GeoPicture of the day: Fossil dating and a creationism museum

While I don’t really like to mingle in the scientific debunking of creationism and all the related discussions, putting information like this on a plate in a so-called museum is offensive. It’s offensive, it’s spreading false information, and it’s discouraging visitors (most notably kids) from thinking logically and scientifically correct.


3 thoughts on “GeoPicture of the day: Fossil dating and a creationism museum

  1. GeneralDrake

    Actually, there is no credible dating method used by evolutionists. It is circular and in many cases even proven fraudulent. Of the 100 physical, observable dating methods available to us only a FRACTION imply an old earth. MOST show a very young earth. Either way, mathematically the trillions of changes genetically (supposedly by chance) necessary for even a single species to “evolve” magically by unknown processes (enter faith here) there wouldn’t be enough time in a trillion years. That’s a SCIENTIFIC MATHEMATICAL FACT. Time to end the dogma of evolution and teach the facts to children.

  2. Edward MacGuire

    Radiometric dating along with dendrochronology, sediment varves, glacier layers, coral laminations and Speleothem layers are all used in dating, why do they agree? There is absolutely no evidence for a young earth; none. As for your statement about ‘trillion years’ and ‘mathematical fact’ – I think you should prove your work as actual mathematicians and scientists, people who have studied science and math and understand it, all say you are wrong.

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