To the people who think wind turbines are ugly

I’ve recently come across a growing trend; after doing a little research, it turns out many people feel this way – that wind turbines are ugly. To them, I have only one thing to say:

Yeah, they’re hideous. Even if they were hideous, I would gladly accept any ugly solution that benefits society and the environment. ┬áBut seriously now, how can this be hideous?

2 thoughts on “To the people who think wind turbines are ugly

  1. asdf1234default

    is the same, but more expensive.
    bateries also polute, the fauna impact and the shadow effect is important too…

  2. sswat2012

    Do you own the rights to the turbine photo (2nd jpeg)? If so do you have any objection to its use on an anti wind farm website?

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