Man sues neighbor for irritating his ‘electromagnetic allergies’

There are weird lawsuits you can understand, and then there are just weird lawsuits. If you find this sort of things interesting, you gotta listen to this: a man from Santa Fe filed a half a million dollars trial against his neighbor for using and iPhone and other wireless devices that trigger his ‘electrocmegnetic allergies’.

Wi Fi - the new yin and yang

Wi Fi - the new yin and yang

Yahoo News reports that Arthur F., the plaintiff has been sleeping at his friends or in his car in order to avoid the electromagnetic waves created by the Wi-Fi devices from the nearby house. He allegedly suffers Electromagnetic Sensitivity, with symptoms that include “nausea, vertigo, diarrhea, ringing in the ears, severe headaches and body aches, crippling joint pains, insomnia, impaired vision, impaired muscular control”, as well as others, even worse.

Even more, he’s not alone in his battle. Apparently there’s a whole group in Santa Fe that intends to remove all Wi-Fi hot spots because people are suffering from this sort of allergy. But wait, it’s not even an allergy; they want to classify it as a disability and are claiming Americans with Disabilities Act. What’s your take on this? If you ask me, it’s just a bunch of people trying to make some fuss and money where they shouldn’t but… I may be wrong.

4 thoughts on “Man sues neighbor for irritating his ‘electromagnetic allergies’

  1. jjat

    Love this newsletter. Greatest thing ever. About WiFi and the lawsuits going on in Santa Fe. I am not surprized. I suspect there will be more of this kind of thing. And my intuition says that this is not an allergy but a human reaction to the overusage of electricity. Electricity is energy, and our brains use electricity to send impulses to all parts of our bodies. Electricity is electricity and I can, although I’m an artist and not a scientict envision how electricity from outside can interfer with the electrical impulses of the synapes of the brain that move our thoughts and the messages to all human body parts. Lithium, the element used in batteries is also used to attempt to help bipolar brains. In bipolar dis-ease, as I understand it in a simple way, the synapses of the brain don’t send messages from one side to another in a smooth way. They are like electrical wires that have been cut, or partially cut, sending out sparks willy nilly. Simplified to the max, but that is what I’ve heard. So if lithium is used to help these neurons connect more efficiently it makes total sence that too much electricity concentrated in one area can disrupt messages from the brain. This would be a great thing for ZME Science to proble and report.

  2. Frank

    Scientific tests so far have proven that this kind of allergy is likely bullshit. In double blind tests electromagnetic fields and so on has not effected the subjects whatsoever.

  3. Bhavik

    I’d claim he’s either out for the cash or suffering from something else and blaming it on all this ‘newfangled technology’. If he really were ‘allergic’ to EMR then he’d have to live in a lead box to avoid those symptoms especially the noise in the wifi range of frequencies. Not to mention visible light, radio waves, Low frequency power signals, television signals, Thermal radiation, microwaves etc.

  4. jjat

    Guess only time will tell. I have read that those living nearer to electrical transmission towers have more brain tumors than the rest of human society. Of course you will say what you have to say about this too so it isn’t worth debating. I wait to see what comes up in the next ten to twenty years as we rely more and more on electricity, cell towers become more prevelent, tvs become stronger, etc.

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