Take your canvas bags – viral green

As you may or may not know, I sometimes also write music stuff here. While I was looking around for something, I stumbled upon this particular video, by music and comedy genius Tim Minchin. The message is pretty obvious, and it’s really great to see talented people taking interest in the environment and doing something to help out.

Old video I know, but better late than never

4 thoughts on “Take your canvas bags – viral green

  1. Rhyfelwyr

    Have you looked at a lifecycle assessment of a canvas bag?
    It’s not necessarily any ‘greener’ than a plastic bag – provided you recycle the plastic properly, plastic is probably more sustainable. Takes a hell of a lot of resources to make the ‘green’ bags, you know.

  2. Mihai Andrei Post author

    Yes, they do take a whole lot more resources, around 10 times from what I’ve read. But how many times could you use a canvas bag? I think more than 10 times. Also, proper recycling of plastic is just a (sweet) dream at the moment, in 99% of the cases

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  4. Rhyfelwyr

    More like 130-150 times as much resources. If you re-use your disposable plastic bags as many people do, this means that your canvas bag needs to be used several hundred times before the impacts are comparable as a result. Plastic recycling is definitely on the up, btw – lots of new infrastructure in the pipeline.

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