Tesla just changed one word in its mission statement – and it’s a big change

Earlier this week, Tesla and SpaceX founder and mastermind Elon Musk tweeted that he is contemplating what’s next for Tesla, after accomplishing all the objectives they set out to do in 2006. But while the official statement is still yet to be announced, a subtle change speaks greatly about their plans for the future: “sustainable transport” has been changed to “sustainable energy”.

As was previously spotted by Bloomberg, the previous mission statement looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

Why this matters

Tesla has already been making innovations in sustainable cars for years already, and the next logical step is to move in renewable energy – namely solar energy. Specifically, we’re looking towards their acquisition of SolarCity, and this makes a lot of sense. If you have an electric car you’d charge at home or some charging station, then you’re going to need more electricity, and solar is the easiest renewable to incorporate in urban areas. As Bloomberg and ScienceAlert reported, this is more than a business move. This could very well pave the way for a new solar/car revolution.

“Tesla Motors Inc.’s bid to buy the biggest US rooftop solar installer has little to do with selling cars. Rather, it’s about solving two of the biggest problems standing in the way of the next solar boom. And perhaps a good deal more,” Bloomberg reporter Tom Randall wrote in an article last month.

Normally, we wouldn’t care about things like this – but this is not just about a company looking to expand into a different market. What they’re looking for is to merge three big puzzle pieces into one sustainable conglomerate. Those pieces are cars, solar energy, and batteries. As we previously reported, Tesla has been diving into the battery world for quite a while, and while SpaceX has more ambitions in outer space, Tesla seems convinced to take care of things down here on Earth.

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