face reality instead of the cold turkey of
    drug-generated wars making everybody miserable, troops and tramps
    and troubadours before they reach sympathy with the devil.
    it makes sense to me, religion is about our being, drugs are too,
    a perfect match, bride and groom, but the gobs want to use it
    as their special pony for their runs to the bank with our money
    and as warhorse for their contrived conflicts, as in, what if they gave a war and nobody came? think it over and let me know.
    we have a right to demand the blood sucking churches, mullahs, evangels who pray(pun) on us to address the real issues of their
    ministries(which is us), rather than squirreling around and around
    the tree of theology with their nuts in their mouths. and dave,
    understand this, get the shit out of your ears and wake up from
    your negative trance/ tr/tla(n)ca(letra)=tlacatl(N)= dance.

  202. carlos lascoutx

    …by the way, check out, 10 useful inventions that went bad,
    gives you a pretty clear idea of who’s to blame for the sick
    cycle we call history.

  203. carlos lascoutx

    …axcaitl(N)=goods, property, possession= no axca(N)= naxca(N)=
    my property, speaking of which, the nazca used the carob/algarrobo tree as a boundary between houses, it’s of mediterranean origin,
    the nazca decayed about 6c ad, way before euro contact dotty
    trad. history records, part of their diet was maní/the peanut,
    which comes, like the potato from south america, the nazca did lots of trading and intensive farming, pre-inca in ca(N)=the being,
    they were fine weavers, the peruvian weavers were the best the world has ever seen, e.g., mama(quechua)=handhand netnet=top female
    weaver, later the aztec cofradias have, teomama(N)=god carrier.
    the oquichua(N)=manhood owners=inca, but the nazca axcaitl(N)=
    naxca(N)=mygoods were the owners before them and used nauatl
    based language, there doesn’t appear to ba language that wasn’t.
    the nazca lines may be to be an attempt to convey their ownership,
    a land deed or title=titlani(N)=messenger/between, an attempt at
    spiritual(pun)=spiral and ritual ownership of their realm.

  204. Eff Yew

    This website should be taken down, or COMPLETELY edited. It’s absolutely despicable what you’re doing. How dare you present elements of UTTER FICTION as fact by including them with real objects. Don’t you realize how much misinformation you’re spreading to the general public? You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you’ll think long and hard about this, and then take out every aspect of the webpage that you CAN NOT SUBSTANTIATE WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. If you want it to be entertainment, you need a disclaimer at the header of the page that says “WARNING, THIS IS NOT REAL.”

    Shame on you.

  205. carlos lascoutx

    …yew, do you feel better now? we get angry angels of cyberspace
    on this blog often, if you read the large print, zme=not exactly
    rocket science, how is god by the way since you just came from
    there, still judgemental, or should i just say, -mental? he has
    a tough time up in heaven rolling around all day, you do a good imitation of him, can you recommend an acting coach, or did you
    learn by sitting on the right hand of the big guy himself? as for
    not being real, it’s hard to believe you are, and your boss too,
    maybe you should not only wear a sign but give us one, or at least
    add to the discussion, you know, break the ice instead of cover
    the entire blogosphere with steep chill, i’ve always thought man’s
    big problem, besides woman, was a ready tendency to assume godhood
    for himself and his worthless descendents, a lack of humor, and
    the easy dupe of science, which is busy conning him out of habitat.
    there, that’s enough for some kind of discussion, answer me back
    in a temperate way, the yew is the symbol of grief, planted in
    churchyards, and used as a bow(yeoman), so if you are laboring
    under some hidden grief that has metastasized to anger, feel free
    to lay your burden down with burns/burnout or me, we’ve been through
    all of what life can throw a person, and believe me, caught most
    of it. regards, tzopilotl wordpress, have a look at it.

  206. PW

    Once again, Carlito has his way with Yew. I would attempt to match Carlos with wit and whim, but I agree with him and Yew both. The top of the page says “Science” so things listed underneath it should maybe be a little scientific don’t you think? And they isn’t. But this site does have me coming back just to read Carlos’ train of thought.

  207. giovan

    why is it so hard to belive that ther may be another earth out ther with humans or even dinosaurs in it?

  208. giovan

    the bagdad battery proves they wer conducting electric 2000 yrs ago
    wtf? the turkish map shows antartica neary 300 before it was offically discoverd. how do we no ther isnt a secret island somewhere? because of satalite? yeh we can google map it but how do we no it hasnt been edited? the mythical island of antillia? how the f… do we know its not ther? by gettin the cewordenence and going ther.kiss my ass go on youtube type in the truth illuminati!

  209. giovan saunders

    who ever think’s these artifacts arent as old as ther said to be can kiss my ass

  210. Justin

    I read the paper trying to explain away the London Hammer. The link given was:

    It is amazing to me how many logical fallacies are implemented to try to disprove what is strong empirical evidence for rapid and recent rock formation of strata long been assumed to be millions of years old. (Even more amazing is how many people assume the strata ages are true without asking how people “know” this in the first place!)

    Building a case against an empirical artifact based on an amazing collection of assumptions makes your case almost completely without weight to people who can think for themselves and want the truth. The whole paper could have been summarized as, “Here are a collection of assumptions to prove why this can’t be true.”

    The circular reasoning, ad hominem attacks, and lack of sufficient evidence for a claim before adding it to a list of facts to support their (I’m assuming) pre-ordained conclusion shows a lack of creativity. There is a danger in the prideful belief that we contain the keys to all knowlege, as does the currently accepted (and, as history shows, soon to be disproven) scientific community.

    Sometimes I wonder why I should use my time trying to get people to think for themselves before they just assume that because an article was written that looks intellectual they should accept it’s conclusion. Don’t assume that someone out there knows more than you do and STOP THEM ON EVERY POINT!!! HOW do you know this?!?! PROVE it to me!!!

    And most importantly- for every logical possibility presented by ANY “expert”, try to think of just one or two logical alternative theories with plausible weight, and weigh them in your OWN mind! Your rational assumptions have just as much right in a logical debate as theirs do! If you do this, then they cannot admit thier assumption as having any more weight as yours, and most importantly, you can refuse to let them build a case out of it!

    Usually people will try to wear you out with a collection of assumptions because hey, who really wants to go through the energy to disprove “intelligent” people?!!

    I beg of you, seek truth.

  211. burnout

    Well Eff Yew I have to say that you tell us a lot about yourself by the name you call yourself.
    And Hey you are not the first one to turn up carrying anger.
    For your own sake you should do something about that.
    Now why dont you go back through the last century and the one before that and so on as far as you like and see how much SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE has been proven wrong
    The trouble with people of science is that they disregard anything that they can not explain .
    If it does not fit their particular agenda it is passed off as fiction or a hoax.

  212. burnout

    Sorry I really must apologize to those people of science who do not just work to some agenda of their own or have sold their soul to the multinational money making lords.
    I know that you are out there and you do good work.
    Unfortunately not many of you get the recognition that you deserve.

  213. carlos lascoutx

    …my main message, and that of most of us here, when all the
    stone-throwing and rocks are boiled down to lava, is that knowledge
    is inclusive, not exclusive, so if you find yourself nay-saying
    and not believing anything, you know you’re on the wrong track,
    your brain is protecting its sovereignty over you by refusing
    to learn something new that will displace its tyrannical rule
    and force it to adjust and grow into new knowledge, which is
    very short-sighted of the brain as that is how it grows. i’ve had
    years of trying to stay the same, my eternal childhood of no
    change, but the price you pay for staying the same gets higher and higher every year, we’re a mutable species, our greatest evolutionary trait is adaption to new circumstances, collating info,
    assimilating it, and going forward. you never close the book
    on knowledge, it’s the never-ending story, the game that never
    ends, anybody can play, and it’s where the brain uses its muscle,
    grabs a fact and runs with it, sometimes the wrong way, but, hey,
    there are two goals, points are points. everybody has a lazy brain,
    it’s called conceit, arrogance, pride, whole lotta names, but
    when a brain gets off its duff and begins to take what it needs
    to move forward, it can change the world, bring beauty into
    being, and take the best from your chest. the most important
    instruction you can give yourself when you are bored, and you
    have no business being bored in a world of sorrow, prayer, and
    constant motion, is say, yes i am bored, it is time to create
    because that’s how the singularity of the universe was brought
    into being, deity was tired of being alone, you are a creation,
    and creations mimic creation, they have to, it’s how they were
    brought into being, how they bring themselves into being, by
    their own impulse of not wanting to be alone. so leave the spider
    in its web, come back across the bridge, take mind’s mirror
    away from it and tell it sarcastically, yes you are the fairest of them all, stand up inside yourself, open the doors of your eyes and go looking for theother teotl, the theology that allows you,
    hallows you, not as yourself, but as one of the living growing
    things in the universe, not as a growling thing, and the first
    teotl theother is leornian(OE)learning, l/teo(r)nian, and it’s
    bible is the dictionary, a primary source for what you will use
    all your life and will define your spirit and nourish your soul,
    push you into other languages so you will understand the other
    spirits in the family of man. it takes a half hour a day every
    day, once a week doesn’t get it.

  214. carlos lascoutx

    …hey, jay gee, the heron that’s phoenix=poa nextli(N)=
    count/poa-nextli/ash, is gray because one side is the power/
    poa(N)=count of time, and the other leg is the nix/nextli(N)/subtaction/ashes of time.
    it’s the balancing(on one leg)half of leap year, which
    is 676 secs short every year from being 365 1/4 days the solar year.
    after 130yrs solar, one has to subtract a day, this subtraction
    is the ash of the poanextli/phoe-nix, then the fire begins again
    and burns down, the phoenix number is 13, the ancient egyptians
    used to let 1300yrs go by and take off 10 days. so time has a
    slip to it, when you count in whole numbers. 13 is on the aztec
    calendarstone, known as the white(solar)sweeper=
    iztac tlachpanqui(N). today, the shortfall of the year=674sec.

  215. burnout

    I really feel sad I guess is the word for the people who dont have open minds.
    Learning is the greatest pastime you can have.
    And you can not learn or develope your brain if you dont have an open mind.
    And of course not everything you read or study is correct.
    But that is part of the process.
    You have to sift through it all and see what adds up and makes sense.
    And of course there is a lot national pride in the history of the world that contaminates a lot of truth.
    Australia was first claimed by the English as a colony.
    And as a child I was taught that Captain Cook dicovered Australia.
    In reality the English were the last to get here it is just that they were the ones who raised the first flag.
    As a child in school I got into a lot of trouble for pointing out this truth.
    So the point is you have to look at all sides of history science or whatever.
    And listen to other peoples point of view.
    Then make your own personal decision on what you believe.
    And dont be scared to change your mind at a later date if more evidence comes to light.
    That is what an open mind is all about.
    And I really dont understand why so many people post on this site and many other sites are so angry because they dont believe or agree with what is being said.
    Why be angry?
    Where does this anger come from?

  216. carlos lascoutx

    …i think the anger is knowing, somehow sensing that they are
    being fooled by all these smug teachers, the fraternity of education
    if you will, who are making money off them, demanding their attention, yet ultimately won’t let them into their club where
    they hand out the placebos of dead knowledge so stultifying,
    textbooks so uncurrent, that the only benefit is to the lord
    of the flies, whose animal finds additional habitat in the snoring
    mouths of the recipients. what i suggest is be your own teacher,
    don’t wait for today’s teachers to teach you, occasionally you’ll
    run across a real teacher but that will be when a hen drops her
    teeth. the internet is the same way altho more open to possibility
    and chaotic, it’s a huge library, set sail into the sea of print,
    follow your taste like you would at a banquet, set a goal, e.g.,
    i want to study omotic because it’s a language group on the
    northeast corridor out of afrika(ethopia)to see what happened
    to nauatl pie there. well, i did that, and found the answer,
    nauatl was put into the cultural pestle there and ground like
    pepper into tiny particles, but still recognizable(c.f.,
    tzopilotl wordpress), and is beginning to confirm the exit
    and reentry of deer culture nomads like the berber/masyes/mazatl(N)=deer when our first religion was incubated. now that’s a pretty big idea, but it gives me a framework that i worked out for myself, i didn’t have to argue with some stupid teacher who thought he was
    smart and kept telling me, shut up, i was dumb(that’s where the anger comes from: knowing you have your own path to knowledge and
    being told to mark the well-worn trail to nowhere). another
    source of anger is the way education is used in america, it’s
    like an fda stamp on meat, you’re approved for consumption
    by the corporations, we’ve seen how wonderful they are, now
    we’re seeing the gates fiasco where a harvard professor is
    telling the real world he has no connection to it, in fact
    is from a diiferent realm, one where public relations is not
    taught, nor anger managment either because everybody in his
    world is an archangel hallowed by a wise god who chooses
    his students carefully, well, not carefully enough obviously,
    beginning with gates himself, how he can be so proud in his
    profession, given the pawky results nation-wide, is a tribute to the blind flattery and ass-kissing that victimized him in the
    first place. humility is the road to the open mind. wait for
    retirement if you have to be exclusive, but a working teacher
    is an older brother/teachcuauhtli(N), and no matter what your
    achievements, they are a grace that comes from being in the right
    place when the sunshines down, a blessing to be thankful for,
    not to threaten with, one has to forgive oneself for being a
    smartass, get over it, and say, now how can i be useful to
    theother teotl?

  217. PW

    Moctezuma II and the Aztecs called Cortés and the conquistadors “Teotl”. apparently. And they certainly made themselves useful to them.

  218. carlos lascoutx

    …being useful is a double-edged sword, from all appearances
    mexico is still under the conquest, the teteo are the politcal
    class, but this particular crew have made themselves odious to
    the public, even to the national senate, if the hot air coming
    out of the pines were harnessed to an energy outlet the country
    would have no worrys.

  219. burnout

    Actually the Aztec Inca etc.history of Mesoamerica is a perfect example of cultures teaching what they want to teach instead of the whole truth.
    I was taught under the british system.
    ( Britannia rules the waves sort of crap)
    Sure we were taught about Aztec,Inca,Mayan peoples etc.
    But we were not taught of the great cities that were built in Mesoamerica.
    We were taught about pyramids but they were in Egypt.
    Must have something to do with the fact that England has a lot of ties with Egypt
    Back in the 50-60s anyhow.
    I saw a movie set in Mexico in the 60s.and there was a pyramid in the background(I mean when I was child in the 60s)
    No one I asked seemed to know or care why it was there.
    Mesoamerica must have many times more cities pyramids etc.than Egypt.
    I am not knocking Egypt it is a facinating place but the point is people get taught what the powers at the top want you to know.
    And you go on the net and you find pyramids all over the world.
    I am only using Pyramids because they are a perfect example.
    There are many other things as well.
    I was a late convert to the internet because I was a great Book person(and still am there is nothing to compare to a good book)
    But the internet is the place to go to for information and talking to people all over the planet.
    STOP.I am starting to rave again.
    So I know what you are saying Carlos about them being angry by being fooled etc.
    But would you not think that now that they have the tools at hand to learn without government or local custom intervention that they would be happy rather than angry?

  220. carlos lascoutx

    …the fun of history is going in yourself and finding out what
    hasn’t been included in the national rave of each country, as
    i have said earlier, lies are more telling than actual facts,
    one gets into the particular mania of each country. aztec civ was
    highly capitalistic, they wove their own currency, there was poverty,
    but as a last resort one could sell oneself to the slave market,
    sounds familiar even today, their laws were severe, especially for
    drunkeness(among the young, the old were allowed their toddy),
    infidelity was punished by death, one empress had her lovers
    stuffed after she slept with them but was found out by the empreror
    and herself axed, every year a slave was chosen to be a god for
    a year(origin of king or queen for a day show) then sacrificed
    after walking up the pyramid breaking the flutes he’d been taught
    to play, his last 4 nights were spent with consorts/auianame of
    descending age, gambling was occasionally banned for the social
    effect it had on familys, pacholli, a board game was played with
    gold pieces tossed on a mat with squares, ollama the ball game
    was the great spectacle, those who lost bets had their jade nose
    plugs and ear plugs snatched off their faces and feather capes
    taken by the agents of the winners, emperors even played each
    other, constant war was the great elevator of promotion, there
    were gladiatorial fights on the sacrifice stone pitting a captive
    against 4 adversarys, the captive had the wooden macana/sword
    without the obsidian edging(which cut a limb in one swing)with
    feathers instead while his opponents were razor-sharp, his foot
    tied to a hole in the stone, only one person survived that combat, blacklizard, a tlaxcatecan general,
    who had been captured(how i don’t know), he defeated the first
    3, the 4th was by tradition left-handed as he was, when he beat
    the last surdo/lefty the aztecs, who were watching and betting,
    went wild, he was put on their shoulders and made a general,
    went on one campaign with them, but then asked to be sacrificed
    as his honor was not divisible. the picture one gets of aztec/
    amerindian society is that it was for heroes, the women fought
    along with the men in their birthing wars, the principle for
    combat was to bring them in alive and unmarked as possible so
    they could be birthed without blemish to their gods on the sacrifice stone. we laugh at them, but look at what we
    are today, ignoble creatures scuttling in the dark each with
    our piece fo cheese from the government pantry, our wars fought
    with snipers and the twist of torture, low, so low the human
    designation should be taken away from us.

  221. burnout

    Yes the true student of history must look at facts and not what makes them feel good about themselves or their ancestry.
    I am mostly of western european ancestry.
    I am not proud or ashamed of the fact.
    I can only be proud or ashamed of my actions in the world.
    And I do have a bit of a problem with words proud and pride.
    I guess that pride in your children is a must otherwise they will be starved in their childhood.
    However personal pride in an adult leaves me with a feeling that they are not really progressing.
    If you are doing your best in the world there is a feeling of satisfaction.(and I suppose some people would say that is pride)
    I suppose I am playing with words.
    Anyway back to western european countries making colonies all over the globe.
    We are taught that they were these great people who brought Christianity and good will and all the native people lived happy for ever after.
    And of course the native people were all doing these terrible things to each other untill europians got there.
    And they were.
    But the europians then did terrible things to the natives in the name of King/Queen/or religion.
    We will probably never know the full extent of what was done by the Empire builders but what you can dig up if you really want to is not pretty.
    Of course most people of european decent dont want to know.
    We still seem to have this feeling of superiority in regard to the rest of the the world.
    And of course it is going to come back and bite us on the arse very soon.
    Sorry I got side tracked.
    What I was going to say was that Carlos is right.
    We may not be doing human sacrifices any more.
    But look in any city in the western world.
    We are sacrificing our young to drugs etc.
    They will never know the joy of the relationship between nature and us.(I best descibe myself as a spiritualist or a pagan)
    Oh and How about I do a thought for today?

    If you want to travell to the stars you wont get there in a space ship.

  222. carlos lascoutx

    …pride can kill you, said my grandmother as she stuck her needle
    in an egg and sucked out the yolk, looked at the horrified expression on my face and began to laugh, then said, well i guess
    it won’t kill you right away. i don’t know how to say this to
    those who are suffering right now, but we don’t choose our familys,
    and if you don’t have the right people around you when you grow,
    you may not grow at all, go sideways, be transplanted and gnarled
    in the head, but only if you let it get to you, as a child you have
    a shield, that of being a child, they are the same word, often that
    is not enough, with people telling you what to do every minute of
    the day, and nothing you do is good enough. in this situation one
    takes out the first aid kit of virtue, let’s see, here’s one,
    patience, this one is actually a grace since it rhymes with face,
    don’t be in a hurry but don’t dawdle either, write on the blackboard
    of your mind in squeaky chalk=gis(sp)=he’ss the few things you want to do today, don’t make it a long list because you only have one piece of chalk for each day, read it over so it lodges in your mind,
    then go off into the day with a rough plan made, test it against
    the day to see if that particulat day will permit itself
    the possibility of doing what’s on the blackboard, each day is different, and often will baulk at what you ask of it for as many
    reasons as there are fish in the sea on that day, when that happens
    take patience gracefully out of its box and put it around your neck,
    finger, or ankle, and go on to the next attempt. it’s not so much
    getting things done as it is trying. combined with the particular
    day is your frame of mind for that day, sometimes it’s an empty
    corral with no horsepower in it, at least not for what you want
    to do, in that case question yourself as to what exactly you are
    capable of doing and try that, it may be something like taking a walk, or going into a room you haven’t been in for a while,
    i usually chaperone my mind by giving it bodywork, like kicking
    tennis balls at the dog, or mowing the lawn, something that will
    reinfoce the unity of mind and body because we are separated out
    from nature these days, e.g., in 1900 40% of americans lived on
    the farm now it’s only 2% so our connexions are mostly with
    engines and engineering, looking at manmade structures, streets,
    i like gardens and take breaks to be with various theothers like
    trees, a dollar eucalyptus, a riotous aloe plant, a cluster of
    pomegranate scrubs, visit an apple tree yet to produce an apple,
    count lizard tails, and get serenaded by a western robin, who,
    like me, hasn’t the gift of ever shutting up, or a squadron of
    boat-tailed grackles will fly in like a bright-eyed war party
    holding the lawn until the dogs have had enough, then are off
    with a clatter of feathers to maraud the rest of the neighborhood.
    so try to be comfortable in the microcosm as it’s made of the
    same macaroni as the macro, be your own jailor, we’re all confined
    until this is over and get on the hubble treadmill to the stars.
    until then, be good to yourself and you’ll find enough crumbs of
    virtue to sustain life’s waters in the cup you’ve been given,
    trade peace for strife, and keep the altar of perception clean
    for that is where beauty resides. tks.

  223. burnout

    Well Carlos I wonder why it is that as soon as we post something more than one or two lines everyone goes away?
    Now surely all of the posts you have done lately can be understood by all without taxing their brain too much.
    And in my own egotistical way I think I that I may have something to contribute.
    (And now I will go and bang my head against a brick wall for a while because I am going to say the same thing I have said so so many times.You dont have to believe everything anyone says but read listen and think about it.If you think it is wrong that is fine.
    But please dont get angry or abusive you are only doing damage to your own soul.But sad as it is not many people believe in souls anymore)
    It is also sad that people dont have the pagan thing in them anymore.
    It is all high teck.And sure I am using high teck now.
    But it is a tool to me,and I have to admit it is a good one.
    It will never be my God.
    In Australia the Aboriginals have what they call the dream time.
    It is their relationship to the earth and nature.
    So that is the same as paganism in europe and many other names in many other parts of the world.
    So many people are travelling through this life at this time and not advancing their soul.
    I dont mind having a night out in the bright lights of a city etc.
    It is all good fun.
    But there is more to being on this planet than having fun and making money regardless of who suffers because of it.
    So come on there must be some body out there who can add a bit.
    It dosnt matter what your thoughts are so long as you are prepared to put them forward without anger or abusive language.

  224. carlos lascoutx

    …abuse and anger are an appropriate response in a country that
    bloods each generation in the cleansing spa of war, put youth on
    the smoking altar, turn on the fog machines, get out the patriotic
    dittys designed to keep deception on the march, it’s not winning or
    losing that counts, it’s playing the game long enough to make a profit(the answer to why bin ladn wasn’t captured at tora bora),
    we’re talking agenda here, big bucks and smashed trucks by the
    roadside, bishops scream for more jesus, we’re going to colonize
    yet another country with crosses of the dead to show we believe
    his truth goes marching on, halleluj, meanwhile, arlington is full, someone suggests stand-up burials forever at attention, another,
    torpedo storage racks that fire out into the countryside as
    putrefaction sets in, collateral damage of such posthumous
    firings awarded a broken purple heart and their name inscribed
    on the inside of capitol hill johns where their sacrifice can
    be noted by senators with heads bowed trying to get out the
    morning load.

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  226. waterproof jacket

    No one I asked seemed to know or care why it was there.
    Mesoamerica must have many times more cities pyramids etc.than Egypt.
    I am not knocking Egypt it is a facinating place but the point is people get taught what the powers at the top want you to know.
    And you go on the net and you find pyramids all over the world.
    I am only using Pyramids because they are a perfect example.
    There are many other things as well.

  227. Colm

    Carlos, I relish the conversations you’ve instigated here and elsewhere. I only wish you had a blog where more of your writing could be found, and where conversations could flourish without judgement.

    I’ve saved off some of the pages where you have incited ideas, in case they are consumed by the ravages of the recession.

    May life burn in your veins and nerves for many years to come, a mind like yours eats experience and regurgitates it whole and fresh for others to know.

  228. carlos lascoutx

    …tks, colm, it really is like vomit, isn’t it? but from a sick
    of it all societal pariah. if you google, tzopilotl wordpress,
    you’ll get a variety of my screeds, lego jesus/praying the wrong way, have some good entrys of mine, counting that which is not counted has a good one on deer culture, matilda’s gobekli blog
    has a lot of my stuff but is hard to navigate the categorys,
    and chessgoddess has some rather complicated mythology sourcing,
    at the moment the gal on chessgoddess and i are working together
    to find the source of chess and it involves the mastiff wardog,
    the alani scythoids, deer culture, it’s a great stew of information,
    we want someone to do a paper on it, they’ll have to use letra,
    my decode for language, to do it, in fact, i can see the time
    when all research papers will avail themselves of letra as it
    allows the delver to look behind the word to the source, e.g.,
    the alaunt/alani=alaua,oalauh(N)=annoint, called themselves,
    the massagetae=massa=mazatl(N)=so, alani are top deertribe that
    go from deer to horse to cattle(mastiff as herd guard). lots to
    do. also, google, tletl blogspot, and/or carlos lascoutx.
    oh, and if you go to tzopilotl wordpress, letra is explained
    there haphazardly in 52 posts, e.g., 13-26, it’s a big/ue(N)
    subject but if you go at it like a kaleidoscope, moving the
    posts around, reading them, i repeat a lot, like a pony going
    around a show ring, imitating the mind that invented language,
    which was one of wonder, song, and refrains. refrain is a pious
    word, meaning, not to, and this, not to, was what began religion, we accepted the wonders of the world and did not want to change
    them for something new as we do now in this trashy age, we wanted
    to celebrate things as they are, hallow them(alaua)and allow/alaua
    the world to speak to us, and never, never the other way around,
    that’s acceptance and humility. there is no pride in doing this,
    as i am, nor ever will be a perfect example of what i am talking
    about, i fail often to understand the book of souls or the breaking
    of words with letra, come to the wrong conclusion, but i know this
    about myself, that i am a pendejo, a fool, who else would play with
    the gods this way, so i may let the systems i have discovered down,
    may not be equal to my words and writings, but i know that the
    book of souls/tonalamatl, letra, logos, and scribble will always
    be there and won’t let me down because they are my spirit and not
    my wormy flesh.

  229. Colm

    Carlos, found you on tzopilotl! lol, I meant regurgitation not like vomit, but like the mother bird feeding her hatchlings, digesting the indigestible and providing it as essential nourishment.

    I think I would like to see the web of all words strung out as an active picture, constellations of concepts showing either etymology or antonyms/synonyms or both, hiding and showing the related words from other languages, linking to images and articles that explain each concept. Not as fun as reading your writing, but more amenable to the incessant pitter-patter of tiny clicks across the globe, our collective contribution to our (and by extension, the universe’s) efforts to understand our/it-self.

    For language is the software we humans use to program ourselves and generations to come. It’s only natural that we should use software to help us to understand that software.

  230. carlos lascoutx

    …i think i’ll redo some of my wordpress posts along your idea of
    constellations, you know the letter sounds we have divide into
    galaxys of meaning, e.g,, c=the life letter, i is the ingest letter,
    the sky and will and birch letter, x/sh is the flower, budding
    letter, p is the harvest, painting, flutebird letter, o is the rolling boiling 2 letter, n is the 4 letter, the mind word, and
    m is the equal of n, being the mati mater mother letter along with
    n=nan=ana(mother of mary), ua/wa is the own and towards and aga
    letter related to the a atl water altar annoint action letter,
    giving fire as well, yeah let me wrap my mind/nous(sk)/noose around
    it tonight as i go through the book of souls, i suggest the tonalamatl, it was designed like its language nauatl to be
    remembered, not written, so knowing it will help you get off
    the page and leave the soot of print behind so the memory
    chip can strengthen, try, vaillant, george, aztecs of mexico,
    penguin pb, in the ritual and religion chapters. souls is
    the software that runs the hard drive of history and continues
    to do so, much more dynamic that the bible, torah, and koran
    wich have led us to such a pass today, there are male/female/
    animal gods, there are no carping laws as such rather the envelope
    in which one’s possibilities can act, each person is assigned to
    different gods, not the shorthand of everybody being under one
    misused and hard to find male deity who knocks up one of our married
    women and then is gone like the wind he arrived on. and souls
    is animal friendly.

  231. burnout

    SAY Waterproof Jacket.
    I dont mind anyone quoting me because what I say I believe in or I would not post it.
    But you should not repost it on the same site in the exact words I used only 9 days earlier.
    Sure I am happy that you agree with me and for sure I dont care but it does seem a bit TACKY dont you think?

  232. carlos lascoutx

    …hi, burns, welcome back. don’t worry about tacky, let’s get to
    the answer, copyright is for the lying herd of lawyers. amerindia/
    mesoamerica does have more pyramids than the old world. the first
    quetzalcoatl expedition, 3309bc was before the first pyramid,
    saqqara, c.2685/2800 bc, tzaqua(N)=come to a point, close, enclose,
    the word, sacred, also the word, apple=sagardi(basque)=apple grove,
    also, sangaria river, bithynia, where a portion of basques migrated
    then returned. tzacuilia(N)=to crouch, kneel, hide behind.
    the 2nd coming of quetzalcoatl was the mayan, c.2k bc, from the
    gulf of ormuz(across from babylon, on the iranian coast). when the
    maya landed in the new world, it was in panuco/the veracruz area,
    they marched inland, following the rio verde/chalchiuitlicue/jade
    skirt=water goddess river(her bird, the chalch halcón falcon),
    where they settled and built many cues/skirts/pyramids, they were
    small but they dot the entire length of the river going inland
    to san luis potosi, like a mini-development of dwarf pyramid they
    are, and a region rich in pre-columbian artifact. we use the word,
    cue, for pyramid, and yes, it comes from, chalciuitli-cue/skirt,
    original name for the rio verde, the site of the northernmost
    mayan tribe, the huastecans, actually, the cue-xtecans, so named
    for their pyramid building, so it’s the mayans who first bring
    the pyramid here to amerindia/mesoamerica. when the mayans march
    inland to popocatepetl to battle the olmeca quiahuizteca/rain
    olmecs, and are defeated by their majordomos/calpixqui, who i
    have linguistic reason to believe is the earliest historical
    note of the abo-japanese so far, this event convinces the mayan
    to take the greater part of their forces and travel south to
    the yucatan/yucahtla(N)=desert, where they find a matching
    homeland to the one they left in coastal persia. a nomad/
    expeditionary people will usually settle a replica of the
    first homeland they remember. the interesting thing is that
    the mayans knew how to build pyramids/tzaqualli(N)=pyramid
    before they came to amerindia, and that they had the naval
    capability or paid passage to cross the pond,
    being part of the sea age,
    which now we can see started earlier than 1.5k bc, and
    of which the olmecs, themselves were a part, especially if they
    had japanese/ainu gardeners. the nivkhe of kamchatca and
    the amur river basin are related to the ainu, and i have reason
    to believe began the settlement of china roughly at the same
    time as the first quetzalcoatl expedition, the reason being
    that the northernmost rivers of china were settled first,
    very much like what the mayan did at green river/rio verde,
    the nivkhe used log canoes, were tree people, bred dog and pig together, which art is first found in china at 8k bc, (about
    the time the Finns settled in Finland at the other end of
    eurasia), as their cousins the ainu they were pre-agriculture,
    in fact, held the earth as god, which it is, and considered it
    blasphemy to scratch or dig it, no beatniks they.

  233. Colm

    Carlos, I find myth and religion and philosophy to be among the most beautiful things that we have created, but I’m afraid I only believe in soul as in the spirit of mind and heart, not as an eternal self. To me, the soot of print (as you so beautifully put it), the scratches on stone, the daub of paint, and the twist of bits on disks are all that really endures once the last breath leaves our bodies; that and the impression our identities may leave on the minds of others who remain a while longer.

    That’s what makes archeology and museums and old languages and the protection of history (whether ugly or pretty) so important; they let us connect back to a mind and heart that made some artefact that endured. As centuries march on, ploughing our remains into the ground, we in the living years have to strive harder to understand that art and craft and language, while other things (love, hate, envy, fear, rage and the endless facets of the ego all remain comprehensible while practically unchanged by time, as our capacity for communication evolves but our feelings and our bodies (our firmware and hardware), stay the same.

    As I grow older, my appreciation for the past grows, but I remain rooted in the moment, looking forward to the goodness we may yet harvest from the years of change ahead.

  234. carlos lascoutx

    …history is now, we are making it or breaking it, agreed,
    we must preserve all we can, clarify the past with the apple
    pie of nauatl, provoke orgs to do their best, reject the ones
    that ask us to do their worst, put language into focus, and
    if we are to have soldiers let them be tongues not triggers,
    everyone of the military academys needs a curriculum overhaul
    to focus face to face on communication, the real heart and mind,
    not just the facile phrase that only licks the label of the problem.
    human intelligence is the only durable warrior, with that we
    win the peace, the most important victory in war.

  235. carlos lascoutx

    …let me grapple with the soul questions through the white horse
    of etymology, as far as entomology we all know its the scarab/
    caribou. soul=hole, language comes from the body/tlaca tlanga
    language/ce(one). there’s tlatla tzol/soul teotl, birthing goddess,
    venus of the caves and her pet ocelotl, the slut/slot of birth,
    the green cell -cel- celia ocelix(N)=oc(r)re/och(r)e of rebirth/
    retoñar(sp)=tonalli(N)=soul/tonatiuh(N)=soul of universe blue planet, anthony/tionantati(alkonquin amerindian)=father sun/sol
    teuton(gens)=teuhtli tonatiuh(N). so that’s one tzol/tzotl/sod/
    soot/soil/tzollin(N)=quail(the bird of the sun), quail
    may mean quaitl(N)=head, for it’s little diamond tuft, by the
    way diamond is the 4th quadrant, the grain quadrant(corn) and
    tona(N)=our/to-na/4=the sun of solstice and equinox. uan(N)=
    own4(juan/one). so the soiled birthing whole is the first soul,
    the delivery, then there’s the honorific of soul, tzintli(N)=
    saintly, cintli(corn god), and asshole, have to include that
    as comment on the sanctimoniusness of saints, then there’s
    camatl(N)=mouth=c/g(r)ammar/l/tl(letra)=grammar, there’s soul
    even in that, should i say souls because each gens of our family
    has their spin on it, and, yes, 4/naom/2, it is universal even
    galactic=calaqui(N)=enter the house(of horoscope), also with
    camatl is, tentli(N)=lips=(e)te(r)n(i)ty/tli(letra)=eternity,
    for me the soul that never dies out, yet portal of exit to the
    next planetary where we will be more useful than allowed this life,
    for it’s the alfa romeo of logos, the means of inventing and worshipping deity, passing us on by the b(r)ook of language which should take us to the end of time if we can manage the broken nuclear creel and the lunatic leaders who have rallied to its holocaust for reasons of blackmail/chantaje(sp)and mendacity,
    then there’s the ear, the other end of talk=itoa(N)=iterate/utter, the preterit of talk actually, oito(N)=oido(sp)=ear/hear=oir(sp), the soulfull listener is there, the witness=quittani(N)=who sees/discreet, then the nose=neci onez(N)=to appear=nez(Fr),
    nextli(N)=aesch(OE)=ash, what colors are there and saturated
    remembrance, the soul’s perfume, rendered into the lard
    of flowers, odors pressed, nay embraced by memory, then the
    twins, the eyes/ocular=tloc(N)=beside/location, where love
    synthesizes,deceives or confirms a merry chase for the entire
    being, limbs, brain, glands, and fingernails, yes soul/hole.
    in old english=saol(OE)=tzaua ollin(N)=the holy sewing/sawing,
    coming into being(the word)when we begin to tailor with needles,
    stitch and weave, when society=tzotzoyotia(N)=put beads/popcorn
    on a string, the collective tzo tzol souls, the necklace of
    being, the collar/collar(sp)=necklace, so so yo ti(a)=society.
    when you have perforated shells, fire drill, necklace, ornament,
    soul comes into being needle and hole, use it well and for the
    glory of our sometimes truant species, we can be jewels.

  236. burnout

    Wellcome Colm.
    It is good to have someone who has some ideas, opinions,and thoughts to share.
    Usually we get people who only do one liners and that is OK.
    At least they have looked here and may then think some more which is good.
    But the ones who sadden me are the ones who get abusive and use bad language.
    They are going nowhere in this life.
    And I respect your opinion on what the soul is.
    But life has proved to me that there is more to it than that.
    And I know Carlos is much more advanced in knowledge than me on this subject.
    So stick around we may have some good discussions

  237. Colm

    I think this discussion could go on but it’s no longer about the most amazing unexplained artifacts, so I’m afraid we’re spamming this comment feed. Suggest a place to move to and let’s continue!

  238. carlos lascoutx

    …i’m not interestied in its going on, however i have contributed
    plenty to the site on the neander question and will continue to do
    so despite the carping and name-calling of the defenders of ignorance and racial priority in the face of owerwhelming evidence
    that mankind will not control itself and only has a talent for destructive innovation natural to its sorry species, exemplified
    at the moment by republicans in congress and their cheerleader,
    the wonderful bobby-soxed sarah palin.

  239. carlos lascoutx

    …the dog is an inuit’s best friend, remember when peter freuchen
    spent the night under his sled and was frozen in place in the morning by his own sweat? as to julia, she wrote an unpublished book
    on how to skate in the kitchen in any weather, you drop two chickens
    on the floor during your tv show and then step on both of them at once and glide off with the camera panning stage right.
    my dear old mum went to school with her sister, who was equally
    tall, some big-boned girls at bennington in those days.
    as to rowelled, stay out of airplanes unless you’re feeling lucky. i’m a wind sign, 7/chicome ehecatl/hecate, gotta have
    a bitter witch with you for flying, but even i think my luck’s
    run out, walking along in short hops is all the airtime i want,
    that will change next airplane i see, attitude is all, but i
    won’t take passengers, don’t mind a personal fatality but teotl/
    theother, no way, besides light planes are severely underpowered,
    buffalo chips in the raging aeolian stream, but make it a high-
    winged craft so i can see below, don’t want those piper senecas
    that run into tour choppers over the hudson ’cause they can’t see
    the below, take my chances on the above, but if you have a high-wing
    cessna below and a low-wing piper above neither one can see each
    other, so clear the areas, since i am a buzzard i don’t fly a
    straight line, i circle, spend more time wingover is the answer,
    or stay low but watch for radio towers and powerlines, if you’re ghosting over the ocean, remember it’s not flat, it swells, same
    for the desert. st euxpery(the little prince)landed his french
    twin at 180mph in the sahara, that’s pretty fast for a pancake
    even if it does have butter on it.

  240. PW

    Yeah her sister was taller and smarter apparently but I will always love Julia. She said life is a right binge.

  241. carlos lascoutx

    …i remember her saying that, i heard it as whinge or hinge,
    but not cringe, the McWilliams sisters were jolly, dorothy married
    a man named cousins, not norman, and julia, a child! did i get that
    right, her estate may come after me for defame, and she worked for the cia, given her talents, not as coffee girl, but cooking p(l)ots.

  242. carlos lascoutx

    …by the way the tzol/sol/soul process starts at 52k bpe,
    when shovel archeo finds perforated periwinkle shells in
    s. afrika, the dordogne, and kostenkij, russia(needles),
    which implies society, this is 10k-15k before neander is
    to die out in europe, which is very sketchy data. the flutes
    just found, dating from 35k-40k in germany are neanders
    also, some of swan, some of ivory, i’d say the slavish
    scholars are holding the line of an empty argument when
    they say neander had nothing to do with our misbegotten
    race. charity began before we did in europe, also fire,
    language, gods, music, mati(N)=knowledge/mimati(N)=mime,
    but in the anthills of education one makes sandhills out
    of fact so it makes dune into desert,
    terrain for dromedarys of one-humped faith,
    and of camels caravaning their legislated caucus
    to apocalyptic nuclear oasis where all dates will
    off, and palms as well, and all for not being
    grateful for promethean gifts, or even attempting
    to play the piano of piety whose music is language,
    much abused but still there, forgotten in the rush
    to fearful toys which are us.

  243. PW

    Beating them like a red-headed stepchild (maybe they were, maybe they weren’t), till they seem down a notch, why? The myth persists. Occasionally a paper will elevate an aspect of their status but only if the author has an ax to grind (and not a mouseterian bifacial handax, but instead a Home Depot item), or a point to make, undoubtedly about their own pet theory. And a dull point, made from a piece of butter.

  244. Colm

    Flutes made of the bones of elephant tusks, of swans? What music they would make, powers of earth and air, brute and beauty. What mind would make such tools to make music!

    How can we be so misbegotten when we aspire to such things? Can a toy make a toy, or gift one to a child?

    I don’t fear death, and I can face dying. The only thing I truly fear is that after two “World” wars, after the Cold war (that could truly have destroyed the world), we are now on tbe brink of the World “War” of Warmth and Want.

    We have feasted on the treasures of eons, dark juices of compressed plankton, but although the main course is past, our appetite is far from sated, and still we burn to drive machines across and over our only earth, boiling carbon into the air to cover our only skies.

    6 billion humans, just 6 degrees of separation, but that closeness cannot be comprehended by our monkey brains, so still we burn until now only 2 degrees separates our planet home from the tipping point of catastrophic climate change.

    I long to understand our neanderthal history, but I long to know our homo sapien future even more, or at least to know it is secure, at least secure enough that one day our successors can look back and ponder any relics that remain of our concrete and glass and steel and silicon; secure enough to leave some trace of meaning in the landfill of bits and bytes that is the internet; a jpeg of Vitruvian man, a pdf of the Koran or the Bible or Paradise Lost.

  245. burnout

    I am old enough to remember the cold war.
    And for sure I did not want to live under communism.
    But it did give the governments of the western world a mandate to do a lot of things to keep the REDS out.
    And of course it gave the Soviet Union a mandate to do things to keep the decadent west out.
    And then the Iron Curtain got a little rusty and the wall got pulled down.
    End of that era.
    So we need something new to get the people fired up so we have a mandate to do as we wish and tax the working man for all the money we need in keeping our parasites in the public sector in their large salaries and expence accounts.
    Now PLEASE all of you people who are in the public sector and are working your butt off dont be upset.
    I know that you are out there but you will not be one of the ones who are on the big money.etc.
    Global warming is the new SCARE.
    Yes for the last 100 years the planet has been warming.
    But it is to do with sunspots as it has for as long as it has for millions of years.
    The planet warms up and then it cools down.
    We can do nothing about it.
    That does not mean that we should not do anything about polution because we do damage for sure.
    Bur carbon trading is only going to hurt the average person so the big money people will make trillions of dollars once again.
    And do you know the scary part?
    The planet has been cooling since 1998.
    So if it keeps up we will be in a little ice age by 2050.
    Just like in the 16th and 17th centuries.
    And of course that means famine and wars.(of course we seem to find an excuse to wage war even in the good times)
    I would recomend a book called Heaven + Earth by Ian Plimer.
    Professor Ian Plimer has chalenged Al Gore to debate on climate change but he will not.
    A senator in Australia wanted to debate Al Gore while he was here recently.
    He said he didn’t have time.
    However he has plenty of time for people who agree with him.
    And this is from a man who has one of the most environmentaly unfriendly homes in the USA.
    We will never do anything about polution while the big money people are making the big dollars out of fossil fuels etc.
    Once again I must make it clear that I believe that we must do something about polution.
    But we are not causing global warming (or cooling)
    And there is clean energy out there.
    It is just that it is very hard to change the system.

  246. Colm

    Right Burnout, and today almost no one wants to live under communism. The problem is that the world cannot “live” under present day capitalism.

    You’re right that there is plenty of evidence that the world goes through warm and cool phases, but we are not cooling right now as that would decrease average temperatures (they’re going up) and increase the size of the polar caps and glaciers (they are vanishing).

    It’s possible that some of this is due to factors beyond our control (sunspots, shifts in the earth’s core, …), but there is plenty of evidence that we are also causing planetary changes that will make this even worse.

    You’ve clearly given this some thought; that puts you way ahead of most people. It’s difficult to find the truth because it’s the most natural thing in the world for people to look for new ways to make money, and to find new ways to keep making their old money. But the facts are out there to see, in spite of those vested interests.

    If you do convince yourself (no one else can do it) that man-caused climate change is real, then where does a counter change start? With ourselves. If I give up some flights (what about my holiday?), use my car less (buses?! trains?! cycling?!), buy local produce (do you think I’m made of money?), we can make a difference.

    I hope.

  247. carlos lascoutx

    …maybe we have the wrong laws from which it’s impossible to
    squeeze wisdom, only advantage, and that for the elite, which
    may have been alright at the beginning of the republic when
    a ruling class had to be built up to compete with other nations,
    but now the elite seems unusually greedy and ineffectve, does not
    lead us or give their sons to our wars, politicians are ignoble,
    committee chairmen fastening onto the military budget like boll
    weevils on cotton, the buck never stops and the cavalcade in
    pursuit gets longer and longer, capitol hill is the refuge of professional beggars called lobbyists, who haunt its hallways
    with tincups given to them by corporations.
    the bureaucracy of the non-elected are running the country
    according to their own private interests. whatever elected
    official, even the president, cannot compete with them, nor
    make good on his campaign promises. this is not democracy,
    it’s autocracy.

  248. carlos lascoutx

    …gore has a manservant, his household has a heavy carbon footprint, he let the tide of undemocracy roll over him
    despite winning the popular vote, is nobly uxorious, not
    a warrior, and devoted to his own comfort as most southerners
    are, except those hard-riding moseby’s raiders in the military
    who’re right off the farm and have found a more indulgent mother
    in the military than they ever had at home. al went to st alban’s,
    silver spoons are sticking out all orifices so he looks like a
    tiffany’s branch store, and his motto is, besides service to the
    nation(strike up a few strains of, i did it my way), living well
    is the best revenge.

  249. carlos lascoutx

    …mute swan wingbone flute(cf., zme neander genome sequenced).
    when one the the orkhans took baghdad, he discovered a locked
    tower full of gold and jewels. when the kalifat of bags was
    brought before him he asked him why he had such treasure and
    not used it to save himself by giving it away to men who
    would have defended him not only by duty but by debtpledge?
    the kalifat had no answer, being a covetous idiot. the orkhan
    then said, if you like gold so much i will lock you up in your
    tower and you can eat that. he died 4 days later, at least so
    says the book, ghengis khan, by harold lamb, 1927, robert mcBride pub. i’m afraid america, wall st. in particular, is motivated
    like the kalifat(and happy). for too long have we enjoyed our
    inconsequential gods and easy money, the long-term strategy of
    the nixon years to make china pay for our wars by giving them
    our largest market of the world while we produced nothing except
    boon pickens, which meant slim pickens for the labor force, the
    rise of ruinous unions and salarys that really were something
    for nothing, love fireman and their trucks as i do, making over
    100 grand per annum is like feeding lobster to a throughbred
    or escargot, then expecting him to put down his champagne glass
    to muck through a wet derby when he’s already wearing one(i know,
    it’s a cross-species meatphor, grab your ears and pull apart with
    both hands). so america is hollow industry, everything in service,
    tourism, buy-out, what we call, agio(sp)/agitation=shuffling money
    around and building cardhouses, as we say in mexico, el america
    que nos va/the america that is slipping/going away from us.

  250. Colm

    (this page is about to explode from all this great discussion ;) can we find another venue?)

    Law-makers are funded by the wealthy, so naturally they are aimed at preventing blue collar crimes while enabling white collar ones. SoX (as a counter-example) only arose because it also hurt the mega-rich.

    It takes wisdom to write good laws, but they are not aimed at producing wisdom; that takes experience and effort.

    Gore’s lifestyle is itself an inconvenient truth ;)

    4 days are not enough to teach a greedy man a lesson; it can only teach him a different kind of hunger – the real kind. Still, it was a great lesson for every other fat man passing time before the eye of the needle.

    100k salaries for firemen is the exception that proves the rule; they are entitled to some recognition for their daily efforts that put their lives in real danger. But I agree that higher salaries should be commanded by those who do more, not who talk or wheedle more.

    Fortunately people are adaptable and want to go on living; if I lose my job, and if my social system cannot pay me to be unemployed, I *will* find another. There will always be a threat from people who try to convince us that future bad debts are assets. Recessions are nature’s attempt to teach us the lesson that prices also fall. Unfortunately, it is always the regular folks who pay for that tuition.

  251. carlos lascoutx

    …well, put. let’s go to tzopilotl wordpress, the comments section.
    the russians have been using it as their mailbox, i don’t see why
    we can’t either. anyone from zme who wants to come over is welcome,
    and a million salaams to sharkey our host for putting up with this
    gaggle of honking geese/gacho(Jap/Fr/sp)=goose;gauche(Fr);gacho(sp),
    actualy a reversal=choca(N)=to cry(as in alarm, there is also a
    mastiff called a chochka, a guard dog). alright, let’s gather up
    feather and bark and head off with our wickiups, ponys, herds of
    beefy ideas, wooly spinning of thought, and nomad to the gobekli
    of quilled word, the nest of the old twin, the turkey buzzard,
    where words are strewn about like corpses that have yielded up
    their secrets only to find other words ever and ever amen/amana(N)=
    to flow.

  252. carlos lascoutx

    …burns, my stalwart, we’re on tzopilotl wordpress, when the chessmen…post. come on over and we’ll leave zme to its rigorous
    investigating of the tool science. i’m going to give a short
    course on the booksouls/tonalamatl as i understand it, with
    etymologys, so it can be used to mark time, which we all do.

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  255. John

    Hey, only one thing is certain. People are incredibly interesting. I find the blogs running from completely insane to normal but I enjoyed the stranger ones for sure. I congratulate everyone for participating in the last bastion of free speech on the planet and thank you fo rthe entertainment. To the owners of the site..well done.! :0)

  256. Bob Fry

    “An iron and wooden hammer, sometimes called the “London Artifact” or “London Hammer,” found by local hikers in a creek bed near London, Texas in 1936, has been promoted by Carl Baugh and other strict creationists as an out-of place artifact. They maintain that the hammer, which was partially embedded in a small, limy rock concretion, originated in a Cretaceous rock formation (or an Ordovician or Silurian one, depending on the account), thus contradicting the standard geologic timetable. However, the hammer was not documented in situ, and has not been reliably associated with any specific host formation. Other relatively recent implements have been found encased in by similar nodules, and can form within centuries or even decades under proper conditions (Stromberg, 2004). The hammer in question was probably dropped or discarded by a local miner or craftsman within the last few hundred years, after which dissolved limy sediment hardened into a nodule around it. Although a brief rebuttal to Baugh’s hammer claims was made by Cole (1985), Baugh and a few other creationists continue to promote it.”

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  258. carlos lascoutx

    …i’ve often wondered by the people who protest, propagate their
    faith most strongly, as politcos push patriotism(go die for your
    country, show us you believe), tell the most lies, and i mean whoppers like the hammer, must have to do with thor, cloudy days,
    long winters, hard tack, a viking mentality akin to desert arabs?
    one has more water than he needs but it’s salty, the other not
    enough with teasing mirages to boot. historically it must go back
    to the unleashed tribes of deer culture, who clomb over deerback
    to horseback to sheepback, herders and wheaters, who when times were tough had to find some deity that would allow them to raid
    their neighbors, it’s still that way, the most successfull conk
    ever, chinghizz/genghis/note, chingar(sp)=on top was montheistic,
    there is only one god, and he’s right if you’re a relapsed sunworshiper, note the sun/son synchro, unity is all and it takes
    salesmanship(of the hammer to do it, a test of faith, a shibboleth
    one has to pass even if it is patent fiction to join the fraternity
    of chingones(sp)=successful fucks). tribes are male-dominated,
    the word it’s from, tepulli=male organ, the pully/bully. as much
    as male skygods want the world to conform to their unreality, it
    doesn’t, of course, because it is the world and also a god. gods
    do not conform to arrogant anthropomorphs because they are just as
    phoney as the london hammer, and by extension the english model
    for the planet which is the mononucleosis of empire, having the
    same effect on the world as the dis-ease, puts people to sleep,
    numbs being, and gives religion an excuse to do nothing useful.
    that’s how far pernicious rapture-bound beliefs corrupt, they
    are not faith because faith is a guarding and abstaining, a
    fiesta of being, not hands-on lying manipulation, a jacob’s
    ladder to nowhere. tks.

  259. Jan Martin

    Why do we make such a fuss about this?

    The answer is simple: Life is boring without dreams. We invented fairy tales, nowadays known as “Science Fiction”, because we want things to be more interesting.

    When thinking about aliens life the Fermi Paradox is very interesting:

    Whats a paradox:

    List of paradoxes:

    In general it states that the universe should be populated by aliens. Also alien life should have made contact with earth various times already.

    But we all know this isn’t the case.

    It could be, that we are part of this alien life, and even part of a colonization project. And all that has been lost is the knowledge about this fact.

    Colonization can happen by aliens traveling in a spaceship, but also by DNA drifting through space. All the later would take is a “bit” more time. And biological development is extremely fast compared to a geological or even cosmological scale.

    So it is likely that the Universe is full of aliens, including ourselves.

    Case solved.

    Next step would be to make a call home. Seems we already have a movie for that.


  260. Kevin

    You know, what interests me in this whole debate are the variety of opinions regarding these mysteries. On the one hand, you have the scientific types who pooh-pooh everyone who do not agree with their ivory tower diatribes. And let me say this to those types. To begin with, none of the opinions put forth by the scientific community concerning these “mysteries” have been proven to be fact. Often, many of the facts we have learned at an earlier date will prove to be false later on down the road. Those who accept the opinions of those who hold in derision everything from religious faith to a child-like wonder of the universe and everything within it, have only themselves to blame when sometime in the future, those cherished beliefs come to naught.

    I, for one, applaud Andrei for making public his wonder of things, and his willingness to show that (unlike some scientific sorts) he doesn’t have an answer for everything.

  261. burnout

    Kevin it is always a pleasure to see a post from someone who has an open mind.
    The scientific community has always disregarded things that they cannot explain.
    And the Universe.
    It is so huge so diverse that we in this life will never never understand even a small part of it.

  262. Jan Martin

    Why do we make such a fuss about this?

    The answer is simple: Life is boring without dreams. We invented fairy tales, nowadays known as “Science Fiction”, because we want things to be more interesting.

    When thinking about aliens life the Fermi Paradox is very interesting. (Check Wikipedia for details.)

    In general it states that the universe should be populated by aliens. Also alien life should have made contact with earth various times already.

    But we all know this isn’t the case.

    It could be, that we are part of this alien life, and even part of a colonization project. And just lost the knowledge about this.

    Colonization can happen by aliens traveling in a spaceship, but also by DNA drifting through space. All the later would take is a “bit” more time. And biological development is extremely fast compared to a geological or even cosmological scale.

    So it is likely that the Universe is full of aliens, including ourselves.

    Case solved.

    Next step would be to figure out “home” make a call. Seems we already have a movie for that.


  263. carlos lascoutx

    …my hunch is we’re the only ones, mathematics not being about
    life but unrealized probability, yes, number is part of language,
    one of the founding members, however by itself is sterile. this is
    a strong argument for monotheism of origin holding sway over our
    natural duality. galaxy after galaxy may be telling us that
    this apparat, all of it, is what it took to produce blue planet,
    a statement how rare essense is and how inadequate we are to understand the design unique.
    there is no doubt in my mind blue planet was sown with life
    and we are the result of the entire ollin/movement of all spheres,
    the proof being we are having this conversation, closing the circle,
    the ollin of creation, we’re the inevitable singularity.

    this fact shouldn’t make us feel proud, it should make us feel
    responsible and humble in the face of our empty habitat, make us
    circumspect, cautious, and thankful for the crown we wear by not
    soiling it in the reckless action of war, lack of adequate medical care, and other corruptions we are heir to and cause us to fall
    even from our natural grace.
    it’s time to believe in the vessels
    of our institutions worldwide, dignify their efforts for unity,
    make good our galactic singularity for conjunction by putting
    our planetary puzzle together as the galaxy did for us, bring
    it home, as we were brought home from the 4 corners of being,
    and cease being ungrateful for who we are.

  264. burnout

    Well Jan I think that it is fascinating stuff.
    There is a big difference between fairy stories and reality.
    I watch Harry Potter ETC.and enjoy every minute of it.
    But I know that is fantasy.
    I have seen many things in the Australian bush that is not fantasy.
    No I have not actually seen a being(gray alien or whatever)
    However I have seen their craft.
    And there are many different types.
    I am really sure that it is not the Russians or the CIA.
    That does not mean that I dont think that the governments around the world are not experimenting.
    But if any one of them had the technology that I have seen then we would be living “The New World Order”
    Carlos my old net friend.
    It is very rare that I disagree with you.
    But I am sure that we are not the only ones.
    Never mind that is what all this is about.
    Thinking people talking to each other around the Planet.
    Anyway CHEERS to all of the people who made a comment lately.
    A while back we had a few people who were agro and abusive.
    We seem to be getting(and I hate this term but what else are you going to use)A better class of person on this site.

  265. carlos lascoutx

    …it’s too bad we lost corm, a playful intellect, but eager to
    move on and show his stuff to an appreciative audience, a performer
    who knows his lines but one wonders at the depth of the playwright.
    i think it was ike who read eric hoffer, a longshoreman, whose ideas
    on democracy were solid, and who was a searcher who believed there
    was an answer to our problems, that instead of just riding the surf
    of events, we could find the key to tides and waves, not to say
    he was moonstruck, but moved on to origin and fundamental change.
    these thinkers are rare, but if anything needs change it’s the present. the only way to train a cat is to watch it for a long time
    and know what it will do next. a friend of mine did just that, he
    knew his cat so well he could see the signs of say, a rollover,
    and then announce them, a bit like the talent neander/neandra developed over time with their cautious, managerial, respectful
    attitude towards the wor(l)d, because if the world is anything it
    is feline, pounces when you’re not looking, doesn’t quite reason
    in tune with our minds, and is one of the prime enablers of the
    deus/dea idea we use to close the disparity. perhaps we would like
    the word to be more like a dog, faithful, eager, loyal, protective,
    single-minded, too bad politicians are elected instead of bred
    to the job, i do believe oba was, but the cats won’t let him govern,
    and that’s too bad because we have bigger problems than cheesy
    rats. afghanistan is lost, you don’t win the peace with war and
    smoking that hash is a national gas, but the pentacles don’t care,
    they’re into the public purse for their weekly allowance, and the only victory is longevity upon retirement. we concern ourselves
    with defense, turn around the security disaster of 9/11 to our
    benefit(it could happen again, yeah sure, if we let it happen again). several years ago i met the pakistani ambassador and his family in my store, nice family, all he could say to me, after
    his mexican guide insisted i bow to his eminence on telling me
    who they were, after 3 perfunctory salaams to an appreciative
    audience who enjoy ceremony, all he could say was how huge
    and mighty our country was. there was awe in his voice. obviously
    he had not met our small-minded leaders yet who thwart our potential and usefulness to the world by a military and diplomatic
    approach so lacking in finesse a blind archer could beat them in a
    fletching contest. oh yes, they have dumb technology for killing
    even mosquitos and foliage, super-destruction, but like clark kent’s
    problems with lois lane they never connect with the recipients of
    our aggresion on a human level. is it that our schools have given
    themselves over to virtual, the cartoon our preferred means of
    communication on blue planet soon to renamed themepark disney.
    the solution is we have to have a civilian presense in the target
    country equal to the troop deployment. the troops function will
    be to protect the civilian contingent first until it can learn the
    language, integrate into the national life, share its destiny,
    and become a political block. all of these things can be done
    over time, but no, we want a quick fix, a bus-stop war, and then
    onto the next object of our attention, no long-term planning, please, we’re a civilization/ciuia(N)=to be in a hurry, haven’t
    got time to make friends, just the money ma’am, as jack webb used
    to say on dragnet. and the buddhist, the mullah, the hashishim
    say, oh really?
    now, to the singularity that began the universe, full plate
    today, if you want to know how the universe began examine minutely
    (by the minute what you do everyday). first you unwrap yourself
    from the covers and awake to the physical dream of reality, still
    remembering dreams of the night before, which tells us that thought was on both sides of creation, i.e., before and after, then to the potty to throw out ballast, then to the sink to splash water/atl
    into your face, this is the altar where consciousness begins, a
    groggy look in the mirror confirms you are you, then selecting
    the cultural trapping known as wardrobe, off to the kitchen for
    comoni(N)=light the breakfast fire=co(s)mos(gk)=comedy, the
    world is underway at the first spark=chitoni(N)=chthonic, the
    world as our species knows it, which is a duplication(every day)
    of how the cosmos sparked into life. the idea of god, all hail
    the awakening of the sleeper, is our consciousness and conscience,
    regret for the streams of glory that was our perfection before
    getting out of bed, and pretext for not doing our best in this world and preferring ourselves to our companions in this life,
    in other words, god is our excuse for selfishness and very sporadically our half-hearted remedy for the condition we are
    responsible for by our innate nature, which is to ourselves
    identify with god to the point of playing the role with our
    equals, much like a college faculty does with each other.
    my we’re wordy today, what day is it, oh, it’s rabbit,
    the mayana=hungry=mayan scribe, if you get a chance google
    mayan cups for a delightful picture of a rabbit scribe at
    work with his/her stylus, better than bugs, the mesoamerican
    codice makers were and still are the best cartoonists in the
    world, if you are one, or if you are not, take a look at what
    a solid belief in the tonalamatl will do for your drawing, one
    has to believe and share a system that stays in the background,
    rolling along a little bit every day, a system that anticipates
    and makes you look forward, names things, is deity, and doesn’t
    just chatter, god, god, god, cut, cut, gut, gut to you like a
    fat priest before the hungry. tks

  266. Angela Meyer

    Austin, thank you for your brief intermission of intelligence, but the problem is not entirely the lack of science or the quality of education but the apparent absence of sanity among these deluded.

    Yes some of them appear to have simply been dropped on the head in the nursery, but the ones with some remaining murky flashes of intelligence are the most dangerous; they seem to think they are Mulder from the X-Files, believing in things that *they* don’t want you to believe, in a truth that’s “out there” and the more out there the truth is, the more likely it is to be true. Hogwash people, get yourselves into therapy, before the cult of celebrity crowd beat you to it and drive up the prices. Or pinch yourself the next time you feel like believing in something unreal. Clicking your Nikes together won’t take you home, you have to walk.

    All in stark contrast to carlos lascoutx who sure knows how to stream a substitute sub-conscious, dribble dreary dreams, channel choreful chaos; a babel-ing brook that brooks no damn, a sewer from a solo urinal(n) bleeding onto the earth.

    Reading carlos is a bit like reading ee cummings, but without poetry or a punchline. There is no point, only metaphors for metaphors, a plastic bag from a main street bookstore blowing in the wind, wild fumblings of ragged fingers in a grab bag of greasy remainders, the tortured sighs of a manic mind so drawn out they become a shriek. There are no beliefs, only assumed and tortuous positions, an encyclopedic kama sutra for one, love for none, not even the self.

    Those posts seem to come from a snake eating its own tail, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. There are only two possible ends; the snake gets indigestion and vomits back its poisonous rattle, or its appetite increases until finally it swallows its own mind and tongue. Speed the day, or more plainly, Jesus, *wake up* and shut the f**k up; your madness might be contagious. *Be* carlos lascoutx (if that’s your real name), not careless lastshot, the pretender to I know not what.

    Sorry people, it had to be said.

  267. carlos lascoutx

    …spleen is not good for you, angela, your scalpel of criteria
    is sharp but only an umpire, i’m not interested in punchlings,
    they seem like an unnecessary settlement in an already crowded
    place, the game of knowledge goes on,acquiring new ways with
    new days, one doesn’t draw the line at formal education, one keeps
    on. you’re an admirable defender of the status quo and the received
    opinions handed down to you over the backs of your teachers, but
    i’m afraid you´ll just be a very, well, educated sheep in your flock
    and never understand a wolf’s point of view, nor the wild world as
    it is everywhere except in your tidy, ordered universe of library
    but no liberty, wrap your cloak around you, try to keep warm with
    old chestnuts, hold new, unsettling ideas at bay with your chainmail, and keep swinging in the small arena of your times.

  268. carlos lascoutx

    … a good laugh for a saturday evening, tks, pw, but angela is
    much prettier than i am, any girl would be, the blessed creatures.

  269. carlos lascoutx

    …now that everyone is trying to be sane and clinging to the
    mainland, let’s talk of our universe, our island galaxy and
    combine it with numbers coming out of the toanalamatl/book of
    souls to see why there is life in our galaxy and improbably
    no other, i don’t want to undermine the completely useless space
    program as poverty must maintain the elite.
    we are in a disk shaped barred spiral galaxy, which does not
    mean milk, rather=g/calaqui(N)=to enter into the house as in
    horoscopes near and far, each one a house, i believe is the term,
    makes more sense doesn’t it?
    we are going to take the measurement of the galaxy, our house,
    forget the zeros but concentrate and try to match the raw numbers
    to the soul/tonalli(N)/tonalamatl(calendar)/life of our bewildering habitat.
    ok, here we go:
    1)contains 2 hundred billion stars(2×10 to the llth power)=
    2.ehecatl, venus, goddess of life, breath, weaving.
    11th power=11. bear/monkey, death number, flowerprince and
    christ symbol, mozart’s birthday(7 ozo).

    2)total mass=6 billion times mass of the sun(6×10 to the 11th)=
    6. miquiztli/death is a prerequisite for life also. ditto 11.ozo.

    now, let’s look at distance, parsec/kiloparsec/meagparsec.
    dimensions of galaxy=30kiloparsecs in diameter=3.calli=house=
    calaqui=calaxy, a rather strong indication of why there is
    life in our galaxy as the circle=ollin=holy, and calli(N)=being.
    thickness=one kiloparsec=1.cipactli(N)=dragon, first day of
    tonalamatl, the catfish/bagre of origin and sustenance.

    i think i’ll stop there and allow for your absorption,
    just add a few trailing remarks. the tonalamatl is the product
    of 300k yrs of solitary, not social observation(family unit yes),
    observation by our prometheus and promethea, who disdained
    progress as entrance to the junkyard of tawdry living.
    they wanted to know where they were. and they found out.
    now, conclusions of this data, done in whole number and
    assigment to the tonalamatl, point to the fact that we
    are a singularity in the universe, that number alone does
    not and cannot point to other life in the universe simply
    by the fact that we have tonalamtl/tonalli/tone, the music of
    the soul that completes the equation for life, there is no
    other galaxy that has these dimensions as there is no
    parallel universe to ours, the 3 monkeys typing war and peace
    is an excuse science gives itself to deify itself, we have
    a much heavier responsibility to the universe than we care
    to admit, carelessly and cynically entertaining the idea
    that we are not alone is craven, and throwing the blame into
    a corner so we don’t have to face up to who we are, nor grow up
    to our full stature as unique creation, it allows us to war
    and be selfish at our leisure like greek gods when we are much
    more than that. for those of you who say, whaaaa, he’s nuts,
    let me elucidate further that it is not number but the relationship of number that gives us the frequency of tone/tonalli/music in
    fact, and that harmony is what brings life into being, now it
    will be the dreary work of astronomers, just like I in linguistics, to measure the other galaxys if possible and see if these numerical
    quotients are met, they will be close, but no match will be found.
    ah, let’s see, forgotten anything, of course i must have, but
    i’m not worried about neatness, just the message, oh, yes:
    at the speed of light, it would take voyager(us) 26k yrs(light)
    to go from our sun to the center of our universe. the tonalamatl=
    260days=birthing span of our women. thank you, and good-bye,
    always a pleasure to enlighten those behaviorists who crown them-
    selves with norms and criteria. i will remark also that searching
    for new things admists no limits, no forms, one passively awaits
    for the material to speak to one. and most damning that not once,
    since i have been on this blog has there been a question about
    words or the calendar, or any inclusive idea about how to assimilate and use what i have brought to it, just bewilderment,
    lazy self-satisfaction, and covering up. from whatever countrys
    you do come from, they are going nowhere, but briskly. with as
    much corn as i can muster, i salute you as bewhiskered lemmings,
    hail and faewell, sincerely, carlos decourcy lascoutx.

  270. Kevin

    Re: Angela Meyer

    Well, let me start out by saying that I find your lack of imagination rather surprising. Not all of us who dream of other possibilities existing have been dropped on our heads or watch the X-Files. And a lot of science fiction is based on fact (at least the better science fiction is) and has its roots firmly entrenched in solid science. Many sci-fi writers are scientists in their own right.

    You seem to me to be the perfect example of people in the scientific community who blatantly disregard any theories but their own, and who never give any credence to any other theory, regardless of how plausible that theory may be. I’ve read back through a lot of the posts in this thread, and I’ve seen a lot of derogatory remarks made about von Daniken. The problem with those posts is that they assumed that Erik presented theories made up from whole cloth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Anything he put forth was presented with a “what if?” attitude, with nothing he wrote being presented as fact. He merely had the imagination to ask the right questions in an attempt to get the scientific community of their collective butts and accept that there might be a little more to their theories than was first put forth.

    Which brings me to my point. The scientific community has a habit of sweeping under the rug all theories that they cannot readily explain with the science that they have at hand. Either they sweep it under the rug, or they create their own theory out of whole cloth. Were the gods that we worship today merely members of a far more advanced civilization than ours? How do we know? Can you stipulate with absolute certainty for or against such a theory? Can you prove your theory?

    Of course not. You would simply state your OPINION one way or the other simply by considering what you THINK is the most likely. And you would have every right to that opinion, whether anyone else thought you were full of crap or not. Why not allow others to have their own opinions as well? After all, you certainly aren’t privy to knowledge that the rest of us are denied, are you?

    I thought not.

    And for crying out loud, exercise your imagination once in a while. A closed mind is a terrible thing.


  271. Angela Meyer

    Dear me, I had to wipe my eyes after reading the new posts. Please believe me when I say that I respect everyone’s right to believe what they choose and to try to evangelize those beliefs, but unfortunately that means I hope you reciprocate by respecting my right to respond with arguments that show that you are talking hogwash.

    The new posts include a “proof” using numerology and astrology to demonstrate that our galaxy is uniquely capable of sustaining life. Numerology is an ancient art, but it is based on a set of arbitrary choices; we decided that the second planet in our solar system was called Venus and represented certain things. Numerology also depends on arbitrary symbols (like the choice of alphabet) and the choice of arbitrary subjects (the combination of the Christian messiah and Venus from the Roman pantheon of gods is interesting because it shows a willingness to believe in multiple conflicting world concepts (Christianity and “pagan” astrology) in order to arrive at a further world concept). This recipe is then presented as a proof!

    Another poster appears to respect the works von Däniken and claims I am closed-minded and unimaginative because I might find his epic tirade of wishful thinking a waste of time. On the contrary, I’m sure it’s a fun read, a kind of Lord of the Rings (rich detailed though sometimes tedious fantasy) meets The da Vinci Code (blockbuster thriller building on the principle that it sells better if you can portray it as a could-be-true story).

    I have no objection to people choosing to have flights of fantasy of what might be; in fact the history of science has involved a lot of imagination and theorizing. But the difference between science and the references here is that science is based on constructing theories that make predictions, and then testing if those predictions are found to be true. The art of fantasy is to make predictions, and then using those to make even more unprovable predictions, where the measure of a “fantastic truth” is based on artistic appreciation rather than evidence.

    It was once thought that the pyramids had to be constructed with the help of aliens because we could not figure out how they could be built with the technology of the time. But now we have demonstrated workable techniques that shows that man could have built it entirely without supernatural or extraterrestrial aid.

    You know also that it was once thought there were canals on Mars, but now we know that it was wishful thinking and the desire of the human brain to form recognizable patterns even when no pattern exists.

    There is nothing wrong with imagining ETs coming to help construct old buildings and artifacts (while also believing that they choose not to help with our modern-day skyscrapers or the Hubble telescope or with the mooted space elevator), but all that science asks is that you prefix such statements with “I wonder if…” rather than “I believe that…”, and if you say you believe without proof, you acknowledge that it is simply an act of faith.

    Perhaps this thread is nothing more than a religious war between people who choose to believe what might be, and those who choose to *think* about what might be but to *believe* what has been shown to be. Is this evidence of a closed mind? I don’t think so. Fantasy is a source of entertaining thoughts, but it shouldn’t be necessary to believe them to demonstrate that I have an open mind.

  272. burnout

    Yes Kevin you are right.
    Someone smarter than me once said that the mind is like a parachute.
    It only works when it is open.
    Angela I was not dropped on my head when I was born.
    And if you did any study apart from what you learnt at whatever University you went to you would know that Christianity and Paganism do not belong in the same sentence.
    Let alone the same set of brackets.
    Kevin is correct Science has always pushed aside or hidden anything that they can’t explain.
    You should look to Einstein and people like him who were scientists as well as spiritualists.
    Angela these people devoted their lives to science.
    Einstein said that without science there would be no religion.
    And without religion there would be no science.
    He used the word religion as it is a word that everyone understands.
    He was not talking about the churches as we know them today.
    Catholic. Church of England.Islam.Hindu or any of the dozens of others.
    He was talking about science and our relationship to nature.
    Call it Spiritualism or Paganism it does not matter.
    Oh and if you study outside of the circle or square or whatever they call it these days(and keeping that mind open)you will be very surprised what you come across.

  273. Angela Meyer

    Burnout, I explained in some detail why I find the arguments on this site specious, but you make claims about me without justifying them. For example, you seem to agree that Christianity and paganism are distinct, so what then is the root of your argument against what I said?

    Einstein would turn in his grave if he know how people use his name to justify their beliefs. He simply chose not to stray too often from a neutral line on religion because he knows there are enough fundamentalists out there (especially in the US) that it is dangerous to do so. What makes you believe that he was faithful to some god?

    Then tell me, what dubious things you like me to believe to demonstrate to your satisfaction that I am not without imagination? Alien visitations or abductions? Ghosts? Psychic powers? What kinds of circle or square do you think I am limiting myself to? The circle of probable or demonstrable truth? The square of reason? That’s certainly not true. I can *imagine* all these dubious things, however I choose not to believe them in the absence of evidence. Someone once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; there isn’t even any ordinary evidence for these things.

    Your definition of an “open mind” is not one that is open to new experiences, or open to knowledge or even wild speculation; your definition of “open” is that I must believe something based on a hunch, intuition or faith. I certainly do believe some things based on feelings, but not those dubious things above.

  274. PW

    Angela you have fallen into an age-old trap: You are trying to use logic and common sense to have an argument with faith-based believers. It will not work, it never has. It is funny that those here who so voraciously defend “open mindedness” are the most closed minded ( that is if they are not trolls, and do actually believe what they are writing). Carlos was entertaining for a while in his delusional megalomaniacal mock-scientific-linguistic rants, but in the end he was not happy when his soapbox melted and no one commented on his genius-like language references. Why did you have to come around and spoil all the fun with cold hard facts and an injection of sanity? We were having fun with our Unicorns and Easter Bunnies.

  275. carlos lascoutx

    …well, peewee, it was the lack of curiosity i was commenting on,
    not my genius presentation of words, actually, (letra) is just
    a code for breaking language down to sound and moving those basic
    sounds into other languages from their pie base, nauatl. i don’t
    fault your species for not understanding language, as you did not
    create it, just use it, and badly at that, no, it’s the rut of
    logic you use to measure the spirit, like pharisees and sods
    whose only horizon is the expediency of money and the rush of
    civilization, which in netland/matlalli(N) translates to a shoal
    of phish. a great medium, we are in a way going back to our origins
    in the sea, with all the monsters of the deep and shallow that
    it implies. i remember once swimming off akumal’s crystal clear
    waters and seeing a boat-size barracuda just hanging there in the
    curtain of water, i began to terrify, but water is a thicker
    medium than air, i quickly realized he wasn’t there for me, there
    was something bigger out in the deep that had frightened him.

  276. Angela Meyer

    PW, this is really interesting. I’ve read back through this thread again and it’s funny how polarized the discussion has become, and how the people in those poles behave.

    We’ve been called bewhiskered lemmings; I name these others loons.

    You mentioned that you couldn’t tell if these folks were trolls or not. That seems to be a hallmark of the loon; their posts are so diffuse that their purpose seems to be simply to entice dissonance, not discussion.

    As a counter-example, you and I (“lemmings”) agree on some points, but even where we disagree, at least I know where you stand (and btw I’m entirely aware of the futility of a religious debate, but I’ve been making my points to try to understand something about the others writing here). The loons never disagree, because they also don’t actually agree with anything specific that another loon says; they identify only with the degree of confusion or spurious “revolution” in their posts. It’s clear they are rebelling against something, and that’s good enough for a loon.

    The hallmarks of a loon seem to be:
    1) they make claims to having some unique wellspring of insight (but they are rarely specific about what it is or its source) and enjoy the benefits of an ‘open mind’
    2) they pour scorn on figures of authority and “science”, and make naive statements about how evil, limited, money-grubbing, blind, etc. they are, and by extension, how evil/blind/etc anyone is who makes a positive reference to *any* aspect of government or science
    3) they pepper their posts with tangential personal anecdotes, which tends to show that all they are really doing is talking about themselves, as if washing their dirty linen in public is a part of defining and protecting their egos.

    They are naive and aggressive in ways that are cute in a child, irritating in a strident teenager, and disturbing in an adult of mature years. All in all, they are a little like disgruntled teenagers, unable to progress: they are self-centered, self-satisfied, often obsessive, so much wiser than their parents. They want to revolt against something, but they’re not really clear what they are revolting from or towards. I imagine them now in different shades of Che Guevara t-shirts, congratulating each other on how unique their perspectives are; some are goth-like, some are flower children, but they all wear the same t-shirt, just covered with different badges which they display to each other like medals. Alien-believer. Totemist. Chaotist. Analyst-of-grunts.

    At the same time, they call us self-satisfied because… well, that’s just it; they never say why. I think maybe it’s because we identify with clarity, with communication; the loons appear to identify with confusion, with gesticulation. Carlos appears to uniquely identify curiosity with an obsession about the roots of language based on sounds, but he’s not curious about what we think, he’s just looking for us to appreciate his version of curiosity. Burnout appears to believe that aliens came to earth but didn’t stay or choose to communicate with us. Kevin thinks we’re closed minded because we don’t appreciate that von Daniken wasn’t presenting imagination as fact, he was just writing “what if”. I can see that everyone on this thread is a unique individual, but they see us “lemmings” as a mass and they attribute a common set of beliefs and limits to all of us. Isn’t that strange?

    Building on that, and leaping from the cliff that the loons are herding us towards… sometimes I think we humans are so alien in thought to each other. Isn’t that a divide that’s worth trying to cross without having to believe in aliens coming to earth leaving only crop circles and a few primitive artifacts? We’ve invented gods (or aliens, another form of superbeing) to explain things that we couldn’t explain before; can’t we look at the universe in all it’s mystery and try to understand it without inventing incomprehensible superbeings with strangely human foibles?

    It’s clear that there is something fundamental in humans that makes most of us believe in some things “religiously” (that is, on faith, violently, evangelically). I think evolution must have invented religion with a purpose; maybe it exists to give people without hope (or reason) a reason to go on? It’s not opium (as Marx had it) but rather a shiny and personal toy that we can endlessly turn around, a distant father or mother figure that can replace the ones that we are dissatisfied with. Is that it? Are we really so vain and ridiculous that we can’t accept that our lives will end and have no intrinsic meaning, except what we choose to do with it?

    But you see, I agree with Carlos on one (and just one!) key point. Life is special. Human beings are special. As far as we know, in this region of space we are the sole embodiment of intelligence, reason, complex emotions, intricate memories, and (amazingly looking at us all babbling away here) the ability to communicate rich concepts across time and space. Not only that, but those same attributes have made us the de facto caretakers of this, our home planet. We do not control it’s tides, it’s seasons, it’s weather, the moon and the sun, but in many many ways we do have an impact, and those abilities mean that we have a unique responsibility. If we abdicate that responsibility by simply rejecting the “guardians of the status quo” or by expecting a superbeing to save us, we may be lost.

    Which only goes to show that I guess I too have a religion. My religion is a strong belief in karma, in a tangible, not metaphysical sense. I believe that what we do today affects the world of those that come after. I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our future selves (children of our children’s children) to respect our planet and to guard it’s diversity, in every sense: linguistic, historical, cultural, artistic, scientific, engineering, architectural and natural.

    So while I wish Carlos’ posts were more purposeful and less narrow, he is one of the guardians; he is like a character in Fahrenheit 451 who has chosen to dedicate himself to safeguarding something beautiful; not a single book, but the beauty and origins of language. This is a worthy cause… but it is not the only one; diversity of thought and the legacy of history has given us many.

    The error that many of us (yes, me too) have made here is to believe that one cause or community is better than the other. Because I believe that evolution is not wasteful, the world clearly needs both loons and lemmings. So I say to all of you, and with wholly respectful allusions to those alien B movies… I come in peace. I do not say, take me to your leader, because I know that we have none. To learn from each of us, our fellow aliens, we must simply go among each other and talk and especially listen, because we are all leaders of our own religion. My new religion has only 4 commandments; 1) Listen 2) Talk 3) Understand, and above all 4) Respect.

    Will I sound too much like a small town beauty queen if I also add 5) Peace and goodwill to all men (and women)?

    Those five commandments would be a good handful, so let’s shake, ok?

  277. carlos lascoutx

    …shake, angela, well said, right now i’m worried roberts of the
    supremes is going to trump individual voting rights with corporations, closing the military-industrial complex circle
    and leaving democracy out on a dead branch.
    despite my obvious immaturity, living my live backwards as it
    were, there are some advantages, i still wonder. i am being specific
    about solutions, or punchlines, altho i may fail the complexity of
    the material i am struggling with, it never fails me, my babblings
    are due to lack of preparation, laziness, but also in great part
    to amazement at the material and vast range of word i have stumbled into. it has made me realize that whichever collective deity we
    can name has done the job correctly by giving us language, and
    that we fail our gods by not cleaving to it as we would to our various whizz-bang inventions.
    idolatry requires novelty to survive,
    always unquiet it is, and we match it by our survival trumpcard,
    adaption, which is a technique not an ethic, and ethic has been
    overlooked in our warmongering, our government, our diplomacy.
    we have our man of change in the whitehouse towards a new world
    posture, but his opponents insist on bringing him down to their
    level with what has been the hallmark of their tenure, lack of
    respect for the majority by pandering to extremists among us
    who are mutineers that speak high-treason against the highest
    elected official of the land, and are the sorest sorriest losers
    the planet has to suffer. we are offering the world the same
    destructive brew of arms dealing as before, not fighting poverty
    unless it coincides with our interests however seldom, continuing
    blithely on our blast-strewn way, past the burnt-out tanks and
    frittered critters, following the cliché of empire two-faced history holds out to us in her vanity mirror, whose last image
    will be the skull ozymandias knew, yorick=lloriqueo(sp)=llorar=
    lament, we’re digging our grave way ahead of time and stripping
    gravity of its joy.

  278. burnout

    OK Angela I am guilty of expecting people to believe the things that I say without showing you the proof.
    I have experienced a lot of things in my life and like to talk about it.
    PW.I am not a faith based believer.
    My base is set in the things that I have experienced and seen for a fact.
    And yes I am also guilty of then having a few opinions on whatever those facts are.
    OH and I should throw in here once again that any experience I have had did not involve alcohol or drugs.
    And do you realize that if we all had this closed mind I need proof attitude without then exploring it further we would most probably be all still living in the trees eating bananas.
    Maybe that would be a good thing.
    Anyway CHEERS from this LOON.

  279. carlos lascoutx

    …part 2, yorick=y/lloriqueo(sp)=yol/ri(letra)=yoli(N)=to be born=
    yolíatl(N)=soul=yollotl(N)=heart, the yolk of being. this just to give you an example of the taffy pull nauatl pie is, which goes a
    ways to explain my goofy style. the mind’s a marvellous thing that thought language up, and it too is taffy, needing to be stretched
    to understand what has been pulled in its name. i can’t blame people
    for not understanding the strings of language, they are trained as
    efficient users of the product, not as developers, which is a different mindset. what i am saying is that using (letra) is
    not hard to do. it’s not about grammar= g/cammat/lr(letra)=
    camatl(N)=mouth, it’s about tletl=fire=t/l/red/t/l t/let/l=
    letter! my fault really, there’s a mosaic of letra all over the web
    where i have opined, but it can be recovered and put back in the
    original shell. and yes, angela is right, it’s heavy going,
    because i keep embroidering it by spinning out string instead of
    making a tight weave of it, by not controlling my delight in the
    mantras of word string, in that way i am a true idiot savant,
    but the material is rapunzel’s hair. tks, the dwarf.

  280. Kevin

    Re:Angela Meyer

    A very well written and well thought out post. If only it didn’t contradict so glaringly with your earlier efforts. Especially at the last when you listed the 5 tenets of your new “religion.”

    1)Listen–As far as I can tell, the only people who have your attention are those who hold to your ideology. Personally, I find both sides of this discussion interesting. However, my patience with those of you who actively deride those who don’t share your beliefs is non-existent.

    2)Talk–Well, you have talked. Albeit in a derogatory manner towards those who don’t share your opinions or belief systems. Calling people insane, delusional or loons just isn’t acceptable. Saying that people must have been dropped on their heads as babies is talking, but it just serves illustrate your own dogmatic belief that everything that you THINK you know is correct, and all naysayers to this belief are idiots.

    3)Understand-See point #2

    4)Respect-If you honestly respect anyone other than yourself, I’ve yet to see the evidence.

    5)-Peace and Goodwill towards all men (and women)-Which you could help foster simply by eliminating the name calling. Tell me, what gives you the right to look down your nose at anyone who has posted here?

  281. burnout

    Very well said Kevin.
    Name calling does not impress.
    I find it usually goes hand in hand with people who are harboring a lot of anger.
    It really does not worry me that someone calls me a loon or thinks I was dropped on my head.
    But people who have that anger really should for their own sake as well as their family and friends do something about it.
    I personally know a man in his 70’s who has lost the love and respect of his children grandchildren and most friends because he has let his anger take over his life.
    I dont know what the perfect answer is.
    Myself if I am having problems in life I find a friend who will sit and listen.
    You need to talk it out or tell someone or it builds up in your system.
    Talking to the right person is the relief valve.
    If you dont have a friend who will listen then you may have to go to a professional.
    The down side of that is that I believe that they charge a lot of money.
    But then it may worth it.
    You would not be human if you never felt the emotion of anger.
    But it is something that you have to keep a very tight rein on.
    And you must never let it get a grip on you.
    On the other side of the coin.
    Friendly debate,getting along with other people be it on the net or in person(you dont have to agree with everything)is its own reward.

  282. carlos lascoutx

    …i know that i am angry, and am trying hard not to be manipulated
    by it or anything else. i guess it’s not enough to have reason to be
    angry, one has to weigh the consequences of fathering/mothering that anger into the world. my image is of myself standing on the deck of the titanic, cursing out the ships captain, the crew,
    the iceberg, the ship, all at once, when actually my job is to turn to the boats and save what we can save given the situation, which, by the way, i will never accept from governors who don’t know what they’re doing, or do, then go on to rule for their elite when people are starving. incompetence has to do with putting family/
    nepotism/flag/narrow patriotism before caring for one’s population.
    if the nature of capialism is to grind away at our natural and
    human resources then i say we should find another way to secure
    the peace than through the faulty ideology of war and plunder.
    but we don’t want to share even with our domestic population,
    90% of whom can’t compete in the rigor mortis of democracy.
    it’s a competitive system but not a fair one.

  283. Angela Meyer

    Kevin, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m trying to fathom your motives to figure out best how to respond. Aren’t you trying to foster anger, where we seemed to be achieving peace? Aren’t you returning this to a level of ad hominem attacks, when we were starting to acknowledge our differences and discuss them?

    If you want to discuss something related to mysteries, and since you appear to have some respect for von Daniken’s writing, what do you believe he wrote that is actually a statement of truth rather than speculation? I haven’t read his work, and the Wikipedia article on him provides possibly too easy ammunition for deriding it, so I’d rather discuss the more convincing points he made rather than the weaker ones.

  284. carlos lascoutx

    …let’s have peace. i have an important announcement to make on
    neander, i know, he’s on the fearless hunter blog. it appears
    that caves in georgia, russia, ortvale klde, dzudzuana, and the area
    of kostenkij, russia are showing early arrival of modern humans,
    50k bc. in the modern human layers of these caves 5%-7% of the
    tools are obsidian, which is 100kilometers away from cavesite,
    and the neander levels show .4% obsidian. the implication being,
    not who you are(a neander forte)but who you know(a modern human
    societal trait)and that neander quickly disappears from the strata
    record, being outflanked by modern humans. also, the modern human
    levels include deer antler for pressure flaking about 40k bc,
    the beginnings of modern human deer culture. and of course,
    kostenkij has many venus/tlatla-tzol-teotl figurines, which i maintain is the cave goddess.
    i am still not willing to give up on neander in the face of this
    almost tailored answer to my argumenta for neander, because the
    mythological record, shall i say the ancient gossip record, still
    does not tally with the shovel.
    as to discussions, go out and learn something and drag it back
    for this column, manners are what we use to fight and protect
    ourselves with, find the peace and let’s get to work on more
    than coddled eggs already, let’s proceed without distracting passions of who’s trespassed this or that, no boundarys, let’s
    bound on. ok? the web is a wonderful tool for learning new dings.

  285. burnout

    Yeah lets have peace.
    I suppose that my feelings of frustration could be classed as anger.
    But that is what I believe Carlos has and he does not resort to name calling.(I mean he is frustrated by the world)
    I have been frustrated by the politicians etc. since I was a young man.
    So what do I do about it.
    Whenever there is an election or referendum I talk to people about what I think and I know that I have changed peoples minds.
    And I am not so egotistical to think that I know it all.
    But in a democracy it is no good if you are all sheep.
    I have posted before many things about multinational companies,chemical companies.
    These things are not my fantasies.
    They are there for anyone who wants to look them up.
    Sadly no one seems to care about these things anymore.
    We have some new major scares that the media and failed politicians are putting out there keep our minds busy.
    That way we dont dwell on what may be happening to little children in the wake of multinational companies in so called third world countries.
    Sorry starting to rave.

  286. carlos lascoutx

    …it’s amazing governments do as well as they do since they only
    include about 10% of their populations, if that, in their process,
    can’t get along with each other, don’t listen to the world governing body the UN, borrow from each other with no intention of paying back, shift their smokestacks to the other side of the world,
    carve away at domestic resources, prey on foreign ones, intrigue
    in other countrys on the pretext of ideologys they don’t observe in their homeland, promote the arrogance of fear for their death
    merchandizing, allow themselves to be bum-steered by non-elect
    clandestine agencys run by paranoid alcoholics and sometime veeps
    so they can enter the wonderland of bellicose fantasy at no risk
    to themselves but considerable danger for somebody else’s children,
    are paid more than they are ever worth for the trouble they give
    us and the world, and at the end of the day want a library or an
    honorable mention in the hopeless pages of history for their
    patriotic contribution to the culling of the family of man.
    the neighborhood butcher with his thumb on the scale has more
    honor than these two-fisted yobbos.

  287. burnout

    One of the things that frustrates (or makes me angry)is carbon trading.
    Lets look at how this is going to work.
    Us big polluters are going to buy credits off of countries in say Africa who are not putting carbon into the atmosphere.
    These countries are then going to spend that money on bettering the lives of their citizens.
    That money is going to go into the bank account of whatever dictator is running said country at the time.
    You know Cayman Islands or where ever.
    And then of course there will be the brokers who will handle all of this for a modest fee.
    I dont know maybe a billion or two a year(sounds reasonable dont you think)
    And where is all of this money going to come from.
    From the average person who pays their power bill or their fuel bill and also food etc.because of transport costs etc.
    And I really would not mind if all of this was going to stop pollution.
    But it will not.
    It is just a way for the big money people to suck more money out of the average person.
    Comes in handy at the moment because the old stock market is not doing too well lately.
    They are looking at bringing in a flatulence tax in some countries.
    You know you pay so much a year for each animal you have because they fart.
    You think I am mad or trying to be stupid.
    Check it out.
    What I want to know is how my x amount of dollars is going to be spent to catch the farts or clean up the air.
    Of course it will just go into the coffers of the government.
    If anyone does not believe me about that just say so and I will find some links for you.

  288. carlos lascoutx

    …yup, cap and trade, brainchild of lawyer gray, sat behind him in charley platt’s american history class, rest in peace, charley,
    if you can, boyden’s now making the history you taught, cf.,
    p.81, smithsonian magazine, august 2009. half measures can always
    be manipulated as burns says, you turn the key in the lock both
    ways and the door still doesn’t open to the future, will cap and
    trade distract a real solution, yes, it will place pollution in
    a holding pattern, create enforcement jobs like charitys do, be
    a pretext for more taxes, pay the staff handsomely, and trickle
    out a meagre but precious benefit to the environment. the question
    here is whether this idea is pork-proof. i agree with burns, in
    saying it is open to all sorts of vagueries, and siphons off a
    desire for attacking our smokestack addiction head-on.

  289. burnout

    Well Carlos.
    I don’t if it is me or you who scares these people off.
    Or maybe they dont want to get too involved in the deeper side of life.
    They really dont want to know what is happening to people in some of the less fortunate countries.
    So long as their latest bit of technology is ready for them when they want it.
    No matter the conditions that the people in Africa or where ever else the minerals are mined are living under.
    They make themselves feel good when they give a bit of money to one of the charities.
    People may say so what are you doing about it?
    Well I have spent most of my life telling people of the injustices in the world.
    I talk to people at every opportunity.
    Not many people really listen or care.
    But some do.
    And the only way that change is going to come about is when the ordinary people of the world say so.

  290. carlos lascoutx

    …well, i don’t have a car, try to stay in one place, the ideal would be to live up in nenetz land on the rim of the arctic and look out over a sea of antlers, deer meat is so much better than beef. hit the jackpot the other day. the oldest spot in china,
    800k bc, rivals afrika olduvai, zhuang=cave living, the youjiang basin down by vietnam, is pure nauatl fragments like the ethiopian
    omotic languages, making language a lot older than thought, began
    with the hominid species of 800k bc it looks like, the zhuang area
    is mountanous, limestone, warm, rainy, a paradise, they didn’t nomad
    and are still polytheistic worshipping boulders, dragons, ancestors,
    birds, they sing for longevity, great weavers, the indigenous
    people of china, like the basques their horizon going back to cave,
    in 1950 chinese linguists finally gave them an alfabet but it had
    to be the latin alfabet as only that would accomodate the nauatl
    base, now i am beginning to think afrika eve had nauatl before she
    left afrika, neander had it, and that present horizon is 800k bc
    in guanxi zhuang autonomous region, altho i see preliminary signs
    there that they were not sun worshippers, so perhaps nomads out
    of europe 52k bc brought it into the region as the only language
    on earth. i am still puzzled as to the calendar/tonalamatl origin
    but, it may have been zuang as they do have, ozomatli(N/11)=
    monkey. the closest language to the nauatl version i have,
    5k bc(3309bc/quetzalcoatl expedition) is japanese, and that’s the
    altai mts. quite confusing, but, hooray, i have work to do.

  291. burnout

    I often wonder why people dont care about the past.
    We seem to be locked into the last few thousand years.
    Which is very interesting for sure.
    But it is really only the tip of the iceberg.
    This Globe has always been here.
    Maybe not as we know it today.
    Because time is the constant and we move through time.
    That is very hard for the human mind to accept because that would then mean that we have have no self determination.
    But we do and we do what we do whether it be right or wrong.
    And it is there for all time.
    The way I like to explain it to people is that time and space are linked together.
    Even the scientists will agree to that.
    Now what do you have beyond the stars that you can see?
    Probably more stars that we cannot see.
    So what is beyond that?
    So when will there be no more stars.
    Maybe somewhere there is no stars.
    But space must go on forever.
    Logically space can never end.
    But it is a bit hard for the old human mind to come to grips with.
    And most people dont want to.
    But I believe that time is the same.
    No beginning no end.
    Man will never travel in time physically.
    It is not possible.
    But in the mind or the spirit it is very possible.
    Because it is all there for those who want to.
    I suppose it all comes down to the fact that we have lost the paganism side to our lives.

  292. carlos lascoutx

    …sly warmongers addicted to capitalism want their cannon fodder
    to be stupid, does a t-bone steak have to be intelligent to be good
    eating? all you’re asked to do is be good consumers, hollywood will
    help you, the sitcom, army wives, will come to your rescue, the goad
    of health care will be there to prod you on as congress will not pass any form of health care that’s adequate, have to keep the decks clear for war, sparta wasn’t built in a day, there’s money to be made for the very few, the rest of you just mill around in your pens and moo to each other until your turn at the shute comes, and remember to regret you have but one life to give to your country.
    i’m reading a good slim tome on afghanistan, when we were the
    heroes and russia was the villain, now it’s the other way around,
    how did that happen? tell me we’re not crazy war freaks when we
    can trade places just like that over a country that gets joanie
    mitchell singing both sides now over it from one decade to the next?
    written by rob schultheis, 1992, night letter, inside wartime
    afghanistan, easy, interesting read. it presents the afghanis as
    independant land owners, all small farmers as we were before our
    revolution against brittania, one of the truly odd and charmed
    places of the world where you were/are so far, free to be who you
    are, where when the countryside is starving they come into town
    like gypsys, the merchants feed them until they are back on their
    feet again, because the merchants know that without the countryside
    they have no business(do you hear that, congress?). it’s evil of
    us to do this to a country, place our needs above theirs, destroy a
    culture just to put in a green zone or a parking lot, soon the
    world will all look the same, travel and tourism may suffer because
    wherever you go its hawaii will be air conditioned by the tummy-
    tucks of war, and coca cola will be the new god, the son will be
    pepsi, and the holy spirit, fresca. religion will be our sugar water. amen=amana(N)=to flow.

  293. burnout

    So right.
    There was a time when Saddam of Iraq was a great guy.
    He was fighting Iran.
    So the western world was backing him to the hilt.
    But then the political scene changed and he became Evil.
    I am sure he was evil but while it suited the big money people he was a great guy.
    There was a joke going around here when they invaded Iraq.
    How does the U.S.know that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction?
    Answer.Because they sold them to him.
    Unfortunately there is probably a lot of truth in that so called joke.

  294. carlos lascoutx

    …saddam was the triumph of the salesman, willy loman(on the
    totem pole), everybody who had arms to sell knew they had their
    patsy in him, the japanese built him deep bunkers, having no
    shame whatsoever about it, why weren’t they holocaust victims
    too? it was a fevered time for the arms industry, they had a live one(for a while) and he was ordering the wine list in their
    restaurant, the chefs were busy, the waiters crowded in the lobby,
    it was the anteroom to the apocalypse, everybody knew what he was going to do with his weapons of dismissive destruction, being
    a local boy who didn’t travel much he was going to war with his
    neighbors, not iran, we’d already promoted that one when our dear shah had to leave with his mutts, the savak, who have now been
    replaced with abby’s goons. funny how you’re victim early, then
    get to the top and the other guy is the victim of your previous
    suffering, this is called tradition, it’s collegiate expression
    is called hazing/tlaza(N)=throwing down. it’s about the only
    lesson learned in good schools these days, a peculiar bellicosity
    of western civ, to serve is to rule, or, only by being someone’s
    clown can you become clown master and keep the nuclear-ringed
    circus going.

  295. carlos lascoutx

    …i wonder if alien spaceships aren’t made of stone, we try to make
    craft very light, maybe that’s the wrong direction for space travel,
    they have to have densitys approaching black holes in order to go
    beyond light speed, maybe a molecular change in the material, the
    opposite of fission, call it fusion to make matter denser, some sort
    of transformer of material because our main problem would be to get
    in orbit, once there the densitor could be switched on and the voyage begin. psst, don’t tell the russians or they’ll ruin themselves again with an arms race like they did after ww2 and put
    the first grayhound in space, balalaika.

  296. burnout

    Interesting concept my old friend.
    And I promise that I will not tell the Russians.
    Lets face it we really don’t need another Super Power arms race or any other sort of race.
    We have global warming and a few other issues for the politicians to scare the shit of us citizens with.
    Gives them a mandate to do as they wish and we all fall in line.
    (well most people anyway.I do try to talk to people but most dont seem to be interested unless it is going to affect them this week)
    I think that the Aliens will let us work it out for ourselves
    Or maybe if we can ever get our act together and be worthy of that knowledge they may give it to us.
    Sadly I dont think that will happen real soon.
    While we let people and little children die in wars and famine just because it suits the people who are making billions of dollars we will not be worthy.
    I wonder why people need need billions of dollars?
    They have lost the plot of what life is about.
    I would be happy to say well that is their loss.
    Unfortunately it is the loss of the people and little children who live in misery and die because some CEO gets 25 or maybe 50 million a year.
    The problem is that there have been all sorts of revolutions in history and what happens?
    The guys at the top still take on the role of I am going to be a millionaire.

  297. carlos lascoutx

    …reading the legacy of hiroshima by edward teller, the hungarian,
    with allen brown, apparently the russians kicked off the arms race
    with the help of many go betweens, e.g., niels bohr and fellow travellers, teller laments we didn’t warn the japanese about little
    boy(the bomb), once that happened most scientists who had worked
    on the program were horrified and went back to teaching as the russians kept on trying to put a nuclear weapon in a vodka bottle.
    teller calls for a central agency to control nuke proliferation
    and it’s anti-life potential, we don’t have it yet, in fact it’s
    nuclear blackmail from both sides, this kind of postoffice is going
    to end badly because in nuclear control you have to have face to
    face understanding with rogue leaders, e.g., bill clinton’s
    recent successful diplo with north korea, the same holds true
    for abby of iran, he’s a peasant, you get tough with a peasant
    he toughs back, where else is he to go, i can’t believe between
    us and israel we don’t have enough charm for that snake, oops,
    see, there i go, you don’t say that. thank the lord for oba, the
    shrewdest president we’ve had in an eternity of turkeys, notice
    he’s available and goes to the people like that little squeegee
    bush never thought of doing except on the day of 9/ll when he
    was hiding out in kindergarten somewhere.
    money is a convenience store when you don’t feel like cooking,
    sadly there are times when cooking is the only answer to a healthy
    solution. rock on. off to market, this little piggy, cuink, cuink.

  298. burnout

    Well Devon Kelly Mulhaney as This is not my site I cant say yay or nay.
    However Andrei is a top person and lets us rave on his site so I am sure you can get on and have your say.
    And yeah Carlos I still have hope in oba even though his popularity is on the wane.
    But some of our leaders in Australia who did the best for this country were not always winning the opinion polls.

  299. carlos lascoutx

    …i see in oba a desire to get to the people, as i said elsewhere,
    he doesn’t want patterson for ny becuase pat wasn’t elected by the
    will of the people, you could say that about most republicans too,
    if it hadn’t been for ronny baby we’d never had bushiites, neither
    dad nor junior, as they don’t resonate with the electorate, coattail
    presidents really, living exclusive lives beyond the imagination of
    working america and having their way paved for them from the cradle,
    which the last president never left. but oba is part of this structure too, harvard and his hawaiian school, he knows the type
    but his mind and tolerance are greater than the diapered wonders
    he went to class with, thank you, lord, for mestizos.
    kelly’s turned up like a 4-leaf clover, let’s see if he’s
    another denigrater or can bring something beside rude opinion
    to our bumblings, logic was originally a preposition, tloc(N)=
    beside, pseudo is the word for mud=sod/soil/tzotl(N), and bumble=
    fumble, note the b/f, f/po(m)ple=popotl(N)=broom, a drinking straw
    in mex=popote, hmmm, bumble has come around to the opposite of its
    root, popotl(N), which arrives with the entry of minoan (r)=
    p(r)opotl(letra)=p(r)op(r)io(sp)=propre(Fr)=proper/clean, so a bumble is a fall from the proper, now that’s the kind of pseudo-logic i like, it makes sense, or trys. now that english is dying as a language and curriculum in america, it’s time to use a different
    approach to the subject.

  300. Todd

    This is for “antialias” who said that the solution to the Sacsayhuaman walls was incredibly simple. Rubbing two rocks together until they have a perfectly flat and tight seam is easy ofcourse. The hard and unexplainable part is how they could rub together stones that each weigh 300 tonnes until they were perfectly flat, tight seams. That is not “astonishingly simple”

  301. burnout

    Well Todd I would think that anyone who believes that any race in any time in the past had the technology to rub many 300 tonne rocks together until they were perfectly fit is the one who is Astonishingly Simple.
    Sorry I dont like name calling or bad language but what can you say about some one who thinks that may be what happened?
    (it is like some sort of Monty Python comedy)
    It is more likely that they were advanced and had some sort of laser cutting equipment.
    The problem with modern man is that he is so egotistical that he thinks he is the most advanced race or species that has ever lived on the planet.
    Maybe he is but then again if you look at all of things that cant be explained maybe he isnt.
    Sorry if I have dented anyones EGO.

  302. Angela Meyer

    Gentlemen, this discussion continues to tickle my funny bone, so I’ll stick my oar in one more time.

    Some facets of the construction of the pyramids (especially Khufu at Giza, aka the Great Pyramid) are not yet entirely understood, but let’s at least stay with the facts. The average weight of a Khufu stone is 2.5 tons, not 300 tons. A rare few weighed as much as 70 tons, but they weren’t positioned with the same kinds of accuracy, and we have some reasonable theories about how they were built.

    Fact: Egyptian pyramids are oriented due north. Of course they are; they were incredibly huge undertakings, so every aspect of their construction was planned in detail.

    Fact: The pyramids were remarkably level, differing by about 1 inch in height. Again, of course they are; why would you build anything so huge, heavy and significant on an uneven or unstable surface? is a nice explanation of how the orientation and levelling of the pyramid was achieved (personally I subscribe to the water theory because evaporation wouldn’t have been a factor if you had several workers available to mark the base (just above the water’s surface) at the same time). has a more detailed discussion, but it’s admittedly a bit dry.

    The pyramids are beautiful, enduring and still somewhat mysterious. I marvel in the engineering achievement and enjoy the mystery like anyone else, but I hate the idea of using numerology (pyramidology) to turn them into a cheap magic trick by aliens trying to impress us.

    If we were able to visit another planet with intelligent life, what would we do? I’d bet we’d:
    1) observe, record and take samples of just about every species of animal and plant life (but we’d only need a couple of samples, certainly not enough to trigger all the alien abduction stories)
    2) attempt to communicate (and we’d choose the most intelligent, creative, dominant or “connected” people to do this with)
    3) leave some information about ourselves, such as an inter-species “Rosetta stone” and an indication of where we came from; we would use a long-lived material and put it in a place where it was unlikely to be discovered until the species developed sufficient technology to understand it’s significance and to interpret it, clearly and accurately as a message from an extra-terrestrial civilization.
    4) leave an automated listening post, so we can continue to monitor while we continue our exploration of the galaxy
    5) possibly return periodically to personally observe significant changes

    Would we interfere in the life of the planet? Probably not, especially if the most intelligent indigenous species was more primitive.

    Would be the cause of enduring stories, myths or religions? Again, probably not; that would be interfering. We would observe in ways that would not be recognized.

    Would we “conquer” the planet? No, because all evidence suggests that FTL, if possible at all, will be incredibly expensive, so the resources to ship a war fleet and an invading population would be far greater than just transforming a nearby life-sustaining planet that has no intelligent species.

    But if anyone can point to evidence (not speculation) to the contrary, I’m all ears!

  303. carlos lascoutx

    …thank deitys that be for monty pie, anybody checked out,
    the ministry of walks, lately, have a go. it’s a well-known
    fact to those who have never studied history that the stones
    of macchu pichu=macui pizca(N)=hand/5/macui-pizca/harvest were
    dragged up the mountain by the proto-poles who didn’t yet know
    polish, but by the time they got to the top with the stones
    they were polished. this important and back-breaking event marks their emergence from the mists of history(and macchu picchu) as a
    people noted for not polishing off the incans, just their stones.
    the pope before last knew this story, buried in the vatican library,
    but decided to stay in vatican city because of a lung condition,
    altho he kept a picture of atlapahualpa on his bedside table
    and what was reputed to be his paper crown hanging on the frame
    of his 4 poster, picked up by a sharp-eyed papal nuncio in the
    roman flea market. so history is strange, the history of things
    more so, whoever can say where or when should visit macchu picchu
    and observe the polish eagles there, to the undiscerning eye they
    appear to be condors, but with a little polish they’re eagles.

  304. burnout

    Angela I really dont want to get off side with you again because you are obviously an intelligent person and have looked into things that most people would not be bothered.
    So OK The blocks Of one tomb range from 2.5 ton to 70 ton.
    And I used to do many years ago some basic building and I used to use a water level.
    Water will always find its own level.
    But how did these people move say 70 ton rocks.
    Now there is a crane in Shandong Ship Yard in China that can lift 20,000 ton believe it or not.
    But unless there was a civilization or many of them around the globe who had technology as good as ours or better how can all of these things come about?
    And there are rocks of more than 70 ton in different parts of the world.
    When people talk about pyramids they think of Egypt.
    But Mesoamerica has many more times structures than Egypt.
    So I am open to the fact that there were civilizations who were up to our standard or greater in the past.
    Or shock horrer there may actually be beings who come from time to time to this planet.
    No I dont know how all this stuff got on our old planet but I can tell you one thing for sure It was not a few old guys or even a lot of old guys rubbing a few rocks together
    So what do we have here?
    There were races of people who were more advanced than us on this planet.
    Now we must not fall into the egotistical trap of thinking that we are the most advanced because we have computers etc.
    Or maybe there were influences from other parts of the universe.
    But one way or the other.
    These things are there.
    So you either had very advanced people on this planet before us or there was influence from the stars.
    You can not get away from the facts.

  305. carlos lascoutx

    …the people who built the pyramids are still around today, like
    the egyptians they compete against each other in large numbers,
    drink beer, and eat lots of bread, instead of pyramids, they go
    into stadiums, have cheerleaders, and root for their team, just
    another way of rooting for themselves, ancient egyptian graffiti
    at their sites confirms their rivalry with other construction gangs.
    so the pyramids were built by fan power, team work, the spirit of thousands of men, harnessed together by rope, there are indications of a prolific rope age beginning 4th millenium on
    both hemispheres, the goddess=metl metis mayauel, the mother of
    athena, she has polynesian features and hair that curls back and
    back in waves, e.g., sima(OE)=simo(ONorse)=sime(OSaxon)=rope=
    cima(N)=deshebrar la penca del maguey/metis, meaning the hand
    on top/chi-ma/hand=c(r)in(sp)=mane(of horse)=encima(sp/prep)=
    on top=climate=c(r)ime(and it’s answer, hanging). and metis is
    as old as zeus, one of the birdsnakes, first known to the greeks
    as a snake, then aryan skygod, the snake is phallic and may be rope
    also, the quetzalcoatl birdsnake expedition to amerindian, 3309bc,
    the first pyramid egypt, 2675bc, saqqara, 634yrs difference in
    dates long enough to start a inter-hemispheric traffic in string
    and its technology. we´ve found another black hole in history.
    the weaving necessary for the rope age begins on the danube at
    7k bc with lady birdsnake of belgrade, who becomes the shuttle/
    xiotl(N) star venus, takes over from the deer culture venus, e.g.,
    lagar velho burial 26k bc, portugal, and mothers the aryan morning
    star sky god and zeus, who is on loan to the greeks as a weaving
    snake(the minoan snake goddesses). oops, the pyramids!
    the power of 600 men properly harnessed and pulling can move
    tons, the blocks are barged down the nile, unloaded, rope essential
    for these tasks so we can see, yes, there had to be a rope age, hmmm,
    my previous argument for a heavy spacecraft comes back to me,
    great weight seems to naturally make for great exactness, this is
    the tariff gravity exacts(pun), it’s reward to those who are able
    to devise purchase for the impossibly dense, wish humans worked
    that way, they might, we’ll see how the various debates in the
    us congress work out, but they’re trying to build a pyramid without
    a base.
    as burns says, we can’t get away from facts, here are a few
    more to trick the sci fi approach into submission.

  306. Montego Huddleston

    I don’t use bar bells when I lift, but I still was able to use what you wrote and use it for my own use. I workout on the weight machines. One thing tht I had a long time ago is that concentration is so important. I am not sure why not many people replied to this post. I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you. I appreciate the information, thanks.

  307. carlos lascoutx

    …the latest on cave nauatl found to be proto-zuang-tai by the vietnam border. the zhuang had no written language until chinese
    linguists fashioned them one from our alphabet(should tell you
    nauatl came from euro-iberia). the basque cavers have the complete language which was puffed up by monotheism, sun worship,
    the zhuang however, who have the oldest hominid bone horizon outside
    afrika remained polytheists, e.g., rocks, trees, as sophisticated
    as the ainu, use nauatl particles to form their words, e.g., thak/tak(proto-zuang-tai)=break=thak(ON)=dach(OHG)=
    dacha(rus)=dak(dutch)=thatch(E)=tlaca-catz-ilpilli(N)=bind,tie tightly. the zhuang use only the tlaca part to form their verson of

  308. garden tool suppliers

    Thanks for posting this article. I’m decidedly frustrated with struggling to search out germane and intelligent commentary on this issue. Everybody nowadays goes to the very far extremes to either drive home their viewpoint that either: everyone else in the planet is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not really understand the situation. Many thanks for your concise, applicable insight.

  309. JordanNicole

    I’ve realy enjoyed reading your articals and have found many things so interesting that I would like to research them in much greater detail, however I would not place bets or take anything to heart that I read on a web-page. As everyone knows there is an infinite amount of inaccurate information on the web, anyone has the ability to claim anything is truth.
    But even if all the information isn’t 100% accurate I still throughly belive that what you are doing here is a wonderful thing and a very difficult one in this day and age; You are getting groups of all differant backgrounds and ages to come together to learn and talk about Sience, History and Philosophy! At any age that is an extremly hard thing to do especially in this century when people are more concerned about reality TV then the actual reality of our plant. I belive you deserve a big Thank you and a pat on the back from society, and all you haters out there, Clam down and look at the bigger picture, open your minds!

    p.s; carlos lascoutx, your post are interesting I can tell you concerned for humanity behind all that crazy complicated writing and I would really like to understand what your saying and all those equations better (like your theory on language development) but its like reading insanity. If you wrote more clearly useing less vocabulary you might actually get your point across.

  310. pete

    the nazca drawings,scientist say could only have been made from help from above,if so how did the crop circle hoaxers do it at night,if you look the distance between the legs is the same as the thickness of the legs,so two people walking with a rope between them to keep distance,a curv is just a rope on a post and start walking,just add a little carefull planning and its done,in fact thay wernt so advanced becaues thay could have done a better job,half the animals cant be identifed!

  311. carlos lascoutx

    …for the nazca lines they used a maqueta/mock-up scale model.
    why don’t you try a small scale version of a nazca to see what
    problems you run up against and see what new sensory experience
    your work will produce? it may answer your question.

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  313. Carlyn Laffey

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  314. JTK

    Rational people have a duty to stand up to this buffoonery. If you can’t handle being asked for proof then you are probably ashamed of not having any.

  315. Sandy Birdtail

    Hi there, I am currently researching for an article that I’m creating for my own blog. I’ve found this post extremely useful and I was wondering if I can link to this post as it will be of great interest to my readers? Kind regards.

  316. carlos lascoutx

    …hello, hallow, alaua(N), halleluja, the mt. toba eruption,
    72 bc, created a population bottleneck and reduced world population
    to 10k people, the only ones to survive were neander in their caves, arfrikans in their jungles, perhaps the zhuang(cave living),
    and some determined fold on the indian subcontinent, and language
    survived as well but with greatly reduced speakers with neander
    predominating, and what were later to become the northern deer tribes. toba produced 800cubic kilometres of ash(tambora, in the historic record, produced only 20 cubic km ash), the result of
    toba was severe cooling, a glacial maximun that almost wiped life
    out on blue planet due to its being 2 degrees north of the equator
    where sun is strongest, modern human races differ abruptly at 70k bc, rather than gradually over 1m yrs. language is also the victim, but toba may have been the event that reinforced pie nauatl as the
    only language on earth.

  317. Mike

    Carlos, being a scientist myself I like to know where you get your information. I would like to see specific citations and references made to peer reviewed journals or papers. This would add tons of credibility to what you are saying, otherwise you are just rambling and making things up. I would like to know where you get those numbers and statements like “a population of 10K people”, “800 cubic km of ash”, and especially “modern human races differ abruptly at 70k BC, rather than gradually over 1m yrs” because this is the first time I have heard that one. So please, add citations and references to back up your “facts”, make your arguments and evidence accountable. There are people (anthropologists, geologists, etc.) who have spent their careers researching these things, I trust their facts, interpretations and evidence (when it is in a peer reviewed document) much more than your incoherent ramblings (ramb//n/ ” ling ///n … mm ///ramble// nn / nonsense)

  318. carlos lascoutx

    …hi, mike, the bradshaw foundation, the toba explosion 74k ya &
    genetic evidence, by stephen oppenheimer. you will find it on matilda’s gobkeli blog in her march 15, 2008 slot, under, the mt toba event. her entire blog is worth a good read. i solely use
    the web for my screeds. i find institutional scientists pokey, i like to move faster than that and with internet i can. what is
    nonsense to you might be a genetic factor, i understand your anger, spending a lifetime with the accepted scientific method must be
    like racing turtles, the sport of saints, but i am a rabbit, i may
    not win the race but i am going to see what i can see. as to nauatl
    original pie, i challenge any linguist to beat me on that theory.
    it is a greater tool than the shovel in archeology. thank you for
    your interest. many people misunderstand my ramblings, it’s enthusiasm and wonder for my subject and the power it has to
    engender speculation and certainty where there was none before.
    also, google: comments by,
    to see what i am about. get your feet out of the mud of scientific
    enquiry and unleash your cottontail mind(here, you can call me hare-brained). i am reluctantly combative about my work but getting critisized for form on a new subject, not given a hearing, just
    a simple-minded veto, is the mark of homo sap. you sound as if you
    can take this reply graciously, and so i venture it. tks.

  319. Ahmad Pottkotter

    I have a clip from the Paris Hilton movie on my website. To bad it got leeched onto the internet for everyone to watch. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex Rick Salomon that leeched it.

  320. Gina Wince

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  321. carlos lascoutx

    …hey, pete, nasca=nax/shca(letra)=naxca(N)=my property, from, axcaitl(N)=goods/bienes(sp)=naxcapan(N)=over my property/in my
    dominions. check out, natl geo march 2010, spirits in the sands,
    good article. i am rendering the native words mentioned therein
    to nauatl:
    cahuachi=caua chi(N)=own bien/finish/sacrifice on top/chi(N/prep.),
    =mountain in the area.
    wells used to avoid evaporation and exploit aquifer.
    Mt. apu llamoca=ap(l)u(letra)=aplu(etruscan)=apollo(gk)=
    tlapa-(N/solar prefix)=tlatla-pa(N)=flamepaint,=t/la(m)p/a(letra),
    llamoca=ilama(N)=old lady, mocaua(N)=finish/interrupt oneself,=
    moqua-tlazani(N)= wash the head/baptize.
    these invader ended naxcapan at 650ad.
    the only clinker in the article was when an anthro spoke up
    about a sacrifice and said of a neat burial, you aren’t going
    to do that if he’s you’re enemy, well, an offering to the gods/
    to the mountain has to be in top shape, they are the gods and
    mother motla(N) mountain, in fact the aztecs treated their prisoners
    well because they were to go to the gods, and if a captor mistreated
    his son, and he, the father, who would birth him to the solar
    afterlife, why, he took his place on the stone. you can’t think
    about what goes on today and be an anthropoloque, nor an apologist
    for torture when gods are involved. alaua(N) allow hallow haleluja,

  322. carlos lascoutx

    …if you’re talking to me, clifford, these are the etymological
    notes for the national geographic article, spirits in the sand,
    march 2010. my remarks on the nazcapan place names are to be used
    as you read the article. this is an example of linguistic archelogy
    using (letra), the decode for all language based on nauatl pie,
    which shows that nauatl=quechua(incan). both languages are very
    close, with nauatl the older.

  323. carlos lascoutx

    …well, samuel, it’s not so much finding answers as having
    an pretext to work with various grades of facts. if one believes
    everything has a truth/troth/t(r)oth=tol-t-th=tla-tolli(N)=word quotient wedded to the bellows of human spirit, then one is
    on to the game of life itself, which has to be approached by play,
    e.g., the spanish for play is 2 verbs: jugar=yugi(jap)=olgau(basque)
    =oynamak(turk)=ollama(N)=ollin tlamaitl(N)=holy side=maitl(N)=hand,
    and, tocar(sp)=play(music),=toca(N)=sow,=to-/our being/-ca.
    what distinguishes us as beings is our sense of play, game, theatre, and above all, since we are tones/tunes=tonalli(N)=soul,
    tonatiuh(N)=anthony=sungod, music=muse/amuse=amoxtli(N)=book/score.
    games are not idle play, they are the survival mechanism that has
    allowed us to rise above the primates who simply had strength and
    innate tactics bred into them. with games more complicated, because
    even animals play games, we have developed an exogamous pattern
    of thought not dependant on environment, i.e., we have reached
    the ollin/holy movement in our minds and are at play in the fields
    of the lords who create our senses, become the gods themselves,
    if we witness the moves of superstars in our midst.
    for myself, i’ve developed the game (letra), anybody who knows
    an alphabet can play it, and if you have glyphs or pictographs
    they can be reduced to sound and translated to facile phonetic
    symbols/kanji, has nothing to do with grammar or fluency,
    it’s a game of letters one can adapt to quickly and is played
    with dictionarys/lexicons gathering dust on shelves=xelhua(N)=divide=shell(E/verb).
    the advantage of this letra game is that one gets to the truth
    of a word, a spiritual exercise, preservation of language itself,
    our spirit, which civilization=ciuia(N)=activate, stimulate,
    prosecute, will always erode because it’s concerned with the rush
    of now=an n-word=4=having no center, but language and letra does
    have a center, the body, it’s tentli/tenitl(N)=(e)te(r)n(i)t/li(letra)=eternity, the lip itself, our sheltering tent and shield=
    chieltia(N)=child. teo/deo/diós is logos. talking is a holy obligation for those who would belong to our species, our hearts,
    and our minds.
    for all one has to say about jesus, the final remark will always be, he talked=quitoa(N)=qu/kh(r)i(s)to/a(letra)=khristos(gk),
    which is the holy part of us, we may entrust to the transmission
    of print but the component of soot, lead, or electronics is transitory like frozen peas, when we talk, words are on the vine growing in our minds as a harvest of learning put to music.

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  325. carlos lascoutx

    …metis is goddess of wisdom and mother of goddess of wisdom,
    athena/atena(sp), note th/t letra shift. let’s look at metis’s
    word string and see why she is that goddess:
    metl(N)=the century/maguey plant, =mexico=mecitli(N)=maguey rabbit/
    citli(N),=chichi-mecatl(N/high plains amerindian)=ichichiuh(N)=
    itch(E)/scrape, and, mecatl(N)=metl ca(N)=maguey being,
    =mead(scand)/mëd(russ)/miel(sp)=maguey being,=mecatl(N)=string,
    =me(r)cado(sp)=ma(r)ket(E),=mecania(N)=to hang in the air,
    = mechanics. aha, so from metis mecatl we get string mechanics, which is to say string theory is marketable for knowledge, for language, for whatever we want to use it for just
    as we use metal/mettle/methe(gk)=drink(abuse will get you nowhere,
    drink from dictionarys instead)/mete(E)/meta(spanglish)=goal post.
    from metl(N) we also get the word quiotl(N)=shoot/xotla(N)
    that signals the end of the century plant, it’s don quixote(cervantes knew the word/lance thrown up by a hundred year old man),
    qui-otl=qui-/who rout(e)s/otli(N)=ruta/road=odol(basque)=(b)lood,
    and becomes, within it’s string, quillotia(N)/quillitl/uiquillia(N),
    the word, quill(E). otli/xiotl/xotla, the word in the middle=
    shuttle. tks.

  326. Gretle

    I guess this proves that if you go back in time and lose something, it wont do any more damage then to just confuse people and not actually change anything in time. Perhaps we should be looking for things from the future? Oh that’s right… if things are not noticed
    then they cant change anything. Or at least not noticed for millions of years. Is there a time limit on changing time?

  327. carlos lascoutx

    …the receptors we have for perceiving change are negligible.
    there is a bundle of neurons that contain the pleasure principle,
    once stimulated the lab rat will continue to push the button until
    exhausted. this is true for all mammals. lewis thomas, the fragile species.

  328. Gretle

    Exhausted, or even dead..
    Even if the stimulated pleasure causes damage to the subject.
    It continues it’s pursuit.
    Yes, perhaps that’s why some things are not permitted.
    They are harmful to your health and well being as a fragile species.

  329. carlos lascoutx

    …yes, the medial forebrain bundle, p.31 lewis thomas, fragile
    species. all things are permitted=mitl(N)=spear(a transmission),
    but they have a price one must weigh carefully. apparently the bundle is the joy stick, the happy to be alive in all its wonder
    center, the everything is connected awareness of now, that drugs=
    doga=d/toc/ga(letra)=to-/our being/-ca very poorly stimulates.
    we can call it the motla(N)=mo-/your bodyflame/-tlaca-tlatla,
    mota(mexslang for cannabis), whose price is droghad(celt)=bridge,
    tocatl(N)=spider, mota being the least of the toxic=tocatl substances one must avoid (for its carcinogenic properties),
    make one pause as user, so you are quite right, yet it is hard
    to legislate such an intimate pursuit as preceived pleasure,
    since, like alcohol, it is a decision of driver to stop or go.
    the exit strategy is to come back over the bridge from lala
    land=tlalli(N) the spider has thrown across the river betwixt
    quick/dead and find your pleasure living rather than continuing
    on a path of no-exit and intox where one becomes meat for the furies, fates, the usual brain butchers, and revive an interest
    in what is not noxious, perhaps something other=teotl(N)=theother.
    for me it has been wor(l)ds, which i always have with me as
    we all do, tloc(N)=beside,=location/logic. they are my cross
    against the spider/tocatl and my being also, ah, be=peua(N)=
    impetus,=beginning, my genesis. i don’t mind being criticized for
    my format, as everyone’s savior is different. nor does it bother
    me when consensus,lol=nonsensus in walch,rules against me with
    foundered laws the herd uses to stay together in whatever
    direction they happen to be going this generation. words are
    my pole star, they change also but are more fixed than the fad
    fantasys our improvised race fodders, admitting anyone who pays
    the piper for his song to lead them out of hamelin. i like sounds,
    the sense comes later with the dustpan, but first my soul is tone,
    my nerve ends the strings of a guitar, and i know sense swings
    like a compass rose to nonsense and back, is the dual nature of
    breath and language, and my highest nature also. we are singularitys
    in the cosmos, herding is for religion, out of fear we gather,
    i am no longer afraid to be alone because i have all ingredients of the cosmos built into me as a being of 4=uan(N), just call me juan, no center=4, not aspiring to sainthood because i am not
    that unsure of divine propertys. i have been confirmed,
    found my word quotient, inside, where our deity sits reading the
    daily news in his/her armchair, or perhaps is out washing sheets=
    paca opac(N)=pacis/pax(Lat)=peace, another form of reading.

  330. Frank

    #11. Carlos the Kotex. Although less than 100 years old, this artifact presents a classic conundrum, co/with=location/logic, nun(cath)=woman/betrothed, drum(n)(v)=repetitive/annoying din, ie: the educated moron. Educated, medicated, regurgitated psycho-babble from reading too many dusty dictionaries in dim light.

  331. carlos lascoutx

    …frank, you don’t have a brain, wring out your sox into a glass
    so you can think again. my writing annoys you because you are on a mission of destruction like most of your kind, are working towards
    nothing except self-aggrandizement, and get your jollys trashing
    lists such as this by offering nothing but vituperation. the idea
    is to bring something to the discussion besides anger. if you’re
    having your period, i’m sorry you’re a bloody mess. cheers. oh,
    and get off the potty now, you’ve left a nice turd in the bowl,
    that’s the boy/girl/trans.

  332. carlos lascoutx

    …frank, i’ve reread your post, and, you know, you’re trying
    to understand, so excuse me for my first reply, it was a regurgitation, i am sure you are sincere in your perplexity and am sure you are ashamed of my ignorance and yours as well. with that
    in mind let me clear up your valient attempt to imitate my spewings:
    co(N) does not mean with, it is the front formation of, come(E),
    and is used often as a post-position(as opposed to preposition),
    e.g., mexico=mecico(N)=comes the maguey rabbit/citli, or, in forward
    position=coatl(N)=comes to water, snake(day 5 souls),=coral(snake)=
    co(r)at/l, or, c/goat(comes to water/atl). ok?
    now, location/logic=tloc(N/prep.)=beside. nun=nonti(N)=become
    mute(the first nuns did not speak, vow of silence).

    i use the diccionario nauatl(remí simeon/isbn 968-23-0573-x)
    for sourcing to pie(proto-indo-euro) and the tonalamatl/book souls/
    deer calendar to help me along. let me give an example from my dusty
    cassells spanish: lustro(sp)=5 yr period, well why 5? 5=snake in
    the book souls, also, 5=number of the cave fire drill venus,
    regent of the tonalamatl=tonalli(N)=soul calendar, and her animal
    is, ocelotl. i know that ocelotl is a ritual word, and in the
    etruscan prayer of ati/atl cathe/caO(chaos)/ehecatl luthe/-lotl
    cel/celOim/elohim(hebrew)/ocel, ocelotl is split and divided
    between the 3d(calli/being)luthe,and the 4th element(growth/no center)cell/cel,
    since it is the birthing, breeding animal of the cave goddess,
    who is no longer willendorf but tlatla/flame, the -lotl births
    words(with the help of letra)such as, lot/slot/slut/lust/ruth/rut/
    lost, etc, and lustro(sp) is one of those words, coming from the
    back end of oce-lotl, it is also the word, luz/light, as in,
    dar luz(sp)=give birth(and all that surrounds that process). the
    fact that ocelotl’s mistriss is the birth goddess, and her number=
    5=tlatla tzol teotl’s number, gives us the association between
    calendar to nauatl/spanish which forms the meaning, lustro=5yrs.
    i’ve never said language is easy, but it’s not just vomit either.
    it’s been carefully thought out with the knowledge of the time,
    and deciphering word by word, like restoring old automobiles, is
    a delicate process as each are different, but with patience and the
    right tools such as letra/tonalamatl/pie nauatl, you can get a
    pretty good restoration of history/myth once thought lost to us.
    i liked your epithet, if i may use letra to change the middle
    letter, t/d=codex carlos. and if this should fall on ungrateful or
    irate ears, may others have the sense to weigh the validity of
    what i am working for. thank you.

  333. Frank

    Carlos… You mistake frustration for anger.Obviously you are intelligent and well read, and I think that you have some very compelling things to say. The problem is that you immerse your thoughts so deeply that your writing ends up as gibberish. Amusing at times, but difficult to understand on any appreciative level.I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t possess the mental acumen to follow your particular writing style. In writing, terse beats turgid every time.

  334. carlos lascoutx

    …can(N)=with,=con(sp). the ca-/being 4/-n. well, i’m drawn into
    my etyms by letra, they”re like vortexes, writing delicious prose
    is macro. the word stuff, which i consider the real krill, the real
    meal of the deep-running blood being is micro. i am perveresly experimenting with it, i know, and exhausting everyone’s patience,
    but am looking for a way to combine both letra and prose into
    root poetry, however i am not very good at focusing back and forth
    between over and under views, e.g., i break a word with simeon and
    letra and the tone, a new world of myth and fact comes into view
    in the petrie dish, and like alice, off i go into the tiny squeezed
    world of letra where every squeak of sound is significant, then
    the process reverses itself and i find my head going through the ceiling into the clouds of interpretive myth. i enjoy the stretching
    but also realize i am not driving this wonderful vehicle properly
    yet. it has nothing to do with medication by the way, that’s a canard an acquaintance here, mike wein, uses for his charity org.,
    which clearly states that the information therein is soley for the
    use of his org. and no other, yet there it is, out on google despite
    the caveat, punishing my reputation, but it’s only a quibble, more
    important fish to fry.
    i see letra as the solution to education: the sound approach to
    alphabetters, a fortifying of the curiosity for language without
    textbook, which makes sense as language(nauatl pie)was not designed
    for print, it was designed for memory(the human quotient in our
    brains)which needs all the help it can get from the bombardment
    of visual stimuli assaulting us in the modern world and making
    our habitat a cipher wasteland. the politics is an afterthought:
    the real message is, talk, know language through letra and pie
    nauatl and the sensible tonalamatl deer calendar which is the soul
    of myth, the talking point/the line of religion, which is nomad,
    and quite unlike the settled certain certainties and criminality
    that goes on today. tarot=tarocchi=taroc/k=tlaloc, god of deer time,
    =by the earth/tlalli(N)=land. there i go again, into the woods
    and following one elfin fire after another, radiating at every point
    of the compass rose=yrosheet(rus)=harvest,=rossiya(country)=
    u/o(i)l/ros(letra)=oilos(gk song/harvest goddess/ceres)=
    oilia(N/reverential)=oya oox/sh(N)=rock the corn out of the sock/cob. but you are right, at every letter the path branches,
    the forest for the trees, the branch for the leaf, the root for
    ground. i certainly could be a better teacher, one thing i do
    know. i often fail to convey the subject as i multiplex, yet the
    subject never fails me, and that’s the magnet that keeps me babylon.
    it is a burden, a good one, i have to find a way to transmit the
    precious data to the learner and not drown out the message with
    my godawful grunts.

  335. carlos lascoutx

    …gcs. terse=t(i)e(r)so(letra)=tieso(sp)=
    tersus(Lat)=smooth,polished, neat, precise,=
    Tezcatlipoca(N/god)=smoking mirror.
    check out the latest posts, tzopilotl.wordpress,
    getting the style=(s)tyle(letra)=(s)tile(OFr)/stilus(Lat)=
    tilinia(N)=bend the bow/tender el arco,estirar,=till(E)=plow,=
    line/linen(E). i’ll be back, tilinqui(N)=who stretches the
    string=(s)t(r/l)in qui/g(letra)=t(i)linqui(N)=alargarse, hablando
    de un cordón(y una palabra),=linguist(E).

  336. carlos lascoutx

    …dulcet=dulce(sp)=(d)ulcerate. sounds like pemmican, except there
    are no victory gardens(wick=wicktable=vegetable), just sweet berrys,
    fat, and meat. the beluga whale has clear fat, and the skin is delicious, there is no fat in their meat so it has to have fat pounded in with the berrys. peemican=(pe)penacan(aua), 2 word in
    nauatl=pepena(N)=pile up/canaua(N)=can=hammer flat. in those 2 words
    are the instructions on how to make penacan/pemmican. bon appetit.

  337. Clement Lehrke

    Its amazing to me how many ways one might go about investing your money. I’ve found for me that best solution is both risky and low risk stocks. I normally put about 1/2 my investments into low risk mutual funds that grow over time plus the other half in high risk high gain stocks. I recently got into day trading and I discovered that software stock picks are more reliable as they can automate a process that I cant do quickly enough. The fellows over at PrometheusFinancials.Com have a great system. You need to check them out!

  338. D.G.

    The Hammer looks like a mining tool that was in a mine for many years, the rock that formed around it did so in the last 75 to 100 years, as far as the dating well some of the minerals might date millions of years old, but the formation around the hammer can not be dated to when the rock formed around it. which actualy looks alot like sandstone, which can move and form in water in a relatively short time, In 1978 some scientests buried a pig skull for two years. then they let some other “scientest” examine the skull and dated it 100,000,000 yrs old, it was only 3 yrs old, I have a hard time with this carbon dating because of a few issues, One is where do they have there reference point to start the whole dating scale, we don’t know if the radiaton levels change at a faster or slower rate at certain times and conditions, these levels can be changed with a little help. so if thats possible how can they say there ideas are correct. Also the “Hammer” handle is wood that they pointed out was started to change into coal, if it was 100 to 300 million years old, there would be no wood left, it would be coal or petrified. so I think the “hammer” is a load of horse sht. Some of these are interesting, but you have to take them with a grain of salt ,there not always if ever total fact.

  339. zalde cubelo

    hi gud day 2 ol………….nyc lge noh! ang mga remaining fossils sauna………interesting lge……….hup kta sd me mga fossils sa amu sorroundings……….

    hi sd s mga UCnians……….of university of cebu

  340. zalde cubelo

    hi 2 ol jejemonz…………..

    2 ol pakalboyz dwa sa alopez lbangon……….nla n pkoy,yan2,jude,palus,ug uban pang mga monster…………….hehhhhhhhhhh

    pangita nya mu artifacts hap ky a2 nang studihan………tnx

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  342. get rid momentum

    I have used so many many systems and before I commit to anything else I exactly want to realize if this will give me the results that I want. I have truly managed to firm up my midsection now I want the definition.

  343. Chakra

    For all those bitching:

    The article was interesting enough to get you to read and comment, therefor the author succeeded in his task, getting you involved.

  344. Mike G.

    “Save the Dinosaurs before it’s too late.” I am amazed at the level of ignorance and lack of common sense most people have when presented with articles like these (Global warming being on top of the list). People actually believe you can rub two 300 ton stones together and they will seal, what about the ones on the side? You can’t really explain these artifacts because the audience is totally ignorant. It’s like explaining the building of the Pyramid of Giza. The claim is that it took 20 years to build it. Take simple math and calculate it. If the stones (estimated to be about 1.3 million – give or take) which weighted an average of 5 tons or so were placed in a 24 hour time period over 20 years you would have to lift one stone into place (and rub it so that it would seal with the next) every 3 to 4 minutes. The placing of the Gallery and the different chambers would take months to finish even with the help of today’s mammoth cranes. If you used ramps to place the stones, the ramp to place the top stone would have to contain 10 times the volume of the pyramid itself. I know I lost 99% of the audience after the first sentence; however it made me feel good to have my say. I love reading these articles, if nothing else it makes me marvel at the intelligence that preceded our “modern” civilization today. Do you think they predicted Global “cooling” when Antarctica had no ice covering it?

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  346. Geronimo

    On Carlos:

    What I do sense perchance I make–or mine
    in landscapes climed in ancient rhyme
    does tell–does till my lips, my mind
    of heart-harvest fields
    of two breasts abreast my battered shield
    of two buried gems, two roots entwined.

  347. Mr Curious

    Naysayers and believers alike should read…”Forbidden Archeology” by Cremo and Thompson. It provides an in depth investigation into the scientific evidence of some of these mysteries and many others you have never herd of. For instance a chunk of coal from Pennsylvania with a gold chain embedded in it. Happy reading…

  348. condor

    the 2012 shift is actually the ending of a 300,000 year cycle. over here on this side of our galaxy, we exist within a seperation of night and day, think of it as spring and summer for our solar system. as we near the galactic center and our solar system goes through the center portal or black hole, we will then begin a 300,000 year solar system trip on the opposing side of our galaxy. over there, night and day will not be split, the solar system will turn completely black and go into a dormant regeneration state, or a autumn and winter state. the solar system travels the entire galaxy in a figure 8. at the center its what the primordial ancients called the butterfly. since the dragonfly is over 7 million years old, dated by scientists, the butterfly is the highest level of cosmology, even above the phoenix or jinn.

    so as we enter the great shift (2012 to 2026) the peak will be around 2019. and since we all live on mother earth, you shall all take your appropriate place in the 24 dimensions of earth. if you cannot raise your vibration high enough (all past life karma paid and the energetic body of those stuck in the past dimensions) you will remain here in 2026 and remain until the earth returns.

    the reverse polarity or other side of the galaxy that our solar system is returning to, one must master the states of unity or non-polarity of self and enter the permanent night reality on earth which the aboriginals call dreamtime.

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  351. carlos lascoutx

    …lotus=elotl(N)=green corn, =ocelotl/ocelome(N)=green ocelotl
    (fertility as in lotus, would the plural be, lotome?), aha,
    here it is, papalotl(N)=papillón=p/bab/pylon(letra)=Babylon=
    papa=paper. the lacandon were into dream time, cf., book by
    a fellow named bruce(last name).

  352. LM

    omg people. wow. It’s just some food for thought. The subtitle of this website is “not exactly rocket science”. So why do some people feel the need to be rudely over-critical? It IS entertainment- to make you think and get you interested in ancient historical artifacts. If you want strict logic and truth, go read an encyclopedia. Otherwise, lighten up.

    P.S. Carlos… ????

  353. Lucky Today

    These artifacts do make you think about how advanced civilizations in the past could disappear leaving very little or no evidence of ever being present.

    Also I found the unfolding discussion in the comment section interesting, how people approach these kind of misterious items. Thank you all for adding your thoughts, it was a very interesting read.

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  355. Enoch

    Aliens…its all aliens don’t you closed minded nimrods realize this…Aliens. ALIENS ALIENS, UFOS E.T.S Aliens mofo aliens!!!!!!

  356. Pingback: Der London Hammer – 500 Millionen alt | hintergrundpresse

  357. grevy

    hi my friend. i am in awe upon reading what you have posted in this thread regarding the much talked about “end of the world” issue. i just wanna ask, can you suggest further articles that i can read so as to prove also your claims on what can happen in 2012? no offense though. thanks

  358. Gianniverscaci

    You make good points.  I only wish that you would figure out which there/their/they’re to use at the right time.  You would sound much more credible if your grammar matched you ideas.  P.S. I’m sorry I had to be that guy…

  359. Pingback: How’d They Do That? » The Half Hour Happy Hour

  360. O.L.

    Not everybody is a native english speaker. A little respect please for someone who can make good arguments in a foreign language. Now please translate your comment in perfect French, Arabic or Maltese (your choice) and I’ll shut up.

    D.G., good points. I don’t trust the carbon dating either and seeing I’m not the only one, makes me feel better.

  361. the nub

    got to say, ive never laughed so much reading this shit, how you know they didnt just put them ontop of each other and hope for the best. or maybe the initial weight of the 300 or so ton stone stopped it from moving altogether? if it can’t be pushed or blown over then why would it need a seal?

  362. Todd

    Does anyone else wonder why the image of the monkey  made by the Nasca has three toes and one hand has four fingers and the other hand has five fingers,what the heck does that mean?

  363. Redneck Douche

    No no I remember the world has 72 dimensions and we oscillate through the central blackhole every second.

    Sources: Journal Of Douce-Physics

  364. Sfmb1972

    wow must be a boring life to type so much junk and wine about everyone else because they do not type as much crap as you do,you must think your so much smarter then everyone else,what you need to do Carlos is to get away from your computer go do something,like go out side of your home,maybe go camping because nobody cares about a winer that just types all day glad i dont sit around all day typing when there is so much more to do out there 

  365. lee

    I carried on reading and i’m glad i did….thanks for the interesting info. I still cant believe people in modern society are so religious and dismiss scientific evidence. Imagine how much it has held us back. thanks again.

  366. Adrian Turner

    Your hammer picture is obviously an example of “accretion” which happens to  iron artifacts in water after quite a short time.  I have found 20mm cannon shells on selsy beach which are as covered in accreation as that after mabe 40 years. If you were talking about 100s or 1000s of years it might be plausible but the times postulated are just wrong.
     Adrian Turner

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  368. Mcwium

    Lol I can’t believe you link to “Revolution Against Evolution” as a source. It’s crap like this that make me want to punch people in bars when they regurgitate articles like yours.

  369. Mark Linehan

    Actually some of the better free prose I’ve read in a long while. SLAM with a heated message. Don’t shoot the messenger, just burn the scrolls if you must. It’s your loss not his.

  370. Osun Thyruss

    As far as moving heavy stones goes, I think it is obvious and unavoidable. Jesus used dinosaurs to lift the stones that make the pyramids. 

  371. Sndtlee

    It shows we human has much more to learn and discover.  Our knoewlodge is increasing and I hope it can save us.

  372. AssassinGrl

    The London Hammer has been dated to less than 700 years old. It is most likely the result of a 19th century worker dropping the hammer into a solution of minerals which hardened into the nodule that was found. The notorious creationist, Carl Baugh, that purchased the hammer, will not allow it to be thoroughly studied for fear that if scientists look too closely at it they will be able to prove it is not the anomaly that he claims it to be.

  373. Dvus01

    Why are people so close minded and why do scientist to this day fight whats in front of them …prove before their very eyes yet they still want to say its bull. Going against religion, governments, and the elite. You take away their power. Look at the topic about The Giants that walked this earth. We have found tombs with 13feet mommies to 30feet in scripture. 
    Yet the government steals our history away from us from child hood. One of the Roman Emperors that walked this earth was named Maximus Thrax was 8ft 6inch tall and strength that no man has today. King Author was scriptured in at 12 feet tall no wonder he could take Excalibur from the Stone. We have been brain washed in our schooling system to teach us what they wanted us to learn and hide the rest. Wake up world …The Ancient peoples are reaching out to us.   .   

  374. Altaira

    Where did you get this stuff from, no Astronomy articles I’ve ever read. We are on the outer part of an arm of our galaxy. How does it manage a figure 8 orbit around the central black hole??

  375. James

    So you either had very advanced people on this planet before us or there was influence from the stars.
    You can not get away from the facts.

     Ok, so where did the “Beings from the stars” get the technology?
    Why is it so hard to believe that we humans weren’t smart enough to build these structures? If We weren’t smart enough, where did the “Other Beings” get their technology? Who gave it to them? And who taught the Beings that taught them?
     And on and on and on.
     No, man built them.
     Why must people think we are so stupid that we couldn’t build a stone building?
     We are not sure how the first sailing ships were built either.
     Oh yea, Aliens showed us how to do it.
    Read more:

  376. Thomas Kent

    This is all too silly to bother with.  The hammer is a typical 18thc mining hammer in a concretion of sediment which is undated.  The handle has indeed partly turned into coal like any wood we you drop it in a fireplace.  In other words, it’s a bit burnt.  There are several 1st c BC Gree accounts of mechanisms like this that Archimedes and others built.  The Dropa stones are an acknowledged hoax.  You will find medieval cathedrals that are built better than those walls. We don’t know how to do this nowadays simply because we have lost this technology.   Nan Madol is built out of scoria because scoria is what they had in the area.  They are all marvellous, but explainabley marvellous.

  377. Rocherpoacher

    just as many species have vanished over time, we (mankind) will face certain self destruction in our future, we see and hear signals from the past yet we keep producing more fools, we live in a world today where religous fundamentalism would have us all at war with each other, we reward cheating and the guilty go free. have no doubt the homer simpson gene will over ride any upward evoulationary movement.These items are warning signals, these items tell us that no matter how advanced we see ourselves, mankind is still  fundamentaly flawed.

  378. Weston Gross

    I want to know if that brick wall is actually one solid chunk and just carved to look like bricks.

  379. nedmorlef

    one explanation is the tower of babel. the bible says that man advanced so fast that God had to confound their language and knock down their ideological tower to heaven. sounds as good as any explanation the atheist geniuses here came up with.

  380. n10z1

    When it comes to the building of the Pyramids we laugh and joke about aliens, bad science and cranes. There are those (e.g.Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951), Wally Wallington, etc.) who are able to duplicate such construction “with ease,” and without using aliens etc. Just because one does not understand how it was done does not mean anything so zany was responsible.

  381. Wilkinsonthomass8

    Are. You. Guys. That. Bored. What are you even talking about? The subject of this article was originally to talk about questionable artifacts. If you want to talk about everything else under the sun(and surrounding it), you should post a thread of your own instead of changing the subject so callously. As insightful as all of your posts have been, they are largely irrelevant to the subject at hand. You are only distracting from the author’s point and being disrespectful to the time he/she put into their page. Then again, it is easier to destroy than to create…so, if you prefer the easy way out….
    But seriously, check your egos and try showing the author some respect by discussing the matter at hand

  382. Jimbo

    This is possible when you have 400,000 people building something. Also i guarantee today if you told 400,000 to build a pyramid with sticks and stones or you would kill them if they did not you know they would find a way to do so. With 400,000 workers how many stones do you think they could cut and lay at the same time. They cut these stones to fit we can see this form the rock quarries on the site they did not rub them together.

  383. Michelle

     If you threatened 400,00 people you were going to kill them if they didn’t work for you and all you had were primative weapons to do so, you would need an army greater then 400,000 in order to keep those slave at bay. Otherwise they would just rise up and take over. Not to mention the amount of food you would need to feed an army that large AND to feed the slaves. Slave can’t work with out eating. Not to mention the blacksmiths making and repairing tools, people to grow the food, people to haul the food from the farms. To do all that for at LEAST 800,000 people in the middle of the desert. And as for cutting the stones to fit. How do you suppose they did that when all they had were chisels? or tools similar to that. It just goes to show our idea of how things where back then just doesn’t make any sense what so ever.

  384. Bredbru

    The u.n. is just another arm of the bilderberg group created to help aid control of the world. like getting support for the annihilation of iraq and the planned annihilation of ira

  385. Just thinking

    Here’s food for thought. Koko the gorilla has been taught sign language. Kanzi the bonobo understands some speech and can communicate through a lexigram. Hell we teach all kinds of animals all kinds of techniques or abilities they would normally not have.
    So if we humans can teach primitive apes advanced techniques why is it so hard to believe it’s POSSIBLE some other life form once taught our primitive ancestors advanced techniques?
    Yes, I am well aware that most conversations on this page occurred months, even years ago. You should also take note that I don’t care. Also I will most likely not be returning to this page so I will not reply to any comments, however; feel free to reply back anyways.

    Aaand….. Have an amazingly exorbitantly awesome day. FIRE AWAY GRAMMAR NAZIS!

  386. AtzlanKing

    The workers on the pyramids were drafted, not slaves. The Egyptians don’t even have a word for “slave.” They were paid in food. The whole thing was a sort of “socialist” economic plan that fully employed everyone in Egypt. The Perr-Ah (Pharoah to most people), meant “Great Father,” who was the Shepherd of the People. His function was to create prosperity and peace. Obviously, it worked. Obviously, people built the pyramids and other monuments without the help of spaceships or “technology”. Kudos to human ability. It’s a pity no one can imagine co-operation and hard work nowadays.

  387. stupocalypto

    Which is true for the other pyramids, just not the afformentioned one and the sphinx.

  388. Matt Costa

    As for your Antarctica argument, it was widely believed by the ancients that the south pole must have a land mass to “balance out” the earth. Pretty sure it was the greeks who were the first to think this thus were the name of the continent came from. Anartkos or something??? So he was just going on ancient beliefs as for if they had gone far enough south in south america they would have realized that there was a gap there. Kinda explains why its not there huh? :)

  389. travis

    Bartolomeu de Gusmão in 1709 actually made the first flight in a hot air baloon,.he learned the desighn from natives around nazca who told him it was passed down from their ancestors.and so on..there are statues of Bartolomeu de Gusmão in portugal and brazil commerating the event.
    the main point is that he learned of this from the natives. there is also evidence of fire pits all over the nazca area. they “more than likely” used baloons to desighn and observe the line drawings and were “more than likely” small one man baloons.

    Piri Reis;
    is the real deal (among others) you should look into a book by BERRY FELL called AMERICA BC. you would be amazed at all the evidence of ancient travel by Celts, Basques, Phoenicians, Egyptians,chinese and others to the americas.from engravings
    to micmac indians using an ancient form of egyptian hyroglyphs(what?..i know but its true). the thing about piri reis is that he used some 20 source maps to make his map and i think we need to give ancient mankind a better look. they were not stupid by far and evindence is all over the place showing that we need to change our history books.piri ries used(according to the map legend) 8 ptolemaic source maps  from alexander the great egyptian era. definately

  390. aples

    The great pyramid is a scientific pictogram…volcanolike+ original reflectivity = volcanic mirror…which is the science of the reflective vapor super volcanoes cause in stratosphere,,,that drops temps and would combat prophecies of end of world by solar in future…they spoke pictogram..The mirror of heaven as it was named was said to have been so highly reflective that it reflected back into heaven,,, just as the volcanic mirror does….volcanic mirror is the archaic name in volcanology….the archaic version is descriptive of the actual science volcano + reflectivity….today it is called aerosols chemtrails etc + they have begun looking into geoengineering a mimic volcanic mirror to combat we have a giant pictogram in their language , a visual easy to see of a known science written in stone thats important enough to save a world…PS done wrong a volcanic winter would be a greater weapon than any ever associated with pyramid including death ray…and its not theory its right there in plain site…Our miracle in a box complete with warning label …Giza…theres much more……

  391. graham

    here here, we all know big words and some loose threads that once patched make some form of semi-sense or bullshit , but stay in the groove and discuss the merits of the conversation, I too am a scientist but as a follower looking for the pathway to truth i listen to absorb knowledge from every angle not to decry fellow travellers just because i can……

  392. graham

    facts as mike states are the credentials once verified, however rantings are pure conjecture and detract from what is otherwise good research material

  393. graham

    well it is probably true as we know that temple builders were freemen skilled workmen /artisans of their day , but i cannot believe that some conquered people were not put to the stone to use a bad pun, and Egypt was probably the most influencial power of that region and had a well known appetite for free labour for the taking , and as i wasn’t there along with the rest of us i feel it a little ignorant to be spouting the odds. however i fully agree that the spacemen alien dingbats have no comprehension of the talents of early mankind, and look how technology has advanced in even the last fifty years, the A frame was a massive leap forward for mankind at that period …

  394. Mediate

    To be fair, we know that a lot of slaves did work in Egypt as well as hired workmen. Rocks that are 70 tonnes are pretty bulky. Pulleys, levers, and lots of men and lots of rope would have done the job. Wooden sloped roads also.
    And about the food, Egypt had a lot of fertile land. Water wells would have been dugout. The people were accustomed to the evnironment and knew how to get what they needced from it.
    There are still many people who live in it.
    It’s fair also to state that people back then were smart. They were ingenious. People today have it so easy that nobody bothers to distinguish fact from fiction, or knowledge from propaganda.
    I don’t particularly understand how, if the hammer in the rock is 600 years old, a creationist would want to dispute it. A lot of creationists believe that the world is only a few thousand years old anyway.
    If it is millions of years old and turning to coal (as the picture clearly shows), then that debunks that creation theory.
    Personally, I know that the world is millions of years old. I also know that there had to be something to ignite the big bang though. Energy and matter can’t just come from nowhere without a driving force.
    It’s fair to assume that what scientists say today is a lot of speculation and interpretation. And there are errors in it.
    But it’s as simple as this; the pyramids are there, they ARE built. And scientists today can’t figure out how.
    So, as much as I adore medicine and such for what it has done for mankind, I think archeology, geology and some of the historians need a bit of a wake up call.

  395. LewSethics

    otherwise the transcendental regurgitate will decompress the inter spacial van der graff tidal forces, resulting in a higgs field spewing hawking radiation all along the watchtower, where princes kept the view.

  396. Duh

    you sound like a religious fool, who showed them? Millions of years of advancement between cultures throughout the universe who found out how to travel and share technologies that science and the universe have provided. You can’t go on our tiny timeline of what we think, people somewhere could have been around for so long you can’t even imagine.

  397. Ritchie Cunningham

    Cool article. People seem too ready to dismiss these types of things as “impossible” because ancient civilizations didn’t have the technology we have though. Giant drawings of spiders in the desert aren’t impossible without modern technology. They just took a lot more work.

  398. Len

    i dont consider myself smarrter than anyone else but are we realy so pompus as to think that just because the bible says 5000 years could that not just be this civilization were in now ? how many before us how many millions of years between them how much more advanced than us did each of them get before they whiped the slate clean for the next HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  399. len

    i dont consider myself smarrter than anyone else but are we realy so pompus as to think that just because the bible says 5000 years could that not just be this civilization were in now ? how many before us how many millions of years between them how much more advanced than us did each of them get before they whiped the slate clean for the next HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  400. Callum Stewart

    The fact that these things exist prove that the people who made them had the technology to do so.

    No mystery. No aliens. No gods. No ghosts need apply.

  401. ProfessorofTruth

    I find it fascinating that people have a hard time believing that previous civilizations had technologies we seem to think are only privy to those who exist in the modern age. That kind of ignorance really holds us back from understanding the ancient ages.

  402. Steve

    It’s recently been discovered that most of the stones on the great pyramid are made of limestone cement made with form work. In other words giant bricks made on site. You can google it, one of my friends went to Cairo to study it at a conference held there last year on the very subject. Very interesting!

  403. Kidsworld Bali

    None of the stones block in the King’s Chamber are limestone. All of them are granite, between 70 -100 tons each. How were giant blocks those elevated and fitted with impossible precision?

  404. pointman

    Youve got quite a few cool Ooparts listed in there. I like to publish the same kind of articles with maybe a little more detail if possible. If you anyone is interested in Unexplained Ancient History, or just wants a good read, check out my blog at

  405. pointman

    “Duh” is right, look at a period of progress, for example, from Ford. in 1900 you can see the model T but fast forward to 2013 and check out the new mustangs. its the same with ancient technology…how do we go from fitting megalithic stones with such perfection you cant fit a razor blade between them to, say, any building in any downtown major american city. Some have been up for almost 150 years but also some crumbling to the point of disrepair, Even if you left a building in downtown Cleveland alone after it was built, never renovating it. Then you look at places like Tiauanaco, and their stone structures last for 14000 years, and a great many of thousands of years, those cities were never maintained and lost to history. You can say we regressed as a race…no progressed. kind like we had to start alllll over

  406. Matt Meskill

    “Andrei is no scientist,”

    You can say that again. This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve ever read. Did he do any research at all?

  407. Jake

    For a person that claims to listen to facts, you sure dont know many. Jesus, whether you are religious or not, was a real human being. There is proof. Thats SCIENCE. Thats just you trying to automatically reject anything associated with a world that isnt how you think it is. Sorry. Not preaching, just stating.

  408. jake

    Its cool to hear all of this. I like to be presented with new ideas, but i dont care if people back then were smarter/alien-influenced/whatever. It doesnt matter. Just enjoy the article, and enjoy your life. Dont stress. And whether you believe in science or religion or you indifferent or whatever WHO CARES. People dont achieve things when they cant get along! Do you think who ever were responsible for all these great feats were arguing whether their personal beliefs where stupid or not? I bet the biggest difference between us back then and us now, is our constant urge to destroy!!! peace everyone haha

  409. Tee

    Love the overwhelming amount of arrogance on this page! Such a Lost and confused generation. Trying to date and explain conditions and events through their own intelligence without physical observation. Your earthly population is not backed by your scientific theory (faith), however biblical records are quite accurate with todays populations. The unknowing man questioning the all knowing God makes me blush in embarrassment.

  410. Faith

    “…. rub it so that it would seal with the next.” ?? Sorry, you lost me to a reverie of men rubbing two 300 ton stones together. You are kidding… right?

  411. Trigger0

    Hey I’m not a scientist and Definately not religious. But these things are being found and being dated by ” scientific ” methods by ” scientists ” why don’t all you scientists who think you know it all look at the facts and stop laughing ignorantly with your degrees which really mean nothing, science is trial and error and has been since it was given it’s proper name and certificates started being handed out for being ” scientists ” . Look at history how much did science get wrong ? The world was flat f@@@ing flat at one point according to scientists and the GENIUSES who tried to prove you wrong got laughed at. JUST BECAUSE YOU ” scientists ” CANT PROVE IT NOW” think of all the MANY MANY times you’ve been proved wrong, that’s when big jumps in science are made, when the supposedly real scientists get proven wrong by the outcasts…. What do you think about that?

  412. Boris

    Jesus was a schizophrenic carpenter who would be in a mental ward if he was around today. “The Prophet Muhammad” was a child molester who had a harem of young girls some being 9 years of age. Both were men, Muhammad was smart for his time by brainwashing all the people but these prophets are no different then l Ron Hubbard, Funny thing is if he was alive back then Scientology would probably be just as big as Christianity is now. So please no more religious garbage stop spewing it.

  413. Birch please

    “the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old, according to the same measurement.” this is the key bs/misleading sentence. When the actual hammer was carbon dated it was at most a few hundred years old. Semantics, helping people worship gaps for as long as we know.

  414. Birch please

    Radioactivity is a part of physics and therefore it more than counts as a “physical observation”. I would believe a reproducible, objective measurement made from a instrument then someone’s first, let alone second (or greater) hand observation any day. The human mind can be VERY weak, easily biased, and make obviously wrong observations (like seeing someone walking on water perhaps).

  415. Birch please

    Yes, but did they make hammers that were of the exact American form and style that were to be made in the future lol.

  416. Birch please

    Id take that a million times over before I believed there were “native” humans walking with dinos lol.

  417. Birch please

    There is also proof that Lincoln not only existed and fought slavery but also that he fought vampires. Was the Vampire hunting Lincoln real? Should we now distinguish at this point forward from Jewish Jesus and Magic Jesus?

  418. Jerry E.

    The Dropa stones have been debunked for over 40 years as a hoax, I don’t understand why people still write shit about it. Everything else on this list is really interesting however. Although the London hammer is suspect at best seeing as it is the exact style of hammer used in the era in which it was found (Early 1800’s).

  419. RobertL

    My grandfather and his brother owned the Alexander Coal Company 70 or so years ago in Ohio. My grandfather in the late 1930’s found a 12″ x 12″ or there about square slab of rock a few inches thick embedded in the coal mine, in the center of the square rock, slate-like was carved, engraved or molded another square with thick raised parallel lines spaced exactly one above the other all the same length. The gray rock object was obviously not natural. He sent it to Ohio State University were it was looked at and returned to him saying that it could not possibly be an artifact that old from the coal age. The last time that I saw it, only time, it was in the possession of my uncle in the early 1960’s. My uncle liked showing it, he is now deceased, highly valued it, the strange artifact’s whereabouts are now not known.

  420. Jon Platt

    New science proves with Geo Polymer studies that the pyramids were “poured” into a mold and faced and finished. These people didn’t make a 4 mile land ramp and drag them. Their tools would only allow them to pummel the rocks into chunks not create smooth finishes. Look up Geo Polymers and you’ll see the real truth. Bosnian pyramids are even bigger and are just now being uncovered. They are now the OLDEST known pyramids. They were made out of concrete 5x stronger than the concrete used today. Open your eyes and see we are much older than we, and this earth, are much older than we can possibly imagine. Please continue to educate yourself and don’t use a reference book like the “New Testament” which has been rewritten and edited to fit the needs of few to control many. Or don’t and continue to live your life in fear and use nonsensical information to retort to actual, credible information. If you refer to the quarries where the broken obelisk lays then maybe you need to ask yourself why is there only one there? Certainly there must have been many many more that broke if they were to raise it from the ground.. It’s simple, the Egyptians tried to replicate what was already in place by the time of their arrival to Giza. They did not have the technology to melt the stone. Weathering on the stones would indicate that they were built atleast 10,000 years ago but that doesn’t include the weathering on the facial stone which have been removed.

  421. Progressive Republican

    Sorry the delay. It took a while to notice and then find ya, kid. Pretty long odds of my catching you this soon after your posting, I might add.

    Anyway, the ancient Greeks determined that there are only five solids which can be constructed by choosing a regular convex polygon (a hollow multi-sided geometric figure) and having the same number of sides meeting at each corner (vertex):

    The tetrahedron has three equilateral triangles at each corner giving it four faces; each face with three corners (four: tetra).

    The cube has three squares at each corner giving it six faces; each face with four corners. It’s also called a hexahedron (six: hex)

    The octahedron has four regular triangles at each corner giving it eight faces; each face with three corners/sides (eight: oct).

    The dodecahedron has three regular pentagons (five: pent) at each corner giving it twelve faces; each face with five corners/sides (twelve: dodec [from the greek do: two + dekas: ten])

    The icosahedron has five regular triangles at each corner giving it twenty faces: each face with three corners/sides (twenty: icos from the greek eikosi)

    Hope that helps and isn’t too late.

  422. crystal

    I found a fossil and I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.not even a pic I need help I want to know what it is…

  423. James Clay

    Thank you for gracing us with your 1% brilliance. We should all feel indebted to you for your calculating capacity, and your humbleness, and your profound ability of being amazed by common peoples’ ignorance.

  424. Collin Nonapplicable

    I think there have been many societies before this one. I also think that there is a chance that a collision between the earth and another celestial body may have made our moon, and also all but wiped out a previous civilization. The resulting loss of planetary mass and gravity would explain why the life here has gotten smaller in size over the millennia.

  425. nigel699

    You lost all credibility when you compared a Model T with a 2013 Mustang…come on! I thought you were trying to prove how far “technology” had advanced in a short time? ;)

  426. RodgerDauterysTears

    Very interesting….I believe that the earth itself ie plants….ayahuasca/DMT type potency used in ceremonies for centuries helped these civilisations visualise their structures and advanced technology.

  427. Magdalana

    Not true. In prisons they don’t have 2 guards for every one. The guards just need the weapons and strength. They would have had swords, bows and arrows, spears and the workers would have had nothing. They also would have threatened the workers families.

  428. Ruben Myrhagen

    the only way i can see how they did this is to use molten lava or actually make the rocks soft enough so that they will merge together! how they did this i have no idea! but it is the safest bet that molding your own stone to merge with another rock is a good way to do things

  429. Benny

    Well said. Can you contact me as I would like to converse. Txt me and I will send an email. 07541489805

  430. Zeit

    I think you have a prejudice against religion. The socital construct that doesn’t accept these unexplained artifacts is mainstream science. Religion hasn’t stood in the way of scientific discovery. People who think big will and have moved forward even if there are people who don’t want or care to find out. P.S. many of the monolithic sights which boggle the modern world as to their construction were built for religious purposes. Which inspired people to do something impractical but grandiose.

  431. Spintown

    You are a great example of an arrogant idiot on the internet that has no idea what they are talking about. “Take simple math and calculate it.” Exvuse me? If it was that simple, we would have figured out, like, the mystery of the pyramids. Hey! I have a great idea! Maybe in ten years when you’re 16, you can publish you’re idea to scientists worldwide!

  432. Mike Kohler

    The earth – and mankind – has had MANY “ages” of creation and destruction over MILLIONS of years.
    It is egotistical to think that WE are the pinnacle of all knowledge.
    The “Creationists” are probably right in that “man” – as represented by US – is only a few thousand years old.
    Darwin was wrong. Human development was NOT “linear”.
    We did NOT “descend from apes”.
    There was existence of great intelligence BEFORE us and before apes.
    But, “evidence” is lost in time. Only “fragments” remain.
    Do you REALLY think that “proof” and knowledge of the Internet will be found a MILLION years from now? :-<

  433. Bill Charlton

    Hmmm. A man likely the greatest scientist who ever lived, and a man whom Neil Tyson believes may have been the most intelligent man in history, was a Christian, a Biblicist, and a creationist. Do you think Sir Isaac Newton (and countless other scientists we could name) held us back? Nope, we don’t think so either.

  434. dubber dubber

    Lol the Bosnian pyramids were found to be natural formations..shhh with ur silly talk

  435. sam

    The second nasca line looks like a man worshiping ..all his front and rear limbs are on the ground with his head buried deep

  436. BoogieKingston

    The human race is millions of years old. Present historiy has lied to everyone, get over it.

  437. Spac3cat512

    “Religion hasn’t stood in the way of scientific discovery.”
    Are you serious, or just so brainwashed and conditioned that you regard historical FACT as “Darwinist fairy tales”? EVERY more notable scientist for the last 500 has suffered greatly at the hands of the church for their theories. Theories that have even forced the church to change their belief structures because ALL of them are known today as indisputable fact. Copernicus was buried in shame by the church upon his death and his findings that the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the opposite was withheld for over 70 years until the emergence of Galileo. Galileo was silent about his findings for over 30 in fear of incurring the wrath of the church. Bruno was actually tortured and burned at the stake for defending Copernicus. Pope Urban VIII personally gave the order to threaten a 70 year old Galileo with torture if he refused to recant his findings. He eventually did and for the next 200 years his works were placed on the prohibited books index. An index that every Pope elected in that period signed to keep it prohibited. Campenella was tortured 7 times for numerous heresies, including his writing entitled “Defense of Galileo”. Rene Descartes was actually trying to prove the existence of God through science and was branded an atheist. Protestant theologians in his home country of Holland called for him to be tortured and executed. And this isn’t even a drop in the bucket of FACT. You’re making an argument in which the facts supporting your side simply don’t exist. Try knowing what your talking about before you open your mouth, and you won’t look like a complete imbecile next time.

  438. pointman

    I love this article! this is exactly some of the things ive blogged about myself. What i really dont understand is…how can such evidence be presented..things that cant be scientifcaly explained..or technology that cant be reporduced today by our modern standards…however we pound our chests and claim we are the most advanced civilization to date…when thats clearly not true.

  439. Cecil

    well the two main religions that held us back are Catholicism and Islam. Catholics literally for around 1700 years they prevented us from advancing beyond iron and Islam just came through and started the Catholics rein by destroying Rome. but most of the other religions (including normal Christianity) have not held us back very much.

  440. Damon

    You are right though unfortunately some people cleave to here say and don’t want their personal beliefs challenged by evidence or logic.

  441. J.J. McCampbell

    I’m just curious, but what proof do we have that Jesus Christ walked the earth? I mean, something happened that created a story that lasted over 2000 years, and shaped the face of the world, but as far as definitive proof goes, it seems to be in short supply. Just saying.

  442. Wardoc04

    They’d not “find a way” out of fear. Also, nobody believes that slaves were used. Also only so many hands can fit on one stone at a time regardless how many hands are available! Additionally, the space within which the laborers must move is a factor limiting the number that can be used in the construction which in turn limits what can be accomplished so the math is still born out. They’d be placin stones at a rate of one every two to ten minutes that were quarried, moved, shaped, dressed, placed, and finished all day, every day to accomplish it in 22 years! The high tech means used go beyond that as well; they are myriad. We could not accomplish it and at a relative cost of 124 billion we couldn’t afford it either!

  443. Mark Gibbs

    Who said aliens? And what exactly do you mean by “alien” anyway?
    I’m totally fed up already with folks parroting “alien” or “conspiracy” every time the mainstream paradigm is questioned. Why not fire some neurons and think about the issue instead?

  444. Tony Anzalone

    Did you bother reading the thread? The person asked how it was done and the first response was “Aliens”. Before you start accusing other people of not thinking maybe you should understand the context of the post to which you are responding.

  445. mark gibbbs

    I read the thread and I do accuse you of not thinking. How else can your post be explained? You repeat the typical “alien” jibe of those who defend orthodoxy..from FOX News to the Ivy League colleges. The word “alien” means little green men, right? Some moron or troll mentioned “alien,” but you want to project yourself as a serious person. A thinker knows “alien” is a loaded word, doesn’t make predictable responses, and understands the multi-dimensional cosmos is complex place. Things are not what they appear to be. The Pyramids are not what they appear to be. And neither are you.

  446. geo

    Wow, you really have a high opinion of your self…bet you got slapped a lot at the beach…and did nothing about it but cry…99 percent huh?….yeah, your a scholor.. .

  447. Darklldo

    What is ‘normal Christianity’? All religion has held us back and will continue to do so until we grow strong enough to outgrow all religions. Not God, but religions!

  448. Darklldo

    Well it sure killed millions in the process of trying to stop scientific discovery, read more history!!!

  449. Baruch Scribe1

    Well as it turns out the people whom the self proclaimed all knowing (sophists), bash about with their ill conceived comments about religious freaks and creationists, are actually the ones who completely understand these artifacts and why they exist as they do.

    The problem with the “scientific approach” is that its based upon tenets of philosopha doctrine (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics, and the absolute worst of them all… dialects.

    These tenets tend to precludes thought, forcing the observer into a boxed understanding of the earth and flesh mankind. Even Darwin himself questioned his dialectical based theories which he could never get to match with which his observations.

    Christian’s do themselves vast harm by aligning with those ignorant of biblical text, who make statements indicating this earth is only 6000 or 7000 years old, which does not match what is written, nor does it explain these artifacts which are placed before us. The fact is our Father never gives an overall date to his creation called in the English … Earth. He does however provide a very precise definition as to the dating in time of this 2nd of 3 iterations of his Earth.

    Then you have artifacts such as the city of Cuzo where its stated the people were ignorant and lacked logical reasoning (more philosopha metaphysics blinding the observer). If that were true then how did they manufacture the Sacsayhuaman walls. Its obvious that either one of two conditions existed. either the people were not ignorant as its stated or the people who were ignorant and lacked logical reasoning, had external influence.

    What about the Nazca Drawings which were obviously to be observed from the air, by people who its assumed were backward, illiterates that possessed no ability to fly.

    Or how about the 2000 year old battery discovered in Baghdad? That would have placed this battery in existence about the same time Christ walked the earth.

    How about the stones of Puma Punku in Bolivia? artifacts dated to 1510BC? Stones so preciously cut, formed and drilled, that it would have taken a some of mans most advanced machines to make the same cuttings today.

    How do the philosopha explain these things via their belief in metaphysics, epistemology and dialectics (aka the Scientific method)? If the theory of evolution is to be believed then how could this vast number of artifacts which exceed or meet the capabilities of 21st century mankind be aligned with a time frame which predated modern mankind by thousands and millions of years? Either the dating methods must be incorrect (which they are not) or the assumptions of mankind based upon Metaphysics and dialectics must be incorrect (which is specifically the case).

    The answers to all these artifacts are very simple to those who are literate in our Fathers word, while they escape those who believe in metaphysics and dialectics, and those who incorrectly interpret our Fathers word.

    The believers in the scientific method (metaphysics and dialectic) conclude that only external influence could have caused these artifacts to have existed. In that assumption they are both correct and incorrect. At points in time as given in biblical texts, there was definitely external influence and at other points in time via biblical text, there was not.

    The failure to understand these artifacts is wrapped up in the ignorance of:
    1) 2nd Peter Chapter 3 (the 3 iterations of earth given)

    2) 1st Corinthians 15
    3) Genesis 1 (after the 1st Flood the great flood)

    4) Genesis 2 (The beginning of the 8th day and the man to till the soil)

    5) Genesis 6 (the 1st and 2nd influx prior to the 2nd flood – flood of Noah)

    6) Ezekiel 1 (The transportation method identified)

    7) Job 40
    8) Proverbs 8:22-36
    9) Isaiah 45:18

    As our Father states in Hosea 4:6 … My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. These artifacts and the stories related to them are proof of that statement. I am quite glad these artifacts exist, because they cause all of us who view them to ask many questions. Questions which either prove or disprove what we assume to be the truth. Further they conclusively prove our Fathers word is accurate in every detail.

  450. Cody Lacy

    How did the comments section go from history being, at worst, categorically wrong prior to 6000 Bc and, at best, monumentally incomplete, to religion holds us back? I believe in creation and evolution. The notion that all the dirt that was gonna clear sea level coincidentally rose in one super continent was random chance. . .well hell, whats the math to calculate those odds? How much history has been buried, permanently, in the hundreds of millions of years our humble little planet has been spinning? No one knows. I doubt we ever really will. God is real, and Darwin was right. Silly atheism. . .

  451. DanW

    (I suppose ‘they’ say the hammer is a natural formation caused by wind…) Here’s something they somehow conveniently fail to consider. Since ‘they’ are scholarly scientists, I’ll make it simple for them: the further you go up a mountain, the colder it gets. And without going underground, sea-level at the equator is generally the warmest place on the planet, right? During the ice age a large percentage of the water was on the poles. That water came largely from the oceans. As the oceans were depleted of water, the water level went down. Since it was the ice age and the whole planet was cold, the warmest place would have been at the equator at sea-level. With much lower sea levels, much more land would be exposed. Those exact places today are hundreds of feet under the current ocean as we see it. ‘They’ even agree on that. Hardly anybody would have ventured far from the equator since it was so cold. At the end of the ice age, the ice caps receded and those places flooded as sea levels rose,and people were forced to move to higher ground. The reason we can’t find any signs of civilization before the ice age is because it’s all now under water. Why is it that today on the science shows, ‘they’ think the only way there could be cities under water is if everyone had scuba gear? I know the general population will accept whatever they are told to believe, but do these people actually believe that garbage?

  452. Andras Goczey

    I am a
    hungarian architect who were making a lot of interesting discusses about the Giza complex in the last 8-10 years.

    It is
    a time machine for all the time!

    It can show the big year
    25 920 years (Sfinx), it can show the 14 days of the half years (Menkaure), it can show the June 21
    and the December 21 (Khafre), and show the four parts for the year
    March 21, June 21, Septembre 23, and
    December 21 too (Khufu). Khufu’s small pyramid Hetepheres

    will show the
    whole year calendar too!

    “Giza the time
    machine” on youtube

    “andras goczey”
    on youtube

    I would like to show
    you these important discoveries to make
    Giza more

    If you send me an e-mail I can give You a lot of
    interesting facts! There is nothing else facts with it in the

    Best wishes, Andras
    Gőczey from Budapest

    (sorry for my english, but it is not interesting in the
    Egypt history …)

  453. belangers

    Bruno was burned at the stake after being arrested for numerous charges of blasphemy and heresy for his belief in the plurality of worlds, as well as accusations of personal misconduct. The rest is hearsay related to his beliefs, but, Copernicus’s beliefs were a small fraction of it, the true reason was the fact that the Vatican feared that people would believe that these beings witnessed by Bruno and others would be an interest of the people, believing they may be responsible for being false Gods, eliminating religion all together if they believed Bruno. For religion’s trust in God, the love and honesty they show and their utter cruelty to take lives at the stake for beliefs other than Catholicism was outright wrong, especially after the fact that other religions existed elsewhere that people believed in and the Vatican didn’t hold them against their beliefs.The Vatican held technology sacred and did so for many centuries. They actually didn’t believe in Spectacles or glasses at one time because they felt that the will of God was to decimate eyesight when one knew too much so they couldn’t read or write. The Vatican has actually finally admitted this past year that they believe there may be the evidence of extreterrestrial life, and the plurality of worlds, as Bruno claimed, so, he was literally killed for nothing, as they did know the entire time which they have hidden so the planet did not become technically advanced as it has, keeping the bulk of humanity’s believers in religion and supporters of the church. The past 20 years time and minimal investments in the church, as well as losses Catholicism has endured due to the relation of science and technology has proven the losses due to technology and lack of belief since folks have witnessed ufo and the abduction phenomena and have spread it among human kind. literally believing that folks have probably mistaken beings of an unknown origin as Gods.

  454. Scott

    Yet all those same people where nearly all Christians and Jews themselves. If it wasn’t for them you would have no science at all. Look up noble prizes and you will see an awful lot of winners believe in God. Anybody can cherry pick facts to make themselves right. You seem to have a real problem with Faith.

  455. Threenotch

    you truly believe yourself to be of superior intelligence however you are fooling yourself.and until you find a way to grasp the actual science of climate you will continue to be totally unaware of your foolishness

  456. Dean Grundy

    Religion has stood in the way of scientific discovery. When the leaders of religion harass and threaten people for their scientific work to protect the religion what else is it. That’s not to say its the fault of religious teachings but rather the fault of the religious at that time

  457. SpikeDeal

    I agree. In reality, the theory of evolution has held scientific progress quite a bit back. Evolution science really only tells us how evolution couldn’t have happened. Microbe-to-mankind does not contribute to understanding antibiotic resistance, and actually had seriously impeded scientific progress. For example, “vestigial” organs and “junk” DNA. The evolutionist Jerry Coyne admitted that evolution hasn’t yielded any practical or commercial benefits. It has even been suggested that evolution was created to oppose religion, so it was designed to be scientifically hopeless. So ultimately… the branch of Atheism has designed a obstacle for scientific discovery.

  458. Paul

    It is not a question of whether religion has held back scientific discovery,for it has,but rather has religion also caused us as humans to search for meaning which led to discovery. Faith and the belief in GOD does not make religion ,in and of itself religion is the interpretation of Faith and GOD,and much like science can be used incorrectly.To search for truths and discover unknowns as a people without faith would be meaningless and futile.

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