Tinder usage caused STD spike, officials say

It’s taking the world by storm, and allowing millions of people world wide to meet friends… and hook up. But for all the joy that is bringing to the world, Tinder also has its downsides – a new study reports the app has actually led to an increase of STD incidence.

Image via Huff Post.


Truth be told, the channel never has all the blame. If people want to meet up and have unsafe sex, they will definitely do so – Tinder just makes it easier. But as far as making it easier goes, Tinder makes all the difference. The fact that an app can lead to more people getting STDs seems to be one of those issues health officials might not be equipped to deal with yet.

After decades of public health programs, awareness campaigns and social programs, the rate of STD transmission has continuously dropped – until now. From 2013 to 2014, the number of infections syphilis cases increased by a whopping 79 percent in Rhode Island. Newly-identified HIV cases increased by nearly 33 percent, and authorities estimate many other cases go unreported.

“These data send a clear signal that despite the progress we have made in reducing STDs and HIV over the years, there is more work to do,” said Nicole Alexander-Scott, Director Designee at the health department. “We are fortunate in Rhode Island to have great partnerships among state agencies, community-based organizations, and healthcare providers to continue to educate, test, and treat for sexually transmitted diseases. This trend reminds us that we cannot become complacent.”

STDs are spread through anal, oral, or vaginal sex, and by skin-to-skin contact, and it’s recommended that every casual sexual contact be “safe”. Prevention and routine testing are top priorities, and it’s estimated that other cases are undergoing similar situations to Rhode Island.

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