Puma replaces shoe box with reusable bags

I had some serious thought on whether to write this or not. It’s not a paid post or anything, and quite frankly, I’ve never owned anything from Puma. But I was absolutely thrilled to find out about their initiative to replace the shoe boxes with reusable bags. It’s exactly this kind of small thing, but that requires minimum efforts that I believe can make a significative difference.

Just to take a look at the numbers, they would save 8.500 tons of paper (that weights about as much as 80.000 soccer teams) and would also reduce the consumption of water and energy by 60 percent. They say they won’t save any money with this (don’t know if this is true though, but that’s what they claim).

“To begin with, we don’t expect to save costs with this. It may even have a negative impact in the short term. But over the long run, there should be cost savings,” Chief Executive Jochen Zeitz said “Sustainability is not only absolutely necessary considering the situation our planet is in, we as companies are also overdue to take responsibility,” Zeitz said. “We can’t wait for governments. Companies have to lead the way and we want to be among the leaders.”

Good initiative. My hat is off to you.

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