NASA Picture of the oil spill


I’m gonna call ‘no comment’ on this one. Full pic here.

7 thoughts on “NASA Picture of the oil spill

  1. Blue

    I don’t know. I look at this photo and all I keep thinking is “Don’t pee in your own water dish.” Well, we’ve really done it THIS time. Pathetic.


  2. Blue

    I live on the South Central Coast of California off the Channel Islands where oil platforms are part of the view of the horizon. This addiction to petroleum has to come to an end or it will be the death of us. Living in a region where the sun and wind could obviously create most of our energy, it just seems a stupid contradiction on the grandest scale. But, we sit on major oil reserves (the stuff literally bubbles up naturally in places) and oil money talks. Watching the video of the oil gushing out on the sea bed is a horror of a hitherto unimagined scale.

    Meanwhile, BP points fingers at everyone else and takes it’s sweet time, likely more interested in future profits from the well then in the lives lost and the black oily death rolling across the Gulf of Mexico. People keep talking about ‘the oil reaching shore.’ The true horror is what’s going on under the surface (as the NASA photo shows) which, tragically, millions of times worse than the damage to human livelihood and industry at the shore line (which is massive and will run into the billions long before it’s all over).

    Do people understand the damage being done is so massive to the Gulf it may not be reversible? Ever? And ocean currents will carry the oil EVERYWHERE! There is no oceanic ‘fire door’ to stop it flowing across all our oceans. Are oil profits worth the extinction of the Gulf of Mexico? Unfortunately, I think the NASA photo show it pretty clearly. I’m probably not exaggerating.

    And, thank you. That was quite a ‘to the point’ link. BTW. Amazing we could become so oil dependant and do ourselves so much damage in less then a century and a half. Isn’t it?

  3. Don Kipfer

    The gulf oil spill is undoubtedly one of the most awful events of the 21st century. While the attack of 9/11 was constrained within that relatively small area of ground zero, this oil spill has effects all the way out across the ocean, impacting wildlife, formerly beautiful coastline as well as local tourism and other industry. I really hope that this disaster is cleaned up as best as is possible.

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