How cities will look like if climate change continues

I’ll keep this a short logical chain – we’re emitting more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, these are increasing the global average temperature on Earth, which raises sea levels. We are doing this, and it will affect the entire globe – London, New York, Shanghai, the Amazon, Australia, Russia… you name it. Now, there’s a way to see how that will change in the near future and how our cities will look like. Benjamin Strauss and visual artist Nickolay Lamm have revealed prediction images based on peer-reviewed research published October 12 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. Here are these images:


New York




Rio de Janeiro


One thought on “How cities will look like if climate change continues

  1. Robbyn

    Thanks for this :)
    I live in Cape Town – opposite end of Durban, SA.
    According to some of the realtors I spoke to when looking for a house was that in a few hundred years my house (4km from the beach) would be a beach house…haha!!

    (Not that his guess was based on science – but I loved the thought)

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