GeoPicture of the week: a mystery spot [FOUND]

I recently received this picture in an email from one of you guys, and while I think this picture is just mind blowing, I didn’t receive any information about where this is located or how it was formed. If you have any tips you can drop, that would be really great! If not… just enjoy this beauty!

EDIT: Many thanks to Yowan for tipping us on the name and location of this stunning sight. According to Twisted Sifter:

Litla Dimun is a small island between the islands of Suouroy and Stora Dimun in the Faroe Islands. It is the smallest of the main 18 islands, being less than 100 hectares (250 acres) in area, and is the only one uninhabited. The island can be seen from the villages Hvalba and Sandvik.

The southern third of the island is sheer cliff, with the rest rising to the mountain of Slaettirnir, which reaches 414 metres (1,358 ft). The island is only inhabited by feral sheep and seabirds. Getting ashore is difficult and can only be performed in perfect weather. The cliffs can be climbed with the aid of ropes placed by the owners of the sheep

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