AstroPicture of the Day: Stunning view of Milky Way from Maine

The Milky Way is breathtaking no matter how you look at it, but in this picture, it looks absolutely stunning.

Astrophotographer Adam Woodworth took this image from the Raven’s Nest cliffs in Acadia National Park. Woodworth said the shot was a bit of a challenge.

“The night started out with some clouds, then it was pretty clear, but by the time I was setup and it was dark enough for seeing the Milky Way clearly some clouds were moving through again,” Woodworth wrote in an email to “I was lucky enough to get about 5 minutes of no clouds covering the Milky Way.”

Adam Woodworth is a landscape photographer, fine art printer, award winning filmmaker, and software engineer. He often strives to produce images that capture the beauty of nature, but he also uses special techniques to create images that often times look otherworldly. Check out more information about him and more outworldly photos on his website


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