The World’s First 3D Printed Room – Featuring a fantastic baroque interior

3D printing took the world by storm, and there’s almost no limit to what you can create: from ears and organs to rocket engines and dinosaur skeletons. This technology is so efficient and advanced that in fact, a study concluded that the average American could save money each year by printing household items. Now, two architects, Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger just unveiled the world’s first 3D printed room! The elaborate 11-ton installation which stands at 3 meters high and almost 16 meters in length features incredibly detailed baroque designs, and is an absolute feast on the eye.

It took no longer than a month to print the entire thing, which was separated into big individual chunks. The 3D printing program was developed by Hansmeyer; the algorithm was used to design the general shape and aspects of the room, as well as the super detailed surfaces. The architects used extremely simple materials – instead of the plastic which is typically relied on, they used sand and a glueing agent. When completed, the material has properties similar to sandstone.


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