First Neanderthal genome sequenced


The Neanderthal has spakled controversies around scientists for many years, and most questions remain unanswered even today; they had many adaptations to a hard life, such as hort, robust builds, and rather large noses, which show they lived mostly in cold climates. They were almost exclusively carnivorous and top predators and their brains were probably larger than ours, so it’s not that easy to understand why they went extinct.

The first complete genome of a Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) has been sequenced, and specifically the mitochondrial DNA found in a 38,000-year-old bone. This could provide valuable information about these “relatives”, which among hobbits are the species which is related to us the most. The research showed that they in small, isolated populations, and probably did not interbreed with their human neighbours.

“This is the first ‘finished’ genome sequence of an extinct human relative,” says the study’s lead scientist, Ed Green, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. “But for the first time, we’ve built a sequence from ancient DNA that is essentially without error,” says Green. “Contamination has been a constant dark cloud hanging over the field of ancient DNA sequencing. It has tainted our work,” he says. “People have been too busy evaluating the accuracy of the Neanderthal sequences to really think about what these sequences actually mean if they are real.”

Some scientists had hopes that this study will provide some clues as to why humans rose up and Neanderthals faded, but this has not been pointed out at the moment; furthermore, it is still uncertain if the Neanderthals did in fact interbreed with humans, as some previous studies seemed to point in that direction. However, scientists continue the study and they will probably find out everything that is relevant to this topic. “We are on course to publish a complete one-fold coverage by later this year,” says Green. Still, it’s not sure if this issue is genetic or not, so the evidence they will received might not be those expected.


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  1. carlos lascoutx

    …neander was our prometheus, the fallen angle, the titan
    iberi/hibernate/hibernian/invernal/hivier/invierno(sp)= in winter,
    on solstice, the sortest day of year so iuelî>iver/ver>ber=bear’s
    strength would push the year around to spring when the bear revives,
    like christ, in spring. whatever your theology<teotl(N)=deo/god,
    christianity has been around a long time in one form or another,
    and iueli(N) may be the oldest version, the teddy bear version.
    another god was firexylo-(gk)>sylvan(Lat)=wood. his name
    was, tletl(N)>(t)let(l)=letra/letter(ink from fire’s ashes), and,
    t/l/red/t/l=red. the teeth/tooth=tlantli(N)>tl/t/th/hand/tli was
    his 3rd hand for the firedrill bellows, which produced the flute,
    first musical instrument. possibly, tlantli/diente(sp)/dant(welch)/
    tand(dutch)/dan(sanskrit) was used to keep track of language and
    the stars, e.g., tilinqui(N)=fid used in weaving,>(ti)lincua(Lat)>
    lengua(sp), tilinia(N)>linea(sp)>line, as first computor. knot=
    ilpia(N)=skyguard,>hilpan(goth)>elpomai(gk)>help. from lagar velho
    child burial, indications are venus>uentli(N)=offering,>venison/venado(sp)=was the deer<deor(OE)se ven(7/deer’s place in book of souls/tonalli>tone/tune),>se(r)ve,
    >re ve(r)end, the social advantage of organized religion combined
    with high tech pressure flaking make possible by wendy’s horns,
    which were used at stonehenge(a solstice gathering)as wicks>uictli(N)=shovels, auictli(N)=water shovel(oar),vicar/viking.
    neander began it all. opened the heavens with the key of venus,
    structure of language, music/flute, the firedrill, the animal chirst, whether he bred with us or not(the garden of eden story,
    genesis, can be taken to mean eve<eua=leaves the garden for red knowledge). the fallen angel was our messenger to the gods and
    their greatest gift to us. the first music of language divine
    as heard and seen on earth and in the stars. neanders real place
    among our race is coming to pass as no living thing could ever resist the dance of creation.

  2. carlos lascoutx

    …neander survived 275k years, driven west by the zeusdu(s)t, ch(r)onuscommotion. his father was the youngest titan<titlani(N)=messenger. why were they called the fallen angels. they didn’t live long: 45yrs, but they lived the
    life of the spiritspill/spiel. they managed their environment and sang their deeds. deer<deor(OE)<d/teot/l/r
    theo>deo was their wind, venus<venison<wendy<went<wend<gwendollinof(r)enda >offering goddess, who jumped as venus from horizon to horizon.
    when she was replaced by the weaving goddess, ehecatl/hecate(day2booksouls), the twins were born, xolotl clown blackdog
    eveningstar, god of tobacco(the dogwood tree), grown before
    mexico had corn. as macui>ma(s)k xochitl, he features in thorou’s
    maine woods as macuo xigil, his statue is a xolotl itzcuintli,
    quite like anubis(egyptian god of the dead), in fact he is evening
    star and the devild(r)ivel/d(r)ibble in the
    making. his twin is morningstar, announcing his father, tonatiuh,
    the sun,>tune/tone<tonalli(N)=soulsoil/hole of the universe.
    i suppose the sun’s real name is anthony, but neander’s first
    worshipped god was tletl>t/l/red/t/l>read, or, (t)letr/l>letter,
    also, (t)le(ña)(sp)=wood. and his wife, tlatla tzol teotl>fla(me)
    hole/(t)soul theo deo diosa. apparently a woman, regent of the
    mesoamerican calendar/neander euro cave calendar(chauvet pont d’arc
    where ther are 72 felines/ocelome(N)>(oc)elohim(hebrew), the number
    of times the book of souls/tonalamatl(260days/20×13/birth period)
    goes into a 52yr solar yr(4×13). from ocelotl>cell(E)luth(er)>luz(dar luz/birth)>slot/slut(E)>Lud(London/city).
    so neander had prioritys of singing, dancing and spirit. he was
    pre-edenic, didn’t pair off in the gray towers of marriage womano
    a mano<ma(N)=hunt sea/land with a net. manmanna(bible)>manitoa(N)=the flowing talker
    (the great spirit of the amerindians). at 72k bc or shortly thereafter, the gene pool of afrika eve<eva<eua(N)=leave began leaving the dark continent with thumbs which neander did not have
    and with an ethos of technology<tecpatl(N)=swapstone(knapping<
    nappaloa(N)=govern). the deer cult takes them up: such words as
    se(r)ve, serf, seven(the place of deor dior deer in booktunes).
    at lagar velho in the neander/cromag child burial one finds 8=
    ocho(sp)<tochtli ochre bones on the rt ankle, exactly<ixaci(N)
    rabbitslapìn(Fr)= earth prince’s position in the tonalamatl! cromag did not come out of afrika with a coherent
    language. the snake in the garden of eden(that eve leaves) is
    phallic, number 5/coatl(water mingling/at, is an english prep)
    is the phallic number of the fire drill fertility goddess in the
    boolsouls. the implication is that a neander/eve cross was attempted, and the result was the red(fire)apple, neander’s
    star knowledge, music, language, gods(yaweh<ya ue(N)=already big).
    language/Nauatl=4water<naua(N)=dance a reel<rheol< r/teo(t)l,
    hand over hand, takes aeons of time to develop as deeply as
    Nahautl pie has sliced itself into every language on earth,
    from the finns to the japanese/chinese<chi na(N) to russian/lett<tletl(N)/estonian<tonatiuh(N) to the hungarian/tocharian t/th/ho(r)ch/se>horse, basque<pachoa(N)
    to spanish<panoa to teuton<teu(tli)ton(atiuh)(N) to the celts<celtia
    (N)<cel/<ocleotl<ce(N)=one, to the italians<ittalo(N)<itta(N)=see,
    to the english<angle<an gaelcattle/cat), wind<uentli cathedralsekatheron(gk)=katherine(throw of shuttleheck/heckle>ca(s)t. the amerindian languages were laid down twice:
    at 22k bc(the gravettian mammoth hunting period: elephant<oliphant
    p/fami(t)lle(Fr)>family, the rolling/
    holy family), and the version of nauatl i use, 5kbpe, at 3309bc,
    the arrival of the quetzalcoatl/morningstar expedition, the beginninof the 5th age/naui ollin(N)/4movement(sosltices and equinoxes), the oldest mayan<mayana(N)=to be hungry, date, found
    1999, august, at palenque, chiapas, mex.
    neanders who managed their environment and live in balance with
    their surroundings lived in balance. they had necessity<monqui(N),
    but didn’t coin it: their money<monequi was their alma(sp/soul, and
    the russian name for neander) and they spent it for the life around them. we do not managethe pig. leave nothing but the mudmo(r)t/
    motley/ mo(n)tla>montañas/mountains of garbagecave.

  3. carlos lascoutx

    (s)c(r)ip/be. some omissions: zeus/deus/dust/teuhtli(N)=dust.
    chronus/comoni(N)=start the breakfast fire/commotion/comus/comedy.
    man/mana=darse, presentarse, fluir/mana(bible)/manitoa=amerindian
    great spirit=the flowing talker.
    motley/mo(r)t/mo(n)t/motla=your body, run up against stone/moat/
    (s)mote/mo(r)tal. this is the stoning word. tlacatl(N)=body(land
    i suggest they redesign HTML, or not use it at all. it’s a
    typical cromag tech ballsup, divides and limits, just what naom
    chomsky has meant to linguistics: after me the flood!

  4. carlos lascoutx

    …iueli(N/surname,lousiana)=powerful, i-u/v/be(a)r/l-i/iberia/
    i(n)verness(scotland). the winter solstice cave bear, iueli,
    proto-christ<qu(r)i(s)toa=quitoa(N)=who talks, sacrifice whose
    strength and power used to move the sun on its shortest day, a
    neander rite, 300k bpe. in the book of souls=tonalli(N)/tone/tune/
    tonalamatl(N/mesoamerican calendar), iueli bear=oso(sp)/ozomatli
    (N/day11 of 20)=monkey, ozo/zo(N)=bleed/zoon/zoology, a generic
    term for ourselves, e.g., zoatl(N/primitive form of cihuatl/woman)/
    wahi(n)e(hawaiian/auia(N)=have, content). mozart is 7/ce uentli/
    one offering/ce uen(tli)=seven ozomatli, a christ figure, a fallen
    angel, and a bit of an animal! no que no? in any case, 11=mickey,
    the death lord, not only is ozomatli the 11th day, it’s the 11th
    trecena/13. ozomatli, himself, is the flower prince, xochipilli/
    xochiana(N)/shoshana/hosanna(shouted and thrown=flowers to the 4
    at christ on palm sunday).
    the roots of christianity are as deep in time as neander. why
    wouldn’t a race who lived with spirits, with animals as equal,
    as manager not destroyer, not be called the fallen angel? if
    we begin at gene pool/72k bc, our race of cromag eve has only
    lasted 1/4 the time of neander, and one thing is certain, whether
    he bred with us or not, a typical scientifico snarly, neander
    transferred to us in full the gods, venus/uentli, language/nauatl,
    music/the bearbone flute, dance/ d/t/tla(n)ca/itotia/mitotiani(N)/
    mitosis(E/physics)/naua(N)=to reel/rheol/ r/l/teotl(N)=god/goddess.

  5. Vicenzo

    The shape of the Neanderthaler people does not show of a carnivorous kind. The tooth were all flat, like cows, oxes, horses.
    It means the Neaderthals were almost vegetarian.

  6. carlos lascoutx

    …i agree with you, vicenzo. you see the name for the old fire god,
    tletl(N)>t/l/red/t/l, is amplified to, xiuhtletl, then xiuhtecuhtli,
    lord turquiose, lord of the year, time, and herbs=xiuitl(N)=año, turqueza, cometa, hierba, hoja. so we can assume once fire drill
    starts(tlatlatzolteotl, diosa del fire drill, venus de las cuevas,
    regente del tonalamatl/book souls=tonalli(N)>tonatiuh/dios sol,
    once fire drill begins, and by neander/prometheus/titan>titlani(N)=
    messenger, then neander becomes interested in herbs. this is seem
    in the lagar velho child child burial, portugal, by the 8=tochtli(N)=rabbit,>ocho(8) ochre(red painted)bones on the child’s ankle. the
    rabbit, tochtli, becomes their guide to herbs that are good and becomes a meal neander can ma(N)=hunt with a net/s(na)re,>ma(n)o(sp)
    =hand<tl/t/th/hand/t/li(the english word, hand comes from tan/diente/tooth: the third hand, used in fire drill and weaving).
    most of the graves we have found of neander are groups in extremis
    whose last resort was hunting to avoid starvation, but the elites,
    who were in a settled environment, e.g, romania, the soca river,
    had a balanced diet that was more vegetablewick
    and fish(for iodine to assure healthy babys: lack of iodine means
    the brain and nervous system don’t develop, making their bodys look
    like the cave venuses(venus of willendorf for example). the interesting thing about xiuhtletl is that herbs/xiuitl bring on
    the measuring of time, heavens(comet), and the health to reason
    these things out. a pure meat diet would not produce the results
    that yerbas did. based on this difference, any neander group that had fire would have had the upward path to the gods they handed us,
    to the calendar/timet/th/he(r)mes=
    the messenger, to the musical ceremonys surrounding the cave bear
    and the deertheo>deo, giving them the social surplus/
    ease to develop nauatl and the rudiments of weaving and the stargazing and charting of venus based on weaving, which they used
    as the first computor/memory rebus for language and the heavens.
    that’s why they are the fallen angel, that’s why, ilpia(N)=skyknot
    (=to tie),hilpan(Goth)>help(E),
    implies the knotting of weaving at an early stage in the sea of time
    neander swum/swims in(300k bc). how can one believe neander did nothing for these hundreds of millenia, when clearly his knowledge
    was what cromag eve sought out of eden through the phallic snake,
    e.g., the 5th venus arch has been found at chauvet pont d’arc
    where i believe the calendar was in an advanced stage: 5 in the book
    of souls/tonalamatl is the number for, tlatla tzol teotl, the flame
    drill goddess and regent of the 260 birthing calendar, which revolves 72/73 times in 52solar years(of 360), her animal is the
    ocelotl/feline, the birthing animal, and felines appear 71 times in
    chauvet pont d’arc according to the natl geo article, which also said, there were 420 drawings in total, 20x20plus 20, 20 being the
    digits of finger and toes, the counting rebus for neander and our
    species, and the basis/cempoalli(N)=20,>sample(E)for the tonalamatl/
    tzolkin(mayan). cromag suffers from pride since he left animal gods for himself. it was a horrible choice, so full of hubris that it has
    driven us to the brink of extinction after only 72k yrs/gene pool
    afrika. the only thing we owe jesus is an apology. me perdone pero
    asì es la verdad. humildamente, carlos.

  7. carlos lascoutx

    ,,,why do we owe an aplogy to jesus? well, first we look at the japanese word, jose(J)=story tellers, house where storys are told,
    vaudeville even. hmmm, the japanes were in the alrai<altia(N)
    mountains before the islands. religion comes from the east unto the west. then there are the greek orphic orphano(r)ph/pilli>orphan. ok, orpheus was an orphan and he is the first the western world, through the gates of
    greece, hears of a man who goes to hell<h/th/tetl/tletl=stone/fire
    and back. josè, the name of jesus’s father is a marker for the japanese origin of the story, and rooted back to the (N)ahuatl=
    yo(tl)ce(N)=I/yo(sp)ce/(al)one=I alone, which confirms the later
    orphan orpheus, that jesus had no parents in proto-myth. his
    mother was wind/venus hecate, mother of quetzalcoatl morning star.
    mary, jesus, ehecatl/hecate and quetzalcoatl appear together
    in king theodric’s san apollinari mosaic, which google. mary
    appears with jesus in her lap enthroned. ehecatl appears numerically
    as the 2 archangels each on either side of mary, her day in book
    souls=2. quetzalcoatl appears numerically as the 22 virgen martyrs,
    as his birthday, 9 ehecatl, his mother’s name, is on the 22d day
    of the birthing calendar book of souls. hecate seems to have had
    no husband. mary had to have one so scholars used jose(J)/story
    telling for jesus’s father, josè, to mark origin, i.e., the play,
    I, alone=jose. and mary conceives by the wind of what was her previous identity, ehecatl/hecate/venus, goddess of all young things, e.g., cattle<ecatl, and is now, through the genius of
    the church, the holy spirit. to make an even finer fit, the holy
    trinity is ehecatl/hecate/venus’s old number, 3=calli(N)=where
    the being resides/house. not finding a proper house was one of the
    significant twists of the bethlehem story.
    now that i’ve finished this, i wonder if a dramatic search of
    near/fareast orphan storys might not come up with the jose(J)?

  8. carlos lascoutx

    …this to fred, who wrote about wolf, and anyone else interested
    in how wolf became wolf, the word. begin with wulpa(OHG) then skip
    to Simeon/Nauatl. there are no outright w’s in nauatl, they are
    formed by 2 letters= ua(N)>own, ual(N)>barbar(russ)>barbarian(E)
    >war(E), and, in fact, ual(N/adverb)>(to)war(d), in english.
    so wulpamano(sp), that the nauatlaca were amphibious as hunters, so that we can guess their verbs, ualpanuetzi included, also apply to land. surging from below is what wolves do when
    their prey has sought refuge in trees or elevation, an element
    of ualpanuetzi, panuetzi(N)=elevarse,climb:sweat, is an
    instruction on how to avoid the danger of wolves, included
    in the word itself in coded form, e.g., mallardwhet
    (E)=sharpen, means to hurry, as in, whet an appetite, which is
    what wayfarers do to wolves when they pass through their territory.

  9. carlos lascoutx

    …i guess i am too wordy, ramble all over the place, and will have to stay on theme and manage this subscription. thank you for flensing my latest entry: words are a whale of a subject and one
    leads to another and another like elfinstones or their reverential,
    tetl>tletl. elfin<(el/the old word for green/cel)fin<pinpixie(E)>fingir(sp)>fi(n)ger(E). pi/opic(N)>pick,
    qui(N/Lat)=who>hva(OE)ow(n). mallard(E)<ma tl/ll a(r)tl/t/d=
    matlatl(N)=net(how the mallard is taken). mazatl(N)=deer<deortheo-(G/prefix)>deo(Lat),>maze(E), animal taken by surprise and
    labyrinth(herded into enclosure), then, >mazard(E)=deer cherry/
    mazzard(E)=head, mazaxocotl(N)=deer cherry,<mazatl xocotl(N)=
    o(r)ch/c ard. there i go again. must be turret’s syndrome for

  10. carlos lascoutx

    …HTML, you are a bad storage system for one who uses all the keys.
    you are like a garbage compactor, crushing and mutilating my entrys.
    have you a brain, HTML, or just an appetite to get information wrong? i forgive you and will find a way around you. you come from
    below, like a whelp wolf(E)/wulpa(OHG)/ualpanuetzi(N)=to come from
    below water/land. i will be in my tree/treow(OE)/teotl(N)/theo/deo/
    theother(E/2words)of leornian(OE)learning(E)/ l/teotl waiting to
    laugh/naualaua(N)=lau gh/ ual/rai=warai(Japanese)= lau gh. ha ha.
    machine/mecanic/mecania(N)=hang in air/mecatl(N)=string/me(r)cado
    now where was i? oh yes, the difference between a tiger and a
    bear. well/uel(N), previous posts on iueli(N)=`powerful/ i uel i
    u/ver/l ber be(a)r, show it was named for its strength, and adjective. tiger/tic/ger/l/tl=ticitl(N)=midwife:doctor. why?
    because we go back to the caves where Nauatl was the language
    and the feline/ocelotl(N) was the birthing animal of tlatla
    tzol teotl/the flamehole/firedrill diosa. the name, tiger, is
    a reminder of our cave origens and the totem animal of midwives.
    the naming of tiger as midwife/ticitl(N) with (r)inclusion means
    it came later in time than, say, lion/leon(sp), which employs
    the elements/letters of ocelotl(N) in scrambled form, as ounce(E) and lynx do also.

  11. carlos lascoutx

    …i have 2 posts on, matilda’s gobleki, blog if she approved them.
    if not i can retrieve them for those interested. they deal with
    zatal huyuk and the implications/what we are looking for at gobleki.
    some of the material used here has been used there, e.g., tlatla
    tzol teotl is out of the cave hunting with her totem animals and
    running a breeding station, trading with lady birdsnake of belgrade
    on the danube, who is the new weaving goddess, and has taken over the function of wendy uentli venado/venison as venus/life goddess,
    and is the mother of the twins, morning and evening, protodevil
    and protochrist/quetzalcoatl. note: zeus was an aryan skygod first
    known to the greeks as a snake(another birdsnake). once weaving,
    hecate/ehecatl(day2booksouls)/ekatheron(Gk) heck heckle we have
    an invisible(wind)humiform goddess who gives birth to sky god
    twins like herself, which marks the transfer of goddesses to gods,
    and may have started zeus deus warring with his father and driving
    the neander remnant to an isle in the british/briton b/p(r)i ton=
    pitli/older sister/p(r)i(es)t of the sun/ton atiuh(N), to an isle
    in the british archipelago.

  12. carlos lascoutx

    …as i study gobekli(turk)tepe(turk)tepetl(Nauatl)=mountain, really
    2words in (N)=tetl pepena/piled stone, i am impressed how little
    information is forthcoming from a german archeo.dig, but perhaps this is due to a combination of conservatism(pun) and the yield at
    gobekli/copina tleco(N)=rising cup. gobekli means hub, navel, belly
    dancing, paunch. locals named it, surely for its appearance, and we
    can only guess what originals called it. as i am convinced the builders spoke an early form of nauatl, i will hazard a guess as
    to what they called gobekli, from the shape of the stones in T form, the means by which it was constructed, to its function, i would say its name was, Tanatl(N)=capacho/2-man sling, later, the
    greek word, thanatos/death, as it seems to be burial ground and
    was in turn buried when abandoned. because the oldest word for
    fire, tletl(N), includes letra/letter, and ink is as old as ash,
    it may be possible that the priests pitli(N)=older sisters of
    this quasi-phallic palli(N) hunting cult may have worshipped
    consonants, such as the early letter, T, this seems fantastic but
    language is a matter of increment, e.g., Tecpatl is the priestly
    sign in mesoamerica, but means stone/te knapping/napaloa(N)=
    govern(4/na), as tetl ca patla(N)=alternate/swap/paddle(E).
    the animals carved on the T-stones may symbolize the efficacy
    and worship of the knapping/Tecpatl tradition: its glorification.
    tecpatl(N)=day18 Tonalamatl, another T for Tonatiuh/Anthony,
    the sun god. we may be dealing with post-gravettian Toniti here,
    as in, teu ton teuhtli tonatiuh, dust/the upstone sungod.
    the repeated pig/pitzotl motive may be day10 tona, itzcuintli,
    which today is dog, but is named for its slashing teeth, first
    known as tepeitzcuintli/mountain(tepe)dog and seems to share
    a niche with the wild boar, is in the middle of the 20 days of
    the book of souls and his lord is: mictlantecuhtli, the deathlord.
    the fox carvings, well, the name fox comes from pozoni(N)to be
    angry, rabid: poz foz fox, and is a late word, but there is
    another in nauatl, epatl, the word for skunk, in mesoamerica,
    the stinkweed, epazotl, a comestible herb cooked with beans to
    reduce sparks/chispas, is named after this animal, but it is an
    old word, includes the ancient(N)word for green, found twice inside
    the english word, g/c(r)ee(n), and patla(N/verb)=paddle back and
    forth, the tail like a paddle. so the fox may be a rejuvenating symbol, as the etruscan prayer goes: ati/atl(N), cathe/ecatl(N),
    luthe/(oce)lotl(N), cel/(o)cel(otl)(N)…ocelome(N/plural)/
    (oc)el(o)him(Hebrew/ h/th/tepe ua(N)=mountain owner). cel(Etr)
    is birth/rebirth. any felines at gobekli are birthing animals.
    lions are leon(sp) l/teotl theo deo: leo(r)nian learning theology.
    i believe the teteo/N/plural teotl)are as old as tree treow teotl,
    reel(dancing)rheol r/l/teotl, and reed rheod r/l/teotl rod rood.
    9.5k bc is nothing to nauatl, try 300k bc neander, 40k bc
    neander/cromag eve, the red deer deor d/teotl(N) cult. oh, i forgot
    daleth(Phoenician/letter D) from nauatl, Taletec(N)=lizard, another
    T, and, Tec/-tec. guess the letter D/lizardhead, tale-(N)=tlalli(N)
    =earth/(t)la(n)d(E). the people at Tanatl are following the neander
    lifestyle of hunting, competing with animals at almost their level,
    there is a hint of managing them as well(all those corrals de piedra, and later they go to russia and become people of the horse,
    rhubarb rawend(arab) rha(old name of volga for the tlatla/flame
    tlatlauentli(N)=flame offering of rhubarb on its banks used as
    the first tea, horse and cowshit give it its tlatla/flame color)
    and these are the people, scythians et al. who trade wheat to greece
    in the minoan, and, from where (r) enters language, e.g. yrosheet
    (russ)=harvest, rosh russian rose, but oyl/ros oylos(ceres) oilia(N/reverential of oya oox(N)=desgranar el maìz). ach! ay(N) aci(N)
    aqui(N/sp)=enterm aq(egypt)=enter aqhet(egypt)=springtime. so one
    can say wheat/uitequi(N)=thresh, once discovered stays wheatwedded to the discoverers in a marriage=namiqui(N)=4death, only, do us part. what’s in a name is marriage and miquiztli(N)=death, the biter/nick mick. st. michael is the old deathlord, paired with
    xolotl, the evening star, as the x/folo following fool, who has
    the dog(his original form)between his legs in the Tarot/tlalotli(N)=earth road.

  13. carlos lascoutx

    …gobekli belly dance. let me talk more of the animals found on
    the T stones. lizard is day4 book souls, cuetzpallin(N)=the rising
    palli phallus, which has the priapic ueue/old coyote coyotl, the hole digger, on its day, which is 4. we are 4, uan(N)=own4(limbs),
    as in uanyolqui(N) wyandote, blood relative of the huron(a french word). uan(N)= one(E). 4/naui is the growth sign, no center, for
    that we have, 5.coatl co(r)al/tl snake snaca(E) nacatl(N) nachat
    (Yiddish)=pleasure, or macui(N)=5, the irish prefix, mac-=son of.
    4/naui, in the word, cenauatitiuh(N)=final good-bye of mourning,
    the ordinary sayonara of the japanese taken from this word. so,
    we have lizard/taletec/cuetzpalli as a symbol of good-bye
    and the solution for permanence, the phallic/palli(N), which is
    a pa int(E)word. often a word is offered with it’s solution, or
    comes around to its opposite, e.g., icnoa(N)=where/
    ic no/my a/atl/water=deserving, and contains the name, noah(Genesis)
    whose story is all about water and who deserves, the verb icnoa(N)
    coming from, icnopilli(N) o(r)pilli orfeo(gk) orphan. what is where/
    ic no/my child/pilli to do but be deserving? so back to lizard/
    day4 book souls, if we count out the alfabet(E): abcD/4/daleth/
    the fox we revisit, not just as resurrection implied in epatl,
    but as his role in the spirit world. the sanskrit=puc, and is said
    to refer to his bushy tail: puc popoca(N)=smoke pom(mayan)
    =incense/ pom fom fume fumar(sp) humo(sp). if we jump to the russian, we find, dym=smoke dyx=spirit, mind, ghost
    dymat/dewmat=think tyman=fog, from, to mana(N)=our/to- mana/flow
    tlalli mana(N) tlalmana(N)=land flow, alma(sp/russian name for
    neander). so the fox, a spirit in japanese myth also, with his
    long tail, is a remembrance of once living spirit.
    the scorpion(E) scol/rpio(n)=colotl(N) coloa(N)=coil cu(r)l(E)
    coleen(goil gurl girl) color, means to return, and perhaps from
    the dead/ d/tetl(N)= (s)te(tl)in=in tetl(N)=the stone/ stena(russ)=wall, tenamitl(N)=stonedart, wall/ tane(Jap)=fruit pit(hueso)/
    stone(E) tonatiuh(N) sunstone/ tun(mayan): the reverential of,
    tetl=tletl(N)=fire, the inclusive (l)= ollin(N)= holy roll(of
    lava volcanic).
    gobekli has enough elements of death/life in its temple/tentli
    piloa(N)=lip spill, or, tetl(N/m) piloa= tempiloa(N)=stone spill,
    carved on its T pillars/piloa(N)=from on high, pilot. spiel/spilla
    (ONorse) to be what the joint turkish/german venture says it is.
    oh, tanatli(N), not tanatl, altho the suffix, -tli, is later
    than suffix, -tl. but speaking of, tli-(N) as prefix, the dominant
    word in that configuration is, tlil(N)=black/Lilith(Goddess darkness)/lilac lilly(flowers)/lilt(E). tks

  14. carlos lascoutx

    …more on gobekli/tanatli. it occured to me to apply t/letr/tl
    letra in forward gear on tanatli/thanatos and i come up with: t/dana/tli= danaans(Gk)= the minoans who arrived in greece from
    southern asia minor c. 3k bc, quite a bit after gobekli was covered and abandoned by using tanatli(N)/capachos(sp)/2-man slings, if one
    imagines they had to use a device of this sort to move earth, and,
    to carry the bodys in funeral procession, as pallbearers still do
    today, but with tanatli i believe it may have been 2 tanatli and
    4(the number of good-bye, lose the center, navegate as spirit/ghost
    to mictlan through the 9 vados/crossings with red/bermejo dog as guide, after using a boatman to cross the river, etc.), i say,
    4 pall bearers. john A. scott said, from sources in Homer, that
    the danaan were long-haired and blond, which the wikipedia note
    says has been discounted without mentioning authority. blond,
    green-eyed is the sign of the neander cross. red hair also and
    most likely blue-eyes and freckles also. every indication at
    gobekli indicates a neander hunting-management pattern, i.e,
    horse went to people who hunted horse in rodeo style(neander),
    and grain/rhubarb are connected with horse culture, which means
    first turkey, if you wish, then back to russian riverine where
    it all began in the gravettian mammoth period, kostenkij. this
    area was also the terminous for afrika eve’s migration out of
    afrika, which i have as early, 72k bc, the gene pool date, to
    compensate for shrinkage of the scholastic mind. this area of the riverine, in the moskva slot, was heartland of healthy neander
    who needed iodine to develop brain and nervous system and found
    it by farming fish, as in, cipactl tzi p/bag r/l/t= bagre(sp)=
    catfish/hornpout: cipactli is first day, book of souls, and
    becomes scribe/script/cipapu(Hopi)/mississippi(amerindian for river)
    /sip(E/verb). the words, gossip, ceppuku, and cipapu(hole of origin)
    refer to the castrating of the maguey wine and rope plant by
    cipactli, member of the quetzalcoatl expedition, 3309bc, the
    scribe, in fact. the amoxoque/book people are another name for
    them. they had books/amostli/amuse/muse/music and herbal books
    and callendar according to mesoamerican legend. it’s hit or myth
    in linguistic archeology. tks.

  15. carlos lascoutx

    …the idol stones at gobekli are called, toptli(N). tops(E).
    toptia(N/verb)/opt(E)/ op/bey=obey. topile(N)=alguacil/police.
    once that we have to discover what the policy at gobekli toptli
    was. toptli(N)/tohopa(OE)hope(E), so one can assume the birdsnake
    priests(planet venus offering/uentli(N)cult)played with the hopes
    of their subjects in the form of promises, afterlife? the toptli
    t/th/hopi(amerindian/kachina toptli)tribe traces back to the
    anazazi?, who were known for cannibalism, and that we have at
    gobekli, sheep and human blood on altar. the aztecs, a venus cult,
    ditto, cannibals. the meat of human offering was thrown down the
    temple steps as tenderizer, then hauled off to the barrios or
    the home of the merchant who offered. hands were said to be quite
    tasty. it may be that idol/toptli worship is necessary precursor
    of towns and villages as, village=toptli(N)=t/tho(r)p(OE/ON/OSaxon)
    =t/do(r)f/p=dorf(Ger). in fact first towns surround gobekli, almost
    contemporary with the last stages of belly button hill. something
    about the navel,(all n-words=naui=4),=xictli(N)/xicotl(N)=bumblebee.
    the hopi call their hole of origin, cipapu, referring to opening
    the ombligo of the maguey by cipactli(day1booksouls), ceppuku(Jap)
    belly suicide. oddly enough, the japanese may have been the major-
    domos of the olmeca quiahuizteca/rain, who, threatened by the 2d
    coming of quetzalcoatl, the mayan, who came in through the rio
    verde, san luis potosì, and left the northernmost mayan tribe
    there, the hua-/cuexteca, threatened by the mayan at the foot of
    their mountain, popocatepetl/smoking mountain, got drunk and their
    calpixqui/mayordomos had to fight the mayan invaders, and won,
    sending the mayans south(cf., anales de chimalpajin, sylvia rendòn).
    instinct tells me these were japanese from the altai mountains,
    not yet on the islands at c.1.5k bc, well, not just instinct.
    japanese is as close to nauatl as a language can get, finnish
    a little further, their word for work is orchard in nauatl,
    xocotl(N)/ (x)o(r)co, and their word for life means, to ferment,
    what the maguey metl plant does best, always fermenting. so the
    japanese come into prominence for the first time as majordomos
    in someone else’s orchard/maguey patch. their fighting spirit
    came from somewhere, why not here, in a feat of arms(and legs)
    that amerindian history recorded in its painted books. the last
    peice of the puzzle is the nearness of both japanese and nauatl,
    so close that 147 japanese words are made from one nauatl
    word, xitini(N)=to drop, and yes, the x(N)=sh. check sanseido’s
    if you don’t believe: words are in the english alphabet.

  16. carlos lascoutx

    …the oldest civilization? that would have to have the promethean neander link. at gobekli we are looking at idols=toptli(N), whose
    worship is used to control the population as work force. it comes late, 9.5k bc, whereas, cave bear iueli(N) is a neander rite that
    later becomes christ, which can be dated at latest, 40k bc, the
    glaciation that drove neander and emerging from afrika cromag into
    the caves and left the booksouls marked with day7 se ven/ce uen(tli)(N)/se(r)ve(E)/ciervo(sp)/cerf, serf/the se(r)vice of offering/hirvi(Finnish)/even, evenki(deer tribes, russia). besides its flesh, the
    deer antler opens a new field of pressure flaking for weapons/
    uipana(N)=call the people into line/ufano(sp)=proud, masterly/
    ufano(Gk)=weave. the (i) of u(i)pana drops out, as the (i) in
    chitoni(N)=spark(on top/chi-toni/tone), to make, ch(i)thonic(Gk),
    it’s the fire drill word for, light/E/verb). then there is,
    hezle(basque)=teacher, trainer/eztli(N)=blood. teachers are in
    charge of the blood, which bespeaks a priestly tradition of sacrifice, and similar to afrikan tribal/tribu(sp)/t(r)epulli(N)=
    male member, to afrikan tribal initiation. toptli gobekli at 9.5
    k bc seems to be looking forward to what was to happen in egypt,
    and possibly where its gene pool went. that an early version of
    the sphinx is found at this same time, 9.5k bc, in syria means
    the solar cult was operating as the sphinx or phoenix/poa nex(tli)
    (N)=count/poa/phoe-nix/nex tli=ash. the value of sphinx/phoenix is
    13, the solar sweeper on the aztec calendar stone, and the counter-
    weight to leapyear. the solar year is 674 sec short of being 1/4
    of a day each of the 4yrs of the leap/bisiesto, so while we add a
    day every 4yrs, the shortfall count is rolling every year and
    after, 674x130yrs we have to subtract a day. so i think what we
    are seeing at gobekli is the rise of astronomy as god, solar astronomy in particular. ra(egy/sungod) is nothing more than,
    rha(old name for volga)/ rh/r/l/tlatla(N)/flame, the consort of
    tletl/t/l/red/t/l. but, aten/tentli(N)=lip, the egyp cult of sun
    as disk/edge. there is something definitely not chthonic/chitoni
    about toptli gobekli. we’ve moved from nature’s law to the law
    of man made for man, who transfers belief to an idol as false as
    he once was true. and the citys arise.

  17. carlos lascoutx

    …agriculture. when does it begin? wheat/uitequi(N)=thresh begins
    with hunters on the plain going after pasturing animals. neander
    was a hunter, the gobekli hunt brought wheat home and domesticated
    animals, especially bull, cow, horse, the whole rodeo corral.
    at 100k bc, before eve shashayed/xaua(N)/showed out of afrika,
    ayotl/turtle neander was in the levant, at mt. ca(r)mel/camileua,
    camiliui(N)=to yellow up, mature, speaking of fruits/ca(r)mel(Hebrew)=fruitful. they were in small groups, their diet 40% ayotl(N)=heart of the water. ayotl is listed by hobson-jobson, the great
    anglo-indian dictionary as source of the word, judea, and it well
    may be. nauatl has yuhti(N)=from the beginning, the word just,
    justice comes from, also from that, yu(r)t/yeti(himalaya/name for
    neander). himalaya from, h/th/timallo(N)=pus, supperation(the melt,
    sherbet, sorbete(sp)/tzol petla). along with ayotl, is, ayotli(N)=
    squash(calabaza/quaxicalli(N)=cranium/quaitl xicalli/calli (s)quash), zucchini(derived from quaxicalli also), probably because
    it was green like the turtle/ayotl. so neander goes there in small
    numbers, leaves the cave for tierra/telluric/tlalli(N) on the surface, and, as ca(r)mel/mature yellow tells us, begins orchard
    culture, squash culture, in small groups, small enough so the ayotl/
    turtle, a fragile culture doesn’t disappear despite their 40% diet
    of it, 100k bc. in one of the caves, a burial, they find 8 different
    species of flowers, some medicinal, if not all, and english archys
    say it was an accident. one has only to look at lagar velho child
    burial to see ocho tochtli/eight rabbit bones on the ankle. ocho/
    tochtli, day8booksouls/tunes, is rabbit/tochtli(N), from, toca(N)=
    our/to-ca/being, meaning to sow seed/to touch. isn’t that agriculture, the number of? this idea that our ancestors were stupid
    only means that we are, and probably because we buy our food instead
    of husband it. ocho/tochtli/8 is infinity because it is the seed
    number. for seed, one goes to the spanish, semilla(sp), from,
    semill/tta= s/cemitta(N)=center look, go from center, examine
    someone from the seed up, one/ce(m)-itta/look. what the ca(r)mels
    were: the fruits in neander’s orchards were, perhaps, almond/
    alme(n)dra(sp)/amigdalis(gk)/(tl)almatzalin(N)=almond, referring
    to the way harvested, with a net/matzalin mazatl malinalli matlatl,
    or rather, in a mat of tzalan(N)=between/tzallantli(N)=canyon, in
    this case separation by rows,going on to, tzaragi/tzalagi(cherokee)=
    their name for themselves: people/gi=ki of the tzala(ntli)/sala(sp)/
    canyon. the choctaw called cherokee, chilluki, chillu being the
    xococ(N)=sour mouth(they filed their teeth and painted them black)/
    x/sh/choc taw/tlantli/tooth?, chillu being their name for cave, but
    we have to go with what the cherokee/chiluki called themselves, as
    tzala gi/ki forms the name, allegheny/alleghany/(tz)alan(tl)i,
    the -gha- refers to, gha/ga/ka/ca(N)=being, that the range is
    livec in, also, ca may refer to calli(N)=house, as in, ca(lli)ue/
    ca-ve. back to turtle neander ayotl/ayotli at ca(r)mel,
    include the other amigdalis, the peach, which has 2 sources in
    nauatl, pechteca(N)=to bow/pecho(sp)=chest(pechuga, referring to
    its fatness of chest or the bowing one does to pick up drops),
    and, pisca(N/mex/sp)=harvest/pesca(sp)/fisk(Iceland)/fish, so we
    start with a peach and end up with a fish, what a marriage!
    according to the old greek 7 seasons, an orchard culture calendar,
    harvest time, opora/opouh(N)=the counting/opportune(E), was notably
    windy and stormy, which is exactly/ixaci(N) the trecena(13)of
    harvest/(qui)(h)a(r)ui(s)tl=quiahuitl(N/trecena7booksouls)= who/
    qui(N/Lat)-rains/-ahuitl/a(r)i(s)to(gk), and the 7th day of the
    7th trecena, booktunes, =7coatl/snake, the mesoamerican goddess
    of feast and famine, and, as i have said elsewhere, is the empress
    and the star in the tarot/tlalotli(N)=earth’s road. note the contnuum of deer culture here in the number 7/ce uentli/one offering, its number in the book of souls: from wendy to 7 snake.

  18. carlos lascoutx

    …i wonder if the carving on the t stones at gobekli aren’t
    tribal totems as developed later in egypt and amerindia?
    each one representing a caste of the population with specific
    duties. perhaps we are looking at the organization chart of
    the gobekli area. i hesitate to call them shamans, as that is
    a much misused word, from the nauatl/4riverwater, chamaua(N)=
    to grow, get fat(children/chamaco, mex slang): to mature(corn):
    to praise, exalt, ennoble someone. there is also, xamani(N), but
    means, break, destroy. i suppose both words encompass a shaman’s
    power, but the positive version has my nod. nauatl itself, through
    myth, the bible, is mentioned in the location of eden as the
    4rivers/Nauatl(N)=4waters. the buzzard/tzopilotl/cozcacuauhtli(N)=
    the jeweled eagle, king buzzard priests, cozcacuauhtli is day16,
    booksouls, 4×4, the southern post of the universe(16th trecena/
    16th day)of the grain quadrant, in cards it’s suit is diamonds,
    as the diamond is a stylized grain. the feather working is intriguing, the aztecs used the word, amanteca(N)=artisan, mecanic/
    mecania(N)=hang in air, mecatl(N)=mecha(sp)=wick, string, later on,
    me(r)cado(sp)/market. has rope fiber been found at gobekli? there
    must have been a thriving feather industry, and perhaps they
    hunted with rope, certainly snares. the dakota/ d/t/tlac/kota/tli=
    tlacotli(N)=slave sioux/tzouia(N)=hunt(buffalo)with rope. are
    there any sumptuous burials, or was the burial by air(buzzard)?,
    and the bones usually belong to the gods. more questions than answers at the moment. cozcatl(N)=jewel, precious stone, rosary
    bead, collar(sp)=necklace, probably, cozy/c(l)ose/c(r)oss in
    english, in turkish, c/guz=autumn/a gos to(sp)/au gus t(E),
    guzel(turk)=beautiful, excellent. so august is the yellow=coztic(N)
    time. one last, the result of surfing onto a mormon site, no,
    thank you: ankh(egypt)=the amulet given to child when umbilical
    is cut, from, anca(N)=one’s equal, or what is united to something
    else. Egyptian is in the 4riverwater/Nauatl tradition without
    doubt. the diaspora at gobekli went south and north. to the south
    the nile, to the north, the uitequi(N)=thresh/wheaters, the horse
    and rhubarb/rawend(arab)/ r/l/tlatla uentli(N)=flame ofrenda/
    offering/ravenna/raven people of the volga, old name=rha=r/l/tlatla
    (N)=fla(me)river. oh, yes, umbilical/ome piloa calli(N)=2spilled
    being, as in, ombligo(sp)/ome piloa co(N)=2spillcomes. ya.

  19. carlos lascoutx

    …Zeus deus teuhtli(N)=du(s)t was the son of the youngest titan
    titlani(N)=messenger, chronus comus comoni(N)=light the breakfast
    fire, a chthonic(gk) chitoni(N)=spark task related to promethean
    neander. now the greeks take titan and say he’s big. like yaweh/
    ya ue(N)=already big, yet, the actual root of titan=titlani(N)=
    messenger. so what was the message? fire/xile/xylo-(gk)/sylvania(Lat) for one, silla(sp)=chair/sillìn(sp)=banco)sp=stool(E)/(s)toloa
    (N)=tolerate/door/dolorous, hard to sit/ceti(N) those 3 legs/calli(N/day3booksouls)=
    house/calli ue(N)=ca(lli)ves. we know along with firedrill tlatla
    tzol teotl comes music, the flute bellows/piloa(N)=spilla(ONorse),
    spills, that the third hand, tlantli/ tl/t/th/hand/t/li=tooth:
    much wear on inside surface of neander incisors, so fire/tletl
    t/letr/tl=letra also. with music/amoxtli(N)=book comes word/woid
    /oido(sp)=ear/oito itoan(N)=talk, tlatolli(N). never mind the
    retrenched argument his glottis couldn’t recite today’s alfabet:
    another brilliant misuse of science to shield/chieltia(N) the
    truth/troth/tlot tlatolli(N) from forever ungrateful cromags who
    might think they’re are not the crown of creation. from what i’ve
    seen we are stuck between morning and evening star, our mother is
    the wind, and for all intents and purposes we are wanderers who
    jump from one horizon to the next. not so with neander: he was a
    watcher, learner, when the earth was young and worshipped real gods,
    beginning with animals/anemalhuiliztli(N)=torpid, gross, obscene,
    which earned him the name, fallen angel. a lot has been made of
    his other names in book enoch: nephillim, anakim, both words refer
    to his poor reproductive capability: pilli/philli/children,
    a(N/privativo prefix=no)nacatl(N)=no flesh, snaka(OE)snake(E).
    how is it that zeus, aryan skygod first known to the greeks
    as a snake, is the son of a neander? there at the highest level
    of gk myth, we have evidence of a cross, or, godlike neanders,
    whose mothers had the full complement of iodine during pregnancy?
    all myth telescopes, as father of athena/atena/atentli(N)=waterlip,
    in this case, a draught of mother metis/metl(N)=maguey plant which
    he swallows, atena is born fully dressed and with spear, her mother
    on the pectoral atena wears(from a 4th c. roman copy of a greek statue). metis appears ainu/polynesian/olmec and wears her hair
    in waves like a rope goddess should. there are also 7 snakes/
    chicome coatl, the harvest goddess of the harvest 7th trecena,
    booksouls. the spear of venus and her corinthian helmet are reminders of the mother, metis/metl(N)/metal, mettle, miel, mead,
    medicine, methe(gk/drink), mëd(russ). the spear of metl is called,
    quiotl(N), later a version of, quill(E) and the novel, Quijote,
    by cervantes. the helmet is a fathful reproduction of the tip
    of the quiotl/qui(N/Lat)=who otli(N)=ruta, route, odos(gk), ot
    (russ/preposition), road, o(r)der, meaning vein also, e.g.,
    odol(basque)= (b)lood(E). as the quetzalcoatl expedition dates
    as the oldest mayan memory, 3309bc, and the bookpeople/amoxoaque(N)
    with the expedition, like darwin’s, made an inkwell of metl/metis,
    or perhaps provided the literature and propagation for its cult,
    which reached its apogee with ome/2 rabbit/tochtli, vicar and composer for the pulque/poliuqui(N)=pollute choir. mexico is a
    respectable word now, but the first mexica were called, mecitli(N)=
    the maguey rabbits for their devotion to metis. how did zeus get
    hold of a glass? this implies a sea age and a rope age that historians, spotty creatures that they are, have missed like
    the dormouse at alice’s banquet.

  20. carlos lascoutx

    …let’s see. zeus deus teuhtli(N)=du(s)t(E) is son fo chronus
    commotion comoni(N)=start the breakfast fire(the co(s)mos), and he,
    chrony, was the youngest titan titlani(N)=messenger, whom we know
    as our prometheus, neander. there in pro meth eus we have the name,
    metl(N)=maguey plant=metis, rope goddess and pulque poiluhqui(N)=
    who pollutes but is medicine, miel, mëd(russ), miel, mead, honey
    conecuhtli(N)=rabbit(comes to the c/ch/honey), and zeus drinks her
    to birth, atena atentli(N)=by water’s lip. athena comes out dressed,
    wearing a corinthian helmet, the patent quiotl(N)/quixote(novel) of
    her mother’s maguey, and sporting a spear, which fact the romans,
    bellicose bull people that they are(itallo(N)=seen, approved), take
    the early word, mitl(N)=missile(spear) and the verb, eua(N)=leave, eve, to make, mi(n)e(r)va, with (n)/(r) inclusions, the label (n)=
    nauatl, and, (r) from minoan 3k bc, to give her a name more in line
    with mithra mitl(N), head of the army cult, associated back to the bull, whose earliest rep is tla tla tzol teotl of zatal huyuk, 7k bc, and from thence to chauvet pont d’arc and the magician maquiza(N)=hand sqeeze/quiza, escape from danger, as the french maquis ww2.
    that there were cave wars, 40k or earlier, is expressed in the word,
    pantera, which is from, pantli pamitl p/famille(Fr), meaning flag.
    the first flag had the birthing animal on it. this may have been
    an epoch when caves were city states and warred with each other,
    or perhaps a totem animal of people in a gobekli universe, whose
    animal they served. me? i’m for the detroit lions, but they’re not
    in detroit anylonger. the pantera pantli(notice the word, pants(E)
    here. wearing my flags today. this episode of pantera flags may
    have been at the time there were 7/seven/ s/ce uen tli(N)=one ofrenda caves ca ue(N)=big house/calli. the ocelotl/feline cult
    is cave, the mother rowing race of mexico, the olmecatl are jaguar-
    struck at birth, 1.5k bc, rolling their huge heads with a rope.
    for another look at the olmecs, try the book, cyprus 5k bc, for
    the steatite cruciform carved axes with faces and helmets exactly
    like the large olmec heads at la venta, which lead me to believe
    these were seafaring rowing warriors. at first in mexico they take
    the mountain areas, the same terrain as gobekli 9.5k bc. the question to ask here is: if neander was first to bury his dead,
    how many different forms did he use, was the flesh eaten, how
    were bones/skull distributed. we know, iueli, the bear left his
    skull in the caves, but the ainu actually eat bear. let me visit japan via old book and i’ll be back.

  21. carlos lascoutx

    …maui(N)=be afraid(lit. hands/ma -ui/up)/ awe(E), note the disappearing (m)aui/awe. the word, ainu, has the same progress:
    maitl(N)=hand/maite(basque/endearment)=girl’s name/aite(jap)=
    blue. so the ainu are blue, associated with nets, the sea?
    their log canoes are called, chip/chipeua(N)=begin on top(directions
    to make log canoe/chip/clean), later the word, ship(E)/chip(E).
    the blue woads of japan, altho, woad/ ua atl(N)=water/sea owners.
    they fit the healthy neander/asian cross profile and take a form
    of early communion with the bear, the neander proto-christ
    sosltice rite, cf. earlier post/ iueli(N). one of their words
    for bear is, pera, p/b/vel/ra=iueli(N)= powerful. being great
    drunkards, probably from the metis/metl(N) sea age of 4k bc,
    their historical continuity has been destroyed. their brides
    have to have their forearms tatooed with braids before they marry,
    and they make rope and clothes from the inner bark of trees/
    treow(OE)/teotl(N)=theo/deo/theother(E/2words). their gods are
    20/cempoalli/sample, shaved sticks. so they are early tree people.
    they use poison to hunt, ah, poison/ponzoña(sp)/ ponaçoa(N)=
    fill with air, later, pounce/bounce(E). they appear to be healthy
    neander crosses related to the tahitians, not caucasians and
    not afrikan. let me find some genome on them.

  22. carlos lascoutx

    …at the pie level of nauatl, bear can come from, petla(N)=arrojar/
    petra/piedra, as, pera(ainu)= bear, since p(N)=original 5k bpe sound/tzon-(N/prefix)/shoom(russ), then, pet/l/ra=pera(ainu)=this animal throws himself at you, a warning encoded in the word. logic=tloc(N)/location/local, which should be a warning of the parochial nature of logic, i.e., it’s local, e.g., a roundhead while russian will have a different idea of logic than a ykrai or a georgian/ g/ceo(r)l=churl(E), from, ce(r)ollin(N)=one(holy)movement, or more exactly, don’t stop me if i’m boring you, get your own life, ge/ce o(r ollin) ce/ge. if you can’t follow this, y tienes la guëvonada then fuck off to another site, golondrina, it’s easy to talk but to think, pues, es otra cosa, no que no? the curse of the world is that attention span, required for unraveling language, is nil/tlil(N)=black/lilac/lily/lilith(goddess)/(n)ile(river, named for dark blue water lilies. the name of this age is dumbdown, named for the disney elephant/ollin pantli(N)=holy family/oliphant(name),la edad de mamarachos y su lecho de puercos billetes.

  23. carlos lascoutx

    …since i think the bear-deer cult a mixed promethean/neander
    and cromag eurasian riverine venture beginning with neander,
    the arctic-bodied hominid, and taken up by the gene-pool, 72k
    bc, out of afrika eurasian riverine cromagnon, why don’t we take
    mati sarmela(google), the bear article, and gloss it for nauatl
    word roots?
    the finnish/fen(E)=swamp=suomi=people who live in swamp, as
    opposed to the swidden/(cua)uitl/t/d d/tentli(N)=edge of trees
    (woodland clearings). i believe the bear, born in the heavens near
    the plow, the big dipper/otava(F)=the great bear song(rite), the
    big dipper, the bear constellation, was son of heaven and banished for rääka(F/sin)/tlaca(N)=body…the word tlaca is used for bear in old german.
    well then, some bodily sin,
    and since he looks like us, some edenic celestial sin having to
    do with a carnal appetite? perhaps hunger, as in the case of,
    cua xolotl chantico, a form of hecate, who ate a piece of fish
    during a fast, and whose head was turned into a dog/xolotl/head
    by deathlord, mictlantecuhtli, el mickey, however since the finns
    have a vitasaari/ uitz tzalantli/ come to sala(sp)salon(E), or,
    tzalan(N/prep)=between/ a wedding with an orphan bride, usually
    a young girl, by this time the bear has been hunted out of his den and sacrificed. he is not killed in his den for he is asleep and
    dreaming/drem/ d/t(r)emiqui=temiqui(N)=dream(on the edge/tentli(N)=
    lip of death/-miqui), and while in that state may bring harm from
    the underworld to the hunters, who always claim they didn’t kill him, but that he fell from the magic pine tree/pinaua(N)=to be ashamed, to redden/later, pennen/ p/b(r)ennen=brennen(OTeuton)=
    burn, through which he passes to earth after his celestial shame,
    and where his head and claws are hung when he returns to heaven
    after being sacrificed, so the first resurrection cross is the
    pine tree, his bones buried at the root. his other names in finnish/
    fennish are: oksi/otso/ohto, which one can match to the book of
    souls/tonalamatl as day eleven, ozomatli(N)=monkey, ozo-(N) being
    zo/ço(N)=to bleed/zoon(gk)/oso(sp), both monkey and bear bear(pun)
    a resemblance to us and are our stand-ins, just as jesus was, and
    altho i can’t speak for the monkey version of christ, the bear/
    otso was also the son of the heavenly god. now, who was this heavenly father. we go to the earliest clan of finland for the
    answer: ka(r)thu/ka(r)thunen/ ka tonatiuh(N)= sun/-tonatiuh ka-/being. so it’s the sun, just as morningstar quetzalcoatl venus
    later announces his father, the sun, in a more refined version
    when the shuttle/xiotl(N) star is weaving goddess, ehecatl(N/day2souls)/hecate. but the bear tradition speaks to another part of the heavens, ursa mayor/otava. oh, otso(F), also roots back to
    during the peijaiset(F)=wedding bear feast/peyaua ceti(N)=
    the overflowing set/sit/uniting, also called, the vakke(F)=
    ua ki/cuauitl(N)/ki(jap)=tree, that is, to own the tree(the
    resurrection pine), so the vakki peyaua(peyotl=pericardium of
    the heart, the heart sac, and the plant which strengthens it,
    not used by the finns or they would live to be 200yrs old instead
    of 100) feast is the communion. seating boards and table are washed
    down by sima(F)=mead/simo(ONorse), sime(OSax), sima(OE)=rope/
    cima(N)=deshebrar la penca del maguey/metl(N)=mettle/metal/methe(gk)
    /miel/mëd(russ)/mead/medicine. washed down by mead. the ancestors
    are known as: ko u ko(F)/ aco ollin aco(N)= ago holy ago(E).
    pedro has helpers: ho(n)gotar/ h/th/toca otla= otlatoca(N)= make
    a road/otli, become large(stain), extend/otlatocac(N)=traveller,
    so, hongotar tocotar otlatoca, toca/our being otli/the vein, the road, and hongotar is the female in charge of the pine through
    which otava/ottawa(canada) comes down to earth and ascends. another
    maiden is, mielikki(F)/ metl l/ticitl(N)= midwife/-likki/ticitl of
    miel/metl/honey, maybe she’s a bee/ b/pipiyolin(N)=bee(pick pick
    yollotl/heart ollin/move.
    let’s see, oh, viena(F/town)/ ue na uentli(N)=offering/vienna(urb), and, mati(N)=know, and he does! tks, mati.

  24. carlos lascoutx

    …examining a few key basque words, like sagar/apple, sagar/the
    central part of the mass, sagrado(sp)=sacred, is an apple? looking
    at their first person pronoun singular, relexive, and object:
    nerau, neu, ni(basque), comparing it to nauatl= neuatl, nehua, ne(N), the english: i, myself, (m)e, and knowing m/n interchange,
    hmmm, evidence points to basques having a personal connexion to
    nauatl, they live either side of france/spain where the painted
    caves are, iberi/iberia= iueli(N)= iv/be(a)r/li, powerful winter
    bear worship, a neander promethean gift, the first christ. the
    basque number, 4=lau, hmmm, not (n)au i, so, (n) is later, then,
    4 in basque forms from an earlier word, ah, oalau(N)=annointed=
    alaua/oalauh/laude(Fr/Lat). why 4? because an annointed object
    is offered/uentli(N) to the ue na(N), to the big/ue na/4, the wind,
    the 4 rumbos/directions, hmmm, makes basque lots older than sanskrit, puts it at least back to 42k bc. oh, they also have
    pariahs living with them called the cagotz, well, ca(N)=being,
    -(g/c)ozt otl= cave, as late as the 1930’s this is, they, the
    healthy basques didn’t interbreed with them, nor were they lepers/
    lazaros/tlaza(N)=throw down, the ca oztotl are the cave spawn
    of the basque race that didn’t breed up, so where did the new
    breeding for the basques come from? for that we go back to apple/
    sagar and the sa(n)garius/sakarya river in bithynia nw turkey,
    an orchard culture site. bithynia was one of the few provinces
    not conquered by alexander the great. a rich province but the
    people not content, with numerous revolts from the independent
    plebe. sound familiar? like the basques in spain today, some of them. so where did the bithynians come from? they were moving
    east. roman/greek historians have them living in cold thrake/
    thrace/tlaca(N)=body, along the strumon/(s)t(r)omon=tomoni(N)=
    abollar/fill with boulders, referring to herakles difficulty in
    rounding up cattle during one of his many tasks. when along the
    struma, they wore fox belt hats, like dan’l boone did racoon, and
    long multi-colored riding cloaks and while walking covered their legs from the cold northers, their arms were lance and daggars/
    tlaca(N)=body. once in bithynia they traded back to their iberian homeland apples/sagar, like all colonials they yearned back to
    origin. oh, sakarya(river)/tzacuilia, tzaqua, tzacualli(N)=
    preserve, hide behind; expiate; pyramide(saqqara, 2650bc, the first). so one can see the word, sacred, emerging from sagar,
    the word apple. other hits, if any more are needed to chart this
    circular journey of the cave basques to bithynia and back, are:
    ecaitz(basque)/ecauitz(N)=windcome/storm, and, the last piece
    is always to look at their present alfabet, which true to the
    non (r) nature of language origin of the painted caves france and
    spain, has no (r) as first letter, altho embedded inside words
    as inclusion. look at my 13 to 26 article on tzopilotl wordpress,
    an unedited edition i am having trouble correcting due to the
    mysterys of wordpress snafus. since the basques have a direct cave link, language link identity, i am going to sift through their
    language for other nuggets of gold/tlaolli(N)=earth roll, take the
    corn off the cob, nibblets. tks.

  25. carlos lascoutx

    …more on basque cave/oztotl, oz is the cave, now let’s find the wizard in the words, hmmm, tooth in basque= hortz/ho(r)tz/otz, a
    mix,=oztotl, we’ve had teeth since then, remember language comes
    from the body out. not surprising, tlantli(N)=tooth/ tl/t/th/hand/t/li, the mouth is a cavern, ok, sort of follow the
    reasoning. ah, otzo(B)=wolf, with us since the cave, also, oso(sp)=bear, ozomatli(N/day11/booksouls), zo/ço(N)=bleed, zoon(gk), hmmm,
    oztotl(N)=cave where the blood/race, ah, otzan(B)=docile, tame, a
    condition for living in oztotl/cave, mixed with, ostalar(B)=innkeeper/host, so, yes, fits common root, oztotl(N)=cave, oh,
    otzaratu(B)=little basket, so weaving wicker since the caves,
    what other weaving? ah, the sky god, ortzi(B), ortze(B)=horizon,
    sky, from otztotl(N)=cave, oddly, tyrolean man, 3k bc, named,
    o(r)tzi, a sychronicity of language, who with red deer/wendy/
    windy/uentli(N)=offering in his stomach as last meal, was offered
    to the wind/sky, shot with one arrow, cf., natl geo article where
    they get carried away by science tech and say he was murdered, ha!
    so what is the basque word for cave? haitzulo(B)=cave, ah, here
    we see, tzol, the middle particle of, tlatla tzol teotl(N), goddess
    of fire drill and regent of tonalamatl we find being worked out
    in chauvet pont d’arc cave 35k bc. so the promethean fire seems
    to be near with the basques, well, let’s look at their words for
    fire/flame, aha, su/sute/suketa/sualdi, for fire, that’s,
    tzo/tzotl/tzocatl(N)=wrinkle(a new one, fire!)/socket(E)=the fire
    drill hole. oh, yes. and, flame=sugar(Basque), another variation of
    tzocatl(N)=socket, also that old sock, soc(r)ates, who would enjoy
    the unkempt reasoning in this piece, salud! and, for trailer, the
    basque word for, 5/five=bost/ b/po(s)tli=potli(N)=companion(both),
    an indication that the basques counted by 5’s using their companion
    hands as in nauatl. potli(N) is also the word, p/foot, so we can
    say they used all the hogei(Basque)=20=cempoalli(N), as in,
    h/th/to-(N)=our -gei/ ce(mpoall)i(N)=20. yup, they’re the nauatlaca,
    and sent the quetzalcoatl expedition, 3309bc, to the americas.
    back to o(r)tzi, the skygod, ortze(B)=(h)or iz/zi on=horizon(E/
    mix from ortzi), so, even the english/OFrench word, horizon/orison,
    from oztotl(N)=cave, no doubt we charted the stars from the caves,
    wouldn’t you? basque for weaving= ehun(B), believe i can make out
    the weaving goddess and planet venus in this short basque word:
    ehe catl(N/day2/booksouls), and the (n) of ehu(n) seals it. she’s
    shuttle star venus, weaving goddess, and the cavers/oztis ply her
    trade to chart the stars. tks

  26. carlos lascoutx

    …thank you, celtison of a…, pride is all that’s left of a dying brain, that, and vituperation. go back to your beer and sham rocks. don’t try to puzzle new things out, you weren’t scheduled for evolution from birth: a great race goes into the sunset, and this is
    how it happens, i.e., resistance to anything outside the kennel.
    the ship is waiting in barkely bay, low lie the fields of athenrye.

  27. tds09

    When the sun sets the Moon should rise!

    Very interesting writing, Carlos. But it’s also very hard to read and you should dedicate your own blog to it. The style could lead people to think that you don’t consider anyone to be able to understand anything in the first place, I don’t know maybe it’s just your understatement…
    e.g. it would help if you put the linguistic derivations in a separate line each.
    if you see it also as a piece of art/poetry and you need the “constant stream” experience or whatever, your own blog is the right place. But again, content wise, I really like to read it.

  28. carlos lascoutx

    …i think i question people’s will to understand anything
    but their own ease and digestion. i suppose it’s the tec/flint
    in us, the linear shot into space, the point of no return.
    so what if it’s hard? it’s how i remember it. our memory chips
    are so decayed now even a politician can fool us, dare i say
    ponzi too? it’s all about content, you want flash? go see a
    fotographer. i will go to my blog tho, tzopilotl wordpress.
    thank you, andrei, superb host.

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  30. carlos lascoutx

    …so let’s talk about neander’s thumb, supposedly he didn’t have one, yet he had wear on his upper incisors(wisdom teeth?), on the
    inside, e.g., tener colmillo(sp/phrase)=be wise(have tooth), from
    the firedrill and playing the flute/bellows. his word for tooth=
    tlantli(NN), and becomes through letra, h/th/t/tlantli//tl/t/d(letra)= tl/t/th/hand/t/tli(letra)=hand(E). now his word for thumb=
    mapilli(N)=child/pilli of the hand/ma, ma(N)=hunt land/sea with net,
    later mano(spLat), remember verbs precede nouns. so this child of
    the hand becomes another word, ma(r)fil(sp=ivery/ivory/iv/uel/ri(letra)=iueli(N)=powerful, the word for bear/ ber/ver/vel(letra)=
    iueli(N)/hiver(Fr)/iberia/hibernian/hibernate/inverness, etc,
    the solstice bear winter christ. so ivory is powerful wisdom,
    an elephant has thumbs that are tusks, and we take this power
    with our thumbs and carve it into talismans, the first being
    tlatla/flame tzol/hole teotl/tea/thea/dea, the fire drill tea,
    by the way, tea(sp)=torch= to(r)ch/ca(letra)=toca(N)=sow seed=
    to/our being/ca, e.g., muskets have touchholes. and from
    ivery/ivory/iueli(N)=powerful, we made gaming pieces and games,
    by the thumb, by the tooth, to gain wisdom/colmillo/tooth,
    because wisdom is indeed the third hand. the hindu have put
    it on the forehead, the third eye, but it’s in the mouth.

  31. carlos lascoutx

    …40k bc mammoth ivory ivery iueli(N)=powerful marfil(sp)=ivory mapilli(N)=child of the hand=the thumb, the last digit that neander
    developed, probably neander crosses as neander had a 5th digit but
    no thumb, and was used to warp the thumb into use,
    this may have begun ivory carving and games, including
    the venus tlatla/flame teotl figurines, the latest one found with the flutes near ulm, germany, dating from 35k bc, the same date as
    the two 5-hole flutes found in hohle fels cave made of mute swan wingbones, the ivory flute was 3-hole found in same area, the
    geissen klosterle cave, and lastly an 8.5″ birdbone flute of
    the griffon vulture(later the priests of gobekli tepe, 11k bc),
    broken at the end but mouthpiece intact cut with 2 v-shaped
    notches and having 4/naui thin lines near each finger hole,
    hmmmm, 4/naui/nauatl(language la(n)cuage tlaca(N) daca da(n)ce,
    the root, tlaca is both language and dance, hmmmm)/
    and the verb dance=naua(N)=to alternate hands with partner or
    in line dancing, hey, that’s a reel in square dance/naua tlaca,
    so reel=rheol=teotl=teo tea(sp)=to(r)ch=toca=sow(our/to-ca/being),
    wow, sowing fertility dances based on tlatla/flame and t/l/red/t/l,
    with flutes, whence flute? ah, flauta= f/p(l)au/ta=pauia(N)=chew
    for another child(bird?)/pauilia(N)=to limn birds, aha, and,
    li(mn=nauatl) from the ending, -lia, with strong mn tag, how
    does pauilia get to flauta, we have first 3 letters, pau, then
    inclusive (l) or the (l)ia moves forward= p/f(l)au, then?
    i guess the (l)ia does double duty and shifts (l/t)= f(l)au(i)t(i)a,
    the two (i’s) drop= flauta(pg).
    this dates music to 10k yrs before neander leaves europe,
    and answers my question of what happened in the altai at 40k bc,
    they were rocking, nauatl/naua/dance language spread like wildfire
    throughout eurasia with the flute and nauatl pie formed as the
    blue planet language which much later, 4k bc, split into the
    world idioms, but at 42k the message not only went out it was
    broadcast as music/muse/amuse/amoxtli(N)=book, booked to the
    blue planet ballroom.

  32. carlos lascoutx

    …a bridge to the altai is the japanese word for flute,
    f(l)u(t)e= fue(J), except for exlusions it is the same word as,
    the english flute, which, while not having the same root as
    flauta(pg)=pauilia(N)/paul, does share another root with flute=
    potli(N)=companion, giving such words as, float/both/brother/
    bridge/pont/pond/punt/port(flute hole)/foot(flutes are for dancing).
    only music would have enticed the dance of language to enter and
    intone the mind of man permanently with its refrain, we only have
    to think of the music and words that partner us from c(r)adle=
    ecatl to g(r)ave=caua=acabar(sp)=finish to understand this, and
    we have the visual pattern of print clouding our vision the while,
    even more so music’s effect when there is no recording device
    available to beat our memory chip to a hollow drum of echoing
    reverb, live every time takes the babblefish out of music and
    indelibly marks it as performance and persona, not as the shelf-
    live of cannery row.

  33. carlos lascoutx

    …the latest is that we’re all deer culture, for non surfers of
    the net where my shotgun mind has sprayed the news. yes, all of
    us, hindi, jew, russ, hunky, turk, jap, chinoserie, abracadabra
    arab, greek, cherman, finn, viking, saxon, scarab, mastiff,
    cannibis, religion, flame dancing, mongol, chess, but we go
    our different ways after the nomad tlaloc raingod culture of
    tlaloa(N) talullah deer, the berber masyes go to sheep, bad choice
    for glory but not survival, the hebrew as well, are there any jewish
    jockeys, willy shoemaker?, the arab, but he also the horse, camel,
    molosser, the top deer tribes went to horse, the neander crosses
    like the alani alaua annointed, the khazars, who kept the rising
    scimitar from europe, dog and horse soldiers, when the arabs
    moved in they banned the dog, proving how treacherous they were to
    the faith and trust of man’s oldest friend, now we will have to
    hunt them out in afghanistan with our own wardogs, sad, but war’s
    theatre is an all souls story, animals as well, and there is no
    greater love than a dog’s, he doesn’t monkey around, takes down
    the wolf, follows the lost lamb even if he himself dies of thirst,
    arab curses worry me, not as to their power but to their insanity,
    no playing tennis because it’s considered a dance if you go to arabia feliz, modern sheiks feel free to torture grain merchants
    personally on youtube for lesser deception, no, not just the
    tribal whim, twin towers of the earthly realm, preferring fire
    to water, usurping peace with terror at no honor, their monstrous
    canine a jacquered hyena, their women purdah, back to the old testament which should be clove from the bible to stand in a tribal
    museum with the koran, my words are not my words they are words
    the prophet rote, broken on wafers of sand by solar storms,
    resting with moon dates over water as one camel kneels and
    knells to another after fighting wind dragons all day. nomad is
    the heart of religion, always spontaneous, still, the same. water
    is the altar, the arrow shot through creation, horse to its rider,
    line to it’s flight.

  34. Margaretta Beans

    I can’t figure out why alexa sent me over here but I might as well say I have been overall entertained by the information you have pulled together. How much effort did it take that many hitting to your blog pages? I am pretty new to this interenet thing.

  35. carlos lascoutx

    …alex-andra=tleco andra=the lifting of women, the rising. does
    that answer your question, etl(N)=(b)e(an)? alexa=lex(Lat)=law
    sent you here to t/lecture? no, she sent you here to leornian(OE)=
    learn(E)=leo=l/teotl/theo-logy, or, le(r)nia(OFrisian)=leña(sp)=wood=l/tle(r)tl/N(letra)=tletl(N)=fire=t/let/l you learn.
    using letra and the deer/mazatl calender, the tonalamatl=
    soul book=tonalli(N)=soul=tone/tune(E) we are breaking words
    back to their past, as we do so, the curtains of myth part=
    pa(r)tla(N)=paddle(alternate), our metaphoric vision opens
    up to the wor(l)ds, and history is unchained, we begin to see
    that our alphabets all, and our words, are living codes we can
    read by the clock of letra, that etymology is not just the root
    of words but the root of our spirit, the root of our history,
    still alive and passed on by our only diosa, our only immortality,
    the shapes of words we mouth with our breath=b/p(e)ath/t/tla
    words have ears, faces, noses, limbs because they all come
    from the body=potli(N)=companion=both(E)=foot(E). all my posts
    are steered=(s)teel/r(letra)=tilinia(N)=stretch the bow=lined(E)
    from 2 books=amoxtli(N)=amuse/muses, both in print:
    nauatl diccionario, siglo xx1, remi simeon, isbn 968-23-0573-x,
    in spanish, published in mexico, the original 1885 is in french.
    it is nauatl pie(every language/letra decodes it into the tributary
    languages all over the world, it was spoken during our cave
    existence, given to us by neander/neandra), and, aztecs of mexico
    by george vaillant, chapters on ritual and religion(the calendar),
    penguin paperback, or hardcover, doubleday.
    also i read diccionarios and follow words through them from
    one language to another, which is how i discovered letra=tletl=
    if you have eyes=eage(OE)=ege(anglican)=age(OFrisian)=oga(OSlavonic)
    now here i am using a 3d book, onions/english etymology, a weak-
    spined book that turns into a newspaper, but which to choose of
    all the varietys of eye? experience and knowledge of nauatl pie
    tells us(learn the prepositions/conjunctions/especially adverbs first in any language, then the verbs, nouns form last from the verbs). so, we choose the slavonic/dutch as it begins with o=
    ollin(N)=holy/roll your eyes, but also, ogle(E/verb)=ocular, and
    we do not find it under Oo in simeon, but looking is a very old
    occupation for us, so we look for it under the oldest letter there
    is in language, the first, the tl(N), the neander/neandra hunting
    click, which later goes to the other end of the word as the noun- ending=etl(N)=(b)e(an), or, tetl(N)=stone, or, tletl(N)=fire,
    and here it is, an adverb, the oldest part of speech, =tloc(N)=
    locate(beside)=t/look(E)=tl/ocular, yes=yectli(N)=excellent.
    there’s more, =lock, to lock eyes. this is the way pie is supposed
    to perform through letra, also,=tl/t/dock(E), tl/t/dog/c, but
    dog=doga=d/toc/ga(letra)=toca(N)=the sowing/seeding/breeding word,
    used to name deer people, to-/our being/-ca. dogs were bred for
    eating in 8k bc china, along with pigs=pitzotl(N)=mud/tzotl=sow(E/
    lady pig)-picker/pi/opic(N)=pick(E). a word in trubutary language
    having 2 roots in nauatl pie is a reinforcement of pie status.
    forget old linguistics, the PIE roots of the past were formed by working backwards from the present in the absence of Nauatl,
    which is like trying to understand the motor of a VW beetle by opening the front trunk instead of the back, or, driving by using the rear-view mirror.
    what we have here are the internet published results and samples
    of the new linuistics, linguistic archeology, and the deciphering
    of myth and history through wor(l)ds pried open by letra to see us
    through the long winter of misunderstanding and warped language
    which has befallen us globally. letra stands as the first aid for
    present and future, if we are to have any, as word source is
    the key to a healthy,living philosophy, theology, and understanding of the ethics needed to treat the plague of war so that it becomes the beauty=bealte(OE)=ue altia(N)=big altar
    of peace=pacis/pax(Lat)=opac/paca(N)=be painting/wash/clean sheets.
    the bed=bett(OHG)=b/petlatl(N)=sleeping mat=petla(N)=petra(Lat)=
    piedra(sp)=cama de piedra we are lying in now is sodden=tzotl(N)=

  36. carlos lascoutx

    …the kurgan hypothesis by marija gimbutas. great read for all you
    puppies out there, corresponds to the neander heartland i’ve been
    talking about. how is it that neander got his arctic body, short, compact. the tlaloc deer/mazatl calendar, the tonalamatl, has dog/
    itzcuintli(N/10)at the center, don’t suppose humancraft started at
    the arctic latitudes, where life was abundandtly nomad, then slipped
    down to the sub-arctic regions? the eskimo use of old men and women
    to guard their caches on the islands and under the cairns is reflected in the day, quiahuitl(N/19), which is ahuitl=water, but
    also the word for aunt. the olders were in charge of shooing away
    the polar bear, fox, and other marauders, besides turning the meats
    over so they would dry properly and be ready for winter, e.g.,
    b(r)iton=b/pitli tonatiuh(N)=older sisters of the sun.
    if you read the artic year by peter freuchan and finn salomonsen,
    1958, you find that global warming began thus, 1911-1920 there is
    a rise of 0.2F, 1921-1930(8.2F), 1931-1935(16.5F), then in spitzbergen, 1937-1939 and extreme of 29-30F above the 1920
    temperature. from 1920 to 1935, the rise=16.3F. global warming has
    been with us a longer time than present, that they’re just concerned
    about it now is like reprinting a 90 yr old newspaper and presenting it as today. a good trick. it did get a nobel prize for a failed ammmy pres. candidate.
    now i wouldn’t call global warming an old chestnut,
    being an opportunist, let’s rake the coals to see if we can find another one, and shill the public interest once again.
    anyway, back to neander and his desendents, the tu(r)ks say they’re descended from a wolf, well, that’s the ainu equivalent of saying they descend from a dog, which means the eveningstar and venus worship, whose mother is the weaving goddess, ehecatl(E/2).
    venus worship will go all the way back to neander/neandra’s first
    charting of the heavens. but the tu(r)ks are late.
    the kurgan cultures begin the domestication of the horse=
    h/th/to(r)ch/c/s(letra)=tochtli(N/8)=ocho(sp), beginning 5k bc.
    the horse/ross=yrosheet(rus)=harvest develops quickly and speeds up ciuia(N)=stimulates=civilization, invention, carts come in, like the automobile at the turn of the 20th century. the explosion of the horse enables riders to conquer the limits of eurasia,
    and take on the seas.
    the turks are at the forefront of this, horse tech is allied to boat tech, the tu(r)ks, formerly a deer people of the altai,
    yurt working, wood working,contact their basque element,
    a fusion of the altai and basque sailors which becomes
    the nauatlaca of quetzalcoatl,who cross sea to amerindia, 3309bc.

  37. carlos lascoutx

    …isn’t it time to go back to sun worship? we’ve had enough of son
    worship,we’ve never been gods ever.teotl(N)=god=the-other=theology.
    we’ve been excluded from the onset of logos and language.
    the sun and we are the same life principle. born every day,
    then setting. it’s a child=xiuhnenetl(N)=of turquoise, sends out
    sunbeams=tonamitl(N), is called tonalli(N)=soul, which we have also,
    is tone and tune, intones and detonates life all over blue planet,
    shares its light with the moon, tecciztecatl, the conchshell priest
    of the tides=titlani(N)=messenger. isn’t that much better than a
    human scape goat=chivo expiatorio(sp)? of course it is.
    not only that, it can help us in ways the old horror, the church
    can’t, e.g., anthony, the sun, can give us energy every day.
    we don’t have to go drilling for it and disturb the past,
    we can have it now and every day. it won’t blackmail our souls
    because it has its own sol/soul.
    i have a new watch, a Q&Q, cost me 13$/160pesos, on solstice
    at 7pm i was sitting in a chaise and the sun came over my left shoulder and bounced off the crystal so i played with the sunspot,
    moving it around, then held my wrist still, and the sunspot still
    moved horizonatally back and forth like a metronome. what?
    i measured the swing of the reflected sunbeam and it was 8 inches. now the world is divided up into seconds and minutes,
    therefore i started thinking about time in relation to this
    odd movement of sunbeam and realized that in the tonalamatl(N)=
    book souls deer calendar, day 5=coatl(N)=snake=a sunsign and
    metaphor for sunbeam as 5=500seconds, the time it takes for a
    beam of light to get to blue planet from anthony, and if divided
    by 60seconds=8minutes20seconds.
    well, from reading the almost impenetrable scientific jargon
    on hig’s bo’sun(wikipedia google), i knew that sunlight has
    dual propertys like we do, of breathing in and out, and ticking
    back and forth like a watch, just as this sunbeam was doing on
    my porch door without any movement on my part, in fact, it was
    giving me data about its origin: 8minutes away at the speed of
    so light is talks! i took 8 with me into the tonalamatl and
    looked at day8=tochtli(N/8), which begins the word, ocho/8 in
    language, since i also know that nouns formed last in nauatl,
    i go to the verb for tochtli/rabbit and get, toca(N)=tocar(sp)=
    intone a musical instrument=touch, separate the 2 elements of
    to-ca=to-/our being/-ca, and find it’s the life number, which in
    nauatl=to sow, to seed, and, of course, when lain on its side=
    eternity the symbol of.
    we should take advantage of this intimate association with
    the sun, it gives us life, will elevate us above the scrums
    of wars/religious disputes, and give us back a god who can care
    for us instead of scare us into slavery with urbane idolatry
    and clayfoot governors who line their pocketbooks with our
    tears instead of our laughter.
    let them have no gas promenade under anthony, who dances
    for us all as our source of life, hope, and happiness.
    and the best part is, how does the sloppy, spendthrift
    gobberment collect the soltax? answer: with their mirrors.

  38. Bradford Cambron MD

    How wonderful that this Neanderthal gene sequence comment page became in part a rambling commentary on “protohistoric” etymology. I was surfing regarding cultural memory of hominins as gnomes, leprechauns, pixies, trolls, giants, ogres etc when I landed here.
    NOT grinding some Aryan supremacist or neo-Darwinian refutist axe, thank you very much, I have long followed the similarities of Atlantis, Atlantic, Aztlan, atlatl (???once maybe a fish catching tool???).
    I cannot find my thoroughly tattered, scribbled Nahuatl dictionary or my Northern NM and Southern CO Spanish dictionary at the moment but there are 2 words with celt; Tlaceltia and another. One means “to beg ones pardon”. Could the root be “to beg the Celts pardon?”
    Mount Chalchihuitl near Cerrillos NM, the ancient turquoise mine, product of which is found at Chaco canyon, in Mexico etc once struck me as sounding Aztec, as is indeed the case; soon after I bought some appropriate dictionaries. Have found some interesting transoceanic word groupings by putting together phonetic lines of reasoning; glossing certain similar consonant sounds together. Following chalkos, chalcedony etc one finds words meaning chalk and copper with a generally Greek root. Could copper tools have once been needed for mining limestone…perhaps including turquoise mining which also apparently happened around Israel or Jerusalem long ago? Turqouise is a copper containing rock if you don’t already know that. Also (dictionary not in hand) a hummingbirds’ bill sounds as I recall like huitl as I recall so I was wondering if chalchihuitl somehow meant “chopped rock”; (a head of a hoe looking from side the side somewhat like a hummingbird bill).
    “Shanty”, generally a mining or hunting shack in my eye, is supposed to be ?Welsh or ?Irish but it is the same thing in Nahuatl. Around northern NM “Come on by the Chanty!” (sic but following the pronunciation of it) is a common phrase.
    An acequia is an irrigation ditch. It is supposed to be Spanish or Arabic or as I recall maybe Portuguese (or was that “shanty”) but Azaca in Nahuatl is a long thin straw.
    The words of NM Spanish are so rife with Nahuatl words – food names, slang expletives etc – that it is another subject altogether, but at times some seemed embedded enough that I have wondered if they predate the spanish arrival. Of course it is interesting that Comanche, Pima, Peyute, Shoshone … … are “aztecan” languages.
    But Tourettishly on to another favorite subject of mine I have long wondered about how the Eagle fighting the Snake at Tenochtitlan might relate to a feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl). I am very interested in dragons as holdover large reptilians that had to be killed off by early brave souls; isn’t it wonderful that we find many therapods had feathers? By the way what if some long necked reptile was craning its head around a campfire of sleeping hominids, deciding which to eat first, got really hungry and belched some methane? Those hominids clearly would startle awake to a Fire Breathing Dragon!
    Also to “Tourettize” to the top of the page regarding cultural memories of things, Pan seems rather similar to Kokopelli – a horny old goat with deformed legs playing a flute. Pied Piper, anyone?
    Thanks for your time and any thoughts.

  39. carlos lascoutx

    to revive=oc(r)e-lix(N/preterit)=oc(r)e/ochre(E). the idea behind
    tonalamatl(N)=book of souls(aztec calendar and mayan tzolkin=
    the nomad eurasian deer calendar out of the altai mts/40k bc).
    chaco=c/cha(l)co(letra/mex pilgrimmage city)=chalc/chiuitlicue(N)=ch/halc-ón(sp)=h/falcon, her bird in the tonalamatl(N).
    chalk=ch/ca(l)c/k(letra/my lettershift invention used to track
    words in and out of nauatl pie)=ixca/oixcac(N)=cook(E)in ash.
    limestone has to be fired, used to cover the pyramids, and what
    bared the hills around teotihuacan/tenochtitlan, once the limestone
    cap went on, the pyramids were painted.
    shanty=chantli(N)=house=chamitl(N)=brick(house dart/mitl=
    tepuztli(N)=te-/rock boiled/poçoni=copper=copina(N)=cup/co(r)p.
    (OSlavonic)=rib(E). letra has it=t/l/r, what i first discovered
    as the tlaloc-rarog shift=t/l/r a r/l og/c(letra).
    atlatl(N)=throwing stick=at/l/r-at/l/r(letra)=ar(a)rowa=
    wa=ua(N)=owns launcher/atlatl(N). out of throwing stick comes arrow.
    mitl(N)=spear=mittere(Lat)=permit, etc. ami/oan(N)=hunt(with spear)=
    aim(E)=(D)iana(goddess)=Amimitl(N)=god of fishing=pesca(sp)=pizca(N)=harvest=p/fisk(Iceland)=fish(E)=pi/opic(N)=pick(E), =pie(N/Lat)=
    no pick=piety(E)=piano(Italy)=soft.
    gnome=noma(N)=no maitl(N)=my/no-ma/hand=noma(N)=still, the same,
    spontaneous,always(immortal)=nomad(E)=nomauia(N)=work spontaneously,
    willingly, nomauilia(N)=make something for oneself, personally.
    leprechaun=l/tep(r)e-cha(u)n(letra)=tepetl chamaua(N)=
    mountain/tepe-chamaua/strong boy=chamaco(mex).
    feign(E)=finger(E)=pi-/picks who/-qui=qui(N/Lat=who), e.g.,
    el-ph/pi(n)-stone, the pi(n)=piqui(N), so elf from piqui(N) also.
    troll=t(r)oll=toloa(N)=to bow(under the bridge)=tolerate=
    dolor-ous=door(first doors were small=t/thole(Norse)=rowing pin=
    t/thor/l(n)=thorn(E), an irregular construction where l/(n) used
    as label for nauatl/4.
    ogre=oegir(Norse ocean god), may connect him with ocre/ogre=
    ocelix(N/preterit)=celia(N)=the green reviving celery sea.
    giant=géant(OFr)=jaiant(obsolete OFr)=ja(i)an(portuguese)=
    ya-ana(N)=already model(referring to neander titans=titlani(N)=our
    messengers promethean, who gave us language, gods, ochre burials,
    besides fire. zeus’s father, chronus/time, was the youngest titan,
    and was driven by zeus to a western isle in the british archipelago,
    i(r)land/t/tli(letra)=ilantli(N)=old woman=i(s)lant/d(E), so the
    etym. for ja/ya i(l)ant/li(letra)=already/ya-ilantli/old island
    lady, may also be, ya(i)antla(N)=alread/ya(i)antla/you(formal).

  40. carlos lascoutx

    …ah, i am not interested in receiving
    po(r)no(letra)=ponaçoa(N)=to fill something with air=
    ponzoña(sp)=poison(E) from any site, so let’s stick
    to topic, shall we?

  41. carlos lascoutx

    …chalchiuitlicue(N)=jade skirt, the chopped rock of, good image,
    doctor, ah, her name also=falcon(E)=halcón(sp)=h/chalch/cón(letra),
    which is her bird in the tonalamatl/book souls=tonalli(N)=tone(E).
    she is the goddess of 5th trecena, acatl(N)=cane(E), and 5th day,
    coatl(N)=co(r)al snake, as well as, 6th goddess of the night.
    her liason with reed/cane/acatl(N), ruling solar sign,
    and, coatl, phallic sun sign, reflects a deeper knot and role for her as, ciuacoatl(N)=lady snake, mother of mankind, whose statue
    in the museum of anthropology, mexico, is the most maui(N)=awe-some
    of the deitys, the two halfs of her face are snakeheads and her skirt is woven snake.
    of her numbers, 5=macui(N)=maitl(N)=mate(E/seaman)=ma(N)=hunt
    land/sea with net=matlalli(N)=netland(blue)=maite(basque)=beloved=
    6=chicuace(N)=reverse one/ce(N)=the death sign=the moon priest
    sign(the tides).
    the río verde=chalchiuitlicue in san luis potosi is named after her, the site of many small pyramids marking the 2d coming of quetzalcoatl(the mayans=mayani(N)=to be hungry),
    as the original expedition, 3309bc, was before the first pyramid,
    saqqara, 2648 bc. the mayan arriving 2.2k bc from the gulf
    of ormuz where perseus, the father of ehecatl/hecate was born, wind-weaving goddess, mother of quetzalcoatl,
    in the ancient province bearing his name.
    in the saqqara traditional wordstring is also, sa(n)garius river of bithynia connected to the basque world, sagar(B)=apple=sagara(B)=the middle part of the mass, and forerunner of the english word, sacred(E).

  42. carlos lascoutx

    …erline, eat what comes off trees=t(r)eow(OE)=teotl(N)=tea/thea
    as sap and blood share an identical formula, beans/misu, no wheat,
    rice, tomatos, squash. one can try to be purist but you have to
    take into account past generations, e.g., i am part-swiss so have
    macaroni and cheese once in a while but not lactose tolerant
    anymore, no milk, and, am part neander so eat meat.
    i wouldn’t get carried away by model eating, the idea is to eat sparingly but maintain your usual foods, in fact, dieting is a fad,
    just eat what you normally eat but less of it. it has been found
    that longevity is linked to a monotonous diet, i.e., the body
    adapts itself to food slowly but once used to it, expects to be
    fed the same. using chiles(vitamin c), peppers, garlic, salsas
    is obligatory for sinus problems, stay away from sugar as a constant
    ingredient as it degrades the nervous system, honey=h/ch/coney(E)=
    conetl(N)=comes to honey=necuhtli(N)=connecticutt is good as
    seasoning and on papaya or peaches, water at night is important
    especially in dry climate at altitude. provecho.

  43. carlos lascoutx

    …how about calling it,
    surviving neander/the star tree of myth?
    oh, also, add to the saqqara/sagara/sacred, the spanish for
    sangre(sp), and the drink, sangría(sp). was dracula(vlad tepes=
    tepetl(N)=mountain/te(m)ple)spanish? when i look at mexico i
    think so, they just won’t let go of their former colony.

  44. carlos lascoutx

    va/ua tlaca(N)=t/l/raka=own(borcu olm)body(beden).

    valka(skt)=bark(agaç kabugu)=v/bar/lka(letra)=bark(E).

  45. grcka leto 2011

    This is a really great article. I discovered your blog from yahoo while browsing a similar subject material. I really appreciated what you had to say. Keep up the good work!

  46. carlos lascoutx

    …tks, c.f. tzopilotl wordpress.

    we’ve talked a lot about neander/neandra, what if they
    had a book, you know, like kindle, that was wired into their
    brain, that would explain why his/her cranium was larger,
    having a book in there. there are plenty of clues as to whether
    they did.
    35k bc, the venus of willendorf thumb statuette, et alia,
    known as tlatla-flame -tzol-hole- teotl-thea, who is regent
    of the tonalamatl(N)=the sun/deer calendar. we know she is
    the cave/oztotl(N)/oz=ozoa(N)=bleed goddess, whose husband=
    tletl(N)=t/l/red/tl=the fire god, her animal is the ocelotl.
    at çatal hüyuk, 7k bc, she is hunting with her ocelome(N/pl.),
    who are cheetahs=che/chi-toni(N)=spark=fire on top/skin(E),
    the word chthonic(E/gk).
    26k bc, the lagar velho neander-cross child buried between
    the split left-side pelvis of red deer=deor=teotl(N)=mazatl(N/7)=
    ce uentli(N)=c/se-ven/tli(letra)=7, mazatl’s position in the
    tonalamatl(N), founding animal of all 7’s=venus=shuttle=xiotl(N) star, as well as, tonacatecuhtli(N)=lord/lady of our flesh.
    on the boy’s ankle, 8 ochre bones from a rabbit=tochtli(N/8)=
    t/och/tli(letra)=ocho(sp)=8, tochtli’s position in the tona.
    plain evidence of eternity’s value as 8, being sent into the
    hereafter, toca(N)=to-/our being/-ca=seed=tochtli/seed animal,
    from neander’s tonalamatl deer bible.
    what of the other books? Koran(A)=k/co-r/l/tla(n)=co-tlatla(N)=
    come(to the)flame/tlatla(N), ah, solar/fire-based religion,
    which has evolved to water=atl(N)=altia(N)=alaua/oalauh(N)=Allah=alabar(sp)=laude(Fr).

    Torah(H)=to-r/l/tlatla(letra)=to-/our flame/-tlatla(N).
    arab/tlapa(N)=tlatla-/flame pa-int/pa consanguinuity of
    same cave complex of tlatla-tzol-teotl/thea.
    now we examine the word, hebrew=h/th/tep/b(r)ew(letra)=
    tepeua(N)=tepee(deer nomad age)/tepetl(N)=mountain=temple(E)
    then juden=juh’di(H)=yuhti(N)=from the beginning=yu(r)t=
    mongolia=just/justice(E)=yue/jyut/jyu(cantonese language),
    where’s the cave/oz? oh, yuhti(N)=yeti(nepal)=neander.
    canton(chi-na=chi-/on top 4/-na)=ca-tona-tiuh(N)=sun our4=
    the sun being=first Finnish bear clan=katonah(new york)=
    In-ca(Quechua=oquich ua(N)=man/o(r)chid/oquich ua/owners).
    back to oz. the totem animals of tlatla(N)=ocelome(N/pl)=
    celOim(etruscan prayer/4th part)=Elohim(H)=(oc)Elo(hi)me.

    now, nauh(N)=know(E)=no atl(N)=my water/atl(N)=nous(gk)=

    into the tona to the 2d trecena, miquiztli(N)=death=
    skull-priest=p(r)i(es)t/tli(letra)=pitli(N)=older sister.
    briton=b/p(r)i-ton(letra)=pi-tli ton-atiuh(N)=older sister
    of the sun, hmmm.
    6.miquiztli(N)=6.cimi(mayan tzol-kin)=ce-mi/quiztli(N)=
    ce miquiztli=6th trecena. miquiztli(N)=the day, number 6 also.
    the mayan have used ritual shorthand to convey the trecena
    and the day, which is not proper, but perhaps is a garble=
    (letra)=calpiloa(N)=calli/house spill/piloa=garbage(E) passed
    through the cribellum(Lat)=sieve(E).
    we want the 2nd trecena of ocelotl, where quetzalcoatl was
    born on 9 ehecatl(N)/wind=wend/uentli(N)=offering, which appears
    in the san appolinari mozaic ordered by Theodric, king of Gotha,
    who was afraid the arab/tlapa(N) would invade classis and his
    church there, so he built in Ravenna=tlatla-uentli(N)=raven=
    the 22 virgin martyrs in the mosaic are the first 22 days
    of the tonalamatl(N) landing on 9 ehecatl(N/2 tona),
    mozaic transfer of ehecatl/hecate, mother of quetzalcoatl,
    to mary and jesus, marking rise of mariology in the catholic=
    -catl/t/th(letra)=ehecatl(N) church.
    the last day of ocelotl, 2d trecena,=miquiztli/13, whose night
    god=tepeyollotl(N)=heart(of the)mountain=ocelotl(N).
    next day begins the tlaloc/raingod trecena of mazatl(N)/deer,
    with tlaloc as deity nine, deer/deor/teotl(N)=also deity.
    next day=2 rabbit= ome tochtli(N)=vicar and composer
    of aztec pulque choir, also, the day on which quetzalcoatl
    arrived in amerindia= 10 march 3309bc, first day of 5th age/
    naui ollin(N)=4 movements of sun/tona, oldest mayan date.

    let’s see if we can find ocelome/celOim/elohim in the tona, remembering the bones on lagar velho’s ankle,
    take 8 bones/rabbit, one skull/mickey=6, and get 8/6=14,
    yes, 14=ocelotl in tona sample/cempoalli(N)=20.
    so, just using the sample’s day order in the tona we
    can get this magnificent kindle, a mind/nauh book, to talk
    ritual to us. yes, the bible/people, the koran/come(to)flame,
    the torah/our flame, and the first book, the tonalamatl/
    tonalli/tona of our prometheus, neanderthal.

    ati, cathe, luthe, cel/celOim=the etruscan prayer=
    atl ecatl, -lotl, Oce-(Nauatl).
    the splitting of oce-lotl is what the hebrew word, elohim,
    refers to, the ome(N)=2 in ocel-ome. very likely the first
    deity of all, deity of the oriental olmec rope people of
    amerindia, from this totem animal we get 2 prime words:
    1.luthe=luz(sp)=light(E)=dar luz(sp)=give birth,
    2. cell(E)=cella(Lat)=the innermost part of a church=
    Celt(gens)=ce/cel/celtin(N)=one/only=celia(N)=to be reborn/
    revive/retoñar(sp)=get a new soul/tonalli(N)=
    ocelix(N/preterit of celia/N)=oc(r)e-lix(letra)=ocre/ochre(E)=
    red hematite neander painted dead in hope of tonasoul return,
    our4. ocre neander called tlahuitl(N)=clarity, light/luthe,
    torch=to(r)ch/c(letra)=toca(N)=to-/our being/-ca=tlauiz(N)=
    tl(N)=first letter, words grouped under this sound
    are the oldest in language:
    Red, oldestest deity, fire.
    at shanidar, 80k b.c., burial 4, the flower burial,
    the offering of 8/tochtli different medicinal herbs=
    then 71 pieces of ocre/tlauitl at another burial,
    holed(for burial)venus number of the tonalamatl=260days,
    72 being the number of times the tona revolves in a 52yr
    period of 360day years, not including leapyear which they
    hadn’t figured out yet=73 times.
    leapyear implies the number, 13, the white(solar)sweeper
    who subtracts a day from the time count every 130yrs,
    by egyptian time it was 10days/1300yrs. the phoenix/spinx=
    incarnation of number 13, poa-nextli(N)=count/power-ashes.
    so one can say, by 80k bc, the tona wasn’t complete,
    but the number/day/animal tochtli(N)=toca(N)=seed was there,
    and it came from the fallen angel. ave.

  47. carlos lascoutx

    …chalk, even tho it’s found as, chalch(OHG), may be a confusion
    with chalchiuitl(N)=emerald=chalcedony=sub-species quartz of many
    colors, but calcine(E)=reduce to quicklime, puts us back on track
    to, ixca/oixcac(N)=-cac(N)=ca(l)c(Lat/OSaxon), meaning to cook an
    object in ash. the pyramids of tenochtitlan were covered in cooked
    chalk, teotihuacan as well, witness the bare hills around as they
    cooked the limestone in pits, a prodigal waste of wood, which dried
    climate and drove out deer as the city grew. ah, oixcac(N) is
    the source of, cook, as well? no, that would be, acoquetzi(N)=to
    get on top=coquette(Fr)=cock(bird)=co(n)quer. the putting on top
    of olla with tototl(N)=bird in it, as cook=boil. however, one
    can never underestimate the aeolic effect going into english which
    twists a root such as, paca(N)=bach=b(r)ach(OE)=b(r)ook(E), but we
    follow meaning ultimately, and Onions says, cook=boil, and simeón
    says, oixcac(N)=cooked in ash, which is what the, ix-(N), is all
    about,=n-extli(N)=aesche(OE)=ash(E)=ce-niza(sp/one ash).
    neander used to carry ash from one fire to the next, like the
    forest bantu(afrika)=topan(N/reversal to root)=over us(the forest).
    coal=coatl(N)=snake, with solar/fire propertys. coatl(N)=travel
    sign(one coal/coatl/co(r)al snake ember=i(m)veli(N)=powerful.
    hibernate/i(n)verness, what could it be? i-u/v/be(a)r/l-i(letra),
    why it’s solstice cave bear, a neander worship, yes, e(m)b/v/uel/rs
    (letra)=embers are needed to help the year around, fire gives
    tonatiuh/antonio/tonalli(N)=sol/soul=tonalamatl(N)=soul papers/
    calendar strength on the shortest day, iueli(N)=ember/bear power
    gives it a push after sacrifice,(rises to heaven through first
    cross pine/pinaua(N) tree as in finnish bear worship of ka(r)hunen=
    k/ca tona-tiuh(N)=sun being(bear)clan=cantonese(south chi-na)=
    ca(n)tona(N)=sun being(the language is purer nauatl than putonga/
    mandarin=katonah(new york).

  48. carlos lascoutx

    …oh, just ran into, callisto=calli(s)to/natiuh(N)=being sun,
    as in, stone(E)=(s)tone=sunstone/tonatiuh(N). remnant of bear
    worship in greek myth. she’s mortal. artemis=a(r)temi(N)=not
    filled, hungry, related to, temi(N)=t/th/hemi=he(r)messenger
    god(filled with stolen aeolian cattle as babe)=semi, t/demi.
    artemis loves callisto(gk)=beauty(like sunlight/to/tona), but,
    zeus, devoted old rudder/rutter, seduces her, whereupon jealous
    hera turn callisto into a bear while she is pregnant with arcas,
    her son. apparently he is born human, as later he’s hunting in
    the forest when a hug(e) bear comes running towards him
    (calli/s/to-na), and, as his name, a(r)ca(s)=acatl(N)=cane arrow/bow, he fits an arrow to his arc and is about to shoot
    mother bear, but zeus, changes arcas into a little bear then whirls them up to heavens by their tails where they’ll be immortal as
    bear dippers big and little, but hera has the last word,
    she complains to oceanos and gets from him a promise
    the dips will not dip into his waters.
    well that was fine in 4c bc, both were in a part of the sky
    that didn’t set so they never rested(sounds like life itself,
    what boots it immortality, i’d rather work than loll=lol/welch=
    nonsense), but precession now puts calli(s)tona’s feet to cool
    below the horizon.
    demi, hemi, semi time at last messaged calli/s/tona’s pause.

  49. carlos lascoutx

    …from arcas=a(r)catl(N/13 tona)=cane/reed, we get the word arctic
    as callisto and her son were hurled into polar orbits by zeus-pater=
    juice-pater(letra-sonic)=jupiter(roman). also, acatl is the pre-
    eminent sunsign, besides being the solar sweeper, iztactlachpanqui(N)=white sweeper, who subtracts a day from the count every 130yrs
    because leapyear piles up 674 negative seconds every year.
    reed/cane is the ruling solar sign, the sceptre of command, which
    stands for tonatiuh/anthony, the sun, tonalli(N)=soul/sol=
    tonalamatl(N)=sun calendar, and, for zeus also, altho he is an aryan
    skygod first known to the greeks as a snake, making him a skysnake,
    in proto-myth his mother is venus/hecate/lady birdsnake, the weaving
    goddess of wind/breath, shuttle/xiotl(N)star, whose other son=
    proto-devil, xolotl, black dog and clown and tobacco god of mexico
    in the guise of macui xochitl/5 flower in the trecena of cozcacuauhtl/buzzard, the old age and writing sign, so zeus
    should be on a par with proto-christ morningstar/lucifer(light bearer)and brother of eveningstar xolot, quetzalcoatl, but,
    the catholics later, by revisionism suppressed the venus cult
    and nomad deer age solar religion skewing the lineage of zeus.
    as to who zeus is by (letra)=z/teuh(s)-tli=teuhtli(N)=du(s)t=
    the upstone/te-uh. this coinage comes after the upper stoneage,
    which was female dominated, 45k-10k bc, and the p(r)i(es)ts=
    pitli(N)=older sisters=pitli-tonatiuh=pitona(N)=p/b(r)i-tona(letra)=
    britons, et al. had to struggle to fit old wine into new botts.
    with the greeks, earthy=chthonic=ch(i)toni(N)=sparky as they are,
    there was no question zeus was going to follow his geneology and
    become milktoast christ, he was going to make babys, not be one.

  50. carlos lascoutx

    …hybla, one flower(linden)honey from sicily isle, named for the
    sicel people, the cel/celtin(N)=only=ocelotl(N)=cave people.
    hybla=hiber/iberia=iueli(N)=powerful, the bear worship word,
    so, besides the hybla honey somebody worshipped bears on sicily,
    where odysseus met the cyclops and saved himself by grabbing a sheep. the cyclops was named, polyphemus(gk)=many voiced.
    the palici worshipped there, venus twins, palo(sp)=stick,
    the 2 fire drill sticks, the twins are venus worship that comes
    from cave neandra/neandertal/prometheus, and he’s many voiced
    and raises sheep. we discover new talents for neander, he runs with
    animals why shouldn’t he shepherd them?
    ad(r)amus is father of the palici, why, it’s adam=atlamati(N)=presume the protection of a powerful person. who is that powerful=
    iueli(N)=person? of course, hybla/iueli(N) may be honey=h/ch/conetl(N)=coney(E)=rabbit, but it must be polyphemus prometheus, note
    the simiar structure of the last 2 words, polyphemus prometheus,
    rather, note, pro-metheus=pal metl(N)=for strength/for honey, as,
    metl=miel(so)=honey. yes, there’s enough mix in the promethean name
    to include miel/metl/methe(gk/hindi)/mead/mëd(rus)=honey.
    the sicels kept eternal fire, a cave trait, for, iueli(N)=
    e(m)ber=e(m)/ib/v/uel/r(letra)=iueli(N)=ember=coal/coatl(N)=snake of fire, usually wrapped in woodleaves to begin next evening’s fire.
    the forest bantu(africa)=tu-b/pan(reversal)=topan(N)=over us(the forest was their god)used this method, very practical when one doesn’t have a bic(mayan)=look out(warning).
    now to the basques to look at their neander prometheus, basajaun/
    baxajaun. the basques enter europe in 40k bc, the upper stone age
    of the deer nomad epoch, 45k-10k bc, when neandertal is about 15k yrs from going extinct in europe, except for small pockets such as
    sicily. baxajaun is described as neander, reddish brown body hair,
    quite tall 2/3 meters, long hair in braids/melena(sp), protector of flocks and warner of storms, more voices for neander, shouts when a
    storm is coming, teaches basques about metallurgy(iron); wheat, and the saw/segeta(sp), ah, keeps wolves and bear? off flocks and the
    sheep ring their bells when they hear him coming, so he is a shepherd here also, living in viscaya, navarra.
    also know as jentil=gentile(E)=pagan/race(not jewish, which is
    a laugh because, jentil=j/ye(n)ti-l=yeti(neander Nepalese)=
    yuhti(N)=from the beginning/justice=yuh’di(H)=jewish/judy, the
    race with most neander cross in etymology and in fact, the promethean race one can say). he’s also in aragon, the valleys of tena, ansó, broto. this is one of the neader heartlands going back
    to 300k/500k bc, besides, france/dordogne, germany(bear), russia(bear), later england/ireland after the zeus-chronus war.
    neander also left the basques a planting song, which is very
    anchronistic, more recent than early, e.g., february did not exist
    for neander’s way of counting, the tonalamatl isn’t roman by thousands of years:
    when the leaf is in the bud
    then you sow the corn
    when the leaf falls off the tree
    then you sow the wheat
    when february comes round(close to the beginning of neander year)
    sow the turnip in the ground.
    this song establisshes 2 things:
    1. neander /neandra sang.
    2.they planted crops/had agriculture.
    let me leave you with the basque word for witch=sorginak=
    s/z/tzol/r gi/c/s/z/tzintli nak/nacatl=tzoltzintlinacatl(N)=
    hole/soul(of)saintly flesh/nacatl(N)=snaca(OE)=snake, choose
    which words you want. and their song, which reveals their cave
    origin and something more, promethean intervention at an
    early level, 40k bc, when eurpoe was under glaciation and the
    basques had entered neander territory, probably to be sheltered
    by them, or at least helped, the way the pilgrims of america
    were saved by the amerinds that first hard winter, 1621, and
    got the same reward, a day in their honor and extinction, well,
    let’s say a negligent genocide.
    the tzoltzinacat/sorginak song:
    we aren’t, we are indeed,
    14 thousand, here we are.
    the sorginak transformed to animals, mostly cats.
    the premier cat of cave time, of neander promethean time
    was the feline of the tonalamatl(N), totem animal of
    tlatla/flame tzol/hole/sor teotl/thea, flame hole/fire drill
    promethea, regent of the tonalamatl, and in the tonalamatl(N)
    day 14=ocelotl/ocelome(N)=celOim(etruscan prayer, liber linteus)=elohim(Hebrew)=deity, highest deitys of old olden times were dual(ocelome=ome=2).
    the basques now qualify for the lost tribe of israel, along with
    the mazyes/berber, who have the oldest sister haplo group in
    europe at 45k bc, while the basques arrive 40k bc.
    sorginak=14k=day-tona 14.ocelotl=ocelome(N).

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